10 ways Android is just better

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MichaelR8783 - 2 hours ago
Remember when this video was tweeted and it said “Twitter for iPhone” on the bottom?
Vvmopz - 21 hour ago
This vid felt alot more creative & hostile in a great way. Always is when discussing apple.
Nick Hersheys
Nick Hersheys - 22 hours ago
I never had an iPhone. But let's see what you missed
iPhone does not have a an external SD card drive. If you want to upgrade to a bigger memory, be ready to spend another 800 dollars for an upgrade.
Holly Game
Holly Game - Day ago
Android is for losers who have nothing else to worry in life. If you are busy doing stuff, you do not have time to worry how icons look, wondering about how bright the colors are. You want rigid phone that doesn't lag and is reliable and relative safe to use.
Scott Sullivan
Scott Sullivan - 5 hours ago
Hello. iPhone user here. I'm going to call bullshit on your claim still. First off, your statement comes off as totally passive-aggressive and douchey. Second, you don't HAVE to customize ANYTHING on Android. You can just leave things as is. So when you say, "It's for losers who have no life" is perplexing. I'm sure you spend tons of time on your iPhone.
imicca - Day ago
Jailbreak is actually more intuitive and fun than rooting
Logan Torres
Logan Torres - 2 days ago
fucking hoes
Walid Fakhfakh
Walid Fakhfakh - 14 hours ago
you are one
1 million subs with no content
This has a greater like/dislike ratio than the iPhone video

*I wonder why*
Generic Beast
Generic Beast - Day ago
They hated Jesus because he told the truth
Henrik lasarus
Henrik lasarus - 2 days ago
Idk what os my tv remote is on.
around the 4 minute 10 second mark, linus spit out a load from his mouth
AsbestosChapel - 2 days ago
when my girlfriend asks me to do something on her iphone I cringe
Quatific - 2 days ago
Downloading things on apple for free is impossible. ;-;
OrFeAsGr Art
OrFeAsGr Art - 2 days ago
Android doesn't allow internal sound! Whyyyy
OrFeAsGr Art
OrFeAsGr Art - 2 days ago
@I'm still trying to make a new name You can't record internal sound on android unless you use a custom rom (Xiaomi's screen recorder supports, and some samsung phones iirc). You can only have mic+internal sounds mixed and the internal sounds are low and bad quality.
Paul Laughlin
Paul Laughlin - 3 days ago
What is your daily driver Linus?
Християн Мянков
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Sophie Somba
Sophie Somba - 3 days ago
4:22 linus spits
Wtfhow - 3 days ago
i'm not gonna lie, i almost unsubscribe after the first 95sec
Kappa - 4 days ago
Most important about rooting: Extending device life span. Note 3 with Android 9.0 feels like a whole different compared to 5.0 TouchWiz which is unusable nowadays.
Btw., my car "entertainment" (basically just a Radio) runs AOSP which Was quite surprising for me.
About the back Button: I hate modern androids back button. I prefer the softkey with haptic Feedback on the Note 3 because it is super intuitive, especially if you assign Holding the back Button to reopening that last app
Miroslav Vincelj
Miroslav Vincelj - 4 days ago
Linus is using Android phone as his personal mobile
cat eating a salad
cat eating a salad - 4 days ago
Iphones suck now because be cause they remove stuff for no reason android keeps
The Nowak
The Nowak - 4 days ago
0:13 Steve T, is that you?
CollX BSP - 4 days ago
2014 compact sony phone on android 7: I can run 2 apps at the same time.
Apple: WAIT, that’s illegal.
Mikael Kildal-Leblond
Mikael Kildal-Leblond - 4 days ago
apps delete theme selves on iphones when you dont use them
Kappa - 4 days ago
Neil The Memer
Neil The Memer - 4 days ago
2:40 MS launcher itsself sucks but it gives you some beautiful randomized wallpapers whether you actually use it or not
Oliver Bradley
Oliver Bradley - 4 days ago
I am, and have always been, a 4-inch-screen iPhone user with a Windows laptop and an Android TV. Should I switch from the rotten apple?
Oliver Bradley
Oliver Bradley - 3 days ago
@Kappa That's it. I'm switching to Android. Thanks.
Kappa - 3 days ago
@Oliver Bradley If you like Apple and dont care about money: go for. Personally i would not spend more than 400dollar for a Phone anymore because i dont need the performance and other features for Maps, Telegram and Phone. Galileo location is a must though.
Oliver Bradley
Oliver Bradley - 3 days ago
@Kappa I'm not particularly staying with 4-inch. I would like a bigger screen nowadays, to be honest. This is why I'm leaning towards a Pixel 3a XL.
Kappa - 4 days ago
If you want 4 inch your choices are pretty limited even on Android.
Elechain - 4 days ago
Idk getting a new model that works fast, has face ID, and has USB type c, for 160 is a good deal, not even a fourth of reasons I have it
Mitar Maklenovic
Mitar Maklenovic - 5 days ago
Dude, you can just swipe back
Jay Ell
Jay Ell - 5 days ago
I wish theyed make the phones 1/4" thicker and put in real batteries
Teemu M.
Teemu M. - 5 days ago
Disagree. I have Android 8.0 Nougat on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it is a democratic mess. Google and Samsung force run updates and backround app, there are simultaneous functions running on desktop preventing proper finger control and pushing into view from all sides, battery life killing mandatory apps, everything is on all the time that everyone asked for instead of having an OS that is moderated by one group like Ios.
Teemu M.
Teemu M. - 3 days ago
how may i root without disabling that crazy factory lock ? oh yeah, i cant even hit the keyboard keys unlike on ios
Kappa - 4 days ago
That's Samsungs fault though. Root and go with an AOSP version of Android 9 with a modern launcher (Pixel/nova), better battery performance, better reactivity, newer Android. Some Apps are a hassle though (pokemon go for example) because they complain about modified devices. As of know, you can work around that though.
Alex Tinica
Alex Tinica - 5 days ago
ok linus now delete the Iphone video :))
EXTP - 5 days ago
Hey all the people who have disliked the video are android haters and likers are android supporters ...apple is trash
Caleb Custom Bricks
Caleb Custom Bricks - 5 days ago
Linus Tech Tips: 10 ways Android is just better
Also Linus Tech Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pev5K7OcW-8
Johnny Mora
Johnny Mora - 6 days ago
Android software sucks and stupid. I have to write 10 lines of code in order to reset my home screen to my default layout.
Kappa - 2 days ago
@Johnny Mora What is the original Layout? You can always use the App overview with alphabetical order, where is the problem?
Johnny Mora
Johnny Mora - 2 days ago
@Kappa yeah but back to my point, If someone where to have many apps and like them to be reset to be nicely and neatly to the original layout, you simply can't push a button and get it over with like apple. I had a samsung s7 and I never even was able to reset the homescreen to its original nice layout.
Kappa - 4 days ago
@Johnny Mora Samsung uses Touchwiz, that's not Stock Android at all. My Phones Standard home screen is completly empty.
Johnny Mora
Johnny Mora - 4 days ago
Kappa let’s say I’d like to reset my home screen just for the sake of starting off from scratch, I have too many apps everywhere and it would take way longer to manually drag and drop apps/widgets to their original layout... unfortunately I don’t have a simple button to reset the layout like how Apple does. Samsung makes you write code and shit.
Kappa - 4 days ago
Why would you ever do that? ^^
TheLurkingRage - 6 days ago
4:21 his tooth fall out or what? That was so distracting..
Mick McCormick
Mick McCormick - 6 days ago
Linus, It's linux! you know.. made by a linus...... should have been #1
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez - 6 days ago
Yo, I'm idiot for not knowing the simple things.
Martin K
Martin K - 6 days ago
The iPhone does not have a notification LED. Sadly they also will disappear on Androids but at least you can use the OLED Screen to emulate it.
Kappa - 4 days ago
They remove so many good stuff, softkeys for back and menu, notification LED, battery accesible easily
Sky Waterer
Sky Waterer - 6 days ago
4:20 that was some gnarly spit
mrbkent - 6 days ago
So we just gunnu ignore that white shit that flew outta his mouth at 4:20
Kamikaze Hound
Kamikaze Hound - 6 days ago
Microsoft launcher pretty nice but I like using windows 10 style launcher lol. You can even download Macintosh via root.
HaniSUI - 6 days ago
I‘m currently using an Iphone 6s, and I‘m switching to a Samsung Galaxy S10e in a month :) I‘m excited!
The unknown rex
The unknown rex - 7 days ago
Safari sucks cockenballs
Some dude
Some dude - 7 days ago
Linux gang linux gang linux gang linux gang . Linux gotta whole lotta gang . Librem 5 got that phosh / phoc kill switch ships q3 tick tock
BLANCEDRHINO78 gaming - 7 days ago
The class system is true. I'm watching this on a $25 5 inch smart phone that can run pubg.
Platypus• - 7 days ago
Okay , stop fighting in the comments. All phones have something that makes them horrible, and special. I always used IOS Products, and never unadorned an android. Seen it, touched it, don’t like it. I don’t care how expensive it is, I’m not a spoiled rich kid. But, my family doesn’t support Android, or Samsung...
Mark O
Mark O - 8 days ago
No gadget is ever perfect, but I'd rather use smoke signals than a bloody iPhone.
Rub3n - 8 days ago
In the beginning you were talking about preinstalled apps... on iOS you can uninstall almost all of them, on Android you can't. That's one of the things I hated about my old Huawei P20 lite
Kappa - 4 days ago
Rooting is easy though. But youre right, that's not a valid point imo. Id consider everything bloatware despite maybe Google play store
skrr - 8 days ago
'anyone else notice that massive glob of spit that went flying when he said "the next level"
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - 8 days ago
.apk has helped me go hacker and let me download minecraft for free lmao
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - 2 days ago
@Abel Mendez I did buy it eventually lol, with google survey thing
Abel Mendez
Abel Mendez - 2 days ago
notch will make u lose ur stuff in lava for pirating his game
rfdzn - 8 days ago

linusdragontips spittin human fire
Justin Y. The second
Justin Y. The second - 8 days ago
Android literally has so much more bloatware. Just look at my dads old phone
June Lomarda
June Lomarda - 6 days ago
Fuck off fake cunt get a life
TheMiningTeam - 9 days ago
See you've taken to using a telesini.
Drfreakzone - 9 days ago
iPhone users are just dumb

Change my mind
slowmentum - 9 days ago
Bad argument. Im android but your argument saying "iphone is dumb" is well dumb...
Sydechick - 9 days ago
stream ios by lovely peaches android users 🤢🤮
Jakub Vostal
Jakub Vostal - 9 days ago
When he said you can unlock phone with a code, i thought he meant unlocking bootloader :D
Jakub Vostal
Jakub Vostal - 3 days ago
@Kappa Lol cool, i'm always rooted too :D
Kappa - 4 days ago
Same xD I Remember being rooted and always getting my password stolen by morons in class, one day i found that root app that would make the PIN the current time ^^
Elliot Wexler
Elliot Wexler - 9 days ago
The files app still sucks
Edit: the apples files app that is
Tim - 9 days ago
you can swipe right from the edge of the display as a back button fyi
RainbowButtercup - 9 days ago
i use microsoft launcher :(
RedMage Gaming
RedMage Gaming - 9 days ago
I'll pass on lastpass, Samsung Pass works fine for me. But The biggest reason for Android over Iphone, is if you have a bad experience with one android phone brand, there are other brands that have devices in all price points. If you have a bad experience with an IOS device... well, welcome to android.
Lordnuggetor xD
Lordnuggetor xD - 8 days ago
That's how they get you. Don't like the increasing price or removal of features from new iphones? Too bad, you're stuck in the ecosystem and it's a lot harder to switch.
Nicholas Howatson
Nicholas Howatson - 9 days ago
iOS devices still smoke android devices in the performance department.
Kappa - 4 days ago
Performance in terms of every day use or gaming, benching?
Glanced - 10 days ago
"he just never goes there" 😂😂
Lilitha Mahonono
Lilitha Mahonono - 10 days ago
The dongle
Dan - 10 days ago
So courageous 😂😂😂
LulzRoyce - 10 days ago
I see linus made like MKBHD and went 21:9
the true gamer
the true gamer - 10 days ago
Remember when xbox with with HDVD and PS went with blu-ray? Yea, that's the same thing iPhone is doing with its charger cord
bengris32 - 11 days ago
I think I'll stick to my Nokia Lumia 950 XL running full (desktop) windows 10 kthxbye
ZIRG4M3R MC - 11 days ago
i use microsoft launcher and it's pretty good
Doggoli - 11 days ago
Android is better but that intro was shit because deleting bloatware is actually MUCH EASIER on iOS
Kappa - 4 days ago
@LosFarmosCTL still the same way. That's one of the reason i wont purchase a Phone without easy root access anymore.
LosFarmosCTL - 11 days ago
Not agreeing on android being better but yeah android bloatware really is much worde than ios, apart from things like the app store or the calculator you can actually uninstall pretty much everything, even things like the apple store app (the one where you buy new apple things, not the app store), try uninstalling the crappy galaxy store on samsung phones (at least that was the case back when i had a galaxy s8 maybe they have finally fixed that
TheMooskyFox - 11 days ago
Proudly using Resurrection Remix Oreo on my S6 Edge, working wonders. (Might even do a no-google challenge soon)
TheMooskyFox - 3 days ago
@Kappa I know what AOSP is, sadly there's no pure AOSP ROM available for my Phone, lineage/RR is the closest I'm going to get
Kappa - 4 days ago
aosp is google, gl on that (no gapps is what youre looking for ^^) Kind regards written on a Note 3 with lineage os pie
Dr.Eggloob Dr.Eggloob
Dr.Eggloob Dr.Eggloob - 11 days ago
lol Iphone 29k dislikes Lol Android 5.6k dislikes on this one Lol android 93k Likes haaaa
Alexander PH 272
Alexander PH 272 - 12 days ago
Apple makes more money by solving the problems they created on purpose
monika with a fricking gun
1st way *it has a fucking audio jack*
King _g
King _g - 12 days ago
Apple - let’s play Fortnite Samsung - one year later lets play Fortnite
King _g
King _g - 12 days ago
Apple - pay more for more security Samsung - pay less for a higher chance off scams
Petr Barbořák
Petr Barbořák - 10 days ago
Hahaha keep believing that
James Field
James Field - 12 days ago
Youtube Vanced FTW!
Igor k
Igor k - 12 days ago
Free Market on Android. As a developer that’s why I hate Android.... Why would you buy an app, when you could just download it off web + possibly hacked?! You could even install hacked YouTube... This is the reason why iOS has more quality apps and games
But, yes.... iOS has some awesome advanced features, but yet not simple ones that Android had for years:/
But, yeah, you can’t really say which one is better. Ios has its +/- and Android does. It’s based on people’s preferences.
Kappa - 4 days ago
Laughing my ass off right now since im using youtube vanced xD I also Remember being a school hero for being ahead in every game due to fake in App purchases, but that was on jailbroken ios back then.
Jason Burke
Jason Burke - 12 days ago
He totally spit at 4.21...
It’s Sophia
It’s Sophia - 13 days ago
i prefer my deluxe screen on my luxury microwave
Nicholas Mitchum
Nicholas Mitchum - 13 days ago
Oooooof I'm one of the 10 million who uses the microsoft launcher😂. It's so clean and makes me feel like I have a mini desktop in my hand
Inverted - Colors
Inverted - Colors - 13 days ago
Hello, person who is reading this,
I am trying to get my mom to let me switch to Android, but she won’t let me because she thinks Find My iPhone is better than Life360. Can someone help me come up with a good counter argument?
AVP_IZ _NUB - 13 days ago
Welp This is Fricked up Last Vid
NEXT DAY........
AussieEevee - 13 days ago
1. This one doesn't matter to me. I am happy with the default iOS setup. It's very easy and simple.
2. Forcing you to download from the App Store is a good thing. I don't get the need to download virus infected nonsense from outside sources.
3. I would rather my phone wasn't 100% accessible to a computer. While I am very strict with my PCs software, I'd still rather my computer only have limited access.
4. Flavours doesn't matter to me... Also, preinstalled bloatware from Samsung and other makers is a downside.
5. Meh.
6. I don't have a need for splitscreen.
7. I'll give you this. I think ALL phones should use USB-type C
8. I'll give you this one too.
9. Don't need a back button. Been using iPhone for ten years now... never needed it. And the reaching across the screen argument, no offense, is silly... You don't use a phone one handed.
10. I don't know the difference so I don't care.
11. Android is made by Google. Checkmate.
Kappa - 4 days ago
Apple isnt any better than Google.
Petr Barbořák
Petr Barbořák - 10 days ago
So "I dont need that"
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