Someone Attacked My Car

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Brianne Jones
Brianne Jones - 5 hours ago
It’s billy many 🤔
Akili Thompson
Akili Thompson - 19 hours ago
You can tell when he made the videos in different years because the horns change
FearCat - 20 hours ago
700 subs... oh dear...
Roman Caprio
Roman Caprio - Day ago
they were giving u a vid, they are helping.
Joanna Rodriguez
Joanna Rodriguez - Day ago
I am here in 2091
TTV-bail.slayer - Day ago
Lerisa Sphinx
Lerisa Sphinx - Day ago
Oh holy shit the art was ...

TheProGamer264 - Day ago
Someone was stalking you. How did you not realize this?
AlliYan - 2 days ago
“Life is all I’m doing”
I felt that
TurtleGirl Gaming
TurtleGirl Gaming - 2 days ago
"Who's here in-"
NO ONE CARES :^))))))
Alma Alonzo
Alma Alonzo - 2 days ago
Who’s in 2020 here??
AJ Hurtado
AJ Hurtado - 2 days ago
иasinda ᔕTOᖇY
иasinda ᔕTOᖇY - 2 days ago
Who's here in 2019??? 😂😂😂
Gacha Øwyn
Gacha Øwyn - 2 days ago
Gacha Øwyn
Gacha Øwyn - Day ago
animation dog! YEAH!!!!
animation dog!
animation dog! - 2 days ago
ME.............ARE YOU?
Max Max
Max Max - 2 days ago
This video didn't aged well...
PreciousTea - 2 days ago
Oh my god you’ve improved sooooo much!! Great job, dude!!!
Issy Duck
Issy Duck - 3 days ago
Meky Da miraculer
Meky Da miraculer - 3 days ago
Here from 2019 and can I say I'm so proud of Adam 's improvement. Like omg apparently this is his first animated video on YouTube and if you look at his new ones you can see he's come a long way since here. I'm proud of you Adam!!!
Jerry Liz
Jerry Liz - 3 days ago
I’m not crazy you are
Everyone in 2019 here: IS ANYONE HERE 2019?
Me: I just wanted to read random comments :
Anyasfamily - 5 days ago
I'm so sorry this happened to u
Alesha-Marie Gacha
Alesha-Marie Gacha - 5 days ago
Someone kicked a football at the window in my front room.
It smashed it, popped the football cuz a crap ton of glass flew everywhere and popped the football.
Luckily it was 2am and nobody was in the front room until we heard the smash.
We looked outside a gaping hole in the wall where the window was a few seconds before, and saw a grown man in the middle of the road just staring at the destruction.
My mums friend was staying round as well and asked him if he did it.
He nodded, and walked away.
So we called the police later in the morning and turns out this man lived a couple houses down from us.
He had apparently done this to a lot of peoples houses and he had no mental disabilities so it couldn't have been that.
He was arrested and was in prison for 10 weeks which is fair.
The window got repaired, but a few glass shards got left behind because they're tiny and got stuck in the ground.
So ye
That happened
Jersey Coffman
Jersey Coffman - 5 days ago
it was....

Ronnie Gentry
Ronnie Gentry - 5 days ago
You are my favorat animator
Johnathan Ranucci
Johnathan Ranucci - 6 days ago
For some reason I herd him say life is yummy.
foob namites
foob namites - 7 days ago
Lisanda Simonson
Lisanda Simonson - 7 days ago
I am
It’s balake
It’s balake - 7 days ago
Wow, Adam has a stalker
Rylantherandom1 - 8 days ago
So this is the one... that started it all...
Captain spud
Captain spud - 4 days ago
Yes it is..
Cains Animations
Cains Animations - 7 days ago
Yes it is..
pika lynx582!
pika lynx582! - 8 days ago
I think it was so jealous of u (in meh opinion)
Christie Haver
Christie Haver - 8 days ago
2020 viewers hu hu not me
TornadoTwister Twisters
Who’s here in 2015 wait a minute....
tatiana berdecio
tatiana berdecio - 8 days ago
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Captain spud
Captain spud - 4 days ago
Yes you are so wise that is truly an inspiring comment
Phantom - 8 days ago
I only have 700 and something subscribers! 2.5 million subscribers later
Fluffy Snake
Fluffy Snake - 8 days ago
Who’s here’s in 2319?
Rain Feather
Rain Feather - 9 days ago
echofox 66 reacts
echofox 66 reacts - 9 days ago
Frik u billy it was freking billy
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre - 9 days ago
I think your car might be white
SOUND SKRILL - 10 days ago
2016: I only have 700 subscribers
2019: 2million subs later
Jesire erised
Jesire erised - 10 days ago
Who's watching in 2000066600000666000?

dislike to undo v
Link, Lord Of Hyrule
Link, Lord Of Hyrule - 10 days ago
Boy just look at that animation xD
Janina Jackman
Janina Jackman - 10 days ago
Im in 2019!!
Megan Lewis
Megan Lewis - 10 days ago
Don t eat raw jellyfish tentakles
CupOJoe09 - 11 days ago
700 and something to 2.5M. Wow
Ava Mathys
Ava Mathys - 11 days ago
DonT forGeT tO LiKe coMMenT and ZubSCribesfkjs
Cameron Caines 23 (STUDENT)
Wait you have a dog 🐕 what’s her/his name
Bernadette Murphy
Bernadette Murphy - 11 days ago
Who’s here 3089?
Rubene Lam
Rubene Lam - 11 days ago
It's Billy
Landon James
Landon James - 11 days ago
2020 anybody im not its 2019
Clayton Stuart
Clayton Stuart - 11 days ago
The animation got so much better in 2018 and 2019
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez - 11 days ago
Joss H
Joss H - 11 days ago
Who’s here in 3047
Jylle Pagaduan
Jylle Pagaduan - 11 days ago
Anton Francis
Anton Francis - 11 days ago
Plot twist:A huge eagle pooped on your car
Mini SnuggleSausage
Mini SnuggleSausage - 12 days ago
Biggest Chilly And SBL fan
2:31 is the doge holding up his middle finger? Lol.
Cerb Yt
Cerb Yt - 13 days ago
John wick has entered the chat
Elmo - 13 days ago

Hail fuher
Kenneth anderson
Kenneth anderson - 14 days ago
It was me
Lupus Wolf
Lupus Wolf - 15 days ago
Awwww adams first story time animation!!!
zagoo zagoo
zagoo zagoo - 16 days ago
TheCoolCow - 17 days ago
Did you make this on ms paint?
Noobiest GD
Noobiest GD - 18 days ago
Title name: someone attacked my car
What the title should be: someone attacked my car, trash can, and my dog.
Aiden Winekauf
Aiden Winekauf - 19 days ago
Put up cameras
Ava Zheng
Ava Zheng - 19 days ago
Who’s is 2019? If u r like or reply or nothing
Ava Zheng
Ava Zheng - 19 days ago
-YOOGEE- 1 - 19 days ago
2016: 700 something subscribes
2019: 2.5 million subscribers
ツHudy - 19 days ago
Whos here in 2022
Anny Lopez
Anny Lopez - 20 days ago
Adam..WhO WaS YOuR FiRSt kiSs!?
Gacha Alice
Gacha Alice - 20 days ago
ok this was fun
Mateusz Grabowski
Mateusz Grabowski - 20 days ago
Historical video
Yee Haw
Yee Haw - 20 days ago
I like spaghetti
MrRad RC
MrRad RC - 20 days ago
Zx the legend
Zx the legend - 21 day ago
Who's here in 2,000,019
Rajni  Alex
Rajni Alex - 21 day ago
i am hes dwank!(im NOT DRUNCHK TOHU
Champ Not Chicken
Champ Not Chicken - 21 day ago
The entire point of animations are to show what happened lol
dark umbreon
dark umbreon - 22 days ago
I found small bones at the beach
Theo Avory
Theo Avory - 22 days ago
That quality thumbnail tho 👌
Mr Stupid
Mr Stupid - 23 days ago
Maybe is was a giant bird...
Bella Obeso
Bella Obeso - 23 days ago
This is where it all began. This was his first animation. 😱
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