INSANE Trampoline Dunk Contest & Obstacle Course! *Hilarious*

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Kristopher London
Kristopher London - 2 months ago
Whats good GANG hope yall like these last few videos! Should we make more videos at skyzone? Like if yes!
Nemr Baydoun
Nemr Baydoun - 12 days ago
mr boo I agree
Amanda Gaston
Amanda Gaston - 2 months ago
You rock
Ethan Millis
Ethan Millis - 2 months ago
Dang it mopi we always route for you but you never seem to let us down lmao sarcastic lmao 😂😂😂
Willie Williams
Willie Williams - 2 months ago
Cash yes
Kj Lee
Kj Lee - 2 months ago
What up trippie Jk Sarcasm
Paolo Trinidad
Paolo Trinidad - Day ago
Denae Hinds
Denae Hinds - 2 days ago
Stop cussing
super yoshi bros plushes
Dame Tristan jams
RAYSHUN BUNCH - 3 days ago
T jass that is nigga
TAMRAT BEKELE,M.D. - 4 days ago
Do more obstacle courses at Skyzone
Auglox Bot
Auglox Bot - 4 days ago
It’s kris’s fault
Auglox Bot
Auglox Bot - 4 days ago
You didn’t say “mushy mushy peeps”
April Samuels
April Samuels - 6 days ago
Jamie and Dave Worrall
Jamie and Dave Worrall - 8 days ago
T JASS is a swet
yo boy E
yo boy E - 9 days ago
Best dunk contest from 2hype would be jesser, T Jass, Kris, and ZachTTG
Supa Sports
Supa Sports - 10 days ago
how the hell does tristin do those dunks.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 11 days ago
Mopey is horrible and funny at the ninja warrior thing
JARETT HAYES - 13 days ago
Let’s go mopi
Patrizia Lucignani
Patrizia Lucignani - 13 days ago
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz - 14 days ago
2 hype need to recruit T Jass and professor
Bryan lora wardana
Bryan lora wardana - 16 days ago
Lsk want t jass to be the winner tho
Blazer Fan22
Blazer Fan22 - 16 days ago
I was cracking up when mopi went!! 😂😂
Ricky Bazile
Ricky Bazile - 19 days ago
Back to the money family
Back to the money family - 20 days ago
Jass Maiden
Jass Maiden - 20 days ago
I was crying
Gary Thedabber
Gary Thedabber - 21 day ago
T jazz If you reading this you are such a. Try hard
EYE Jaylen
EYE Jaylen - 21 day ago
Kris 6’10 i forgot 🤣
NOAH Nelson
NOAH Nelson - 21 day ago
jesser trying to pull off the jass cut
NGBA Jswervv
NGBA Jswervv - 21 day ago
But I sit a fan
NGBA Jswervv
NGBA Jswervv - 21 day ago
Assassin TV
Assassin TV - 22 days ago
Pissed myself at mopi
Matthew Colina
Matthew Colina - 24 days ago
Tass did the worst dunk
Malachi Graham-Morrow
Malachi Graham-Morrow - 24 days ago
It's funny how at 0:25 jaso is spinning the ball on his finger then mopi triesit
josiah james
josiah james - 25 days ago
Please do it
Nolan Cracraft
Nolan Cracraft - 26 days ago
Tristan is great and all but kris was kinda over rating some of his dunks
CheetoDoritos - 29 days ago
I hate how Jesse copy’s Tristan’s hair cut
Wesley Lay
Wesley Lay - Month ago
1:30 the awkward handshake😂😂🤣🤣
Mumu G
Mumu G - Month ago
Tristan is a god
Dante White
Dante White - Month ago
kris next to elon standing hahaha
Roblox Assassin
Roblox Assassin - Month ago
Jesser tryna copy tristan
Bdog Gaming
Bdog Gaming - Month ago
Bro when Mopi fell I died of laughter 😂
Maayan Mozes
Maayan Mozes - Month ago
25/30 you are siries
Nnamani Fam
Nnamani Fam - Month ago
Who else came here to see all the comments about Jessers hair
__ Krispy
__ Krispy - Month ago
Lsk you finessed moochie and jesser
YT_ Catchy
YT_ Catchy - Month ago
13:08 try not to laugh challenge
Tyson Shillito
Tyson Shillito - Month ago
13:08 I died
Webb Constable
Webb Constable - Month ago
did anyone notice trippie redd's left hand at 4:55
Issey Antetokounmpo
Issey Antetokounmpo - Month ago
Juan Pineda
Juan Pineda - Month ago
Juan Pineda
Juan Pineda - Month ago
Drew Grego
Drew Grego - Month ago
Kris why were you checking out iman
Owen Kicinski
Owen Kicinski - Month ago
the t 😌😗😜😜
NBA Edits
NBA Edits - Month ago
Kris was on T Jass’s knob😂😂
Xxxsoccerxxx 10134
Xxxsoccerxxx 10134 - Month ago
13:10 I was dead when mopi fell from the blue strip or whatever that is
Robby Solfanelli
Robby Solfanelli - Month ago
tristian is actually the G.O.A.T
Kim Russell
Kim Russell - Month ago
Yes ido
Tuấn Vĩ Chuang
Tuấn Vĩ Chuang - Month ago
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - Month ago
Bandit Wolf2
Bandit Wolf2 - Month ago
Mopi won
Tyler Kidd
Tyler Kidd - Month ago
We want TD
Chungus MLG2004
Chungus MLG2004 - Month ago
mopi should be the ultimate warrior 😂😂
Jon Kirk
Jon Kirk - Month ago
That was funny
badeedaboss - Month ago
Tristan got the ugliest hair no cap no cap
Andrew Ingle
Andrew Ingle - Month ago
Was that Lil pump at 0:48
reggyboi__3 - Month ago
Tristan has a huge monopoly
Chris Hecht
Chris Hecht - Month ago
I thought tjass was gonna go between on his last dunk
NRG_Darkninja10 - Month ago
Wow tjass wins every time wow bud
LegendaryGhostTitan - Month ago
LegendaryGhostTitan - Month ago
I scrubed
Ni 0
Ni 0 - 2 months ago
Im crying when mopi fell
Justin savge Justin
Justin savge Justin - 2 months ago
Justin savge Justin
Justin savge Justin - 2 months ago
Dhamir Payne
Dhamir Payne - 2 months ago
Go To Cincinnati Ohio Sky Zone And Bring Score Cards
Mister JAM
Mister JAM - 2 months ago
Mopi got Yyyeeeeeetrttted
Beanfiddle - 2 months ago
Kinda tired of seeing T Jass riding off the boys
Chris Coudriet
Chris Coudriet - 2 months ago
*misses dunk*
*Gets 22*
Jonathan Sandoval
Jonathan Sandoval - 2 months ago
Another one of these vids with all of 2hype
Big Baller
Big Baller - 2 months ago
How was that cool
Norman I
Norman I - 2 months ago
7:08 who else heard the beat crash and thought tjass broke the trampoline
XAVIER JOHNSON - 2 months ago
0:49 lil pump oou
KingSwagboy J
KingSwagboy J - 2 months ago
T Jass took that dunk from 2k
Drake Chaney
Drake Chaney - 2 months ago
18+9=27 not 26
xx300kamboxx Yungin
xx300kamboxx Yungin - 2 months ago
Do the skills challenge at sky zone
Ant Reza
Ant Reza - 2 months ago
13:07 LMFAAOO 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😑😑🤣🤣😆😆
Peter Albano_
Peter Albano_ - 2 months ago
tristian in 2hype?
MO Squad
MO Squad - 2 months ago
If you were to forfeit the course, adding five seconds on each of the four courses you would get 20 seconds which would beat T Jass' score of 21 secs (16 secs)
Aaroh Desai
Aaroh Desai - 2 months ago
Na, there was 5 parts and it wasn't really forfeiting it as it would have taken time to go from one to another.
KeyDaGoat - 2 months ago
How do you get hung at sky zone😂😂😂😭 rip in the chat for mop
Laler Mathias
Laler Mathias - 2 months ago
Mope dodp
Marley Gordon
Marley Gordon - 2 months ago
I think I’m an likes Tristan jass
Chase Pritchett
Chase Pritchett - 2 months ago
Is Tristan in 2 hype and the basketball team?
Jaden Kingsenamongkhol
Jaden Kingsenamongkhol - 2 months ago
TJass got that Jordan Kilganon 360 dunk
Marquis Ator
Marquis Ator - 2 months ago
Wow jeser has a girlfriend
Yellow Mellow
Yellow Mellow - 2 months ago
I was dying when mopi went I literally was screaming my family were confused because I’m in my room by my self watching this
FinnTank 2K24
FinnTank 2K24 - 2 months ago
We all know LSK is a ref cuz he doesn't want to be humiliated by Tristan
2K Legend
2K Legend - 2 months ago
Why did I hear faze rug in the intro🤨👌
Don Ready
Don Ready - 2 months ago
MOPI sorry
Don Ready
Don Ready - 2 months ago
Mop on the course he has no chance of how much he fell
Don Ready
Don Ready - 2 months ago
Tristan is going to win I bet you if he does not it’s still a Gg hope y’all have a great year and day
Don Ready
Don Ready - 2 months ago
What jesser his first shot was the best
Mala Aurora
Mala Aurora - 2 months ago
Kris you bitc
Gavin Carney
Gavin Carney - 2 months ago
Mopi got one less point than jesser and didn’t even dunk it 😂😂😂
JosephR11 _
JosephR11 _ - 2 months ago
That was a banger🤣🤣🤣
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen - 2 months ago
MOPI fucking killed me
James Wilkins
James Wilkins - 2 months ago
Part 2
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