It All Comes Down to This! (Browns vs. Ravens Mic'd Up) | NFL Films

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Damonte Smith
Damonte Smith - 4 days ago
Go cowboys good luck on the playoff
James Hale
James Hale - 6 days ago
My favorite moment was seeing Marshal Yanda come over and give some veteran advice to his young QB. Great to be able to see that support and mentorship on the sideline.
BIG Wayne Gee
BIG Wayne Gee - 8 days ago
...and............................ Ravens are One and Done ---
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper - 8 days ago
Then they try the same thing against the Colts and got STUFFED. Ravens fans booing their own QB coming on for the 4th quarter cause they wanted someone who can throw lmao.
chadbailey30 - 8 days ago
Sucks Browns lost but hell at the beginning of the year we where just hoping to break open the coolers for that 1st win. The fact that the Browns where actually relevant was a win...
D u a l i t y
D u a l i t y - 8 days ago
As a Giants fan I want to see the Browns win a super bowl before I die. I’m 28.
Come on Cleveland, do it.
Jp12345678900 Xx
Jp12345678900 Xx - 8 days ago
With the Steelers declining the best rivalry in the AFC north is gonna be the Browns Vs Ravens!
The Brown Prodigy
The Brown Prodigy - 9 days ago
2:10 Kodak 🔥
Ryan Lengacher
Ryan Lengacher - 9 days ago
But then you lost to the Chargers and your season is over goodbye ravens 👋🏻 go colts !!!
Make America Great Again
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols - 9 days ago
I hope my Ravens progress Lamar passing skills besides his running skills
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III - 9 days ago
Kevin Ross' minuet wasn't pretend.
tazon neal
tazon neal - 10 days ago
Ravens lost to Chargers in playoffs
Evangelos - 10 days ago
whats it matter if you go to the playoffs and loose the first game haha
Nick Ferritto
Nick Ferritto - 10 days ago
2:26 The refs were doing the bird box challenge and cost the browns a touchdown
gamejr84 - 10 days ago
Browns shoulda won.. but they blew the play dead when Jackson tried getting in.
Ed Smith
Ed Smith - 10 days ago
Yahweh to go Browns now the Steelers can't play in the playoffs I am I really appreciate it could you at least beat them want that one game come on
Joshua Long
Joshua Long - 10 days ago
The Browns are no longer a wash team.... They will be a SB Championship team very very soon... Good Job Baker and crew
Kaum Muas
Kaum Muas - 10 days ago
Lamar’s gonna end up like RG3 and Baker’ gonna end up like Johnny Manziel!!
Lurking - 10 days ago
The Browns had such a great season. I cannot wait till next year. Us Ohioans have a team to watch now.
541PrimeTime - 10 days ago
Why I hear a Marcus Mariota cadence???
TotallyNotASeaOtter - 10 days ago
Mayfield is a god.
NewWorld - 10 days ago
Lamar Jackson is trash.
Andrew Ocean
Andrew Ocean - 10 days ago
Josiah Connell
Josiah Connell - 10 days ago
This was so sad too see Baker and the Browns come so close to the playoffs. Even though they couldn’t make it, they’ve done amazing and have come a long way
Mike Stories
Mike Stories - 10 days ago
gg bois
King Na’im
King Na’im - 10 days ago
android boi
android boi - 10 days ago
forget ya'll, steelers for life.
_ CR7NL - 10 days ago
Is this a rugby game? Its not footbal so what is it ? Please help me
John Smith
John Smith - 10 days ago
John Smith
John Smith - 10 days ago
At 230 that was a Browns td
sean im
sean im - 10 days ago
1:53 respect
AdamTheTiger - 10 days ago
If you are reading this, YOU ARE AWESOME 😎 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊 your friend AdamTheTiger 🐯
Tyler Wolf
Tyler Wolf - 11 days ago
Browns fan here as much as I would love for us to win every game I'm glad they didn't win this one!! Keep Steelers down! Baltimore and Cleveland will run this division!
Brayden Conrad
Brayden Conrad - 11 days ago
Don't get mad at me for this. Sub me and I'll sub back
Just trying to help
manman lee
manman lee - 11 days ago
We cant line up quick enough huh? Looks like to me we did and 3 picks to add lol
kyle sullivan
kyle sullivan - 11 days ago
Lamar Jackson thinks he’s michael Vick. Who didn’t last in the nfl.
Your Average Strategy Gamer
Browns have improved SOOO much damn..
wikedwun - 11 days ago
Ravens got exposed. Chargers will win the rematch
swimmy41 - 11 days ago
As a Bengals fan, this made me sad, but let’s be real what doesn’t
The Iconium Foundation
The Iconium Foundation - 11 days ago
Love both those qbs
OP Nigga
OP Nigga - 11 days ago
I wish they had Anthony Levine mic up during the pass break up on 1st down
pyramid architect
pyramid architect - 11 days ago
Baker threw the game losing interception in the biggest moment in college and in the biggest game of his NFL career 3 of them to be exact this is Baker Mayfield.
Malik Lesane
Malik Lesane - 11 days ago
I see what y’all did there as soon as he was about to say the s word you put Baker snap for the same affect
Jeffrey Smart
Jeffrey Smart - 11 days ago
The browns would’ve won if the refs didn’t screw them over for that touchdown. And anyway the ravens are out in round 1.
Walter Brown
Walter Brown - 11 days ago
The AFC North division RED BLACK And BLUE Or Blood sweat And tears !
Jetemiah Ballard
Jetemiah Ballard - 11 days ago
Get off trending. Really YouTube?
Mateo Roldan Raymond
Mateo Roldan Raymond - 11 days ago
damn. we we're so close to go the playoffs.
Bleex - 11 days ago
Browns need:
Nohhh - 11 days ago
I believe in Lamar “Action” Jackson but he needs to consistently make plays with his arms since he gets more rushing yards then passing yards lol
UZ_ROMA10 - 11 days ago
Lamar is the new Colin Kaepernick
UZ_ROMA10 - 11 days ago
Lamar has extreme talent and the other one has great leadership.
Daniel’s Jiu-Jitsu
Daniel’s Jiu-Jitsu - 11 days ago
Go Ravens
Santabignotreal - 11 days ago
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DiegoTheSlayer - 11 days ago
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Vance Chanel Jr.
Vance Chanel Jr. - 12 days ago
Sad day for me. As a Steelers fan
YG Richardson
YG Richardson - 12 days ago
Two Heisman winning QB one had to lose next time they play I got the brown 🤯
HanMorse - 12 days ago
Still cant believe that the browns have turned around as well as they have, really good future for the team if they keep this up
DDAO730 - 12 days ago
Browns vs Old Browns
Hound - 12 days ago
Go ravens!
Kaden Bragg
Kaden Bragg - 12 days ago
I was rooting for Lamar jaskson
T. 4
T. 4 - 12 days ago
5:31 RG3 ugly as a mf in the background 😂😂😭
Theoddlyskidds Kid
Theoddlyskidds Kid - 12 days ago
Jackson is more like a running back
TheMonroe654HD - 12 days ago
Who’s the best LOLB in the league?
Theo - 12 days ago
Baker Mayfield has the best long ball in the nfl..
Brandon Dupree
Brandon Dupree - 12 days ago
Yasssssss Ravens!!!!,
dimviesel - 12 days ago
Awesome. Cant wait for sundays wildcard
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones - 12 days ago
Baker: cmere you want a hug?
Gotta love this freaking dude
mrscotland718 - 12 days ago
When camera focuses on 57 for like a minute that foreshadowing at its finest lol
Khalid Hardy
Khalid Hardy - 12 days ago
Flaco salty
Professional HitchHiker
Professional HitchHiker - 12 days ago
Our division will produce at least one wild card team next year is my guess... Will be interesting to see what goes down in Shittsburgh this off season lol next year my Browns will take the division and Mayfield Better plant a flag in all 3 division foes fields! OK if he wins in Baltimore next season and plants a flag there I won't care if he puts one in cincy or Shittsburgh tbh lol I just can't stand Modell. Good game though Ravens, good game.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 12 days ago
Hello, Humans. As I walk through a field of skulls, I ask myself, what happened to the rest of the skulls? This isn't all of them.😂Once it's all set and done, I shower in the blood of the unknown, the ones who are lost to history. Time itself doesn't remember them. However, Terrance never forgets, Terrance always knows. Terrance remembers all, as the skulls will join me in the sun. A sun sleep is where we gain power.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 12 days ago
Kim Jong Un has discovered NFL, Browns seem like a good solid team to Kim Jong Un.
glowou - 12 days ago
You know Lamar Jackson is the 2nd fastest qb I've seen in a while. number 1 isn't Vick btw!
Samuel T. White
Samuel T. White - 12 days ago
I was rooting for the Browns so hard. 😣
Riley - 12 days ago
Next year the AFC north will be a big comp
Gecko Presents
Gecko Presents - 12 days ago
The browns should’ve won because he shouldve had a touchdown after the fumble but they blew the whistle
Christopher Grieb
Christopher Grieb - 12 days ago
What did the librarian say to the student?

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Liu Kai
Liu Kai - 12 days ago
All of these wildcard matchups coming up are really interesting! I am pumped up!!
Brandel Ellis
Brandel Ellis - 12 days ago
First round First pick vs First Round last pick, look who is victorious 👀
CV Production
CV Production - 12 days ago
Man why the ravens have a running back playing quarterback
SuperRandomName101 - 12 days ago
Tf #73 talking about he didn’t even extend the ball out.
Hot Jalapeno
Hot Jalapeno - 12 days ago
rG3 looks bored af lol
H2H2_DELARIOUS H2 - 12 days ago
Lamar was a ball hog for sure I didn't see a touchdown pass sorry if he did
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines - 12 days ago
This wasn't a football game.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 12 days ago
#14 on trending
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 12 days ago
#14 on trending
Rashad Hannon
Rashad Hannon - 12 days ago
5:30 who else here Kodak in the background 😂😂
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - 12 days ago
0:13 RGIII Thinking: I can do what Lamar can do...
Zach Sorlien
Zach Sorlien - 12 days ago
Browns should have won. Don't at me
RiSe Aim2Kill
RiSe Aim2Kill - 12 days ago
Ravens nation
BrownChocolateIsMeee - 12 days ago
We go to Super Bowl baby
Michael Trainer
Michael Trainer - 12 days ago
where tf is kodak
Danny Davidson
Danny Davidson - 12 days ago
I know I'm not the only one kinda salty they call that fumble a dead ball lol they could of scored right there
Garrett952 - 12 days ago
Baker Mayfield helped win me a championship in my fantasy league, that makes me a forever browns fan
Ana Castellano
Ana Castellano - 12 days ago
Ravens have the best QB core in football. Lamar, flacco, RG3.
Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac - 12 days ago
Love this ravens team
Sarwar Abdullatif
Sarwar Abdullatif - 12 days ago
3:29 thats not even Lamar Jacksons voice, thats my boy Marcus Mariotas cadence
CAPTAIN - 12 days ago
Chargers will take care of business Sunday
Jay S
Jay S - 12 days ago
CAPTAIN If they put an athletic spy on Lamar- maybe
gravityphantasm - 12 days ago
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