In Lazy People's Defense

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Victoria Ferguson
Victoria Ferguson - Hour ago
Teacher: get a partner and do a presentation tomorrow on medicine
Me: I don’t have a partner
Teacher:ok work with her
Me: hi so what medicine are we gonna do
Her: well how about penicillin I’ll do every other slide
Me : ok sounds good
*latter at home*
Me:* comments on project what the plans were*
Her: ima do blah blah blah
Me: ok kool
Yes I did my work
No I didn’t know what I was talking about
Yes I was reading word per word
Yes I spent 3 hrs of my time making sure just the designs looked good.
Yes I spent an hour on the research part
Overall 4 hrs was wasted cuz that prick wanted to do it her self 😑
Kay Abd
Kay Abd - Hour ago
Were is your pants Adam haha
Jessica Andrade
Jessica Andrade - 8 hours ago
Omg i hade that time but .... I DID EVERY THING AND THE TWO PEOPLE DID NOTHING .....NOTHING 😭😭😭 and my group look so bad 😭😭😭 but we were much better then the other groups 😄
AlexarobesGG123 - 11 hours ago
thx for defending me, IM LAZY
Rylan da Silva
Rylan da Silva - 11 hours ago
I still love u
Maggie Reilly
Maggie Reilly - 12 hours ago
Your naked
Arious Productions
Arious Productions - 12 hours ago
Wow. This happens everytime I have to do a group project.
Blue Lion
Blue Lion - 13 hours ago
o no
Jedi Spiders
Jedi Spiders - 14 hours ago
This sounds a lot like Jaiden's video on group projects... I'm noticing a pattern here. Why are James and Adam always stealing ideas from Jaiden?
Mimi kyu
Mimi kyu - 15 hours ago
So at meh school we had some clocks and we had to do times on it but we were in groups but one of the people ( let’s just call her poop ) had to do the time we were taking turns btw and it was poop’s turn but everybody was just talking so I moved the time and then POOP JUST TOLD THE TEACHER THAT I STOLE HER TURN! Yeah that’s it :)
PaperBag - 16 hours ago
I forgot to point out that you don't have pants and I can see your ding dong. And it's seriously traumatizing
SillyChotu 2008
SillyChotu 2008 - 17 hours ago
I got an ad for lays chips before watching this again
Kate Young
Kate Young - 17 hours ago
Sometimes people are considered lazy, but when you look at what they do at home then you think... wow. you really are lazy. Just kidding I'm usually fully screw balled with things to do so I'm mostly considered lazy at school.
Fox gamingXX
Fox gamingXX - 18 hours ago
U forgat your pants.....
Creative Bean
Creative Bean - Day ago
I love how the ad to this video was a work out gadarade ad.
Nova Starlight
Nova Starlight - Day ago
I mean, I hated group projects for a long time after trying to work on a group project, nobody would ever respond or message, and this was a group of like 5 different people mind you... I basically did all the work and made the entire presentation with all the information, after waiting so long for a response, I ended up finishing part of it the day of in the morning. Oh, and yet they all happened to have an excuse... Sorry, going "shopping" doesn't sound like a good excuse to me but hey. You do you.
Bethany Reeves
Bethany Reeves - Day ago
Ok ok ok this makes sense but... when u ask a person to do something and then..........
they don't and u end up doing it and then all u ask them to do is get bread and.....
THEY DON'T it can be classified as this person used me because I'm smart.
Nawaf Buwait
Nawaf Buwait - Day ago
When your teammate slapped you for choosing the wrong answer but at the end you still got the right answer
melissa pao
melissa pao - Day ago
You know, most people like when the teacher says "you can choose your own group" but I hate when they do that because I got no friends. I mean, at least when the teacher chose the group *for* you, nobody would feel left out.
SarcasicCasm Oc
SarcasicCasm Oc - Day ago
"Fuckin' Karen" I'm dying.
chrissy green
chrissy green - Day ago
Fucking karen
Duo Trix
Duo Trix - Day ago
The Gacha Nerd
The Gacha Nerd - Day ago
This happened to me countless times and I never do anything but in my head I really want to punch everyone I'm working with.
Patricia Manuel
Patricia Manuel - Day ago
Adam I want to help you
jk - 2 days ago
So relatable
YouTube Noob
YouTube Noob - 2 days ago
I was in a group project so we made a plan that they said they understood but the next day I wasn't there and there tore it apart and they just gave up and I had to do it all by myself.At the end before we presented we noticed that out project wasn't there and when we asked the teacher she said "One of them looked completely destroyed".So she through our project in the trash and we didn't present.
drimic forchan
drimic forchan - 2 days ago
What I lf they pull your wait
cxndy gacha
cxndy gacha - 2 days ago
I am lazy, but I’m not a crappy person. So I’ll always do my thing and do my part. But I don’t over achieve.
Roboboy Jedi
Roboboy Jedi - 2 days ago
Yo no hablar espanol or "me no speak spanish"

I looked most of the spanish up in that sentence
super alec
super alec - 2 days ago
in one group project for our FCS class, i was dishwasher but still needed to work. i was just put at dishes the entire period.Then, in S.S., one of my group members said i was terrible at making spaghetti, even though i was doing good. then, i was framed for "falsely accusing someone."
Snowicorn - 2 days ago
I hate group projects. First, I'm an introvert and it's more comfortable for me to work alone, not thinking about other's part if project. Second, ...I'm alwas alone. Like somehow when a teacher says "Choose your partner and work together" I'm the only person left...Maybe that's because I have no friends...
Snowicorn - 2 days ago
I had a similar story about a year ago. On geography lesson we had to make posters and text about all natural areas(?). The teacher told us who to work with, and I was working with a girl I was sitting next to(let's call her Kate). Me and Kate had not the best relationships(she hated me), so after a minute of akwardly sitting in silence she just turned around and started working with another group. I thought "Okay, maybe she just wants to unite our groups since we had same topic". After that nobody contacted me and as a super shy person I didn't do anything to remind them, that we're in the same group. Next week the teacher was checking projects and wen it was our turn I just came to them and we were reading the text they wrote. So...I guess I was a lazy person that time...(too much text)
Juana Lopez
Juana Lopez - 2 days ago
don,t you dear poop on your face becose evryone is a fan so poop you im a fan to
Neko Queen
Neko Queen - 2 days ago
Yeah I was in a similar situation in the 4th grade. We had a project to make a light bulb work with a group of 4 people working together. Luckily we didn't have to present it or anything, the teacher was just walking around and watching to see if any of us had cracked the code. But it was obvious they were discluding me cuz the other three were crowding around it and physically keeping me away from it. I'm not good at sticking up for myself, especially as a kid so I just watched from afar until class ended lol. Well, I didn't have any ideas anyway sooooo I wouldn't have been much help anyway.
The funny thing is, ninth grade I had a project similar to the currency thing except we had to make an entire economy and country. I had one lazy person in the group and she ruined it a bit by throwing facts into the presentation that we hadn't discussed to make herself relevant even though she hadn't done any work otherwise. Don't get me wrong, we tried to include her but she just either didn't respond or outright contradicted us. Otherwise it went really, really well and we got an A in spite of it
Lunaria Akina-Haru
Lunaria Akina-Haru - 2 days ago
I’m petty so of course I remember the following story
So it’s 3rd grade
Group projects
But thank god the groups were assigned because I didn’t know anyone
My group consists of Harold Marr Jelina and Frad
Of course myself as well
But the project was to research something about colleges and schools
And how they were similar
So we get together and I do widered myself kind of smart
So I didn’t think I’d be so mercilessly attacked
We grab our chrome books and begin working
And I ask
“Hey what should I do?”
And while I’m cluelessly trying to be helpful
Like 3rd grade level school building cost estimates and stuff
And they make me look for pictures
P i c t u r e s
Those spicy pillows threw me at the dirt like that
While they do some smart people shit
I’m smart too ;~;
I didn’t even get to help with the script
I still hate those people
They’re meanies
Lunaria Akina-Haru
Lunaria Akina-Haru - 2 days ago
I should add, Frad was the leader and he was also my crush so I just didn’t like him after that He’s a little rancid meat slab Myeh
Joe Rambles On
Joe Rambles On - 2 days ago
Teacher: This is a group project
Me: I have to talk to people!?! DANG IT!
I hate Everyone
I hate Everyone - 2 days ago
Did any one else think that when ever he said my people he said white people
Just me okrr
Terence Fung
Terence Fung - 2 days ago
The feeling's neutral adam...
victor Mina
victor Mina - 3 days ago
And whenever I try to give advise to the group they make me feel like I’m not even there!
Denis_Gamez - 3 days ago
Adam: Exists
Whoops I took off my clothessssss
serina castillo
serina castillo - 3 days ago
When i work with dumb kids i do all the work and they copy me like one time my teacher partnered me with the dumb kid and i did all the work. ur he got distracted when he was writing stuff down he got distracted from the posters on the wall like stupid questions and stuff it really annoyed me so i kicked him under the table we were working at. •¥• ^-^
Minecraft kitten cat
Minecraft kitten cat - 3 days ago
He was saying kids watch his videos and how he was naked but, he kinda says bad words

No shade love his videos even if I am a kid(plot twist) and shouldn’t watch his videos
Kittycandraw - 3 days ago
AHHHHH I HATE GROIP PROJECTS people thinking that it he's are stupid...RUINING FRIENDSHIPS YAY!!!!!
Jman Duncan
Jman Duncan - 3 days ago
"OMG THEY......... THEY THINK I'M OF THE DUMBASS!!!" literally me XD
Mitch Bertacchi
Mitch Bertacchi - 3 days ago
I have a similar story...
So, as a "fun activity," the class was divided into groups, and we had to make the coolest marble maze thing out of foam pipes and masking tape. I actually know how to do crafty things, so I knew a lot of ways to help that were (not to brag) better than the other group member'ses (memberses? members's? memberers?) ideas. BUT GUESS WHAT?
Me: Hey, I.. uh... don't think that the marble can make that tight of a turn?
Others: What? did you say something? So anyways *continues talking to rest of group*
Me: I have an idea- this ramp here makes the marble get a lot of speed, so maybe we could add in a loop?
Others: *Not paying attention*
The marble maze ended up being a piece of junk that fell apart immediately, and somebody in the group even said that I did absolutely nothing at all. Sooo... yeah.
Irena Stukheil
Irena Stukheil - 3 days ago
I'm lazy but not all the time
Cheryl Gonzales
Cheryl Gonzales - 3 days ago
Sorry AutoCorrect down below
Cheryl Gonzales
Cheryl Gonzales - 3 days ago
Would it kill you because you don't corral genitalia who who who
Remi Lalaque
Remi Lalaque - 3 days ago
I am in 16 and I never had much group projects but the "oh no everybody alrzady chosed a partner" is the most relatable thing ever
Fanny Måfors
Fanny Måfors - 3 days ago
IM lazzy
Hayden Ramazan
Hayden Ramazan - 3 days ago
I feel your pain
Super Sisters
Super Sisters - 3 days ago
I WAS FALSELY ACUSED OF BEING LAZY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#relatable
I’m lazy
victor Mina
victor Mina - 3 days ago
Well I have no friends so I get in trouble anyways and they blame me for everything
Chip O Legend
Chip O Legend - 4 days ago
Im actually the brain of my group most of the time granted I'm not one of the shits that get into the top of the class but I'm the one who those shits rely on for ideas heck the copied my project design and when we were supposed to pass I was blamed for copying and the top of the class and top of the batch asks me tons of English question and uses my essays as reference
Reecebo5 - 4 days ago
seems like im not the only 1 that happened to
Jinxy Jynx
Jinxy Jynx - 4 days ago
My brother had a group project one time and one dude said he was gonna come over to our house and the other dudes house. He *never* did. He said he was gonna make the board. *He shoved it onto the other dude who shoved it onto my brother* The other dude never really did anything either do my bro basically did the whole project himself. He was *rather* mad for a while. They are no longer his friends.
EvTheBoss 1122
EvTheBoss 1122 - 4 days ago
Thx for the defence Adam luv u
Foxxlord - 4 days ago
Matheau DeJesus
Matheau DeJesus - 4 days ago
Talyn the YouTube
Talyn the YouTube - 4 days ago
Adam! You’re naked!
Peter G
Peter G - 5 days ago
Adim you were naked but you kept opening your legs. Throwing some hints
Altannavch Chultem
Altannavch Chultem - 5 days ago
you have no pants
Cat Rainbows
Cat Rainbows - 5 days ago
He said there was children watching him and he does thiss 1:07 how dare he
Mask Hyper
Mask Hyper - 5 days ago
says kids watch this
swears to karin
Iron Oran
Iron Oran - 5 days ago
U not lazy
Marie Bensvidez
Marie Bensvidez - 5 days ago
5:31 me
Person with bad jokes Yup
“Of the dumbass” XD
Artur Azevedo
Artur Azevedo - 5 days ago
I like working on groups. I never have to do anything :)
coocoo kumnquat
coocoo kumnquat - 6 days ago
Fucking karen
Snow Day
Snow Day - 6 days ago
I can totally relate.
Every time I have to do a group project everyone gets into groups and I’m left without a group, and when I get put into a group by the teacher the group they ether don’t want me in the group so they don’t let me do any work or when I get placed into a group they just don’t let me do anything. It’s rare when the group I get put into lets me help with the work.
Why do you hate Karen so much
Trop Ix
Trop Ix - 6 days ago
Isn’t it annoying when you want to be in a group with some friends that you have known for years and years but it turns out they had already made a group with some people who are their best friends now that they just met that year. Yeah. That’s, I can relate but not only in group projects.
Shark gamer
Shark gamer - 6 days ago
If children are watching you........
...........why are you cussing
William Foss
William Foss - 6 days ago
F*cking Karen
Zo Bo
Zo Bo - 6 days ago
*cough cough* salty
Kaizel12 - 6 days ago
I was in a group project and end up doing all the work.
Club_Dub - 6 days ago
AHAHA I TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS. The problem is I get this alot so idc anymore 😂
professional potato
professional potato - 6 days ago
I have said many times

“I don’t have a group”
Ashpanda 07
Ashpanda 07 - 6 days ago
Last time i worked in a group she did the text and i did the Powerpoint i think that was equal
Joshua Nelson
Joshua Nelson - 7 days ago
This is why I hate group projects.
Matthew's Corner
Matthew's Corner - 7 days ago
Am I the only one who spent the first minute of this video thinking about ideas for alternate currency? I came up with digital points. It's nothing special, you just have a card or memorize the password for an account and you have points. You can pay or earn each point individually or in bulk and you have to provide a fingerprint scan you can't open someone else's account. I dunno, I literally just came up with this in a minute. It's probably stupid.
The Solorios
The Solorios - 7 days ago
Ok that was the best science fair ever
The Solorios
The Solorios - 7 days ago
"Person"_O.k Aaron has bad grades which means he is dumb which means he is lazy
"Me"_Hay I heard you.

Rocket launcher blew up the school
The Solorios
The Solorios - 7 days ago
Then I figure out it is just because I have bad grades. Yah only reason no one let's me help on projects for class
The Solorios
The Solorios - 7 days ago
I am always identified as a lazy person but I'm always toughing out ideas and trying to help
Ezekiel Watson
Ezekiel Watson - 7 days ago
Alright, I actually have a story,
So once a while back my teacher wanted us to do a group project, I forgot what it was about and I was the only boy in the group ( I think the class was divided into 3 teams ) anyways... I was the only boy, so automatically they didn’t trust me, I wasn’t necessarily friends with some of them and that probably increased the chance of them not trusting me and ANOTHER thing was that I was lazy at home and I tended to tell stories about things that happen at my house and it kinda implied I was just doing nothing ( automatically lazy ) so these girls had lots of reasons not to trust me with this, so none of us got in trouble or anything, everyone kinda brushed it off, I asked to helped multiple times ( like you said in your story ) I’m like 98.78% sure they said, “oh it’s ok we don’t need your help rn I mean it’s not even that important” on the outside I was like, uh ok then... and when the end of the project we chose who got to present the project, I wasn’t selected to present ( clearly ) but like I was kinda annoyed they didn’t trust me I mean I am extroverted and like talking to people and I was never lazy AT school so I guess they assumed since I was lazy I DIDN’T WANT TO DO ANY WORK, once or twice they told me to hold some papers and I was like “well if I weren’t here, who would be holding these papers?”
So thats my story kinda boring to me but if you read this and like then I like that you think my life is relatable or something
Cute Kitty
Cute Kitty - 7 days ago
Im a kid jeez put on a shirt u r gonna get hot if yr always in a hoodie
Iggv Iggviilanueva
Iggv Iggviilanueva - 7 days ago
1:03 i thought she was taking the kids lol
Pet Production
Pet Production - 7 days ago
Great video! 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🎓✍💯🎦🎞
DJ CAT EARS watermelonGiRl
Vaporeonkid08 ‘
Vaporeonkid08 ‘ - 7 days ago
In math specifically im of the dumbass
Firesque _
Firesque _ - 7 days ago
I’m the one who never has a group to! It’s so unfair!
Hiitsabidah - 7 days ago
they told me nothing is impossible
*but I do nothing everyday*
Kiera M
Kiera M - 8 days ago
This kinda reminds me of Jaidens video
Charlotte Harper
Charlotte Harper - 8 days ago
I know no one will read this cuz it’s soo long but if you do your a legend
I hate group projects cuz u have to depend on others in order to finish the project in time.
One time we had a group project and since i was the new kid and everyone picked they’re group i was left alone soo,the teacher has to put me in one of the groups,and that group was with someone who despises me for no reason ( seriously i didn’t do anything to her)
So! , the group project involved helping people in need,like for example the janitors i guess,they decided that :
“Ya know! We should get some food and give it to them!
And i was the one given that job! Okay cool,so i got the food , went the next day to school and showed them the food , then they told me that today wasn’t the day we were supposed to give them the food,and i was like:
“Okay then,when?” They replied with a “idk”
And the food i got was a sandwich which doesn’t take long to expire
( it’s fresh thats why it expires early)
So then i had to eat those sandwiches then buy new ones for when were actually going to give them away,but they never told me when to do that. Anyways,
During the week there was this day that I didn’t feel great , so i told them that I wasn’t coming to school today,and they say “okay”.
Then the next few days i find out that they got another girl to buy food and they took pictures with the people who they gave food,and they put it in our projector ,on the day that we had to do our project , and i looked bad cuz i had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOONG ON, AND I WASN’T IN THAT PICTURE, UGH 😑, i was so confused ,that girl who despises me must’ve felt great to make me look bad cuz ..THE NEXT DAY THE TEACHER CALLED ME OUT INFRINT OF THE HALL CLASS ACCUSING ME OF JOT DOING ANY WORK AND NOT ALLOWING ME TO EXPLAIN MYSELF, like was your point to humiliate me “TEACHER???”
Like any teacher with common sense would’ve talked to me after class not tell me to get up and accuse me of being a bad student like.. Frick u 😔
This girl till this day like 3 years later hates me,and i hate HER for that,like this girl herself could’ve talked to me about it instead of telling the teacher right away, i hate this school.
i know no one will read this but thank you so muchh if u did!💕 xoxo
Artistish - 8 days ago
Imagine those people sitting on their asses, scrolling through YouTube and finding this video

ChrisSermation - 8 days ago
I do admit to being lazy but I'm currently changing that just very slowly, slower than I expected and would like..... SCHOOL SUCKS.
Kahlilg ? juu Clarkson
Kahlilg ? juu Clarkson - 8 days ago
I am a ventricular
Black Cat
Black Cat - 8 days ago
I hate group projects
They don't talk to me only with each other
Yes I am the quiet outcast ;-;
So I just end up drawing
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