The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt - Official Trailer

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mglmouser - 26 minutes ago
"In 2020".
Jeez. Barely.
cgouais - 27 minutes ago
For christ sake,, it's about time!!!
ThewayICit - 38 minutes ago
A minute and a half of trailer is better than an entire season of Top Gear. Wish the BBC would pack it in and sell the Stig to Amazon
Xuan Zhu
Xuan Zhu - 42 minutes ago
brandonbaileysc77 - 46 minutes ago
Can’t wait!!
Ray Martinez
Ray Martinez - Hour ago
Cant wait for you clowns!!🇬🇧
andrew lost
andrew lost - Hour ago
A guess it will be a merry Christmas cant wait to watch
20Boyka - Hour ago
Kieran Brewster
Kieran Brewster - Hour ago
A massive hunt... with cars
‘A massive car hunt’
Now say that quickly...
Ben R
Ben R - Hour ago
Imagine having this as your job. WIN.
kylere2k9 - Hour ago
It’s only taken a full year 😅
snappy452 - Hour ago
I hope this is eighteen hours long
Jake M
Jake M - Hour ago
Aww shit. Here we go again
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown - Hour ago
If you’re not burning your balls, it’s not the Grand Tour.
Ra S
Ra S - Hour ago
I’m honestly almost over it. I’m actually debating even watching it. Will see if I download it as soon as it’s released.
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison - 2 hours ago
Finally 2020 giving us the good stuff
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison - 2 hours ago
OMG 😱😱😱
mandeep aujla
mandeep aujla - 2 hours ago
If you missed it in the vid the episode is coming out on the 18th of December
Jake Powell
Jake Powell - 2 hours ago
ichbinzweinerdss - 2 hours ago
Habe ich Bock drauf
John Kolesnikov
John Kolesnikov - 3 hours ago
I'm still waiting for Jeremy and James: The speed of birds
limeonion - 3 hours ago
Ah, the bois are back to get Bezos another billion!
Alex Martin
Alex Martin - 4 hours ago
Elvis Leconte
Elvis Leconte - 4 hours ago
Its me OMON
Its me OMON - 4 hours ago
Im in prime video just because of this and some ww films
Gross Meister
Gross Meister - 4 hours ago
Poor Caterham...
Fishnatics C
Fishnatics C - 4 hours ago
These guys are hilarious!
Red Kaiser
Red Kaiser - 4 hours ago
It's finally coming!!!!!!!!
Alex Escorcio
Alex Escorcio - 4 hours ago
So they are back or ?
GNranger - Hour ago
They never stopped in the first place. They just got rid of the tent.
lul nn
lul nn - 5 hours ago
Thr "cheap car" parts are the best
[ எ ]
[ எ ] - 5 hours ago
1:20 einfach das Kölner Kennzeichen
HKG 1 - 5 hours ago
**everyone liked that**
Abdulaziz Shaikh
Abdulaziz Shaikh - 5 hours ago
Can't wait for Grand Tour India Special!
JorrickTV - 5 hours ago
When is it coming to Germany?
Diego Rafael SANZ ARIAS
Diego Rafael SANZ ARIAS - 5 hours ago
Let's wait !!!!! I'm desperate lmao
SchnitzellPro - 5 hours ago
even hammond looks old now :D
شعیب اکرم چوہدری
Why it is not yet released in Sweden???
GNranger - Hour ago
Cuz I hasn't even released in the US.
AEY - 6 hours ago
day 6 waiting for the initial release.
Marc Seegers
Marc Seegers - 6 hours ago
I got the video as the ad
Darius As
Darius As - 6 hours ago
Oh hell yeah been waiting for this
BBALL killer
BBALL killer - 6 hours ago
I just got Amazon on December 17th
Gerg C
Gerg C - 6 hours ago
I just willingly watched a commercial.
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson - 6 hours ago
You boys need to find another outlet for your material... you completed this piece in August and it's not being released until mid December???
It's done me in...sorry cannot and will not wait any longer for this or any of your other work...will not be watching it...Amazon have done you and your fans no favours... but I guess if your cheques keep rolling in who gives a rats fat arse hey boys?
Melroy D'souza
Melroy D'souza - 6 hours ago
I can not wait for this to be released
kaihua - 6 hours ago
I'd watch this shit at a movie theatre.
medialync - 7 hours ago
Brb, renewing my Prime membership...
Руслан Политов
Ждём не дождемся этого невероятного шоу!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Phenomen - 7 hours ago
Oooooo he's broken the machine!
IKhan - 7 hours ago
Everybody is complaining about the release date.... Just be thankful that Jeremy, James and Richard are still doing these despite them getting older.
Joel Wallis Adventures Unknown
Cannot wait!
Louis Scott
Louis Scott - 8 hours ago
Need more then the one episode to get me through another lockdown
acoulter420 - 8 hours ago
Thank god their back!!! I love this show
Behrad Moazami
Behrad Moazami - 8 hours ago
1.2 k absolute idiots
lctrentham - 8 hours ago
kro ny
kro ny - 8 hours ago
Muhammad Zahid
Muhammad Zahid - 8 hours ago
i m waiting for months now and finally :D
Jeff Foster
Jeff Foster - 8 hours ago
coming 2039
busybee - 8 hours ago
"im burning my balls!!"
Hammond and heat are not good bed fellows
A Ray
A Ray - 9 hours ago
This is definitely not going to end with terrible disappointment..😉
Mozart Benedict
Mozart Benedict - 9 hours ago
Long time Waiting! 😋
Евгений Кемский
John Weag
John Weag - 9 hours ago
Ate you serious? Just when I cancelled my prime subscription because I gave up hope.
Dragonfire486 - 9 hours ago
Roberto Jericó
Roberto Jericó - 10 hours ago
Nate 5
Nate 5 - 10 hours ago
Rico C
Rico C - 10 hours ago
they stopped being funny after they left TG
Wayne Stevenson
Wayne Stevenson - 10 hours ago
I hope these guys never ever retire
Hey Kay
Hey Kay - 10 hours ago
How many times have i watched this trailer now? It looks great.
LICX70 - 10 hours ago
The boys are back waaaaaaay
Metroidvania - 10 hours ago
kinda makes sense that they got rid of the tent and track. It was fun, but the real meat of the show is this.
life sucks
life sucks - 10 hours ago
not gonna lie i needed this in 2020
Fabien Troni
Fabien Troni - 10 hours ago
Thank You !!!
Stich991 - 10 hours ago
0:55 Is this a Kingdom Hearts 2 reference?
T.Jentzsch - 10 hours ago
2020 literally just got saved! Cutting it close Amazon. ;)
Al Hak
Al Hak - 11 hours ago
The three old blokes is back boys!
Oliwier Przepióra
Oliwier Przepióra - 11 hours ago
Strange to see Jeremy being quiet. Hammond seems like first character now...
MichaelJonas - 11 hours ago
Dan L
Dan L - 11 hours ago
Read the " with some stupid stunts" wrong for a second there
Muhammad Rizvi
Muhammad Rizvi - 11 hours ago
Finally the awaited show
maurice papeika
maurice papeika - 11 hours ago
i am so ready
Darn It !!!
Darn It !!! - 11 hours ago
0:06 3 Completely different cars
simmons865 - 12 hours ago
A series of "specials" is exactly the format we needed. Now for one where they travel long distances in antiques, return of the 1920s anyone?
Patrick Le Rigolleur
Patrick Le Rigolleur - 12 hours ago
Not all the views are from Madagascar.
The expensive road and the graveyard are on Reunion Island :-)
Andre Lema
Andre Lema - 12 hours ago
Коли?Коли прем'єра?
Mark Cole
Mark Cole - 12 hours ago
About time,and no boats,woop woop 🚖
Liam S
Liam S - 12 hours ago
I miss seeing the Dacia Sandero...
Mattias Schönning
Mattias Schönning - 12 hours ago
He who waits for something good, Always has to wait too long.
Barry - 12 hours ago
So like.....episode 2 only...about a year after episode 1?
fw3nyc - 12 hours ago
I was gonna say finally but im gonna say ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!
Илья Хохлов
Илья Хохлов - 12 hours ago
1,2 hundreds of new Top Gear fans disliked///
We Are MK
We Are MK - 12 hours ago
WTH is this. Grand Tour the movie? You can tell the Americans have got their hands on something when it's cheesy as hell
Z - 12 hours ago
Now i have a reason to subscribe again.
Roken - 12 hours ago
omfg finally!
pymaunier - 13 hours ago
Hum it says Madagascar but the road over tha sea at the beginning and the cemetery scene at 00:20 is in Reunion Island
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These 1206 dislikes are all from the BBC ***
Raphael Aaron
Raphael Aaron - 13 hours ago
never ever cancel this show
BIshal Shakya
BIshal Shakya - 13 hours ago
That Bentley though sick as hell
piczasso - 13 hours ago
I'm so mad at you guyz... everytime I want to kill myself you come up with new episode and I have to live this shitty life... Oh and by the way - I would outdrink You Jeremy!!!
Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira - 13 hours ago
Até que enfim!!!
Dom GTSK - 13 hours ago
Have they binned off the boat series?
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