Phones Have Gone Too Far...

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 9 months ago
What's wrong with Apple? -
Clown dude rod
Clown dude rod - 4 months ago
Air pods
ᗪ卂尺Ҝ Sunshine
ᗪ卂尺Ҝ Sunshine - 4 months ago
I don’t know?
Ph Once
Ph Once - 7 months ago
Unbox znt bluetooth earphones
Birds Are Dinosaurs
Birds Are Dinosaurs - 7 months ago
Their customers.
Orthodox Zoomer
Orthodox Zoomer - 8 months ago
Apple Customers are tools and their products are overpriced trash.
234holla - 18 days ago
That's a powerbank plus
MITCHE543 - 20 days ago
That can’t be real 🤣
Isaiyan Govender
Isaiyan Govender - 21 day ago
Apple iPhone11 $1000
Servo:bam, extreme money for value
Met3lAngel - 23 days ago
All these brick phones are good for emergencies. Also would be great when you go to the gym and you don't want to drain usual phone batter while listening to music with a wireless earbuds.
Neutral Bruh
Neutral Bruh - Month ago
Yeah I think I'm getting one
C W - Month ago
ihead: change the head of the phone, razor, headphones, etc.
john hayhurst
john hayhurst - Month ago
Can it charge itself?
Gustavo Ocaña
Gustavo Ocaña - Month ago
Greetings amazing reviews always finding something unique, believe it or not this gadget it’s perfectly for my uncle, the last they he was telling me that he want radio walkmans, and actually the type of phone that he is having is an gms phone. So from a different point of view it’s pefect, now you understand why they put indicator of camera and flash. Is main focus for grow people.
Jonathan - Month ago
The perfect burner phone
Bullake Blastoise3
Bullake Blastoise3 - Month ago
Bruh it's a radio too,that thing is cool
Party M
Party M - 2 months ago
What phone is that at 4.16 please, anyone?
MusZico13 - 2 months ago
Mark servo 50bmg
At Home with Mrs. Scherkenbach
Dats Thicc...
12346unknown - 2 months ago
Dude how come this gets funded by someone...this shit was produced somewhere...people had to be paid to build it, granted, probably very little but all the other costs too.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - 2 months ago
hilly who
justjakk - 3 months ago
What I find funny is, this video just notified itself today
lonebeast Gaming
lonebeast Gaming - 3 months ago
Big battery? That's indian
Roch Fortune
Roch Fortune - 3 months ago
Good concept but...
It would feel like a back to the future phone back in 2000's but today...
Trever Brant
Trever Brant - 3 months ago
I want that knife
Danshi A
Danshi A - 3 months ago
Wireless ear buds and a power bank for $60? Not a bad deal.
B G - 3 months ago
It's clearly a camping phone, bet it has a great signal since it's not a computer and more of a phone, ya know like back in The day when you never dropped a call but that's all a cell phone did, make calls. Great survival phone for $60
John Ryan
John Ryan - 3 months ago
Aircraft carrier of phones
Kai Johnson
Kai Johnson - 3 months ago
It's a pretty sick phone
Jason Scherer
Jason Scherer - 3 months ago
If I wanted a brick, I'll just go to a construction yard.
ALI KHAN - 3 months ago
Can you connect the ear pods with other phones
Russell DoFrane
Russell DoFrane - 3 months ago
The no touch screen is a deal breaker.
Punkrockbass7x - 3 months ago
Off brand Austin Evans
Kidult TV
Kidult TV - 3 months ago
Wk60 TWS. not seeing very many reviews on these AirPod 2 killers.
Develen Tsai
Develen Tsai - 3 months ago
Very creative 👍👍👍
Yeet Gamer
Yeet Gamer - 3 months ago
People: how that earphone wireless
The phone creator:

We just cut the wires
osark - 3 months ago
I am not gonna be surprised if one day you guys review a rabbit that makes phone calls right on climax
Roger Hudson
Roger Hudson - 3 months ago
At first I thought the top popped off to reveal a stun gun. A clever but dangerously illegal idea ( at least in the UK).
Bram Hazelhorst
Bram Hazelhorst - 4 months ago
Don't watch the expath report channel
Ly&Leo Deleon
Ly&Leo Deleon - 4 months ago
I thought the top was a shaver.
poolman0302 - 4 months ago
emoji clap
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko - 4 months ago
Out of all the stuff you have reviewed this one caught my attention, lol. Zombie Apocalypse Phone, with Bluetooth.
gaby de wilde
gaby de wilde - 4 months ago
You can charge your other phone with it, call yourself to find your phone (there is a flash light too!) AND put the sim in it when the other phone breaks.
Kunal Mazumdar
Kunal Mazumdar - 4 months ago
If they have offered an electric shaver instead of those earbuds, I have quickly order one for myself.
UFO Michael Cody
UFO Michael Cody - 4 months ago
Wiilie Du should be our next president.
Anthonie Madsen
Anthonie Madsen - 4 months ago
What's the type of phone you charged?
69 Subs • 14 years ago
69 Subs • 14 years ago - 4 months ago
Now people will bully you for ur poor phone but you have a cool AirPod compartment with AirPods!! But they are not Apple and they are “fake” so they beat the crap out of you.
woeissylar 1
woeissylar 1 - 4 months ago
Did anyone else notice how hard Lew threw down the Oneplus got damn man
The Rhins Ranger
The Rhins Ranger - 4 months ago
Wear your belt..... Tight!
K C - 4 months ago
Looks like my Intensity 2 from 2010
Philly hege
Philly hege - 4 months ago
Or a colorless smartphone but I think they have options to do that already
Philly hege
Philly hege - 4 months ago
Now if they could only make smartphone with 6000 ma
Ese Callum
Ese Callum - 4 months ago
JESUS way truth life YESHUA EL ELYON Only one way
Good for old people lol
GTA5 Glitche5
GTA5 Glitche5 - 4 months ago
If it was touch screen it would be dope
Tofu Cake
Tofu Cake - 4 months ago
This is what you call a survival phone
lamaz_ lawrence
lamaz_ lawrence - 4 months ago
Anyone else think it looks like a power ranger phone?
STV TV - 4 months ago
For a sec thought that was a shave razor
Borma Korda
Borma Korda - 4 months ago
me : watching youtube at 3am
the evil ghost at 3am : 3:54
Marvin Cruz
Marvin Cruz - 4 months ago
That would be good for construction workers.
Kevin A
Kevin A - 4 months ago
Is that a pocket samurai???
MSOI - 4 months ago
Youre a fucking wanker Lewis George Hilsenteger
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez - 4 months ago
this looks like gods punishment
Hicham Saber
Hicham Saber - 4 months ago
I like how surprised he is
SpringX7 - 4 months ago
Seems like they are slowly trying to bring back the old time of creative shape/body design of smartphones such as the Era of Nokia Nseries etc ...
i Have boner problem
i Have boner problem - 4 months ago
U want weird gadget? I have plenty
Foodies For Singles
Foodies For Singles - 4 months ago
That phone looks like it came from an alternate universe
toneythakilla - 4 months ago
Make it Android with a touchscreen and it's a hit
alwarah nah
alwarah nah - 4 months ago
Many CHILDREN ruin there LIFE with phone..
vic Rodriguez
vic Rodriguez - 4 months ago
I see it as a camping phone.
Umair 101
Umair 101 - 4 months ago
I mean I send ya a dingeyyyyy
Savage Goondo
Savage Goondo - 4 months ago
Kinda looks like a luxury house phone
Nechir Mohammed
Nechir Mohammed - 4 months ago
6000 power mememlermmr 😂
S1mple - 4 months ago
That phone could've made me the coolest kid in school in 2008
Scott.e - 4 months ago
Don Vergaz
Don Vergaz - 4 months ago
my grandma ,would love one. if it was water proof .ill get it , bruh get on that
Zuki Bao
Zuki Bao - 4 months ago
Ultimate trap phone
Bekmeister - 4 months ago
For $60, this is a steal.
Lonely Af
Lonely Af - 4 months ago
Thats a Nissan Servo R25
David Luo
David Luo - 4 months ago
Good secondary phone.
Whiskers The Fish
Whiskers The Fish - 4 months ago
I hate how he slams the phones on the table!
TRIX TRIX - 4 months ago
Whiskers I would if I had this phone
y33t_ Supreme
y33t_ Supreme - 4 months ago
I guess you could buy it if you miss buttons
wardancer400 - 4 months ago
I think this is an amazing device for people who go out camping a lot. A big battery phone that has a build in radio for locations where you don't have good internet connections and a loud speaker and it's a powerbank and it has a really bright flash and it's a powerbank. It's like the swiss army knife of phones xd
SapphireFlame - 4 months ago
Not bad as an emergency device.
Derrick Blanton
Derrick Blanton - 4 months ago
Ultimate burner phone
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