Hellboy - Movie Review

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Judas Fox
Judas Fox - 4 hours ago
Ok so, I didn't see this movie in theaters because of this review since I respect Jeremy's opinion frfr but I regret it. Watched it today and if your watching this review give it a chance honestly. Especially if your a hellboy fan it was truly fantastic.
Stefan Langenhoven
Stefan Langenhoven - Day ago
this movie was cringe with a sprinkle of fan service
Zack Musick
Zack Musick - 2 days ago
Hell boy 2 was good just in a damn if you do damn if you don't. They shouldn't have released that movie around the same time the Dark Knight came out.
Underground Chamber Muzik
i enjoyed the movie dont know why its got so much hate i thought it was pretty dope
Nayr - 3 days ago
Not a great/good movie but easily still way better than the fantastic 4 reboot.
Ajpod 7
Ajpod 7 - 5 hours ago
Nayr - Yeah, that one sucked ass.
leighton - 3 days ago
was I the only one who felt like hellboy didn't really do alot of badass stuff in this movie
Jon Lastimosa
Jon Lastimosa - 4 days ago
i love the gore..hahaha
Marcxman1991 - 4 days ago
Movie really wasnt that bad.
Actually had a blast watching it!
Jan Diether Valero
Jan Diether Valero - 4 days ago
I just watched it and for me, it felt rushed
LAMLM24/7/365 - 4 days ago
Hellboy, David Harbour did a good Quintin Tarantino shouldve wrote the script and directed rhe film..
Gavaskar B.
Gavaskar B. - 4 days ago
Rating R was "abused".. to much gore and blood.. to much f-bombs and bad language.. but it didnt enhance the movie at all..
You either are Martin Scorcese and you know how to have a proper Rated R movie 😊
R.V.T. DOUBLE O.G. - 5 days ago
This movie was just as good as the other 2 movies
louis - 5 days ago
Didn’t really like the new hellboy actor. It felt too forced
Spotlight A
Spotlight A - 5 days ago
I actually liked the movie
Caleb Hanson
Caleb Hanson - 2 days ago
Bruh moment
Kat O
Kat O - 6 days ago
I wanted to walk out of the theater because it was so bad. I didn't because I was with my husband 😂
Alex Yevian
Alex Yevian - 6 days ago
It's dogshit! X infinity!
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei - 7 days ago
It's pretty good. I liked it.
Matthew Heredia
Matthew Heredia - 9 days ago
Making a movie take vision and imagination people say it's bad but let's see if you can direct a movie and it probably look like a shity YouTube premium video
Mister M
Mister M - 9 days ago
i thought its ok. but there is one scene when he is fighting the giants. for a few seconds, his left hand is big...instead of the right one
Goose B
Goose B - 9 days ago
I thought this one was really good🤘
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 9 days ago
I just finish watching hellboy 2019, I felt the pace of the movie was moving fast. I 100% agree about your review based on the killing, the pig, locations, its ashamed cause i do like the tales of hellboy its just this movie rush telling its story. Idk, if its a sequel? If so wheres Abraham?
Jake Graham
Jake Graham - 10 days ago
I like the old hellboy as some mindless violent and dumb entertainment pom 2004 I like the new help with two but as character-driven as in he actually seems like a character the first one he seemed more like from 2004 this is cool guy you know like Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone or that girl from kill Bill volume one and two
cruddddddddddddddd - 10 days ago
I liked this one more than Hellboy 2. I thought Harbour was a great Hellboy. Not as bad as clickbait vids are making it out to be.
What gets me is, Del Toro is more of a concept director anyway. Pacific Rim was a great concept, but not a very good film, imo. The Hellboy remake even reminded me of HB2 in that there were some great concepts, but the story was kind of a let down.
KING MUDA - 10 days ago
My favorite movie reviewer 💪🏾💪🏾
Nutty Mofo
Nutty Mofo - 10 days ago
This movie got way too much negative feedback imo. The practical effects are awesome and something not done near enough these days. David harbor is a brilliant fit for hellboy. Milla jovovich is a terrible actress as always but, as always, its mildly entertaining to watch her. The soundtrack was solid. Idk man ..the good outweighs the bad here.
Shay Vidas
Shay Vidas - 10 days ago
I liked baba yaga... and the art concept...
And most of all hellboys father actor is amazing.
Hated the directing and the cg
The end
Battle Born
Battle Born - 11 days ago
The most interesting part of this movie was the nazi killing vigilante
i cant splel
i cant splel - 11 days ago
just saw it. meh it was alright but the original one is way better
Devon Nolan
Devon Nolan - 13 days ago
Just wacthed the new hellboy it sucked storyline was sloppy and all over the place and why would they make Hellboy descent from King Arthur cliche and when he uses Excalibur he brings the end of the world who thought that bullshit
EvulMe - 13 days ago
The movie was awesome. Fuck u..
MUI Goku
MUI Goku - 17 days ago
I know why that reboot failed.

That jovobitch ruins every movie she appears. Just like Daisy and Brie Larson.
Gus Sheppard
Gus Sheppard - 29 days ago
It wasnt that bad. It was entertaining asf man ✌
andre chavez
andre chavez - Month ago
I watched this movie first and it was terrible, then I watched the Guillermo del Toro movies ( my favorite of them is the golden army) and it was even worst.
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn - Month ago
It's filthy shite.
Black Rose
Black Rose - Month ago
Been binge watching your videos and decided to subscribe
Squeakypits - Month ago
“Give me the pig!” Jeremy jahns 2019
ShayneMeiro - Month ago
Okay, y'know what? Considering it *isn't* in the same universe as the original Hellboys, it's good! Okay? I will say it. I liked it. Little too much... Fluids for my taste (saliva, blood, various gore) but I still like it! There!
BaphometsHorn - Month ago
I felt like the Eldrazi creatures from hell were more interesting and better looking than Milla's character, those should've been her minions and the second to last/last fight. Would've looked a hell of a lot cooler and prolly could've made them seem more menacing than just choppin' normies apart. They were the best part of the trailer and a total bust in the movie, they're not anywhere near Hellboy.
batman 252387
batman 252387 - Month ago
Why did they argue about a fucking tree design
Mr. Mysterio
Mr. Mysterio - Month ago
Collin Gray
Collin Gray - Month ago
This review is the reason I started Castlevania, I love the show now
Flesh Mask
Flesh Mask - Month ago
Unpopular opinion : I like the new hellboy, I'll admit it's not high art, but I don't think it's terrible either.
Volgax364 - Month ago
I think this was fantastic.
MIRR0R0RRIM - Month ago
Watching the neck of your jacket opening and closing over and over is so very distracting to me.
Kyle Burroughs
Kyle Burroughs - Month ago
This vid has 666 thousand views, coincidence, i think NOT
Jacoby Dalvine
Jacoby Dalvine - Month ago
It's a piece of shit
Christophe Verger
Christophe Verger - 2 months ago
Just watched it... and that was horrible , the joke were super corny, the cgi was horrible.. I hate that movie, felt like it was a four hours long movie
Chia Xiong
Chia Xiong - 2 months ago
The ending was stupid af the blood witch just stood there and got her head chopped off my Hellboy LMAO
S M - 2 months ago
I thought it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be, some of the comedy scenes are shit and if they changed director I’d be all for a second one but: 1. Why is professor broom like 60 shouldn’t he be way older if he found hellboy in his 30s in ww2 2. Shouldn’t his dad be like more loving in a way (I think john hunt was far far better)
rocknrollkid90 - 2 months ago
The reboot is 👏!
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