In Lazy People's Defense

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Night Jet
Night Jet - 37 seconds ago
My worst hated word, "ANYWAYS". Like, I don't know why, but I hated being ignored with the word "anyways". If youre GOing TO iGnore me, (Misspelled on purpose) then give me the reason! (Not to offend anyone using this word. You can use it in other ways, but please don't use it to ignore someone.) Welp, that's it, I guess.
Jazzy Pillow
Jazzy Pillow - 11 hours ago
Y'know when you don't really have close friends but hang out with about 3 other people and then your all in class and your teacher announces a project that will go on for weeks and tells you to pick your groups but only groups of 3....and your all alone....and get put in with the *reject kids*

Just me.....
flying puinguin
flying puinguin - 11 hours ago
i a
i am
i am l
i am la

please like this took forever to make
Catherine Eckels
Catherine Eckels - 15 hours ago
Stupid Karen...
The Harbinger Of Death
The Harbinger Of Death - 17 hours ago
Laziness support group?
yo boi v
yo boi v - 18 hours ago
3:53 this happened to me to once
A Memish Patato
A Memish Patato - 19 hours ago
This is why I don't work with people
Tiagov Kin
Tiagov Kin - 19 hours ago
*isnt settling down*
Jillian Gravelle
Jillian Gravelle - 21 hour ago
catch me laying in bed butt ass naked watching this
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye - Day ago
Lazy doing project “utter nonsense rambling” doing it with most of my effort looks somewhat good no periods nothing capitalized commas or other stuff try with full effort still needs help but relatively good
SimpleQuantum - Day ago
Karen took your kids because you shouted at her
emilyisadolphin - Day ago
literally we just finished doing a group project and i finished my slide and asked if i could help anyone else and they all said no and the 'leader' of the group said my slide was ok and so i asked the teacher what to do after i was done and and he told me to read so i went back to my seat and got my book out and then EVERYONE in my group started yelling at me to work so i looked each of them in the eyes and they all just dropped it in our grade i'm known as 'the weird kid who growls,hisses, and scratches and snaps at people' so they dropped it but i was so mad because THE PROJECT WAS ALREADY LATE AND THEY KEPT ADDING TO MY WORK LOAD THEN now they say i'm done and try to add *more* work ......i was about to bite all of them......
Gacha girl cat Annabell
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Mr. Bern
Mr. Bern - Day ago
Group Project? Alright let us begin- God dammit all the groups were formed...
*sigh* Hey Teach? I'm groupless...
*Teacher looks over* Oh... I assign you to this group. The one with all of your bullies.

Darktsz - Day ago
ik its 2019 but after that day....Karen left with the kids.
mark's for gaming and showcase
Same thing happened to me once
Gigi Forever
Gigi Forever - 2 days ago
This is me and this is relatable
Ya Boy
Ya Boy - 2 days ago
Karen took the kids and about to take you
Gacha Minnie
Gacha Minnie - 2 days ago
Everytime there is a group project I always tell the teacher "I'm working by my self" so yeah I'm actually working on a book project by myself so yeah
IceLordCryo - 3 days ago
this actually happened at my former place of employment. For 2 years I was given nothing to do (not even training), then was asked to resign for not doing anything
Hana Nilles
Hana Nilles - 3 days ago
I’ve found the best group projects happen when you and your partners all feel like your not holding your end up so you work extra hard and offer to take peoples work, and then they offer to take some of yours ‘cause they feel like they aren’t contributing enough, this cycle repeats until everyone has done a little bit of everything and the project absolutely blows the teacher away
The Random Godness
The Random Godness - 3 days ago
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw - 3 days ago
Group Projects: WORST INVENTION EVER, LIKE EVEN WORSE THAN... than... idk it's just the worst
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw - 3 days ago
literally same experience, so frustrating... I"M NOT LAZY
TheMindCraft DrawingMaster
I was also accused of being a slacker just because I'm fat
Miquel Duran Lucas
Miquel Duran Lucas - 3 days ago
Tyler Hillman
Tyler Hillman - 3 days ago
I hate it when people ignore my ideas and call me lazy too. It happens all the time and its bullshit!
Star Art
Star Art - 4 days ago
Thank you
UwUCottonCottonCandyDreamsUwU :3
im so lazi, i caint evn spel rite XD (that was a joke lel)
Bronson Binder
Bronson Binder - 4 days ago
I’m cindof lazy
Liberty - 4 days ago
I can't stand being in a group. I love to work independently that even if I was put in a group I will more than gladly do all of the work because I CAN'T STAND being told WHAT TO DO and HOW I SHOULD DO IT.

Plus it will be an easy A.
Karen Tepehua
Karen Tepehua - 4 days ago
I'm Karen
Phillip Mavroudis
Phillip Mavroudis - 4 days ago
White_Wolf X
White_Wolf X - 4 days ago
I have a similar story

AHEM... Once upon a time there was a weird kid aka me. The whole class knew I was weird. Then we had a group project and everyone was in a group exept me. So the teacher put me in this group of nerds. And every time I tried to help they tell me “your so bossy” and I just am silent but in my mind I’m saying “***********” then the teacher came over and believed them and I was stuck with having to be embarrassed in front of the whole class.
SCP Robloxian
SCP Robloxian - 4 days ago
This happened to me in 5th grade, not the same thing but I wanted to help but they ignored me. I got a bad grade because I had no evidence that I tried.
Pnu - 4 days ago
Well one day we had two days to make a poster about an explorer and I did it all by myself. The rest of the guys in my group were talking and weren’t doing help and when I asked them too they just said “finnne,” overall I did 95% of that project on my own
CatoGlitchyCat Roblox an Minecraft
My comments never get over 5 likes
Ricky Ca
Ricky Ca - 5 days ago
Werin7 - 5 days ago
I was in a group project with some "popular" girls and I was so shy I wasnt able to make my point and such. I ended up taking credit for someone else's work with a badly written report because I was too shy to tell them my ideas and the peice of the project I spent so much time on was just scrapped from our final. I of course took it out on myself and to this day I have no idea why I got a b+
ItsMeSaivion - 5 days ago
I have almost 50 subs. 1 lime is one more sub
Comment Managment channel 2
If that currency project happened in 2018 everyone would say 1 thing. . . V bucks
ANIMATIC TOONS - 5 days ago
Your voice is pretty sexy
Walker #18936
Walker #18936 - 5 days ago
With group projects, I usually work alone because the teachers are afraid I’ll hurt someone. And if they don’t, I work by myself and get a separate grade. Haha, I scare my teachers!
Ruvindu - Gaming
Ruvindu - Gaming - 6 days ago
I had a project in school which was to create a eco-house (environmentally friendly house). First we had to write the paragraphs of research. Each paragraph had to consist of 1. What it is 2. How it works 3. How it benefits humans 4. How it benefits the environment 5. How does it link to C02 reduction. To get an A grade we had to do at least 6 paragraphs and let me remind you, this was a partner project. My partner was my "friend". He thinks of me as his best friend but he's not. He's really not. He's so clingy and he tries way too hard to be my friend. Anyways, we decided to do 7 paragraphs to confirm that A grade. I was on my 3rd paragraph and my "friend" was STILL on his 1st one and he had so many mistakes, punctuation was disgusting, and his paragraphs were only like 3 lines long! Mine were AT LEAST 6 lines long each. He ended up doing 2 and I did 5 + I did half the work of his paragraphs since they were so terrible. He ended up leaving on holiday and I had to build the house all on my own. And lemme tell u! I was so anxious I wouldn't be able to finish on time! I used all my free time on it, I asked the teacher if I could stay in at lunchtime to finish it and my partner didn't contribute anything to the design! I haven't got my results yet and I'm still pretty nervous about it. Thanks if you read that entire story, it means a lot to me :3.
Mario Banda
Mario Banda - 6 days ago
Karen give back the kids and get it together
Troy Dix
Troy Dix - 6 days ago
5:32 when people don’t give you work and they say you causes distractions
melanie dries
melanie dries - 6 days ago
f*** u "ADAM"
melanie dries
melanie dries - 6 days ago
melanie dries
melanie dries - 6 days ago
trololol - 6 days ago
I can relate
Gacha storyteller
Gacha storyteller - 6 days ago
I'm lazy
Dylan Goodrich
Dylan Goodrich - 6 days ago
Jeez u have anger issues
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
So in projects or group work I’m the person who’s “lazy.”
I just need directions so I don’t do anything wrong
Z Z - 6 days ago
this happened to me throughout the entirety of middle school :0
NightOwl _Animations
NightOwl _Animations - 6 days ago
Take it easy Karen you can take the kids after the video god
Charmaine Ashton
Charmaine Ashton - 7 days ago
I'm a lazy person too
Brook Dell
Brook Dell - 7 days ago
I just love this but I wish that I knew what grade you got
Immortal Desecrator
Immortal Desecrator - 7 days ago
I would tell the teacher to fuck off and give me the grade they get because if im not being included in a group when im forced to be in a group and they dont want me to help i should get their grade. If im told to re do it myself id say no and they can go fuck themselves
Lil Monster
Lil Monster - 7 days ago
I'm not lazy I'm just highly encouraged to do nothing
Catherine Repp
Catherine Repp - 7 days ago
Karen seriously.... you need help
Peter Allen
Peter Allen - 7 days ago
I’m lazy and you offended me
Sage Jobes
Sage Jobes - 7 days ago
That literally happened to me three times last year! I literally didn't know what part I should do and they just ignored me and then yelled at me for not doing anything! And my friends thought they were right!
Usman Khan
Usman Khan - 8 days ago
I feel bad now because I usually do this but I mean I go to a really dochey school where either a white girl is always innocent and a fucking non Christian/Muslim is always to blame and almost all the boys are doches who don’t wanna work
RENZ IVAN B BANAAG - 8 days ago
Thanks for defending lazy people dude cuz I'm one of them
GamerGirl 101
GamerGirl 101 - 8 days ago
I'm lazy
Manga girl
Manga girl - 8 days ago
“O f T h e d u m b a s s “
Glaceon Umbreon Sylveon
Can I see your project?
Yuri SakuraiSNED
Yuri SakuraiSNED - 8 days ago
I always try to give people the work but THEY NEVER DO IT so that person is an actual lazy person
Ismail x
Ismail x - 8 days ago
Im a lazy ass person...
time to explain
Ok, so you know that kid who always crams for the test only on the day before? Ya, i wished i was that
Im here studying as the teacher is handing the test out
I almost never finish my solo projects on time and am happy and proud of that fact and hell, im kinda known for this
BUT, if its a group project, expect me to text yall the second u get home cause imma finish this assignment before the nest day
I currently have a group project thats 10% of my final mark on a book that no one like and none of my group members even *looked* in the group chat I made
Aahar Llc
Aahar Llc - 8 days ago
*Karen took the kids,huh?*
Eva Barnes
Eva Barnes - 8 days ago
Please stop cusing I'm 9
Pikachu 444 part 2
Pikachu 444 part 2 - 8 days ago
Eva Barnes yeet he don't care
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 8 days ago
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 8 days ago
I'm lazy for homework
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 8 days ago
Rodolfo .O
Rodolfo .O - 8 days ago
Wait you last name is ortiz? I have that as my last name aswell lol
baymax the ham
baymax the ham - 8 days ago
Im a lazy person
Blue Productions
Blue Productions - 8 days ago
You see I’m lazy in the since I don’t wanna go out or do anything but I’ll get my group work done ya know
Luna Moon
Luna Moon - 8 days ago
Hi Adam, I was just wondering if ur still afraid of dolls?
Mr Universe
Mr Universe - 9 days ago
OK this video made really angry because I know exactly what you are talking about.
gatcha maker
gatcha maker - 9 days ago
Earlier this year I had a partner group in writing we ha two weeks to make a poem about our differences and similarities so we had to work in the hall because there was no room so I start a conversation and she starts babbling about how she hates her mom as I look in my head I was like WHAT!? Finnally about five days in I get a rough draft! I ended up writing it we both had to write it on our own computer and I ended up writing hers to.. then after I have written it force her to give me something then I highlighted it then we have to present these! So I printed it show and she says "I don't like this stuff anymore I don't want to live in a mansion anymore" I was Soo triggered so I told her you should have told me a two weeks ago! Then I tried to practice reading it cause that was half our points so I say let's practice she rolls her eyes and grabs a wheelie chair an rides down the hall we get to present and she basically raps the poem she was speaking so fast which would lose points I look at her and slow down after we got about six out of ten but I'm still mad at her XD
BrinnyRae BATIM fan
BrinnyRae BATIM fan - 9 days ago
Okay so I have a story like this, except I did literally all the work. It was in my history class and we were doing this thing called history day where you pick a topic to go along with the theme and you provide a lot of information. I forgot what the topic was, but I did it in a group of 3 people and we chose the topic titanic. So it’s the first day of work and my class is a very talkative class, I start working on the checkpoint and I look over to see my partners doing.... nothing. They were looking at memes and watching YouTube videos, not helping me in any way. I tell them to help me and get working and they do a few things but then go back to doing nothing. Later, a guy who was absent the day we chose groups joined our group because I didn’t exactly care who was in my group as long as they helped. This guy only walked around talking to other groups, I was the only one working. I knew all of these people personally so I dragged them all over and told them I am not doing all the work. So I get them on the computer and tell them what they can do, THEY STILL DID NOT HELP IN ANY WAY. It went on like this for a few days and a guy eventually did an very small portion of the work, but in the end, I did basically everything and I’m still mad I let them all get credit for it. Luckily my teacher noticed and gave good comments on the project because I worked very hard on it and that’s why he’s one of my favorite teachers. So anyways, life lesson: make sure the people you get in a group with will actually help you with the project, I’m doing the same thing this year and so far I have done most of the work, but I think it will all work out. If not, I’ll freakin take all the work that I did and make them start over. Wow I wrote a lot, I guess I just needed to rant. 😂
Go For Wonder
Go For Wonder - 9 days ago
Oh. My. Gosh. People. Are. Annoying...
I just figured out how I annoy myself.
A Peterson
A Peterson - 9 days ago
I can so relate to this
Lilibeth M
Lilibeth M - 9 days ago
I am always the one doing the whole project by myself
I try to tell teacher to give them half of the work
But they still make me do all of it
And I end up getting them an A+ anyway
It gets me so mad
Its Fosa
Its Fosa - 10 days ago
Oh my gosh i hate group projects. I never know whats happening. I like it when its me and one other person that way you have help, but also can contribute. But with like 4 people is to much.
Green Day180
Green Day180 - 10 days ago
WHY IS THIS ME I always put A LOT of input into ideas and NO ONE listens so I just said I have no clue and continued tomlook like an idiot while we were doing out oral presentation 😐
PixelHero - 10 days ago
I mean, I sometimes call someone lazy... when they have proof that they actually are, it was a GROUP PROJECT for ELA, 1 person that was in my group was in the restroom the entire project (it was a 1 day project) and the other was making jokes about how she was stalking me.... leaving me to do it all, on my own.
Amelia Miller
Amelia Miller - 11 days ago
One time I was I a group project with five people and on the day to present I was the only one there we all did work don’t get me wrong but they all left me when they had to go to a meeting or something so I said all of there parts even though that was the whole project presenting it they got an A too
Super Smash Morgan
Super Smash Morgan - 11 days ago
One time I was doing a project and my friend was on my team and we did all the work and the teacher like a total dingus was like sorry you can’t do this because it’s to little of the work but we had a model and everything so shows some teachers are jerks
bunnygirle26 - 11 days ago
I recently came across your channel and it is now my new favorite
Drawing Is fun
Drawing Is fun - 11 days ago
I have an “accused of being a lazy person story”!
Okay! So, my teacher gave us an assignment and it seemed fun and easy enough until she said it was a group project and assigned me and another kid who was left out to another two-person group, and apparently one of the girls just jumped to conclusions because since me and the other kid are pretty quiet and keep to ourselves she legit said “UGH, I don’t wanna work with *THEM!!”* and I just thought it was her way to say she just wanted to work in pairs with her friend so even though she kinda hit a nerve there I ignored it.... *UNTIL* THE FRIGGIN JERKQUAD THREW A MINIATURE TEENAGER FIT BY GIVING US AND HER FRIEND THE SILENT TREATMENT!!! And she also every once in a while, violently turned her page or slammed her science book shut and muttering stuff like “this is frikin’ retarded!” Until, her friend (who might I add is nice and doesn’t jump to conclusions) asked why she didn’t want to work with us or something along those lines and......this..sonova@$*# said *”NO! THEY ARE QUIET AND WILL JUST COPY OFF OUR HARD WORK!!!!!”* and oh my god, words (nor emojis cannot describe the hatred I felt at that very moment, it was like, I was completely fine and slightly annoyed until I just got hit by this truck of: *WHAT THE FRICK DID SHE JUST SAY?!?!?* but then, while while we where actually doing the project her friend was talking to us like we where four, or something by saying stuff like “ok, when you’re ready, underline the correct sentence.” And then give the cliche kindergarten teacher “good job!” When we got it right...yeah, normally I’m not the kind of person to hold grudges but I feel like what that girl said about us being quiet is always gonna be in the back of my head like, EVERY single time I’m in a group project and I REALLY hope this isn’t how the rest of the class views me cuz that’s just a bunch of bohawk!! 🤬
Drawing Is fun
Drawing Is fun - 11 days ago
Bandwagon Desavage
Bandwagon Desavage - 11 days ago
Friend and I had a big project and he did not do jack shi*
So when I took a day off from school he did not do jack so we were behind and when the teachers pulled me aside because I was the best at what we were doing he did not do jack shi* and we were way behind sooooo
Presentation day roles a round and we have half of what everyone else had so we presented last and had to rush the hell out of it
Bandwagon Desavage
Bandwagon Desavage - 11 days ago
Se so I had a similar story and so my
BIH - 11 days ago
I needed to work in a group with 2 people doing nothing (only one of them made the front page) and 1 did only half the item something useless and I did almost all of it(half in class and the other half at home AT MY ONE in less than 30 min I was finished and it was so ez only those kids where just dumb I tryed to game them work but they didnt get any of the things they asked
una the sea angel
una the sea angel - 12 days ago
I'm a child
Fail Mr
Fail Mr - 12 days ago
I know how you feald
Mangle Mayberry
Mangle Mayberry - 12 days ago
omg that's what always happens to me I try to help and they just COMPLETELY IGNORE ME
Gacha Salam
Gacha Salam - 12 days ago
I remember when i was in grade 6, we had a group project about natural diaters or something. Me and my friend got placed with the 'lazy' person.(Fun fact, he was failing alot of his classes) So i tried to give him as much work as me and my friend had.(it was a slideshow presentation) And guess what he did. NOTHING! So, i ended up doing his slides. So we also needed to do cue cards for the presentation, so i told him a week before the presentation to read the slides i did for him, and make two cue cards of point form notes about it. Simple! So the day before the prensentation, i ask him if he has the cue cards. And he just says no with a blank expression! So my friend did his cue cards, and we presented. After all that, we had to evalutate our group members on how much they did. I gave him a 3%. Because all je really did was read off the cue cards my friend gave him. My friend game him a 10% because shes too generous
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - 12 days ago
I know how it feels samthing happens to mr
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