Hands On Mistake - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

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10GaugeManiac - Day ago
If it happens again, you can shift midway from a handshake to a fist-bump and it will still be polite, but there will be less surface area for the germs to spread. Then again if you want to feel worse, he might have used his phone after his interaction with you. Phones are filthier than toilets.
Arbitrary Ideas
Arbitrary Ideas - Day ago
I didn't know David worked for AT&T
Jesus Olivares
Jesus Olivares - 2 days ago
Patient Zero identified
Prof West
Prof West - 3 days ago
Hands on mistake: A Memoir by Michael Quinn
virginiasmiles☺ - 3 days ago
Wait wait wait wait did he reference Macbeth
Theherooftime61702 - 3 days ago
Out damned spot!
Danny Caracciolo
Danny Caracciolo - 3 days ago
Miles caused the Green Flu, I'm calling it
FROWNY45 - 4 days ago
Omg. Imagine jaune dealing with that😂😂
Jaylon Jackson
Jaylon Jackson - 4 days ago
How old is baby Yoda
Jayden Burgos
Jayden Burgos - 14 hours ago
50 I think
Michael Van Camp
Michael Van Camp - 4 days ago
Miles tells the best stories 😂😂
Jared Smith
Jared Smith - 4 days ago
JackalXD - 4 days ago
so when the new season of gen lock coming out?
Seanical - 4 days ago
What I got out of this is Miles puts his toilet paper on the roll backwards.
clouddragon1932 - 5 days ago
Ok but like couldn’t you also just interpret this as this guy being too mentally weak to break the status quo of “shaking someone’s hand when offered”. We all might do it, and it’s funny that we’re all so weak, but like still, it would’ve been better if he’d have just said “nah I haven’t washed my hands”?
Marine's Myth
Marine's Myth - 5 days ago
That wasn't the only person that was getting "hands on" at someone Rooster Teeth Related during November 👦👊👧
Chris - 5 days ago
Is miles the voice of the duracell battery bunny
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 5 days ago
Hello, Humans.
"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."
-Niccolo Machiavelli
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore - 5 days ago
Good morning, Vat-Tech calling!
Ad Revenue
Ad Revenue - 5 days ago
at&t guy is an enemy stand
Max Padilla
Max Padilla - 5 days ago
Why is the toilet paper the wrong way
Mikayla Black
Mikayla Black - 5 days ago
I think I've seen this animated before? I'm not sure how or where, but I've definitely seen it. How was it only posted yesterday?
Mr. Seemingly Expected
Mr. Seemingly Expected - 5 days ago
Does Miles sound like Adam Conover to anyone else?
Davy Hurst
Davy Hurst - 5 days ago
Props to the animators on this one
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb - 5 days ago
I mean, when does opening the door to strangers have a good outcome?
Daisy Tapia
Daisy Tapia - 5 days ago
You have no idea how *LONG* I have been waiting for this part of the Always Open podcast to get animated! I am so happy right now!!
Raios Ephi
Raios Ephi - 5 days ago
Mass jaundice happen that day
Aella Lee
Aella Lee - 5 days ago
How did you leave the bathroom without washing?
Nobody432 - 5 days ago
0:22 I N V E R T E D Toilet Paper
dyeanotherday - 5 days ago
Kudos to Miles for the Lady Macbeth reference.
stillatin - 5 days ago
That chump logo is pretty cool
vanesaloves asia
vanesaloves asia - 5 days ago
This video made my day 😂💙
Seth White
Seth White - 5 days ago
I was doing a poo while I watched this. Small world.
Winter Renala
Winter Renala - 2 days ago
Same lol
blossom Stelmasczuk
blossom Stelmasczuk - 5 days ago
You could have said you are a germaphobe
DJ_229 - 5 days ago
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName - 5 days ago
F to that guy
theholycinnamonroll :3
theholycinnamonroll :3 - 5 days ago
This but with David and Jaune-
ShadowKnight Soul
ShadowKnight Soul - 5 days ago
I need to remember not to watch these when im eating
Reji Lashinsky
Reji Lashinsky - 5 days ago
I have a similar story except my hands were previously covered in dog blood (for hematology reasons not psycho reasons) the blood flaked off and I forgot to wash my hands afterwords. Vet techs should always wash their hands.
RoadToFame L
RoadToFame L - 5 days ago
If you see this comment please sub to my channel thxx! Have a good day
Mark - 5 days ago
Oh terrible habit
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