Tyga, That Girl Lay Lay & More Jaw-Dropping Freestyles | Ranked: Wild 'N Out

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MTV's Making the Band
MTV's Making the Band - 8 months ago
chi cha
chi cha - 3 months ago
wahidou issoufou
wahidou issoufou - 3 months ago
#9 I’m rlly bout roast someone , there is a wanna b 6ix 9ine out here , last time I checked he liked lil kids so y’all better run y’all .
7:14 that girl has a cute Facee
KRISPY BEATS - 4 months ago
chek my new beat peeps ;) clyp.it/bnhvgx1g
Nate - 6 months ago
Eric Williams
Eric Williams - 2 days ago
Ludacris started #Blacklivesmatter way before it began,thanks man
Kaley Steinke
Kaley Steinke - 3 days ago
how did lil dicky not end up on here?
New Designs
New Designs - 5 days ago
With the hottest new star of 2004 haha.
Annemarie Guzman
Annemarie Guzman - 5 days ago
ok but when Scott Disick said "I think you got him pregnant cuz you hit him so raw" after Tyga destroyed Nick.
Desantashia Williams
Desantashia Williams - 7 days ago
Why they talking about her like
Amy Turner-Solis
Amy Turner-Solis - 10 days ago
Exzaf - 10 days ago
Ive never liked snoops music, but his freestyle really impressed me
Crispo Tv
Crispo Tv - 11 days ago
“I think he may be pregnant cuz u hit him so raw“- Lord Disick
Felicia Vale
Felicia Vale - 12 days ago
Gotta love b Simone head pop
Queen Nandi Jeke
Queen Nandi Jeke - 13 days ago
Remember the time people could be one stage sharing a mic..... Wild
ailynn mckae
ailynn mckae - 13 days ago
“I work for me y’all work for Nick” that one got me 😭😭😭
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc - 15 days ago
I want Nicki Minaj here!!!!
Ethan Gonaseelan
Ethan Gonaseelan - 16 days ago
3:09 King Bachs face in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
sam jackson
sam jackson - 17 days ago
2:11 is that 6ix9ine
liv taylor
liv taylor - 19 days ago
people always going at nicks career 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tharthar Thar
Tharthar Thar - 20 days ago
Seeing out side covid is end i coming bro
Magdalena Mezydlo
Magdalena Mezydlo - 21 day ago
weruleyoudrool - 21 day ago
Kevin is a clown 😂😂😂
Nelson Dendomo
Nelson Dendomo - 21 day ago
Was Tyga on with Scott at the same time he was dating Kylie or was this after?
Arshbir Singh
Arshbir Singh - 21 day ago
7:10 the guy with no shirt is trynna act funny but he looks stupid and doesn’t even do anything on the show
Kotiyal Varun
Kotiyal Varun - 22 days ago
What kind of flow is tpain using?is their another song like this?
Anthony Alvarez
Anthony Alvarez - 23 days ago
vic mensa was thinking he da shit🤣
Ivon Dg
Ivon Dg - 23 days ago
9:45 you mean Kylie billioner jenner
Syd Nation
Syd Nation - 24 days ago
When B.Simone started bobbling her head to that girl lay lay's rap i started cracking up but B.Simone is still one of the best
Alex - 24 days ago
scott WTF😭
jenna egbe
jenna egbe - 24 days ago
Tyga has a son with Blac chyna.. and Scott has kids with Kourtney
Nimrod Beyen
Nimrod Beyen - 25 days ago
bruh look at E- man 6:34 -6:37
Haylea Winecoff
Haylea Winecoff - 25 days ago
Lay lay is good....she had me like 😮
Nathalya Smartt
Nathalya Smartt - 25 days ago
King bach
Leungo Noge
Leungo Noge - 25 days ago
Why did you have to do nick like that 🐯
Kenechukwu Eze
Kenechukwu Eze - 25 days ago
Damn look at Tyga's face
Indell Lindel
Indell Lindel - 25 days ago
Lol why Is Scott there
Ainsley UwU
Ainsley UwU - 26 days ago
I think we need dangmattsmith on this show
Tao Card
Tao Card - 26 days ago
Even one always has.to come for kylie! Nick just mad cause he ain't a billionaire!😠
Brande S
Brande S - 27 days ago
7:04 DC face😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Broken Boy
Broken Boy - 27 days ago
sommer rae rice mgk dababy doja
Broken Boy
Broken Boy - 27 days ago
that other asian guy
Broken Boy
Broken Boy - 27 days ago
Roxxanne Roxxanne
Roxxanne Roxxanne - 28 days ago
When Lay Lay said "I work for me y'all work for Nick" everybody's faces😂😂😂😂😂
Jenny Malsawm
Jenny Malsawm - 28 days ago
“ I work for me, you work for Nick” DC out badddd😂😂😂😂
Kirby Griffiths
Kirby Griffiths - 28 days ago
MGK 🙌😍
Jody_ann Sterling
Jody_ann Sterling - 28 days ago
It's was so fun they got paid for roasting their boss
RACHEL02189 - 29 days ago
#3-jaw drop
The Game on the Ad looks cool but I won't download it
Yukimaru - Month ago
Nick did tyga dirty at the end lmao
Alex Killian
Alex Killian - Month ago
trump 2020
hassan mujtaba
hassan mujtaba - Month ago
Who is the girl standing and smiling behind Snoop Dog @6:19
Mayaaa - Month ago
"I hate the white white boy.... at the end of the day he still a white boy" 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 EVEN THO THAT MADE 0 SINCE THAT WAS STILL SO FUNNY DAWG😭😭
Akanpone Akanpone
Akanpone Akanpone - Month ago
69 was there😂😂 2:18
adwoa Ansong
adwoa Ansong - Month ago
Lay Lay dissed the camera crew, the red team, the black team, Dj D-wreck and the producers
Its_R - Month ago
Imagine if they actually made noice lmao
Faith Nkala
Faith Nkala - Month ago
I subscribed coz of lay lay...kkkk
Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan - Month ago
Nick killed Tyga with that last line
MichelleYourBelle - Month ago
Lay Lay’s will never be topped!
Saray Pineda
Saray Pineda - Month ago
I know Nick is used getting the “you suck at rapping” joke butttt.... I bet that coming from Snoop must have stung a little lol
JAE 2K • 11 years ago
6:35 mah boy's reaction needs to be a meme😂😂😂
Cyanna Miranda
Cyanna Miranda - Month ago
4:27 kevin heart
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon - Month ago
6:50 is where I died
aldo mayorga
aldo mayorga - Month ago
Those urban white rappers ❤
Owam Penxa
Owam Penxa - Month ago
Nothing that Kevin Hart said made sense
Keavia Kerr
Keavia Kerr - Month ago
NE-YO just reminding me of Step Up Highwater
Keavia Kerr
Keavia Kerr - Month ago
2:22 nigga be looking like 6ix9ine💀😂
Gisselle Oseguera
Gisselle Oseguera - Month ago
Lmfaooooo Emmanuel fainting through out these videos 😭😂😂😂
Mitchell Wei
Mitchell Wei - Month ago
That girl Lay Lay should’ve been top 1 cause dude..like have u heard her rap..
Musical sam78
Musical sam78 - Month ago
Huldah Beke
Huldah Beke - Month ago
That roast lay lay dropped is the best have heard
Jaden Acosta
Jaden Acosta - Month ago
nick pretty much jus hires people to roast him aha
Hope Cat
Hope Cat - Month ago
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze - Month ago
Honestly you should get Russ on there
Olivia Klein
Olivia Klein - Month ago
booooo mgk
Presly symptonic
Presly symptonic - Month ago
KYLO - Month ago
Roman Wagner
Roman Wagner - Month ago
Tyga’s shit was so rehearsed can’t even spit off the dome
Latisha Outlaw
Latisha Outlaw - Month ago
Lay lay is whack ass hell she stupid and bum as hell
Tina's Way
Tina's Way - Month ago
Nick literally dosent ageeee Mariah dead looks like she’s in her 50’s but she still gorg tho while nick lookin like he’s in teens
#0:04 scott disick hating on tyga yawnin tho 😂
Christopher D.
Christopher D. - Month ago
Is that 69 at 2:41
xely 92
xely 92 - Month ago
That's why k like Kevin heart 😂
Candice Cayson
Candice Cayson - Month ago
OMG Tyga on wildn out😲
Jheziah Johnson Kirnon
Can’t believe Laylay is 12
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