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Alyssa Rollins
Alyssa Rollins - Hour ago
Is it just me or is Jeddah too reliant on ameerah like if ameerah went to like chipotle or something Jeddah would prolly get out I don’t think that’s fair when ameerah is already out of the challenge
Darina Karaivanova
Darina Karaivanova - 8 hours ago
Paul is gay
GalaxyLyrics - 8 hours ago
To make easy noodles to be ready for the challenge just buy already made noodles and microwave it that way your already ready for the challenge
Shya Moeke
Shya Moeke - 9 hours ago
Yes girl #gluuten free squad.can i please have a shoutout.
Denisse Perez
Denisse Perez - 16 hours ago
Paul get chips
Fatema Cherkaoui
Fatema Cherkaoui - 18 hours ago
he said lay down instead of stand up
doglover123 love
doglover123 love - 20 hours ago
you can call to somewhere like mc donalds or something
Kassandra Hernandez
Kassandra Hernandez - 21 hour ago
Paul:Oh shi- no
Me: I’m in shock ... one minute later meh I don’t care
Just Uni
Just Uni - Day ago
idk but i heard that paul said oh shit at 22.38 22.39
Just Uni
Just Uni - Day ago
22:38 22:39
Kelsie Balkaran
Kelsie Balkaran - Day ago
Paul just get normal snacks
Just Shane
Just Shane - Day ago
22:39 it sounds like paul said oh shit 🤨
Meredith fails
Meredith fails - Day ago
Paul:my noodles are finally gonna work..IM GONNA WIN..
*they don’t work at all*
Meredith fails
Meredith fails - Day ago
This is how much challenges they have done

# Gamer girl
# Gamer girl - Day ago
I mean I have 65 phones now soon I will buy one more phone so it will be 66
# Gamer girl
# Gamer girl - Day ago
Ha ha only 3 phones off have 65 loser
*Gxcha Potatoes*
*Gxcha Potatoes* - Day ago
Did anyone hear Paul say “oh sh*t” at 22:35-22:40?
The Devil
The Devil - 2 days ago
jeddah get air pods
Stephanie Surha
Stephanie Surha - 2 days ago
Paul why don't you get chips insded of pasta
Xx Samantha gacha xX
Xx Samantha gacha xX - 2 days ago
0:54 Jay got up
Josalin Avila Antunez
Josalin Avila Antunez - 2 days ago
Alright voy a fiar Cheno Siri
Matthew Sookoo
Matthew Sookoo - 2 days ago
not so challenging
Mindy Brandenburg
Mindy Brandenburg - 2 days ago
Why always get noodles bc he always fails and everytime i watch he is trying to steal someone ealses food and he never gets anything else exept noddles if you ask me it is stupid i want to see a vidio that people get there own stuff and not noodles all the time i hate peoe that talk about noddles i have watched alot of your vidios and all he gets is noodles he is dumb
dhara patel
dhara patel - 2 days ago
Amara is the best than Janna and Paul Paul always file with pasta
Sienna Jayde.C
Sienna Jayde.C - 2 days ago
Paul:Says something really loud!
*Nobody has a clue he said anything*
Also: Jeddah needs to take some Chill Pills! She is so obnoxious and diva-ish. ✋🏻👩🏼‍🦱🤚🏻hahaha
Livable Light
Livable Light - 2 days ago
1 like=Noodles for Paul.
lena hansley
lena hansley - 2 days ago
🙍this is paul hes mad because he spillted his noodle sauce everywhere 1 like=1 prayer for paul
GGIRL Yeet GJ - 3 days ago
I like the challanges but I don’t like the stealing part
GGIRL Yeet GJ - 3 days ago
Paul please done attempt to make noodles again XD
Jenny Carriedo
Jenny Carriedo - 3 days ago
Paul STOP buying noodles plsssssssssssss I'm begging u🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 3 days ago
He said last to lay down
Barbara Borok
Barbara Borok - 3 days ago
Wow amera is sooo rude and her mom 😡😡😑😑
Avery Schaffer
Avery Schaffer - 3 days ago
The cat was eating ameerahs cheese dip while she was watching tv🤣🤣🤣🤣
Henrik Rosdahl
Henrik Rosdahl - 3 days ago
Did you see that the cat lick in Ameerah’s dip😂if ya did klick right here
Mike Turn
Mike Turn - 3 days ago
How does the glueten free brownies tast like
Alexis Rihhana
Alexis Rihhana - 3 days ago
#taco bell 😂 Paul fails at making noodles AGAIN
Alexis Rihhana
Alexis Rihhana - 3 days ago
How many of you bought the merchandise?
Darlene Padilla
Darlene Padilla - 3 days ago
You shud tri maceng 1000 slims 4 24 awrs
Darlene Padilla
Darlene Padilla - 3 days ago
My sistr woshes you evre day and she sed she wonts mrsh
Darlene Padilla
Darlene Padilla - 3 days ago
Adriana Maldonado
Adriana Maldonado - 3 days ago
Paul just need to get chips insted
Lbh 41
Lbh 41 - 3 days ago
Jay: I was in the bathroom forever
Me: TMI jay
Chad C. Franklin
Chad C. Franklin - 3 days ago
He said last to lay down but he ment to say last to stand up
John Ya so fast lol
John Ya so fast lol - 3 days ago
This is how many times Jeddah tries to play her exercise music btw what’s the name of that song?
ʝєnʝєn_Jen вlσв
ʝєnʝєn_Jen вlσв - 3 days ago
Paul why do you steal Ameerah’s chips and buy some for yourself
Not hating I’m just giving advice! Love your videos!
Nasha Singaloa
Nasha Singaloa - 3 days ago
Paul stop making pasta in challenge ok do it for your fan
Cloudy Gaming
Cloudy Gaming - 3 days ago
Paul always failed making noodles WHY PAUL ONLY GET A TOY AND NOODLE ONLY FOR SUPPLIES
Vanessa Turrubiates
Vanessa Turrubiates - 4 days ago
Ameerah just got up for chips omg lol I’ll do same but now for 10,000
Nur Aliya
Nur Aliya - 4 days ago
I don' like paul because he stole ameerah chips ☹️
Caslyn Precise
Caslyn Precise - 4 days ago
Why is jade act like she is 17 teen
And she is like 40. WTF
Nina Lopez
Nina Lopez - 4 days ago
paul sucks at making noodles just make noodles before the challenge paul if u agree give a like
Tom Daveta
Tom Daveta - 4 days ago
Did anyone else see boi eat ameeras chese
Sunflower gacha :3
Sunflower gacha :3 - 4 days ago
Tip: get super hot water then add the pasta
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