Giving Myself A Lash Perm

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L - Day ago
he had a gentle heart. 😌
L - Day ago
right eye: i just came here for a good time but honestly i’m feeling a little attacked right now
Zayda Holmes
Zayda Holmes - 2 days ago
1:59 that noise is me with period cramps
K Shoyou
K Shoyou - 2 days ago
I'm glad I finally found a YouTuber with a moral compass
emily drenning
emily drenning - 2 days ago
biiittccchhh that slippery rock shirt!
Christa Lyon
Christa Lyon - 3 days ago
Amelie Macleod
Amelie Macleod - 3 days ago
Idk why but 1:03 is actually me in life right now 😂😂
Cait B
Cait B - 5 days ago
How To Blind Yourself: A Jenna Marbles Tutorial
A Random
A Random - 5 days ago
So it’s currently 2 am
I am not gonna stop
d alb
d alb - 6 days ago
Me: waiting for bird box jokes by Jenna
Also me: realises bird box was released after this vid smh
Space Kidd :o
Space Kidd :o - 6 days ago
With the eyelashes on her she looks like Jake gillenhall
a kid in love
a kid in love - 6 days ago
julien whipping in the background while jenna yells “ JULIENNNNN “ is my aesthetic .
Laurent Dugas
Laurent Dugas - 7 days ago
This gave me a good laugh😂 thank you jenna
Adhesive Medical Strips
damn, im hella jealous.
Jess Express
Jess Express - 9 days ago
1:34 for me that kid was a girl named Kaitlyn who did it on purpose because she knew it freaked me out lol. TBH she was kind of a brat. Her mom was on the PTA and she got away with everything. This was in 1st grade, mind you.
Keelin Wallace
Keelin Wallace - 11 days ago
__sarah._.h__ - 12 days ago
6:50 bird box????
Carlee Elwood
Carlee Elwood - 12 days ago
Everything is glue
Unispiral - 13 days ago
it's so cute how Jenna make Julien complement her and she says "thank youuu"
Veronica Love
Veronica Love - 13 days ago
My mom just called this the makeup version of Duck Dynasty and I can't unhear it.
bankrupt bitch
bankrupt bitch - 14 days ago
ive seen all of her videos, but im rewatching all of them b/c she’s the only 32 year old lady that can bring me out of depression.
_hobbyhorse xx
_hobbyhorse xx - 14 days ago
Whatching this whilst writing thank you letters to my friends, best mates, cus I'm leaving school, 11/10 cheered me up
HG - 16 days ago
cool shirt bro
Yeety Boy swagg
Yeety Boy swagg - 16 days ago
Spoon the
Spoon the - 17 days ago
Alright why does Jenna not have a series called *me time*
mlaff28 - 17 days ago
Ewww wtf!!! How can you stand that shit on your eyes¿!¿
Gloria Guzman
Gloria Guzman - 17 days ago
I can't stop laughing!
DAVAD M DAVAD - 19 days ago
Dont overthink it.
DAVAD M DAVAD - 19 days ago
Paramedic: "Okay, okay, JENNA? JENNA. PLEASE STOP SCREAMING. Okay? We're going to wash your face with some clean saline solution. Let's get you over to the stretcher."
*gets hit by flailing Jenna arms*
"Sir, can you help us with her please?"
Julien: "Oh, god...her eyes are literally bleeding. Gross. I'm out."
hannah keller
hannah keller - 19 days ago
You should get the Bic new tattoo markers and do tattoos on yourself.
DocMc Stuffins
DocMc Stuffins - 20 days ago
She's so wrinkly
Sophia Adams
Sophia Adams - 21 day ago
I have the kit and my lashes look great. You gotta glue the pads to ur eyes and just put the plastic wrap over ur eye, not press it super hard😂 and put more glue on ur lashes so they don’t come off.
Evangeline Kampman
Evangeline Kampman - 21 day ago
Jenna= I can feel my eyelashes on my eyelids me=I have a double lash line so I don't have to wear falsies
Angelina Rose
Angelina Rose - 23 days ago
Did Jenna predict bird box?
Isabelle Haddon
Isabelle Haddon - 23 days ago
I just watched a professional do this and then I re watched Jenna’s literally dying 😂 OMG I love this xox
Nathaniel Rodriguez
Nathaniel Rodriguez - 24 days ago
I was the 5,222,222 view 😂 COOL
Alli Swatsenbarg
Alli Swatsenbarg - 24 days ago
I am the kid that flips up my eyelids
Nicole Lopez
Nicole Lopez - 25 days ago
Ive never laughed this hard in my life!! hahabbabahabababbaahahaha
The Therran Native
The Therran Native - 25 days ago
Jenna screaming "JULIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN" while Julien whips in the background is exactly the way I want my life to feel all the time.
Couch_ potato
Couch_ potato - 25 days ago
My brother was that kid who could flip his eyelids inside out

P.s. he still scares my entire family and friends.
Lizzies.Crazy. Vlogs
Lizzies.Crazy. Vlogs - 26 days ago
Jenna: “I’ve watched enough youtube videos to know how this works”
5 mins later
“wHy wOnT tHe LaSh pAd sTiCk”
*sticks plastic wrap all over face”
“iDk wHaT i’Ve dOnE wRoNg”
“iT’s nOt wOrKiNg”
JustSome NiceVideos
JustSome NiceVideos - 26 days ago
Omg I literally just had a miniature heart attack because I was watching this then all of a sudden I see something black out of the corner of my eye so I look down at my leg and there is a freaking 5 inch long bug on my leg so I freak out and smack it and my vision is terrible and I couldn't find my glasses so I don't know where it is... help meeeeee
Tarra Laing
Tarra Laing - 26 days ago
Jessica Steward
Jessica Steward - 29 days ago
why did i just notice now that she doesn’t put the intro and the duck sound in at the beginning anymore and why do i feel like we need a funeral so i can properly mourn it
Cora Dotson
Cora Dotson - 29 days ago
Bing Bang
Bing Bang - Month ago
Every Jenna Marbles video ever: “It says I have to use _____, but I don’t have that, so I’m going to use ______ instead.”
Dead Account
Dead Account - Month ago
The eyelid kid at my school also ate styrofoam so we all avoided him
Bryknee - Month ago
10:28 that was the most adorable thing id want marble to comfort me if i was blind
Kei Limepie
Kei Limepie - Month ago
"Me time is stressful today"....same Jenna, same lol
the midimalist
the midimalist - Month ago
RIP eye membranes
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