10 ways Android is just better

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KIORO - 39 minutes ago
*watches video on iphone*
Zihan Luo
Zihan Luo - 50 minutes ago
First time I've ever seen ARK: Survival Evolved in a tech video before.
Jiggle223 - Hour ago
Anyone notice what flew out of his mouth at 4:22 lmao
Meekrat 0_0
Meekrat 0_0 - 3 hours ago
i want to switch to android, but i don't wanna lose all my progress in clash of clans so iphone it is :(
Somnia - 3 hours ago
i use the microsoft launcher LOL :D
Shinchan N
Shinchan N - 3 hours ago
But you tweet from an iPhone. Bitch!
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor - 4 hours ago
And the award for worst fitting turtleneck goes to...
Corey - 4 hours ago
you can see spit fly out 4:20 lol
beterhans - 5 hours ago
Not all android phone allow you to change launcher.
PlayStyle Gamer - Raymarko
The way Linus handles sponsors are just perfect!
MD Hossain
MD Hossain - 5 hours ago
How Linus was when he was born:

Mom: Now say i-Phone
Linus: i-i-i
Mom: Honey he's gonna say i--
Linus: Android
Dad: fuk
mojoblues66 - 6 hours ago
Most of your points only apply to nerds.
Moses Swedberg
Moses Swedberg - 6 hours ago
Not an android-specific comment, but: Samsung Pay allowing me to use my phone at almost ANY card reader is the best thing ever! That would be a most-missed feature for me if I ever switched.
Also, using split screen when doing taxes on my phone is a huge time saver instead of flipping back and forth between sheets or using a notepad.
pranamd1 - 7 hours ago
All these idiotic comments about how someone at LMG tweeted this video from an iPhone.....why isn't anyone asking _why Twitter shares that info to begin with?_ Can someone please educate me on what _possible_ benefit there is to everyone knowing what device you use?
youngwolf20 - 8 hours ago
I hate iPhone always have and I'm sure I always will. 😁✌
Billybw0ii - 8 hours ago
Can't you access the top of the screen easier by double tapping the home button?
Creampie Central
Creampie Central - 10 hours ago
Android is ass
ristyvids - 10 hours ago
Watching on my oneplus5t 💪
herishmerish - 11 hours ago
you can swipe left and right on the screen on ios instead of pushing the back and forward buttons.
Aaron Chapa
Aaron Chapa - 11 hours ago
I’m an apple user and this was pretty unbiased, no reason to dislike lol
Warren Lucky
Warren Lucky - 11 hours ago
Cylαs - 11 hours ago
this vid was made by a broke person
R-MAX - 13 hours ago
motherfucker just to get money from sponsor dont make this kind of shitty videos
Segas i am
Segas i am - 13 hours ago
What a load of horseshit as usual...
AfroSunshineX - 14 hours ago
Now do Windows Phone
NipaYT - 14 hours ago
Just wanted to say about number nine that you can just swipe from the left side of the phone to go backwards
Ferry Gunadi
Ferry Gunadi - 15 hours ago
All google needs to do is disable 3rd party apk sideload. You mad, then what would you do? Where would you go? That's duopoly for you.
i must enter a name
i must enter a name - 15 hours ago
4:21 to watch Linus spit god knows what out of his mouth.
Rodolfo Andino
Rodolfo Andino - 15 hours ago
I been using the Microsoft launcher sorry guys is so good hhahahaha
apoopcat Entertainment
apoopcat Entertainment - 16 hours ago
welcome back to tweeting about how I phone sucks on an I phone....?
greebs g
greebs g - 16 hours ago
holy shit that skit was legendary. a true masterpiece you guys, amazing job
Kirsty - 17 hours ago
I used iPhone's up until 4S as my work supplied them. After this I got an Android phone and I've never looked back.
Yahya Ajbali
Yahya Ajbali - 18 hours ago
Top Gamer
Top Gamer - 19 hours ago
I use the microsoft launcher :v
IWantToBeTracer - 19 hours ago
Plot twist to the skit.. LTT is gay.
Kevor - 20 hours ago
was it just me or did Linus spit at 4:21
MrZombie - 20 hours ago
Nope! Your wrong Linus there are increasingly fewer reasons to buy an iPhone.
Lukáš Hruška
Lukáš Hruška - 21 hour ago
"...right-handed people, so that is most of us, have...."
That's racist! :(
vapprX - 21 hour ago
Linus looks like Ellen DeGeneres
Echo Kilo Hotel
Echo Kilo Hotel - 21 hour ago
Would have give a thumbs-up, except for that useless first minute and forty-five seconds.
gold moon
gold moon - 21 hour ago
Android is a type of software not a brand of phone you could compare I phone and Samsung or android and iOS but not android and apple two completely different things
XeserUpseinOPelttil - 22 hours ago
iToddlers SEETHING and BTFO
Mike Van Der Vegt
Mike Van Der Vegt - 23 hours ago
apple vs andraoid..
usa vs china..
whole usa wanna have an apple
me, i bought an android in feb 2012
and still have it as main
it costed 500 euro ,
site sayd a month waiting time,
it became 3
but i still use it
and i only had to replace the external speaker and vibrator thing..
and others spend crap on a phone for a year..
RookieFlame - 23 hours ago
Ten years later, and this debate still exist.
Madmurderer - 23 hours ago
look, i am ok with android, but the store allows virus apps.
Jinting Du
Jinting Du - Day ago
InSaint Gaming
InSaint Gaming - Day ago
9:00 iphone lightning connecter is reversible.
Old Nokia phones had 360°
F**k you iphone!
InSaint Gaming
InSaint Gaming - Day ago
Why isn't this video age restricted?
F.B.I - Day ago
*_via twitter for iphone_*
Ben Bartlett
Ben Bartlett - Day ago
Yeahh.... the reasons why iOS is better vs the reasons android is better, makes the android platform seem a bit of a joke. Just transferred to iOS after owning running android since well, forever. It's just better, at least for me. No looking back. At this point the phones and technology offered by Apple and Google etc are so damn similar it comes down to the software optimisation and in that category iOS will always win - without a massive revamp from google on the android side at least.
Muhammad Khairul Umar Mohamed
If this was the video for the iPhone you can't even advertise Lastpass bc who needs lastpass when you have an iPhone
iAppleBeta - Day ago
4.6K iPhone users disliked this video just for their cracked iPhone screen and full storage 😂
Dusan Silni
Dusan Silni - Day ago
1 reason iPhone is just better.
It works.
Mitchell Urgero
Mitchell Urgero - Day ago
Not that I favor iPhone, but on iOS 10,11,&12 you can transfer regular files via iTunes too. But that's not a real user friendly UI.
Jesse Dery
Jesse Dery - Day ago
You forgot my favorite unlock method: Trusted device unlock. If the phone is connected to a bluetooth device that you set as trusted, you can bypass the lock entirely. In this case my watch is set as trusted, because I can reasonably assume that I'm wearing my watch at all times, and if the phone is close enough to connect to my watch, I'm close enough to see it and slap whoever's trying to use it without permission.
John Doe
John Doe - Day ago
Microsoft launcher let's you connect your phone to windows 10 so you can share see messages and phone calls and the like. Kinda like iOS and mac style connection
Heli Guy
Heli Guy - Day ago
You can easily side load apps on iOS with profiles and device management
chad billy
chad billy - Day ago
Apple never designed sideloading to be a user accessible feature for ios.on android you can literally sideload an apk and then send that apk to someone else on ios you have to find a signed app and hope that it doesn't get revoked you see the difference.byou can actually use sideloading as alternative to the playstore with Android put not with ios apple actually knows how many downloads a signed ipa has and they could revoke the app at any time so sideloading is not viable alternative to the appstore on ios.this is why you will see sideloaded android apps that have millions of downloads but you will never see that with an sideload ios app because the app would get revoked way before it ever got that popular.
Dionicio3 King_Of_Skiddos
Relying on a 3rd party service to sign when Apple can revoke it at any time isn't "easy"
Heli Guy
Heli Guy - Day ago
You can delete bloatware apps
The Fish Squad
The Fish Squad - Day ago
I think people buy an iphone because of its reputation. Some people think you are poor or not cool to get an android phone and not an iphone. They also dont realize the pricing. They think the pricing is fine (except for the more newer models) and they do not see the pricing on android phones which are way cheaper and gives more performance with your money
dany manchster
dany manchster - Day ago
dislike for the cringe worthy disaster in the beginning
J G - Day ago
Why..... Why.... Of ALL the YouTubers.... You should really know better than to spread this garbage. People want facts, not your opinion. Facts state that apple is better in every aspect. The numbers are there. PERIOD
Dionicio3 King_Of_Skiddos
lol what, there's no conclusive facts that Apple is better. There's actually a lot of facts that should drive you away from Apple (mainly Apple's hate for right to repair)
Saul Uribe
Saul Uribe - Day ago
"Android just got better ". That's what you get with Chrome app which is probably a stinking malware.
gmf iq
gmf iq - Day ago
Andy - Day ago
4:21 repeat
nothing but shit reasons
Logan Laughlin
Logan Laughlin - Day ago
and again with the iphones side but would be using googles software,there is google photos that u can save and dont have to worry about losing your photos
Logan Laughlin
Logan Laughlin - Day ago
i dont care what anyone says android has it all.. then iphone came around and shit got worse.. now i use both but i much prefer android
Basti Halligalli
Basti Halligalli - Day ago
8:14 Which camera are you using? The colours in this shot are looking great.
OutermostSoup - Day ago
"The next level" *Spits everywhere* 04:19 lolol totally normal to happen, but still funny. Love this channel.
Jonathan Sporrong
Jonathan Sporrong - Day ago
I never understood the war between them, it’s all just preference. I love my iPhone, but the android stuff is really cool too! Can’t we all just appreciate how technology has blown up in the past 10 years? I think that’s awesome
Dionicio3 King_Of_Skiddos
The main issue is that people from both sides are way to extreme. I am an Android user myself, but I love some of Apple's products. I just couldn't use them on a daily basis due to how limiting they are
Jack for fun
Jack for fun - Day ago
Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones - Day ago
The software freedom does comes with risk. I also had a random battery drain issue recently, and a coworker with a completely different Samsung android phone told me to disable a Gear VR app. I've never used my phone for VR , but sure enough there it was and disabling it fixed my battery drain. (edit.. seems this is still an issue based on an quick search. Somewhat randomly comes on and battery drains phones. smh). You way way more likely to have such an issue with a Android phone.. but if you had a similar issue on an iphone, you probably don't have the ability to permanently disable the broken app. Android gives you more freedom, but also requires a higher degree of user knowledge to fix the more common issue imo (unless you have a store close with techs that can help).
David S.
David S. - Day ago
Via YouTube for iPhone
TechLord - Day ago
iSheep would purchase iPhones even if they were not waterproof. #JimmyKimmel
Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1s_lI5vWlWSDMamK-XolQBFzluC2OwYe
TechLord - Day ago
We had so many features *years ahead* of iSheep!
NobieS CS:GO
NobieS CS:GO - Day ago
11:21 don't forget *_MADE BY SAMSUNG_*
Yellow gaming
Yellow gaming - Day ago
would you rather
iPhone xs or rtx2080ti
Dead Man Drifting
Dead Man Drifting - Day ago
Min 06:34 if you installed iCloud on you pc desktop they create a folder with your pictures and the you have a special folder when you go to “my pc” and you’ll see the picture logo from iOS the there’re tree folder; download, upload, and I don’t remember the others name, just put your pics from you pc to that folder and it uploaded to your devices.
Dead Man Drifting
Dead Man Drifting - Day ago
dude did you just say “over clocking for better gaming performance”?!
who am I
who am I - Day ago
"Twitter for iPhone"
Jewett Productions
Jewett Productions - Day ago
Between the intro to this vid and the intro to the secret shopper “Linum TI” vids, you guys are awesome. Keep up the hilarious work!
Cr M
Cr M - Day ago
You do know iOS has a reachability feature where on older models you double tap the home button to make the top screen slide down right? On the X after it's enabled you swipe down on the gesture bar thing.
soso Ks
soso Ks - Day ago
This guy look like gay
jimbobbyrnes - Day ago
i love how you admit that you actually said that Iphone was better and now you jumped the bandwagon . The fact that you don't actually care about recommending something good over something bad is the reason i unsubscribed. All Linus seems to be good at is flip flopping and dropping stuff.
Ruben Elfrink
Ruben Elfrink - Day ago
My iPhone remembers my passwords not an app
Jae Jackson Jr
Jae Jackson Jr - Day ago
I Rather Both Android & IOS
Mohammad Kashif Khan
4:21 linus spitting all over the floor, after freeing the nipple
smajl2 - 8 hours ago
oh man and you dont even need to have 4k to see it :D :D :D
Tekky Quickbits
Tekky Quickbits - Day ago
I really don't wanna make a racist joke but
-that was one of the whitest intros you've ever done-
Luca Isabella
Luca Isabella - Day ago
You can sideload apps on iOS as well, without having to turn on any setting, even though they sometimes get revoked. And you can sideload entirely new stores.
chad billy
chad billy - Day ago
Ok but that's not a free market apple purposely revokes the apps so that you have to rely on there appstore they don't just allow you to sideload the app and then keep it on your phone permanently like you can on android. android freely allows user to do this which is why it is a free market and that was his point.sideloading on ios is not a viable alternative to the appstore but sideloading on android is.
No Named Channel
No Named Channel - Day ago
via Twitter for iPhone
Lama Administrator
Lama Administrator - Day ago
Posted via twitter for iPhone
Mohammed Mahathir
Mohammed Mahathir - Day ago
He might be the most terrible TV presenter of 90s born ever
hitardo - Day ago
12:25 Linus, you tried.
But the comments will explode, regardless :D
P W P - Day ago
Finally an Apple fan telling it like it is. Good and bad points, well done Linus. I still find it amazing how little iphone fans know about how much more advanced android hardware and software is. (despite the minor issues)
Mikeyd 416
Mikeyd 416 - Day ago
I’m not that picky I got iPhone se completely satisfied
HYDRO-doesNOWT - Day ago
Oh snazzy
GhanimPlays99 YT
GhanimPlays99 YT - Day ago
Kompocik - Day ago
I love Evie launcher, it has a swipe up apps and works great with lines icon pack. definetely recommended
Mercury Man
Mercury Man - Day ago
LastPass is to Apple, and keepass is to Android
PowerupMinionDK - Day ago
All dislikes are I-Dung users! xD
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