USAB Men's National Team vs. Spain Men's National Team Exhibition

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SuperRip7 - 6 months ago
The US always win.
Ghost Diaz
Ghost Diaz - 6 months ago
Kuzma looking like a boy band member taking basketball seriously 😂😂😂
self offence_1951
self offence_1951 - 6 months ago
Daniel Sifuentes
Daniel Sifuentes - 6 months ago
How many games does this team win in an 82 game season? I think they crack 50. Only other team that may crack 35 is Spain and maybe Serbia. Still will take the USA over the field in this one
Nathan Beach
Nathan Beach - 6 months ago
This reminds me of when a much bigger high school played their freshman team against our varsity and they won
Tony Rame
Tony Rame - 6 months ago
A world team would beat this USA team easily, that is sad.
Tony Rame
Tony Rame - 6 months ago 1984 michael jordan amateur play
J Shapiro
J Shapiro - 6 months ago
This USA team is almost the Celtics starting line up.
Kavalan - 6 months ago
We've had the US A team, B team, and even C team at the World Cup in the past, but this team.....don't even know which alphabet we should give it, but we know for sure that it's definitely the worst team in USA basketball team history.
Rell - 6 months ago
Damn USA don’t have any super stars playing this year
diego dd
diego dd - 6 months ago
Cory Campbell
Cory Campbell - 6 months ago
Team USA 🇺🇸 is the best basketball team ever Donovan Mitchell lead them to victory
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen - 6 months ago
This ain’t the real USA team though right?
The Samgician
The Samgician - 6 months ago
Jimmy Nguyen This is the team that they are sending. So many guys have backed out to prepare for next season.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex - 6 months ago
Usa team is so black yo. Need more diversity. Put more asian and mexican on usa nba team.
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Jiggy Bah
Jiggy Bah - 6 months ago
Why tf is Plumlee starting?🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Jiggy Bah
Jiggy Bah - 6 months ago
Lol USA team still win it easily don’t get it fucked up they got elite players and Goat 🐐 coach. Slatt it🐍
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes - 6 months ago
can someone also tell me how mason plumlee got on team usa 2 different times, in 2014 where his teammates were godly with curry klay harden westbrook durant lebron cousins kyrie prime faried demar rudy gay and derrick rose how
Moonroof - 6 months ago
Ricky Rubio
Croquiski Mc
Croquiski Mc - 6 months ago
Why is there not any like star players like lebron or irving? They just didnt want to play or?? Sorry idk im just getting into basketball lately
Croquiski Mc
Croquiski Mc - 6 months ago
Not quite my tempo ok i understand now thank you man!
Not quite my tempo
Not quite my tempo - 6 months ago
Traditionally, USA mostly cares about the Olympic Games, that's the tournament they value. The World Cup not so much, and this year one after the other, most players withdrew and opted to prepare for the NBA season instead. There's also a fear of getting injured that's going around, what with KD being out for months, Klay too, and even back when PG got injured while on team USA. They just don't wanna risk it anymore. Next summer in the Olympics most of them are gonna be there though.
Tepro 16
Tepro 16 - 6 months ago
Bro this USA team is ass, should have won by 60 points. Who the fuck decided this was a good idea
Felix - 6 months ago
But thats a NBA court, is it?
Stoners Heavens
Stoners Heavens - 6 months ago 👈🏻🥦🥦🥦📦✈️
David Lawrence
David Lawrence - 6 months ago
Jose Oliva
Jose Oliva - 6 months ago
Spain national team, don't have 2 important players Pau and Navarro, the captains
Jose Oliva
Jose Oliva - 6 months ago
@Aleksandar Spasic I know
Aleksandar Spasic
Aleksandar Spasic - 6 months ago
Navarro is retired.
Da Goat
Da Goat - 6 months ago
Is it just me or that dunk by Mitchell looked kinda strange. I really don't know why but it looks kinda wierd.

( please excuse my spelling I'm from Europe🤷🏾‍♂️😅)
Da Goat
Da Goat - 6 months ago
@Seth Last Name first dunk of the video
Seth Last Name
Seth Last Name - 6 months ago
Da Goat where in the video does his dunk look weird?
Evocati - 6 months ago
NBA C team
Jayr Joaquin
Jayr Joaquin - 6 months ago
Tsk tsk tsk.. Weakling
Big M FILMS - 6 months ago
Jeremiah Ortiz
Jeremiah Ortiz - 6 months ago
The Spain team is not bad at all.
Jonathan Sibri
Jonathan Sibri - 6 months ago
This World Cup is already better than the cricket World Cup. What is cricket? Where is the Indians dudes for cricket
thyrethiuth Johnsickle
thyrethiuth Johnsickle - 6 months ago
This is the one year I wouldn’t want USA to win
Where’s Mtnzx
Where’s Mtnzx - 6 months ago
Kuzma is hanging out way too much with the Kardashians
Rafael Andrade
Rafael Andrade - 6 months ago
I wish everyone an awesome day and weekend.!!!!
Football&Hoops - 6 months ago
This is team USA F and they still beat Spain?That was a surprise
Mau ricio
Mau ricio - 6 months ago
Kuz got no love this game. Seen him open asking for the ball alot of plays and got ignored...

The hate is real.
Kelly Jocelyn
Kelly Jocelyn - 6 months ago
Kuz already said he want a gold medal. So clearly he want to be the mvp so why would they let him ball out.
Ian Kenneth Delos Reyes
Ian Kenneth Delos Reyes - 6 months ago
Why Kuz gets booed everytime he gets the godamn ball
Srbenda126 - 6 months ago
Gay vibe
J J - 6 months ago
Their saying "KUUUUUUZ"
J J - 6 months ago
The crowd is cheering him, this game was in California so there's bound to be a fair bit of lakers fans
ibra katabra di maria kun
ibra katabra di maria kun - 6 months ago
Oh man giannis is gonna massacre these poor guys
Football&Hoops - 6 months ago
and then Kawhi gonna return for olympics and smash his ass again
Collin Mason
Collin Mason - 6 months ago
Good game USA
Clyde Laurence
Clyde Laurence - 6 months ago
bruhh, Mitchell should spend his VC to buy some dunk package.
jojo - 6 months ago
i hate the passes where people run baseline and go out of bounds and chuck the ball at someone
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer - 6 months ago
So a bumch of promising nba players beat the spanish national team
condition critical
condition critical - 6 months ago
Mr. House
Mr. House - 6 months ago
Oh shoot Donovan Mitchell wearing my high school jersey number #53 well that if number #6 isn't there but sadly my knees aren't made for basketball 😭 i would of been in this year draft or next or worst undrafted 😂.
SomeDudeOnYoutube - 6 months ago
Lmao yall mad that they didn’t blow out teams a wins a win
Randolph Sansaricq
Randolph Sansaricq - 6 months ago
Kid kyrie all of the goons are thwir
Randolph Sansaricq
Randolph Sansaricq - 6 months ago
I'm mean look up USA national team arrives 2018
Dominic Anderson
Dominic Anderson - 6 months ago
Wait brook lopez is an american ???? I thought he was came from spain. Did i missing something ????
Eddie Austin
Eddie Austin - 6 months ago
Dominic Anderson He was born in Hollywood Cali hahahahaahah
Tofnap - 6 months ago
No, the team isn’t as experienced as usual. But they’re more likely to actually take something from this is and become better players. KD, Kawhi, and Bron sign up, and they’re guaranteed a gold medal. If USA gets eliminated, they’ll probably get the best of the best next time.
PragmaticProminence - 6 months ago
Jaylen brown going home
Lossstre183 - 6 months ago
Relax and come to Greece.
Æłį - 6 months ago
I thought Rubio was Argentinian and Lopez brothers were Spanish. Tf is wrong with me.
P Dillema
P Dillema - 6 months ago
FIBA is now officially balance. No powerhouse team USA
MilkMustaches007 - 6 months ago
@nahor88 Until I see it I will believe it. The athleticism and talent just isn't the same. Look at Jimmer Fredette, he can score 50 points in China but struggles to score one basket in the NBA. Spain is nowhere near the U.S. in terms of talent...even against this USA squad.
nahor88 - 6 months ago
@MilkMustaches007 Sergio Llull is good enough to be a high level NBA player. A lot of people even call him the Spanish Steph Curry.
MilkMustaches007 - 6 months ago
@David Guerra Abad Oh you keep up with the hundreds of national players? Stop being ridiculous you don't. I guarantee you have never watched the Spanish league in your life.
David Guerra Abad
David Guerra Abad - 6 months ago
@MilkMustaches007 You only know 2 players from Spain. Your ignorance is not reality. Have a nice day!
Jerwin Reyes
Jerwin Reyes - 6 months ago
Why don't they just give the trophy/medal to team USA already 🙄
Almighty Davo
Almighty Davo - 6 months ago
Zion should've been playing. I get y not, but still.
GTR_ R34
GTR_ R34 - 6 months ago
Tatum's beard is awful lmao
John Malt
John Malt - 6 months ago
U can't call that a beard^^
Nev D
Nev D - 6 months ago
Shooting workout
Briantheman 2006
Briantheman 2006 - 6 months ago
We shoulda won by more.
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne Jones - 6 months ago
But USA's team is like C compared to Spain's A squad so it kinda balances out. Not really saying that America's team in c tier but they really are a young squad with other counties putting out their best players it balances to me. So don't put it past the other countries to not win. Not to mention this teams probably gonna have some bad games because they're young. Even though they are coached by Pop. Not to get too deep lol
Project Exile
Project Exile - 6 months ago
Ricky Rubio is my favorite player
skip slick
skip slick - 6 months ago
@Dwayne Jones me either but I have seen so many people call him trash when he's far from it... actually lowkey one of the best true PG in the league
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne Jones - 6 months ago
@skip slick I can get that. I'm not knocking anyone's opinion. He's nice. I've just never heard someone mention Rubio as their favorite before
skip slick
skip slick - 6 months ago
@Dwayne Jones maybe because he's very good in assists and steals ...I remember looking up league leaders the other year and he was top ten in assists and steals
Project Exile
Project Exile - 6 months ago
@Brian Deeb ?
Brian Deeb
Brian Deeb - 6 months ago
ḀṆẌḬḕṮẏ Boi said no one ever
Lampros Merkourakis
Lampros Merkourakis - 6 months ago
Greece have Giannis, just sayin
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