Ryan Upchurch & Katie Noel "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Joe Butter
Joe Butter - 8 days ago
This is one of those songs that cause a boom in births 9 months from now 😉
Nocturnal Fire practitioner
OMG WHY IS THAT SO HOT AND THAT KISS IS LIKE Ron AND Hermione kissing... So fucking HOT.
Lil Comedown
Lil Comedown - 9 hours ago
gonna make me put a baby in my gf fuggin
Shoot Red
Shoot Red - 11 hours ago
@Ryan Upchurch 💪🔥
Conan Swanson
Conan Swanson - 11 hours ago
Give it a few months ;)
wayne moyer
wayne moyer - 15 hours ago
This song is the shit!! America's new power couple!!
knottyxlxsniper - 4 hours ago
So happy to hear they are together..they both seem good for each other big fan of both. And church man when you gonna do more game videos. I just started trying to get I to streaming my self..not the greatest yet but still learning any advice. But if you or anyone else wants to help me grow that would be great please check me out ----knottyxlxsniper---- on twitch and YouTube..please follow and subscribe I'm just looking to get followers and subs..will be adding better videos soon thanks love all you music keep it up
Matina Jazmine
Matina Jazmine - 6 hours ago
Just from the title I knew it was a country song
Runboyrun20 Run_20
Runboyrun20 Run_20 - 6 hours ago
Talk about Country this is country. All the country singers be so jealous over the song they be like o hell naaa I’m gonna take lyrics out of this song and Steel his shit to make them look better. lol If I hear any other country singer take lyrics of the song there’s going to be a war.
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill - 6 hours ago
That's what I'm talking bout!!!
Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman - 7 hours ago
I have been listening since 2014 and I can say your music is amazing but since you found your Topanga I would listen to another song with you and Taylor Rae hollbrook
Lorene Pulido
Lorene Pulido - 7 hours ago
I am a successful
Fenny Tall
Fenny Tall - 7 hours ago
Okay, so all we hear is Breanna this and that and now it's just forget all that, this is my girl now? #BARF oh oh, I might get made fun of now. Save it. Just do something.
Johnny Rebel
Johnny Rebel - 8 hours ago
Church church church
joelsinga - 8 hours ago
Great tune but not long enough. I see this a lot in young peoples music today. Is it a result of limited attention spans? I don't know but it is unfortunate.
Chad Perritt
Chad Perritt - 8 hours ago
Throwin UpChunks...katie Noel was doing so much better on her own....wtf
Derek Beauchem
Derek Beauchem - 8 hours ago
I’m ready for an upchurch Noel Calhoun and denum jones concert. Man that’d be great
Soulless_Gingie - 8 hours ago
This was meant for FB but it wouldn’t tag you. Ryan Upchurch I doubt you’ll see this, but I’m writing this post to show my appreciation for you. My appreciation for your lyrics, your attitude, and your style. The first song of yours that I listened to was “Rollin’ Stoned.” My sister showed me the song, and I thought it was meant to be a joke at first. However, I really liked it and started listening to it regularly. I got bored one day and investigated you further, only to spend the next 2 1/2 years jamming out to your tunes. Ask my friends, they’re all just about tired of riding with me while I’m screaming t lyrics to “Parachute,” “Stuck on 17,” “Fallen,” etc. I used to hate myself, because I had no idea who I was. Who I wanted to be. But through the music of you and a few other artists, I began the transition to become the young man I am today. I am inspired by your ambition, tenacity, and irregularity. You decided to take 2 genres that NEVER bonded well, and made them two peas in a pod. I spent 84 hours listening to you, my 2019 Spotify recap. That’s not counting YouTube. Had I not discovered you when I did, I may never have decided I wanted to be different. I may have never spoken up when nobody else would. I may have never decided it was OKAY to BE DIFFERENT. I don’t like every song you’ve ever made, but that’s okay. The ones that don’t speak to me, may be speaking to others that are at a different place in life. Thank you for being you, Ryan. I’m a Skin for life. I’m lovin’ “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” too. Merry Christmas. CHURCH⛪️
cojennn - 9 hours ago
Newest favorite from my two fav "Country Rapper's", keep it up skin. And them glovebox geeses' fuggin, this is to that guy. 🖕✌️
Braedyn Green
Braedyn Green - 9 hours ago
Hey this song made the top 3 country songs downloaded this week keep it going!!!! 😀
Lane Blount
Lane Blount - 10 hours ago
Upchurch almost sounds like Kane Brown
Hunter Whitmire
Hunter Whitmire - 10 hours ago
My dude you have a good life
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman - 10 hours ago
77k likes and like 2k dislikes I think all 2k dislikes is mad 😡 because it from Ryan
Rockell West
Rockell West - 10 hours ago
Good for ya'all
redneck tv
redneck tv - 11 hours ago
like Jonny and june🤩
Nate Ashford
Nate Ashford - 11 hours ago
I love both of them ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Len Rog5
Len Rog5 - 11 hours ago
This shit is so hot my vasectomy reversed itself.
Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams - 11 hours ago
So glad this finally happened!! You guys make beautiful music TOGETHER.❤ Love you both.
Dmitri Krosikio
Dmitri Krosikio - 12 hours ago
so, uh, we gonna talk about the 8ish year age gap?
sue mowdy
sue mowdy - 12 hours ago
Love this one!
Nate Ashford
Nate Ashford - 12 hours ago
He couldn't get a better girlfriend this her
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 12 hours ago
Ain’t never in country or country rap history has anyone seen such wild eyed crazy ass artist made for each other love y’all skins 💪🏼🇺🇸
Allyson Malko
Allyson Malko - 13 hours ago
Pure feelz in this one guys love it
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 12 hours ago
Love it. #RHEC
Scott Randall
Scott Randall - 13 hours ago
Get your s**t together video makers!!! Every shot of them is in a Z71 CHEVY, but he is gonna clean his "Ford"??? I know its knit pickin' but that s**t bothers me! How do you all get paid the money you do and can't see this??????
Scott Randall
Scott Randall - 3 hours ago
@cathy blair Really? What kind of idiot are you? How in THE HELL did you take that comment to mean I don't give a s**t about anything else??? If the video was about homeless people and vets I could understand your criticism, but because it wasn't, you're just coming off as a POS SJW! I am the first person standing when they have "Home Town Hero's" (where they honor a local vet) at the hockey games I have season tickets to! And when I see them on the concourse I make it a point to shake their hand and thank them for their service!! So, in conclusion, you dear, can kiss my pimply white @ss with your mentally challenged comment :-)
cathy blair
cathy blair - 12 hours ago
That bothers you , but we have hundreds of thousands of homeless people and vet's living on the streets?
william hotchkiss
william hotchkiss - 13 hours ago
That's his truck in the video though they didn't rent it. Should they have been sitting in the back of one of his fords? Ya, but they didn't.
ArtLove1 - 13 hours ago
lucky girl !!!! awesome song xox
Jay Driven
Jay Driven - 13 hours ago
FFFFUUUCCCCKKKK!! This shit is FIRE 🔥 skin!
Dustin D
Dustin D - 13 hours ago
I've been waiting on this to happen. Good on you guys.
Sydney Galbraith
Sydney Galbraith - 14 hours ago
In love!!!!!😍 😍 😍 😍
Rick James
Rick James - 14 hours ago
This song is so awesome!!!!
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - 14 hours ago
Y'all are a match made in heaven, love y'all stay positive.!!!!
LITTLER DRAGON - 14 hours ago
Number 2 all ready good job you two😍😍😍😍😍
clayton mckenzie
clayton mckenzie - 14 hours ago
Should have used the 6.blow
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold - 15 hours ago
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen - 15 hours ago
Country life forever "yeeeee yeeee"
Codey dixon
Codey dixon - 15 hours ago
The new school Tim McGraw an Faith Hill ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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