BLACKPINK(블랙핑크) - How You Like That @인기가요 inkigayo 20200628

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Michelle Nathaly Salazar Espinoza
Amooo salen mamacitas❤❤❤ las mejores
Aya Yousf
Aya Yousf - 10 hours ago
I proud of you Blackpink
V is Blink
V is Blink - 10 hours ago
Blinks please vote for blackpink on mubeat too, its for music core winner. The gap with number 1 is less than 50k vote, its end in 30 hours from now.. its easy to vote in that app. Please... while u vote u can play blackpink song on spotify too so we got the vote and streaming at the same time :)
South Point
South Point - 10 hours ago
Jennie's voice ♥♥♥!
Oh! Lizbeth
Oh! Lizbeth - 10 hours ago
fr, Lisa's bangs are more stable than my emotions and than my whole life lol
- - 10 hours ago
정말 신나요 멋진가수라고 생각해욤 정말 멋져요!!!!
مروى قليم مروى قليم
مروى قليم مروى قليم
بلاك بينك
Park Jun Guy
Park Jun Guy - 10 hours ago
Bentaarit rihab
Bentaarit rihab - 10 hours ago
AY Love you blackpink and Lisa and jennie and rose and جونكغوك❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ياسين الحجاوزي
Reza Apten
Reza Apten - 10 hours ago
check my account will not regret
Its all about spreading Laughter
Bukan Musisi3
Bukan Musisi3 - 10 hours ago
Jangan Lupa Juga Pantau Chanel Saya Tentang Cover Lagu, Tanks
Shadow XIII
Shadow XIII - 10 hours ago
sosyal eleştiri yorumcusu
Eeee bunların hepsi aynı kişiii
—— - 10 hours ago
Blackpink is the best girl group in the world 🥺♥️♥️💗💗💗💗💗
Vimala Darshani
Vimala Darshani - 10 hours ago
Lisa's born for this 🔥
Eman Afzal
Eman Afzal - 10 hours ago
NightGirl - 10 hours ago
They are amazing
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez - 11 hours ago
Alexis Chervony
Alexis Chervony - 11 hours ago
Why they give them these AOL chat room headsets from 1999 though? Give em better mics!
Jennie janeee
Jennie janeee - 11 hours ago
Blackpink how you like that Lyrics (pink.ver?
Halat Amin
Halat Amin - 11 hours ago
Omg Lisa 🔥
Dahi X
Dahi X - 11 hours ago
i cant my eyes on Jisoo
RodriVlogs - 11 hours ago
Damn, the camera close-ups is the only good thing coronavirus brought, but this performance is EVERYTHING, that intro, the clothes, the confidence and the vocals are ITTT... periodt.
dhadha me
dhadha me - 11 hours ago
Wish blackpink make just 1 song that only english. Just wanna jam😅😅
Ramkiuba Yims
Ramkiuba Yims - 11 hours ago
Anyone one like Rose n jisso part i love it n also lisa rap is snatching away everything,jenni voice fit r outfits,n expressions.... Love u blackpink
AS - 11 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks Jennie looks happier on this stage? She's said that performing pressures her, but here I can tell she's enjoying herself 💜
butterfly army
butterfly army - 11 hours ago
jennie looks happier here
i'm so happy for this
Ashita Agrawal
Ashita Agrawal - 11 hours ago
im so into this song~
Rafik Rafik
Rafik Rafik - 11 hours ago
Jissoo voice✌️
Emre Gürbüz
Emre Gürbüz - 11 hours ago
Rudy Anwar
Rudy Anwar - 11 hours ago
i dont know, but i love voice from Jisoo so clean and strong. 👏
Alan Darmasaputra
Alan Darmasaputra - 11 hours ago
3:59 If you're looking for lisa in thumbnail, yes you're welcome
kaly sagitary
kaly sagitary - 11 hours ago
Rose = like
Camila Gomez
Camila Gomez - 12 hours ago
es su nueva cancion
Kim Sowon
Kim Sowon - 12 hours ago
Anyone who sees this PLEASE I need your help my school will be opening in 2 weeks and I will be going to the hostel.I am introvert so everytime I go I will feel homesick please anyone give me strength word because I wanted to cry so bad hm:'(
Rose - 12 hours ago
Yg is wasting their talents. They can do better than singing "how you like that" "badambimbadabam" or whatsoever. These girls are way talented than this.
sisil prisillia
sisil prisillia - 12 hours ago
Udah di bantu Auto Tune pun masih false bgt 😖
Lits play
Lits play - 12 hours ago
الي عربي يحط لايك
m e
m e - 12 hours ago
butterfly army
butterfly army - 12 hours ago
3:57 jisoo visuals killed me
Natural Decoration
Natural Decoration - 12 hours ago
I really like them when they do the dance and I'm a blackpink fan
m e
m e - 12 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️😆😆😍😍😘😘Jisoo. 1:40 she strong
ARZU saad
ARZU saad - 12 hours ago
Kia Kia
Kia Kia - 12 hours ago
All eyes on BLACKPINK 🔥🔥🔥
아미에라 - 12 hours ago
리사가 젤 돋보임.
m e
m e - 12 hours ago
랭이무말 - 12 hours ago
사랑해요 얻어어던우ㅜㅜㅠㅠ
Аскар Тулемисов
Nidhi Solanki
Nidhi Solanki - 12 hours ago
Jiscoo is my bias and Jennie is my bias Weaker and Lisa is my double Bias and Rose is my treaple Bias.✌
Susanti Tjiu
Susanti Tjiu - 12 hours ago
actually jisoo only win her beautiful face , no so can dance . 😅😅😅😅
Amina Souakir
Amina Souakir - 12 hours ago
Rose 😍😍🤩🤩😘😘
Anush Khachatryan
Anush Khachatryan - 12 hours ago
rebahans2020 - 13 hours ago
nn do
nn do - 13 hours ago
Why they have to used mic but they lipsing brehhhhh
Sisca Amelia
Sisca Amelia - 13 hours ago
Sisca Amelia
Sisca Amelia - 13 hours ago
Sisca Amelia
Sisca Amelia - 13 hours ago
Park chaeyoung
Sisca Amelia
Sisca Amelia - 13 hours ago
Kim jennie
Sisca Amelia
Sisca Amelia - 13 hours ago
Kim jisoo
kiwi sooyoung
kiwi sooyoung - 13 hours ago
Kim AN
Kim AN - 13 hours ago
무대를 아주 찢어놨다
Paulo Schrx
Paulo Schrx - 13 hours ago
E elas seguem sendo LENDÁRIAS
Hoya Lee
Hoya Lee - 13 hours ago
조회수 넘사벽이 되어가네 ㄷㄷㄷ 머지않아 세계지도가 핑크로 물들겟누
natcha _fairytail
natcha _fairytail - 13 hours ago
Akosi men
Akosi men - 13 hours ago
Kpop walang kwenta
Monii Rodriguez
Monii Rodriguez - 13 hours ago
01:44 I love that movement!
group of seven idiot faggot donkeys
Lihat dancenya Lisa luar biasa, detailnya expresi mukanya semuanya bener mantap....
Ondel Ondel
Ondel Ondel - 13 hours ago
Jul Salsabil
Jul Salsabil - 13 hours ago
Please, just using the music instrument and make the real voice when you live at the stage to be clear. Honestly this is not clear, still covering with the real song that is recorded. This is why i don't like BP because their real voice when they perform didn't clear!
Their original sound inferior to the original song!
What can be expected of them if it turns out their sound at their live at the stage is not good.
I make random Videos
I make random Videos - 13 hours ago
*corona virus*
Gaby S. Pontes
Gaby S. Pontes - 13 hours ago
My bias is Rose´s hair at the "look up in the sky..." part❤️ Fearless
Mersisco - 13 hours ago
Are we just gonna ignore how good the cameraman do that zoomy things perfectly match with the music?
IRHAF GAMING - 13 hours ago
My favorit is free fire because black pink is FF
Ahmad Abubakar
Ahmad Abubakar - 13 hours ago
It s so big wooo
Dikcha Rai
Dikcha Rai - 13 hours ago
Is this even a choreo???🤔
Adinda Utamie
Adinda Utamie - 13 hours ago
Are they lipsync or something?
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