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Stephanie Kneringer
Stephanie Kneringer - Hour ago
poor kids...Oh no....
Rikki - Hour ago
Sam Dietz
Sam Dietz - Hour ago
You can tell Mark is actually a very sensitive guy amongst all the laughing and screaming.
By the way he should narrate a audiobook because that voice is like Morgan Freeman
Latasha Hall
Latasha Hall - 3 hours ago
do another one
Latasha Hall
Latasha Hall - 3 hours ago
Bluepaw WARRIORS - 3 hours ago
Space is Cool!!
Bluepaw WARRIORS - 3 hours ago
its sha boi austan
its sha boi austan - 4 hours ago
He sounds so depressed
Kyler And Mad Fan_1
Kyler And Mad Fan_1 - 4 hours ago
phonehitter - 4 hours ago
Mark is a cancer btw
superskylar 99810
superskylar 99810 - 5 hours ago
Mark is so sweet
Blaize Godden
Blaize Godden - 5 hours ago
I’ll never forget Subnautica
That game is just amazing
And I can’t wait for below zero
Gacha Layla3481
Gacha Layla3481 - 7 hours ago
What is markipliers favourite game?
Markiplier: I play board games now

Me: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*
Jun Su Kim
Jun Su Kim - 7 hours ago
hey he said he is half korean i am korean
Det er Magnus
Det er Magnus - 9 hours ago
Alberta Ruiz
Alberta Ruiz - 11 hours ago
the question what is Mark afraid of it was expecting demonitizasion
Alberta Ruiz
Alberta Ruiz - 11 hours ago
Idk how to spell it
IntenseStarGalaxy ISG
IntenseStarGalaxy ISG - 12 hours ago
Can anybody tell what phobia I have
I fear squares (any size of Square)
I’m not joking I suffered it when I was 7
*until now*
Poison_AppleXx - 13 hours ago
This got really sad in the middle 😭 😭 😭
Parth Kapoor
Parth Kapoor - 13 hours ago
Anyone notice Markipliers deep voice
He should voice thanos
Destany Rowsey
Destany Rowsey - 14 hours ago
I love how the said why is markiplier the king of FNAF and markiplier just said yes because I said so.
Giuliano Stilli
Giuliano Stilli - 14 hours ago
I didnt know that markiplier was korean
L games
L games - 15 hours ago
Isabel Corona Garcia
Isabel Corona Garcia - 15 hours ago
So Mark has Triptophobia but his shirt is covered in little dots arranged in formation...kay :D
Son Goku
Son Goku - 15 hours ago
What is markipliers fave game

Comment Section: FNAF

Mark: Board Games
Geo Secondi
Geo Secondi - 18 hours ago
No one ever like my video
Symon Benedick Marioano
Symon Benedick Marioano - 20 hours ago
Can you do a Jacksepticeye video?
Mulan Sari
Mulan Sari - 21 hour ago
markiplier is handsome af
Amber Bradley
Amber Bradley - 23 hours ago
Awh when he got emotional I wanted to give him a hug 🤗
John Mystery
John Mystery - Day ago
Kinda surprised there was nothing on Dark
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman - Day ago
6:14 Aftermath of the last Drunk Minecraft episode
werevin06 - Day ago
so mark is agnostic like me huh?
Zimsearch Mister
Zimsearch Mister - Day ago
I also have tryptophobia 😂
setress Montano
setress Montano - Day ago
can i have one taste
Azzytothenahnah nahnah
Hannah Authement
Hannah Authement - Day ago
His catchphrase is HABUSKI i cant spell it
Mighty Flash Gaming ツ
King q
King qu
King queen
You got trolled
You can go away now
Btw This youtuber is awesome
I am $ubbing to €veryone that $ubbs to meツ
pla pu
pla pu - Day ago
the jacket :333
Memes for Kids
Memes for Kids - Day ago
He doesn’t wanna expose that his favorite game to play is I am bread
Poke Sky
Poke Sky - Day ago
*Are we going to ignore that he wears a Saitama sweater?*
Snowy 15
Snowy 15 - Day ago
he has the best hoodie in the world
Waseem Birader
Waseem Birader - Day ago
Is markiplier the next bat man cuz of his voice?😅
Elijamin Wlc
Elijamin Wlc - Day ago
He looks like korean chris pratt
BlueBoboDoo100 - Day ago
Major props to whoever edited out the countless hours of rambling that undoubtedly took place after each question.
MovieBuff - Day ago
real good guy....i wish i could meet him in person and befriend him
Harumi Chan
Harumi Chan - Day ago
Google - is markiplier done with youtube
Markiplier - No... No! No! No! a little bit. No! not at all!
Harumi Chan
Harumi Chan - Day ago
Google - is markiplier john wick
Markiplier - No...? I don't know whatever you want it's your fantasy
im dying 😹
seanthelol 360
seanthelol 360 - Day ago
i googled wat is pewdiepie and THE FIRST THING THAT POP UP pewdiepie vs tseries
faucetTime - 2 days ago
princi boy
princi boy - 2 days ago
Thank you for being there. You're kind of guy I got through most of my problems, and you helped me when my brother went to jail and it was hard, are really hard time, and I thank you very much, 😁😁😁
princi boy
princi boy - 2 days ago
thank you very much Markiplier
princi boy
princi boy - 2 days ago
you're the reason why I kind of draw a lot of things and you make me happy and I love all of you video's and you make me happy I love you all😀😀😀😀
Hannah Spanna
Hannah Spanna - 2 days ago
Mark be having a mental crisis in the middle of filming lmao we love you Mark
Xander Chin
Xander Chin - 2 days ago
When you know who made marks icon (mongrelmongie) because she made a webcomic based off of him, but he doesn't
Jade Lagniton
Jade Lagniton - 2 days ago
Sooo that means mark is on homeschool?!?!? In college?!
sprite cranberry
sprite cranberry - 2 days ago
Me: What a pleasant, funny video-
Mark: ..I found out two months later, she passed away.
Me: *_Haha, okay._* **cleans up tissues** *_I’ll go now._*
spazing gaming
spazing gaming - 2 days ago
LPs_ Tibble_Productions
Marks waring lip gloss!
Italian mafia
Italian mafia - 2 days ago
um ok.
Trinity Wilburn
Trinity Wilburn - 2 days ago
Your a deist like I am you don't have a real religion but you believe in something
Lanna Ragsdale
Lanna Ragsdale - 2 days ago
Do pewdiepie next !!!
Chocokupo 31
Chocokupo 31 - 2 days ago
all i wanted was to laugh with markiplier. But all i got was fell. Still love you, you're a wonderful being
•Gacha Ry•
•Gacha Ry• - 2 days ago
Mark: I mean I’m nice!..... *laughs*
Me: dying of laughter 😂💀
Satanic B0i 666
Satanic B0i 666 - 2 days ago
Destiny Kruger
Destiny Kruger - 2 days ago
Markiplier's zodiac sign is cancer.
kenzie - 2 days ago
I didn’t know that he had that problem with alcohol. 🤧
Gacha Gazer
Gacha Gazer - 2 days ago
no ones talking about how 9:15 made me actually cry
Scary_Little _Bean
Scary_Little _Bean - 2 days ago
Why is markiplier king of fnaf?
Markiplier:"uh becouze i said so''
XD haha lol
kuze kyun
kuze kyun - 2 days ago
Panda CORN
Panda CORN - 2 days ago
I'm kinda surprised a septiplier question didn't come up 0_0
W.T. Gray
W.T. Gray - 2 days ago
It’s encouraging to know people like this still exist.
Frances Baquiran
Frances Baquiran - 2 days ago
am i the only one who didnt know he was half korean??
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - 2 days ago
Lucy is about of a size of a polar bear. XD
Am Duck
Am Duck - 2 days ago
Cl4r1sc3 - 3 days ago
Where is the question about Maes Hughes? :'D

Ps. He is so kind :'3
Mark Spejczyz
Mark Spejczyz - 3 days ago
This just make me love you more!!!
Yasuhiro - 3 days ago
8:00 it really hurts when you know the answer and Markiplier doesn't.
ANSWER : She goes by "Mongie" and is the author of "Let's Play" a very popular WEBTOON comic about a game developer and a YouTube gamer that suspiciously ressembles Markiplier.
T_ gei
T_ gei - 3 days ago
Eve Peppers
Eve Peppers - 3 days ago
Senpai do not make me cry.
Kaleb99j - 3 days ago
"I love eating meat" -Markiplier
Sasu123456789x1 - 3 days ago
Markiplier 🖤🖤🖤
Antisocial Butterfly
Antisocial Butterfly - 3 days ago
me: 11:27
Mansi Mishra
Mansi Mishra - 3 days ago
Mark Edward Fishbark 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Elinor Perkins
Elinor Perkins - 3 days ago
I thinks marks a gemini June right?
Alexa K Prado
Alexa K Prado - 3 days ago
What the 0:28
Oh Tea
Oh Tea - 3 days ago
12:40 don't wanna know my fantasy
Dung Lê
Dung Lê - 3 days ago
John Wick, is that you ?
Nikole Den
Nikole Den - 3 days ago
The sound of his voice makes me keep watching.
Fangirl_ofmany - 3 days ago
Marks catchphrase is: **high pitched screaming**
Jessica Burns
Jessica Burns - 3 days ago
*"Why is Markiplier King of FNAF?"*
Mark: Because I said so
Angel the Assassin
Angel the Assassin - 3 days ago
I didnt know that Koreans got red in the face when they drink alcohol. Interesting because South Korea has more alcoholics than any country in the world
Tsubaki - 3 days ago
I vote for Felix, Jack, Mark & Ken for the next episode.
Black Eyed Incubus
Black Eyed Incubus - 3 days ago
Wow. That Make-A-Wish-Child-Part broke my heart. 💔😢
Black Eyed Incubus
Black Eyed Incubus - 3 days ago
I also have trypophobia. It's awful.
Legendary Noob
Legendary Noob - 3 days ago
Just A Cartoon Lover
Just A Cartoon Lover - 3 days ago
mark talking about the make a wish kids had me sobbing at 3 am ...
Hernando Vallejo
Hernando Vallejo - 3 days ago
I didn’t knew I needed this. But I do. Like!
Number1gAmERmErCeR Onconseleandpc
Mark looks like keanu reeves
RodGaming 123
RodGaming 123 - 4 days ago
His jacket is saitama
Alyssa16 - 4 days ago
I’m so down to watch mark play some board games.
MemeLord420 - 4 days ago
Why the thumbnail kinda look like Elon Musk
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