PZ9 TAKES SAFE to DEFEAT PROJECT ZORGO & Uses DIY Hacks to Overcome Fails to Open Mystery Box

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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay - Month ago
Hi SPY NINJAS! Are you excited to see what is in REGINA's Secret Room tomorrow? What do you think is inside?
Amanda Atencio
Amanda Atencio - 12 hours ago
I like your videos (from my son)
Brian Landers
Brian Landers - Month ago
Hi chad
matthew Papequas Blanco
Hi chad
kenny family
kenny family - Month ago
Hi I think it's a hacking things
2TAKE - Month ago
Chad Wild Clay circle is a Luger even be sitting on it starts a fire but I know
Christopher w
Christopher w - 14 hours ago
I have a code for that safe it is 1234
Sis_Bro _world
Sis_Bro _world - 14 hours ago
If you a spy ninjas.Like Like.
Sis_Bro _world
Sis_Bro _world - 14 hours ago
The code is 1820
Sis_Bro _world
Sis_Bro _world - 14 hours ago
The code 1820
Francisco Rebollero-Garcia
Nomol its look.
Francisco Rebollero-Garcia
I know its 2019
Francisco Rebollero-Garcia
Kaylynn Nguyen
Kaylynn Nguyen - 15 hours ago
Are you OK Chad
yessica castillo
yessica castillo - 16 hours ago
You guys are stuoppid
Rana Al-sisy
Rana Al-sisy - 16 hours ago
The pascode is 0Z199
Angelyan Franco
Angelyan Franco - 17 hours ago
I think the code is 1495 because when you guys were on a mission to a
Stop project zorgo from hacking vidcon. That was the code
why meh why
why meh why - 17 hours ago
It feels like I'm the safe and pz9 is kiking me on the leg because my feet hurts I hope it gets better tomorrow and if your watching this in 2019 leave a like on this comment
Kain Seagust
Kain Seagust - 17 hours ago
Hi I’m going back
Abdulah  Alim
Abdulah Alim - 22 hours ago
Cad wayild clay. Maybe the cod is 10970
Christian Allwright
Christian Allwright - 22 hours ago
The code is 7591
Ahlongpapa Ahlong
Ahlongpapa Ahlong - 23 hours ago
Why did PZ9 said idiot?
Amir Amiri
Amir Amiri - Day ago
That person is Dax at the start
Kathy West
Kathy West - Day ago
Natali 123
Natali 123 - Day ago
What is the code maybe somebody's get free
raderius Harrison kavon DJ
Raderius ttgdgf hff d he d
raderius Harrison kavon DJ
Ihoop_ Leo
Ihoop_ Leo - Day ago
There What is a hacker behind the tree
Myles Donegan
Myles Donegan - Day ago
It’s Dax
Shane Playz
Shane Playz - Day ago
The safe haves writing on it
Shane Playz
Shane Playz - Day ago
The code is 1921
Brendon McCallister
But it’s for baby’s
Brendon McCallister
My brother is obsessed with your channel Please make more soon
Aaden Plum
Aaden Plum - Day ago
Daniel what the heck Daniel why were you in a dumpster
karissa libutti
karissa libutti - Day ago
Thecode is 1626 because it spells chad 🇱🇷🇰🇿🇱🇧🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩I love you spy ninjas 🏉🏉🏆 you are the best because you’re videos love you spy ninjas I do not like pz9
Jasmine Ngawaina Waititi
I think it's 2030
Cirilo Gallardo
Cirilo Gallardo - Day ago
I think
louise anderson
louise anderson - Day ago
louise anderson
louise anderson - Day ago
raptor jenson
raptor jenson - Day ago
I I just got your much Chad love the videos
Amber White
Amber White - Day ago
The code is 2019backwards
Eduard Ivanov
Eduard Ivanov - Day ago
It is her bedroom it is just a normal bedroom
Isobell Mitchell
Isobell Mitchell - Day ago
The past code for the safe is 1920
JulianKian FORTNITE - 2 days ago
basma zakout
basma zakout - 2 days ago
The code is 4565
Sloth Play
Sloth Play - 2 days ago
It actually is not a league. To be in a. Box
Ziad Hammami
Ziad Hammami - 2 days ago
How about remove his maskpz9 The new video
Amariya Gonzalez
Amariya Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Qais Alazawy
Qais Alazawy - 2 days ago
I think the password for the safe is 6126.
Trudy Ann Moniz
Trudy Ann Moniz - 2 days ago
Evie Masland
Evie Masland - 2 days ago
Chad can I get a shout out because I have subscribed liked turned on the bell and gotten merch
Evie Masland
Evie Masland - 2 days ago
I think the code is 8102 because that's when PZ started backwards
T S - 2 days ago
I saw pz9 hide on a tree your going the desert
alisiddiqui1001 - 2 days ago
Call me
Susan Fulton
Susan Fulton - 2 days ago
Susan Fulton
Susan Fulton - 2 days ago
Janiyah Shered
Janiyah Shered - 2 days ago
I think the past code is 67813
Dao Hoang
Dao Hoang - 2 days ago
I’m going to be home at about five minutes away
YT SNIPZZ - 2 days ago
Chad you are so lucky
Tilly Aziaka
Tilly Aziaka - 2 days ago
YouTube Cantu
YouTube Cantu - 2 days ago
Daniel don’t hit Dax
Jade Domm
Jade Domm - 2 days ago
The code is 7350
spiderman homecoming
spiderman homecoming - 2 days ago
Rr I am not
Thuy Pham
Thuy Pham - 2 days ago
I know it's a room!
Thuy Pham
Thuy Pham - 2 days ago
pz9 is ok?
ZUZANNA PITAK - 2 days ago
Today is my Bday
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