In Lazy People's Defense

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Trouble H20
Trouble H20 - Hour ago
In school I was the only one do work.Me thinking to myself these are dumb***.
Brandon Doran
Brandon Doran - 3 hours ago
am i the only littlr kid here
Brandon Doran
Brandon Doran - 3 hours ago
Brandon Doran
Brandon Doran - 3 hours ago
puppyLoveSMinecraft Gaming
puppyLoveSMinecraft Gaming
Idk I just let you find out xD
PenguinCatLover 456
PenguinCatLover 456 - 13 hours ago
They think I am of the *dumbass*
MidnaAzusa - Day ago
I never liked group projects, either. That's why, as a teacher, I let my students work independently on "group projects" if they prefer.
Mary Walker
Mary Walker - Day ago
Whenever i have a group project nobody wants to work with me even though im a good person to work with even though im quiet i can easily get along with people but nobody ever wants to work with me on group projects and the teacher tries to put me with a group but i always say im fine working alone and i get twice as much done working alone than the people working in a group so i always just work alone evem when its group things and i get twice as much done than actually working with a group
Alicia Jacobs
Alicia Jacobs - Day ago
Alicia Jacobs
Alicia Jacobs - Day ago
King the boss
King the boss - Day ago
Noisy Light Juan
Noisy Light Juan - Day ago
No one:
Literally No one:
I will poop on you.
Rocarlos Davis
Rocarlos Davis - 2 days ago
Hypocrites...they suck🤨
Cøøkie_ Leãh
Cøøkie_ Leãh - 2 days ago
i hate group chats because....THE SAME THING HAPPENS TO ME EvErY yEaR
Shioji - 2 days ago
This happens most of the time to me
Azure Wolf
Azure Wolf - 2 days ago
I honestly just now refuse working with anyone and do it on my own.... like I'm done, no one likes me, I don't like them cuz they are all drug addicts and always force the work onto me and so you know what, imma just do it myself without leaving anyone out by just forcing the teacher to let me be my own group... I AM SO FREAKING TIRED OF THE PEOPLE IN MY SCHOOL I RELATE TO YOU 100%
Rust Rose
Rust Rose - 2 days ago
XD my life,I have trouble hearing and it forcess me to be a quiet person around most people and so people just assume I don’t care or I am lazy , when really I just don’t want to make them repeat themselves 500 times, u have no clue how may times I’ve been told that I just stand there and look pretty ☠️
Something_weird gamer
Something_weird gamer - 2 days ago
One time I worked with this one kid THAT EVERVYBODY HATED WORKING WITH He didn't let ANYBODY do anything but hand him stuff and yelled at us and then threw a fit when He was taken out of the project Huh Still nobody likes him he never changed
Ahyma_&_Aric - 2 days ago
I hate group projects because no one else will work and so I do it then they get all the credit because I have too much anxiety to correct the teachers who think I'm never paying attention in class because I already know the material.
Corndog Animates
Corndog Animates - 2 days ago
I myself am a lazy person huuuuuuuuuuuuugh
Beautiful soul
Beautiful soul - 2 days ago
I had a american history group project. We were suppose to make a board game and the people in my group were very shy so me being the kinda social butterfly I got everyone comfortable with each other. TOO COMFORTABLE. The moment this happened they started shunning me and then the people always looked at me with this wtf expression when i asked them questions and put in ideas. Finally I just eh. Let it happen. I did help a little but JELLY JAMSAUCE PEOPLE I GOT YOU TO BE BUDDY BUDDY! DONT SHUN ME.
JMAN RISKES - 3 days ago
WHY DOSENT HE HAVE 10000000000000000000M
Jeremy Ortega
Jeremy Ortega - 3 days ago
I was one of the smartest kids in my class that when I wanted to answer she said no I was sooooo piiisssed off👩‍🏫😮☝️
afriend shib
afriend shib - 3 days ago
I had e very similar experience. Unfortunately. I hate group projects
Ender Dragon prince
Ender Dragon prince - 3 days ago
sexy keyboard guy
Lina Savostienė
Lina Savostienė - 3 days ago
fucking karen
JC [Ridley]
JC [Ridley] - 4 days ago
2:00 - Totally me!
Ruby On earth
Ruby On earth - 4 days ago
Flash Feather
Flash Feather - 4 days ago
Hewo, I’ve had a similar experience where I was accused of being a lazy person, but I was accused of this when I was doing work and asking what else I could do cause I would finish early on my part of the project, and it was a huge project, long story short I had asked(not in a quiet voice I’m sure China could hear me) how can I help, cause I had been sick for a couple of days, I was not even acknowledged at all so I sat in my seat starring off into space when the girl I had just asked what I could do cried out to the teacher(btw this teacher is a dim wit and hates me) she isn’t doing anything after I had asked her to help... I flat out said in that moment I don’t speak telepathy and I had asked how I could help and you did nothing and said nothing, I was pissed and really didn’t want to help them out if they were going to accuse me of such actions especially being the teacher flat out replied “sorry hun she will get the grade she deserves when this project is over” and I got a F when I had busted my rear end to make sure our project was good, apparently the rest of the group got D’s and they all resented the teacher afterwards...
Maija Beerman
Maija Beerman - 4 days ago
Me:pfffftttt I'm not lazy.
My brain: you did literally nothing all day. You're definitely lazy
jared jared
jared jared - 4 days ago
in my seventh grade communications class, one of our group projects was to make an advertisement for a product. i was just kind of plopped down with three other girls who i can't remember the names of, so i'll call them kayla, christine, and bitch. i knew kayla from elementary school, but the other two were strangers. so we started discussing what we wanted our product to be, and for some fucking reason, the other three all wanted to advertise for dunder mifflin, the fictional paper company from the office. the teacher predictably rejected the idea and the others spent like the whole period like "wha how did that get rejected what do we do now" until we finally settled on advertising for hersheys chocolate. then we had to decide on what our advertisements would be. so i said "hey we could do the two digital ads because i'm pretty good at photo editing" and i showed them an example. and kayla was like "but i wanna do the hand drawn ad" so i said "well we're supposed to use two different forms of advertising so you could do the hand drawn and i could make the two digital" and then bitch chimed in and said "well why don't you make one digital and kayla makes the hand drawn" and i was confused because my logic was perfect and i said "but if i do the digital i have to make two that's what the rubric says" and bitch just smirked and said "okay then you're not making the digital ads" and the other two laughed like that was some sick ass burn while i just contemplated how fucking stupid my group was
TheFurry Animator
TheFurry Animator - 4 days ago
CristalArmy! Forever!
CristalArmy! Forever! - 4 days ago
I had to do all the work in a group project and I wanted the other person to help. They did none of the work it freaken sucked.
Robert Labonte
Robert Labonte - 4 days ago
lazzys or fine 😴🤤😪🤥
Arabelle Poll
Arabelle Poll - 4 days ago
I love group projects when the teacher doesn't chose the groups. FOR EXAMPLE, My reading teacher put us in groups but tried to make them with people we would enjoy working with but she put me with the people I hate most -3-. I'm going to call them dumb girl and other dumb girl. Dumb girl and other dumb girl were very good friends I however was not there friend -3-. When the teacher said to go work and blah blah blah I sat down and they were so focused on each other they didn't even notice me ,3,. So when I finally said something they looked at me with the grossest meanest looking face and said in the worst of voices, "Ahem hey you aren't in our little group." I told them I was and when they denied it I asked the teacher and she said yes. They weren't pleased and whispered loudly saying that they had to have the laziest weirdest girl in the class. They said I couldn't take anything seriously and it was a waste of time to even bother talking to her. Whenever they started reading some stuff we had to read and they had both read 3 times and I had read 0 times I asked if I could read next and they said in a snotty little voice, "Noooooo you've read every single time it's other dumb girls turn" I told them I hadn't read once and they had already read 3 times and they said no we didn't you keep hogging the books. And then the teacher came and said, "Why is it only dumb girl and other dumb girl are reading? I've only seen you open your mouth to start arguments" I of course was so mad and accused the girls of not letting me but the teacher didn't know what to believe so she said she keep an eye on the group. When she saw the girls wouldn't let me read she came over again. The girls stood up acting mad like I was the one who hadn't done a thing. They talked to the teacher saying I was being lazy and wouldn't read but wouldn't give them the books to read for me or I was the only one who read. The teacher didn't yell but she did raise her voice a bit. She told them firmly that she saw that they hogged the books and wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. So they stayed in for recesses while I played outside with moi weird friends
Payson Pfefferle
Payson Pfefferle - 4 days ago
Awesome is rude apparently🤔wonder how that works...
P.S I love your videos Adam😍
Lalit29 P
Lalit29 P - 4 days ago
That happened to me in robotics
This is Della K. Sigler.
I can NOT stand "Group Projects" ❗
Boop - 4 days ago
Karen want's to speak to your manager.
Shiv Madki
Shiv Madki - 4 days ago
ur project reminds of me now
Sapphire Celabi TV
Sapphire Celabi TV - 5 days ago
Once I was in a group with one of the school bullies and every time he spoke I wanted to leave the room
TriggeredTeenageGirl 14
I hate group projects cause I don't have friends and our teachers never pick our partners only introverts understand
Owen Gilligan
Owen Gilligan - 5 days ago
‘That’s why I pick the solo challenge’ was in an ad for scramble and that is me in school
Shadow Dragon687 :P
Shadow Dragon687 :P - 5 days ago
omega 577
omega 577 - 5 days ago
so in school i had a group project, the people i worked with were OK but i offered to do more work and we a a B+
TheRandomFandomDailys - 5 days ago
y am always the loner in my school this is so relatable
Kattykit Productions
Kattykit Productions - 5 days ago
I’m lazy as F- anyway the person who actually does most of the project. On da computer and they all have to write their half HAH! I can write fast as F- so I’m a lazy person who can write fast who never likes to get up.
Videos With Gabby
Videos With Gabby - 5 days ago
Aubree G
Aubree G - 5 days ago
You where naked again when you where laughing 😂
alirob18 - 5 days ago
Your naked
Midnight The Ghost
Midnight The Ghost - 6 days ago
I'm lazy....when someone says "GO DO SOMETHING YOUR SO LAZY!!" my reply is.....

Alesha-Marie Gacha
Alesha-Marie Gacha - 6 days ago
My group started to get into an argument with each other over on the other side of the classroom going to get some supplies for the thing we were working on, while I was still at our table sketching the layout of it.
Anyway, their argument turned physical, and I only noticed when the teacher broke it up, and dragged the *whole group* into a spare classroom to talk.
All what they said was new to me, cuz I didn't see them fighting.
So I told the teacher that I didn't know they were fighting, and they had just gone to get supplies for our project while I did whatever.
Then she asked my group if it was true and I kid you not, they said no.
They tried to say that I was watching and egging them on, but stopped when she came in!
I said in a calm voice, "no I didn't do that, you can even ask the people that were near me at the time."
So she did that, and they all said that I wasn't encouraging the fight.
So the group got told of, and the teacher failed us *ALL* for that fight!
That got me pissed, so when it was time to go home, I told my mum when I got home.
So she got pissed, and confronted the teacher during school hours.
She brang my grade back up from an F, and gave me an A instead, because I was the only one who put the majority of effort into it.
But we had to do the whole thing again. Only them though, cuz I had passed it with an A (like I mentioned)
So that was fun
South - 4 days ago
Alesha-Marie Gacha bet that’s satisfying
Taya Clarke
Taya Clarke - 6 days ago
Jadam = james And adam
TREY JUHL - 6 days ago
i always get elementry school teachers to get me to work alone and still get an A
Alex08yolo - 7 days ago
Love you vids
king game
king game - 7 days ago
I feel a ya
Ren Kawara
Ren Kawara - 7 days ago
I can relate to this... when it comes to group projects I am a strict follower because I never know what needs to be done so I need people to tell me what to do. Each time I was in a group project I'd ask them what they wanted me to do and they'd say 'I don't know' then stop talking to me. I would end up doing nothing because I wouldn't know what to do... it sucked, I hope it doesn't happen in high school this year
Bella Brooks
Bella Brooks - 8 days ago
same! I would be the one person in the entire class who didn't have a partner.
but to be fair I don't like people and am very socially awkward, so maybe it's for the best.
Broly - 8 days ago
I’ve been there Adam I’ve been there ,_,
Sylas Riexinger
Sylas Riexinger - 8 days ago
I did in the comments
Ekostreem - 8 days ago
Um...what about paaannnnnnttttttssssssss or ssssssshhhhhhhhooooooooeeeeeessssssss.........
Enya Alahakoon
Enya Alahakoon - 8 days ago
I hate group projects the teacher picks our PARTNERS FOR US
Wth teacher 😈😡😠
Leonhart Music
Leonhart Music - 8 days ago
I admit, I'm very lazy. But I do also do all my work, not extra though as I'm 13 and I somehow manage to get a good grade without studying. The only subject I actually work extra for is music, just because I enjoy it. I know, r/nobodyasked but who the fuck honestly cares.
Xxenticon 89
Xxenticon 89 - 8 days ago
Me:*Stands up.*
Me: Okay okay..Perfect ti- No...Okay I will settle down.
Trash Cat
Trash Cat - 8 days ago
3:49 2:13 100% relatable
m16 vidoes
m16 vidoes - 9 days ago
i feel your pain i've been there many a time
looseVileAnimation - 9 days ago
Flips the middle finger
Jazmine Nelson
Jazmine Nelson - 9 days ago
It's National LAZY DAY!
Chase Hamilton
Chase Hamilton - 9 days ago
0:45 well take them to dinner first jeez
Rosalie Janssen
Rosalie Janssen - 9 days ago
one time i that i worked in a group they gave all the work to me
blueskyz_ - 9 days ago
about a year ago i was in a group with this guy named uh jack and he literally didn’t do anything to help the project even tho me and the other girl gave him stuff to do and he just sat there doing nothing except watching us do the work so uh yeah ._.
gacha devil
gacha devil - 9 days ago
I feel your pain
Matthew Parks
Matthew Parks - 9 days ago
But I am lazy
raptor king1136
raptor king1136 - 10 days ago
Everyone can be lazy
Yu Yu
Yu Yu - 10 days ago
I have two brain cells and one is a potato
Boii Bros
Boii Bros - 10 days ago
I’m lazy except I do my work... :(
Makenna Fis
Makenna Fis - 10 days ago
Omg I am soo lazy because I only get up to get food or pee
Megan Lewis
Megan Lewis - 10 days ago
That s ALWAYS me! And sometimes I'm say hi 6 or 7 times to someone andthey don t even notice! But I guess that's because I said it really quietly, right? Or because they're in the Land of Phone. Stay hydrated, wear your seatbelt and whatever you do, don't eat raw jellyfish tentakles.
Galaxy Moonlight
Galaxy Moonlight - 10 days ago
SAME!!! I feel your pain 😢😰
LINA NAVICKAITE - 10 days ago
I took over his coment
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