Create This Book 2 | EPISODE #2

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Mandi Ferguson
Mandi Ferguson - 42 minutes ago
They all are so cute
Jackie Witt
Jackie Witt - 51 minute ago
You should’ve made the seal rainbow! - — -
Kayla West
Kayla West - Hour ago
You are the best YouTuber EVER😛
Caroline Blanding
Caroline Blanding - Hour ago
She made the last one with the seal and the rainbow on my birthday I know bc I saw the date
little games
little games - Hour ago
My mom bought one for me it still dosent arave but im so HAPPY about iy
B Kristine
B Kristine - 2 hours ago
I love create this book so much
Hannah123 - 2 hours ago
Hey! My grandma just ordered your create this book 2!
FUR ANIMATION - 4 hours ago
I’m your biggest fan!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐱
Jess & niki
Jess & niki - 5 hours ago
You wrote 2018 instead of 2019 🤣😱
Wateen Olfat
Wateen Olfat - 6 hours ago
I’m going to speak opposite you are the worst you tuber ever
Emma Klaus
Emma Klaus - 8 hours ago
Plz do more create this book to
Zoe Hendry
Zoe Hendry - 14 hours ago
Thank you so much
lisya c
lisya c - 17 hours ago
plz more
Stabbo Crabbo
Stabbo Crabbo - 17 hours ago
Nopi Opi!
Raameen Waseem
Raameen Waseem - 21 hour ago
i ordered this just yesterday and im psyched
Madeline Parker
Madeline Parker - 21 hour ago
you are fuuny
Olyviah Pinney
Olyviah Pinney - 22 hours ago
you are great
Moon Beam
Moon Beam - 22 hours ago
Me before I saw this channel: Im such a good drawer
*Watches this*
Me: I stand corrected
Lucianna Muir
Lucianna Muir - 23 hours ago
you are so good at art ❤
Claire Adams-McCarthy
Claire Adams-McCarthy - 23 hours ago
I think the closest sea creatures to clouds is a jellyfish
Rachel Cheeks
Rachel Cheeks - Day ago
Maria never try to get your sarcasm under control because you wouldn’t be you if you tried that so just let your sarcasm Rome because that’s what I do my name is Rachel and I’m your biggest fan
Jodi Hayes
Jodi Hayes - Day ago
By the way how do you become a YouTuber
Jodi Hayes
Jodi Hayes - Day ago
Please do 🌈 slime
LJ Poindexter
LJ Poindexter - Day ago
skylars crazy life
skylars crazy life - Day ago
Moriah and I have the same personality.......seriously we do......LOVE YOU MORIAH E.
Strawberry Wild
Strawberry Wild - Day ago
Name is wild
Flower Girlz
Flower Girlz - Day ago
Kayleigh Morris
Kayleigh Morris - Day ago
i love the videos that you
Maisie Lowndes
Maisie Lowndes - Day ago
Fuschia Butterfly
Fuschia Butterfly - Day ago
Talent 🙌🏻
Misty - Day ago
Just wondering what's the difference between create this book and create this book 2
Asia Abigail
Asia Abigail - Day ago
When I pay 4.71 for a paint set I DEMAND QUALITY. 😂😂
Specs VLOGS - Day ago
Ceylin Cebe
Ceylin Cebe - Day ago
Did you write this book????
Aliyah&rain !
Aliyah&rain ! - Day ago
Your so funny.Can’t stop laughing.😂😂
Kianna Mcclure
Kianna Mcclure - Day ago
Are you an artist
Jeon Jungkookie
Jeon Jungkookie - Day ago
NO NOT TODAY! I’m sorry, I just thought of that when she said not today, I’m BTS TRASH
A Person GachaTube
A Person GachaTube - Day ago
I love ur videos
Sofia Fahey
Sofia Fahey - Day ago
Your cat is like "Oh hey i'm just going to walk on your crazy things ok".
Crazy CousinSquad
Crazy CousinSquad - Day ago
I want the book. But, I can’t even draw a good stick figure, I don’t have a good imagination, I’m not creative either, and, I will probably not even use it. Sooo.....yeah....
Crazy CousinSquad
Crazy CousinSquad - Day ago

This is potato. 1 like = 1 year
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner - Day ago
ayyyy, im watching this video while doing my own create this book 2 video!
WhoKnowsGalaxy - Day ago
I just realized you are left handed!!! Like if you noticed that!!!
Alexandra Papanova
Alexandra Papanova - Day ago
All your art is so good 😊 OMG
Love you Moriah 🥰
Teya SJ
Teya SJ - Day ago
does anyone here have the book?
if u do, cud u tell me the size in inches?
Izzy Mesopotato
Izzy Mesopotato - Day ago
5:34 made me jump when I first saw it idek why😂but now it just makes me crack up laughing😂
Abbey Baran
Abbey Baran - 2 days ago
I love you so much mirara💩😗😘😙😚😚😙😙😗😗😘😘😗😗😙😙😗😘😘😙😚😗😗😘😘😙😗😗
ox love_DIY
ox love_DIY - 2 days ago
What do you use to edit
Jagjeet Kaur
Jagjeet Kaur - 2 days ago
were do you get the book
London Dixon
London Dixon - 2 days ago
I love how she decorated the bear and bunny 🐰 🐻
The dying hormone monster
For every “like” I will add a heart and keeping doing it in rainbow form example:❤️🧡💛💚💙💜and so on
Zoey Ramirez
Zoey Ramirez - 2 days ago
I love this video so much but I can never finish
killerwhale lover
killerwhale lover - 2 days ago
I have the same pastel pallet thingymabob. I wish I could get create this book 2.
gaming Sisterz123
gaming Sisterz123 - 2 days ago
*hi moriah*
~I love ur videos~
_they're so funny and great_
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl - 2 days ago
For every like ill add an 😍
How many can we get?!
John Kennedy
John Kennedy - 2 days ago
How do you make detail and make it look real!
arabelle TV
arabelle TV - 2 days ago
How can I send this question to you and tell me where your country is so I could go and send it to your house what is the city
Quinty Heij
Quinty Heij - 2 days ago
Hey Moriah and other people reading this
I am super exited for the next episode!
My birthday is coming up and my parents said that when my birthday is coming up
I can get create this book 2 because i already have create this book
So i’m really exited that when i have my own create this book 2
I can finally go with the flow and watch your video’s and draw my own paiges
Peace out!✌🏻
(Btw love your video’s)
Huda Alhilo
Huda Alhilo - 2 days ago
Kimberly Seery
Kimberly Seery - 2 days ago
the cupcake is a rainbow poo cupcake
artist girl
artist girl - 2 days ago
When will create this book 3 come? I am waiting for it to order it from prime
Manalaa Manaljaw
Manalaa Manaljaw - 2 days ago
how i order this is this aviliable *dont know how to spell* at Ebay?
Maria Dominguez
Maria Dominguez - 2 days ago
Your good at art maybe that’s how you no how you shade color bootiful maybe that’s how your sooooo good at painting squishes but where do you paint good but like if u agree if you love her art
Isla's Toy Review
Isla's Toy Review - 2 days ago
And I am by Peet’s that I wanted to stay down😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Fnaf and gacha lover105
you draw great and don’t listen to the hate comments cause you shine bright like a diamond 💎
Crystal _xoxo
Crystal _xoxo - 2 days ago
OK Kentucky I really don’t think you should do that Kentucky so please do not do that love Crystal XLXO
Mystery Girl09
Mystery Girl09 - 2 days ago
Try to Guess my Name With Emojis 🐨👁💛😡
Beanieboo friends
Beanieboo friends - 2 days ago
You are a good artist
Wonderland love
Wonderland love - 2 days ago
If i get ur book i will draw a pic and then cut it out and glue it on the page for confetti so it will be geometric and confetti but a picture i love u so much and u did a great job on this and congrats on ur book 😊
Aariya - 2 days ago
for every like ill add a :) Lets start with mine

phillip choi
phillip choi - 3 days ago
Evany - 3 days ago
your an artist
Lily Gontarek
Lily Gontarek - 3 days ago
It’s my birthday 😂😂
Molly Penden
Molly Penden - 3 days ago
Um..... I SWEAR I did not copy you, but the night I got my Create This Book 2, I LITERALLY took a piece of scrap paper, and used some marker colors that I liked to do basically what you did with the watercolor. I cut out random shapes, glued them onto the page, drew a confetti cannon, added glitter and BAM! I was done. By the way, I got my create this Book on December 29th, so I did NOT copy you i SWEAR TO GOD. OMG WE LITERALLY DID IT ON THE SAME DAY I SWEAR I DID NOT COPY YOU SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR GIRL!!!!
Danika Hartel
Danika Hartel - 3 days ago
when she cut out the cupcake i thought it magically turned into a squishy idk why it looked so cool
Iara Bitz
Iara Bitz - 3 days ago
U accidentally put 2018
Skylarrr Playz
Skylarrr Playz - 3 days ago
You're such an artist.
Ishani Koka
Ishani Koka - 3 days ago
You did the confetti on my birthday! :)
Navybluebird B
Navybluebird B - 3 days ago
( if grossed out easily do not read)

Okay so during the video I didn’t feel good and she was talking about barf and rainbows and I...... threw me🤮🤮🤮🤮😣😣🤢🤮🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐
gio pajarillo
gio pajarillo - 3 days ago
The firt time you snesd i also snesd
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad - 3 days ago
It looks beautiful and amazing 😉🖐🏻🎂🎂🎂🍭🍦🍦
Leilani Glenn
Leilani Glenn - 3 days ago
Cool you are a good Artist
Cecelia Aguinaldo (2024)
Geez the beginning was rough
Mark Hilton
Mark Hilton - 3 days ago
*hi* I love your vids *I HOPE YOU SEE THIS*
CookieMarie_RBLX :3
CookieMarie_RBLX :3 - 3 days ago
5:57 moriah: OOOOOhh, I don’t wanu. ;n;
1-2 secs later
Moriah: *crumples paper* AYIEEEEEEE 😂
Chase Crofford
Chase Crofford - 3 days ago
That bunny looks exactly like a bunny that I have of course it's stuffed not a real one cuz I could not take care of one
Shoshana01 - 3 days ago
One of my best freinds new baby brother was born on th 4th of Jan
Donokerae Hall
Donokerae Hall - 3 days ago
You and nerdecrafter posted this on the same day did you plan this
Kanna Playz
Kanna Playz - 3 days ago
Teach me your ways of *ART*
every like I get I will add a type of food.... because.... food
Ashley Elyse
Ashley Elyse - 3 days ago
I love your art Moriah! It looks soo gooood! I actually got my own create this book one and two and I think they are really fun. I film my episodes and I'm around 2 weeks in advance because I have a much fun making them! Thank you Moriah for the fun book(s)!!!!
Tsehaye Teklai
Tsehaye Teklai - 3 days ago
Moriah elizabeth i really like your drawings maybe you should be a art imbasider.
Crystal S
Crystal S - 3 days ago
🐻remember the bear
Rafal Psz
Rafal Psz - 3 days ago
Bless you 1.06
Alexa Swiss
Alexa Swiss - 3 days ago
I said wild after you and my jaw and elbow cracked :( I wanted to eat meh goldfish 🥺
Enid Parry
Enid Parry - 3 days ago
I have etemephobia so when I heard the barf sounds I got super nervous :/
Pastel girl
Pastel girl - 3 days ago
To match the clouds what about a cloud fish? keep up with the good work Moriha ❤
Pastel girl
Pastel girl - 3 days ago
My friend Masiey has creat this book no.1 and I'm jelly
panda flemarde
panda flemarde - 3 days ago
I FINALLY tôt the 2 books
Ellie_ Bells842
Ellie_ Bells842 - 3 days ago
Try using a keaded eraser to be able to still see your sketch
Lilah Pinkwater
Lilah Pinkwater - 3 days ago
Omg your so good at drawing!😍😘😊
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