Tyga, That Girl Lay Lay & More Jaw-Dropping Freestyles | Ranked: Wild 'N Out

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MTV's Making the Band
MTV's Making the Band - 24 days ago
Big Y
Big Y - 21 day ago
@Converserook 67 banana
Converserook 67
Converserook 67 - 21 day ago
@Big Y 🍎?🤣😂
Big Y
Big Y - 21 day ago
Daniel Butcher
Daniel Butcher - 4 hours ago
LayLay's net worth is already 7 figures. I think she'll be able to pay some bills.
Lexiz Floraz
Lexiz Floraz - 8 hours ago
Kevin hart just saying everything he sees and anything that comes to mind lmao im dying of laughter
Nyge B.
Nyge B. - 11 hours ago
I think he may be pregnant cause you hit him so raww lol Scott be jabbin
Lyric Talley
Lyric Talley - 21 hour ago
Kevin heart, that girl laylay, and Tyga!😂😂😂😂I’m dyin
Aiden Wilson
Aiden Wilson - Day ago
Ayo MGK what u gonna do bout eminem
Joe The Taurus
Joe The Taurus - Day ago
No. 7 should have been Remy Ma AND Papoose
Frosty Prod.
Frosty Prod. - 2 days ago
Snoop dogg had to be on the top 5
Richard Yan
Richard Yan - 2 days ago
Lil_360potato - 3 days ago
3:08 When He Roast About The Linein Push Back
The Camera man show him😂😂😂
Madison Beye
Madison Beye - 3 days ago
Dang give a like if u think lay lay beat Dc'd ass
Kelechi Johnson
Kelechi Johnson - 3 days ago
Yo, tyga with the sauce🔥🔥😂
Thembelani Simesihle Wiseman
Sometimes this can be emotionally
First Bell Productions
First Bell Productions - 3 days ago
If you got ludacris on your team you know you finna win lol
Baba Galle Diallo
Baba Galle Diallo - 3 days ago
"I think he could be pregnant cause you hit him so raw " y'all I'm crying 😂😭
you knw what
you knw what - 3 days ago
Michael blackson funnier than Kevin Hart
idress iqbal
idress iqbal - 3 days ago
falls on corny white boys chest* WHY DID HE SAY ME BABY DOES HE WANT ME TO STRIP INFRONT OF HIM confirmed hes gay

tabish T-WaY
tabish T-WaY - 4 days ago
TYGa snoop dogg
Soccer Sisters Perez
Soccer Sisters Perez - 4 days ago
It’s funny because they get paid for roasting their boss 😂
prince asiasigau
prince asiasigau - 4 days ago
It's crazy how nicks the owner of the show and he's always getting roasted
Sthuthukile Mhlongo
Sthuthukile Mhlongo - 4 days ago
Kevin Hart💔💔💔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Isaac  Pagan
Isaac Pagan - 4 days ago
I give her 10 at 10
Isaac  Pagan
Isaac Pagan - 4 days ago
Fuck that girl is good at that fucking thing
Chantal Martel
Chantal Martel - 5 days ago
The lord has not talend
Lil ChistManT 69._.
Lil ChistManT 69._. - 5 days ago
Snoop dogg killed it, like holy fuck
like if u agree
King Moanz SA
King Moanz SA - 5 days ago
rabbit GAMING
rabbit GAMING - 5 days ago
"I work for me, y'all work for nick"😅😅😅
Takiyah Smith
Takiyah Smith - 6 days ago
is it just me or the one on red team look like 69???
SMk 209
SMk 209 - 6 days ago
Get 69 on here 😂😂😂😂
H Thibert
H Thibert - 6 days ago
2:15 a special spotting of 69 in the wild 😜 😂
Terrance Valerani Knoblich
Kanye was the #1 not Tyga... This list needs to be fixed
Terrance Valerani Knoblich
Nick Cannon sucks.
yasco mdoe
yasco mdoe - 6 days ago
Watching from Africa
Alejandro Deleon
Alejandro Deleon - 7 days ago
DJ: the black squad won that one! Give it up for the black squad
More Low
More Low - 7 days ago
Mgk has the best one no 🧢
Cedric Johnson
Cedric Johnson - 7 days ago
Everybody stay blessed.
Black Knight
Black Knight - 7 days ago
That little girl lay lay said a sentence and everybody got wild it wasn’t even that fire 🤦‍♂️
Ingrid Gonzalez
Ingrid Gonzalez - 7 days ago
I think he may be pregnant cause you hit him so raw 😂😂
Lorraine Turner
Lorraine Turner - 7 days ago
Nick team wins once in a blue moon
ToGuud. - 7 days ago
Nice u got the fake 6ix9in
Gracey Ajoku
Gracey Ajoku - 7 days ago
We need cardi on here man
Sally Jaja
Sally Jaja - 7 days ago
Kevin lost as hell but still got the best improvisation...😂😂😂😂😂
Jemeni Chinonso
Jemeni Chinonso - 7 days ago
Vic Mensa😹😹🔥🔥
Jemeni Chinonso
Jemeni Chinonso - 7 days ago
7:00 😨😨😬😬😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Bryan Russell
Bryan Russell - 8 days ago
MY man got resurected in the end
Kiall Jacobs
Kiall Jacobs - 8 days ago
Lay lay awesome
Beautymama Istifanus
Beautymama Istifanus - 8 days ago
Dat girl laylay is fire🌠💧💯🔥💖⭐👌✌🌍🥂💪🏆
Beautymama Istifanus
Beautymama Istifanus - 8 days ago
I luv dis show period.nick is lit 247
Beautymama Istifanus
Beautymama Istifanus - 8 days ago
Amber killed it.she gat barz.was not expecting her to be dis lit
Fabiola Graceffa
Fabiola Graceffa - 8 days ago
Y'all can tell Snoop NOTHING!!! He's the true OG, a living legend
SSJX FATE - 8 days ago
Nick made emuanel come back to Life!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
whitney denise
whitney denise - 8 days ago
My boo remy
Raaj Champia
Raaj Champia - 8 days ago
Funny Show.
Family Harris
Family Harris - 8 days ago
Hey check this artist out.. This shit is hot af
Ty Love
Ty Love - 9 days ago
6:52, alright okay let's do it, all y'all wack like yo outfits I've been making money since 6, I work for me y'all work for Nick 7:03
Ty Love
Ty Love - 9 days ago
That girl lay lay
Ty Love
Ty Love - 9 days ago
I also love Snoop Dogg part, 6:14-6:35
Ty Love
Ty Love - 9 days ago
I love T-pain part, 5:32-5:52
‎ ‎
‎ ‎ - 9 days ago
in 10 years someone will upload a vídeo talking about wild n out was all fake and staged like these old mtv shows
Sudaporn Christiansen
Sudaporn Christiansen - 9 days ago
I love that 🤣🤣
Ghost Elim
Ghost Elim - 9 days ago
Why does Tyga keep getting W’s
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