Nikki Glaser Slams Alec Baldwin’s Family Life (Full Set) - Roast of Alec Baldwin

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ensayofr - 2 hours ago
She looks like larry bird though
klnpd - 9 hours ago
Best female comedian right here. I'd glaze her.
Tarique Rashid
Tarique Rashid - 10 hours ago
Nikki Glaser is a cut above the rest.
HARSH TRUTH - 14 hours ago
Even if it's truth...
People's : haha !
Sas reality!
DragoonBG - 16 hours ago
I think I haven't laughed that much, and that hard since the Ricky Gervais days/years. Admittedly I don't watch a lot of this type of thing. Such a raw and nasty burns are so rare these days, where people get offended by everything. Glad seeing such cool girl, audacious tv = producers and the guests there took it bravely. You can see it wasn't comfortoable for all, but in the end, that's what it makes it good. Be like De Niro and laugh it out.
Aakansha Pareek
Aakansha Pareek - 16 hours ago
She kills me every time. 🤣🤣
John Smith
John Smith - 16 hours ago
Whats the deal with gymnastic doctor ?
Iestyn Davies
Iestyn Davies - 22 hours ago
Who the hell is this woman and why is she suddenly all over my YouTube feed?
Treycoyne12 - 22 hours ago
Blake better have hit after
Smart Money Cafe
Smart Money Cafe - Day ago
She killed emmm😂
Antonio Bagala
Antonio Bagala - Day ago
"Does getting screamed at burned calories?" 🤣
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones - Day ago
May be she is funny, but I just cant stand her voice
joshy the hand
joshy the hand - Day ago
Frikken sjws.. on every clip they don't bleep the most ruthless burns.. yet they always bleep c#$t. It's the only thing they bleep is that word..
t b
t b - Day ago
This was amazing. She nailed it.
Crystal Kadletc
Crystal Kadletc - Day ago
You’re so hot Blake I want to fuck you infront of my grandparents
terry coby
terry coby - Day ago
Only difference between Amy and this performance. An mtv star died and joke made. These people are relics to the youth today and don’t know them or comedians or Comedy Central today lol
Boner Simpson
Boner Simpson - Day ago
I’m not pulling out.
crocman2cool - Day ago
Nikki Glaser is the funniest comedian I’ve heard in a while
Scott Baker
Scott Baker - Day ago
Denero looks like Bernie Sanders brother!
Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham - Day ago
Why would you be a democrat? Do you hate the country, people, and freedom?
Bijan Bryen Williams
Bijan Bryen Williams - 2 days ago
Dude she is just evil
Cruzinthruspace - 2 days ago
She has virtually no ass.
J.P. Welsh
J.P. Welsh - 2 days ago
Schumer would have to work 24/7 for the next ten years to even consider herself a worthy comedian in the presence of Nikki Glaser . Glaser is outright funny.
Mike0824 - 2 days ago
Hey Murray vibe check
clycoo5276 - 2 days ago
damn she's flat like an 80's white girl

no junk in the trunk AT ALL
jason j
jason j - Day ago
😂😂😂😂 I know that's a not 21st century white girl
Jessi postbellum
Jessi postbellum - 2 days ago
Omg she killed it, brutally! 😬😬I almost feel bad for laughing. 😂😂
Max Stone
Max Stone - 2 days ago
“Glaser.....not on the first date...”
L- Train
L- Train - 3 days ago
James Rhymer
James Rhymer - 3 days ago
This was the best of the night 😂
ThrasherTheKid - 3 days ago
Damn, she’s funny
GBLynden's RC
GBLynden's RC - 3 days ago
Robert Deniro looks like a little puppet up there and and claims he could kick Trump’s butt 😂😂😂
Dean F.
Dean F. - 3 days ago
They bleeped "cunt?" Why?
Zach Von
Zach Von - 3 days ago
Funny but... nikki can say that about Blake but any guy at work says " you look nice today" gets hit a #metoo accusation
YesbutNO - 3 days ago
Dude I fucked this girl in highschool lmfao she’s hilarious
SawseMasterA - 3 days ago
at that point all the white jokes coming out.
POF415 - 3 days ago
K. Jenner 😷🤢🤢🤢
Brandon A
Brandon A - 3 days ago
She should have unleashed her line up on bruce about the car wreck.
Snabonen - 3 days ago
She is killing it... wow
Rich PV
Rich PV - 4 days ago
Wtf?! She’s hilarious....she flamed everybody up there....why am I just finding out about her/this?! Lmmaaooo everything she said about everybody up there was pure gold
dark unicorn
dark unicorn - 4 days ago
She lost me with that suicide joke...not cool. I was like when Amy s. On the Charlie Sheen roast. suicide is not funny
Fredrick Miller
Fredrick Miller - 4 days ago
That Casey Anthony line made me HOWL dude she's funny af😂😂😂
John Livia
John Livia - 4 days ago
Blake Griffith is hot??? Really??
maryyjanee247 - 4 days ago
Is the outro song WWE Harcore Holly's theme!?!??!
tim bartos
tim bartos - 4 days ago
Love Nikki!
iksimkd - 4 days ago
She killed it! 😂😂😂
A Thomas
A Thomas - 4 days ago
Geez shes hilarious
Brian Mendez
Brian Mendez - 4 days ago
Who is the woman that kept saying whoa lol
CrystaliaV - 4 days ago
I really don't like this format. It simply uncomfortable to watch.
James Boxall
James Boxall - 5 days ago
Suddenly I like this girl! Absolutely ripped into that freak Jenner! Says the things that everyone wants to! Best part is that she wasn’t joking 😂
Detroit Siggy
Detroit Siggy - 5 days ago
Killed it
Laurae Steele
Laurae Steele - 5 days ago
I'd like to "glaze her"
Laurae Steele
Laurae Steele - 3 days ago
@Micah Mcgaffin so she can make some really fucked up jokes, but the moment I utilize her namesake for a sexual innuendo, I'm a douchebag? Shutcho bitch ass up.
Micah Mcgaffin
Micah Mcgaffin - 3 days ago
Douche bag
Blueygirl x
Blueygirl x - 5 days ago
Brilliant 🤣
Bo Reed
Bo Reed - 5 days ago
I'm actually joking she is the most talented female comic ever I bet she gets the mark Twain award 20 years from now seriously it takes that long wen you dont sleep with everyone it's takes longer like how Bernett did it .raw
Bo Reed
Bo Reed - 5 days ago
That's not fair that thay referred to nikki as a woman that's not true how do think she knew so much about Kaitlin come on🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Bo Reed
Bo Reed - 5 days ago
I'm actually joking one of the most talented female comic ever it's that she just started I'll bet she gets the mark Twain award 20 years from now seriously. Raw
Tango Fox
Tango Fox - 5 days ago
“Blake, you look like a black guy made by a printer running out of ink” 😂🤣💀
daniel carrera
daniel carrera - 5 days ago
Bro 😭😭😭😂😂😂 a straight up savage , sheeeshhh. I never even heard of her but I like . 🔥🔥🔥
WestWard Pomona Gyrl
WestWard Pomona Gyrl - 6 days ago
She’s a beast
Talom Loic
Talom Loic - 6 days ago
She murdered erbody!
Nas Holston
Nas Holston - 6 days ago
Never heard her comedy before but she’s funny
Alie Carey
Alie Carey - 6 days ago
She slayed!!!!!!😈😈
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