In Lazy People's Defense

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Sean Rist
Sean Rist - 6 minutes ago
I'm not lazy, just energy efficient
Leon Yang
Leon Yang - 22 minutes ago
I was lazy when I was 5...and I still am
Pets and Penny
Pets and Penny - Hour ago
unicorn love
unicorn love - 3 hours ago
Ok I got real real real pisses watching this smh he deserved better
Latasha Northcott
Latasha Northcott - 12 hours ago
Im a smart kid but counted as the lazy one because i am mute and is an introvert something u need me to do nope.
0MindSwept0 - 12 hours ago
Instead of pooping on someone, just poop it a jar or something and then throw it at them LUL
Reshma Patel
Reshma Patel - 13 hours ago
Nothing new about my life. it's because I am...LAZY!!!!
Yui Rose
Yui Rose - 13 hours ago
I was always that one person who was alone...I loved it
Angela li
Angela li - 15 hours ago
Yeah this happened to me when I am in 3rd grade lol
Orla Herley
Orla Herley - 20 hours ago
Im 9 and a lode of people in my school call me lazie evan tho i do karate boxing (kids boxing)dancing and brounies ive told them and they still call me lazie😟😭😭
ᎫUЅᏆ LUNᎯ - Day ago
That happens all the time to me that one person that is like I don't have a group with one or 2 friends by my side when we need groups of 8 or 10.
Or if I'm in a group they make me feel invisible and every time they give me a suggestion like hey do u like blue or pink they choose the exact opposite, I feel u something YT
cat bug
cat bug - Day ago
ok so this one group i was in there was allthe you know sterytypes the nerd the jock (meh the jock)poular and wierd the popular one flirted with me through the entire prodgect and di no work it was annoying af
Waluigi Wario
Waluigi Wario - Day ago
Shut up, sock puppet
I said shut up.
I am lazy person I am great I’m always a couch potato
Chloe Manning
Chloe Manning - Day ago
Tbh i am of the dumbass x2
Najpoten Icewolf
Najpoten Icewolf - Day ago
OMG, the same thing happens to me. I'm terrible at group projects, because I don't know how to interact with people. I personally prefer to do all work by myself, than be depending on others. One more thing is I don't trust other people. I'm always afraid that my level of work will be too low or They will be slacking off. I'm so happy that I can now do my history presentations by myself. I know, I working is important aspect of all companies. But I really would prefer if the results depended only on me. At least then I can blame only myself, If something wasn't done good enough.
Ysha Gaming
Ysha Gaming - 2 days ago
I feel u man
ugly art
ugly art - 2 days ago
listened to this while doing some workouts 10/10
Markk Blazes
Markk Blazes - 2 days ago
AkA in my defence
Markk Blazes
Markk Blazes - 2 days ago
AkA in my defence
Luckee and Lando
Luckee and Lando - 2 days ago
I hate people like that.
Th3g4m1NG b0Y
Th3g4m1NG b0Y - 2 days ago
I really needed a defense like this for a long time because I got accused of the same thing and I was -PISSED- *triggered*
Th3g4m1NG b0Y
Th3g4m1NG b0Y - 2 days ago
THANK YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU I *hate* _and I mean hate_ people like that
Playin' Mobile
Playin' Mobile - 2 days ago
We had to do a word search as a table group, so we split up the words into the 4 of us. All of us find our words except one person who didn't even look at the project. Fu....👹
Δημήτρης Καλέργης
Defend me Adam~
Edit: F****** Karen..
dude s
dude s - 3 days ago
they made me look awesome in front of everyone
Chloe Weddle
Chloe Weddle - 3 days ago
hi if you see this thats cool i dont know how though hahahahah i love your chanel so much :}
Ellen Powell
Ellen Powell - 3 days ago
can you lisen to twins
bloo :P
bloo :P - 3 days ago
I absolutely despise group projects. Either I get paired with a bunch of idiots or with people I hate and/or just really don't like.
Last semester, my grade was tasked with creating a business that we'd present to our own version of Shark Tank, but without any real currency, and a Faire where we sold our items afterwards. At first, it seemed interesting enough. What child hasn't mentally invented something, thinking they could someday change the world? So, I quickly made a group with two people I considered friends, whom I will call Rose and Miley for privacy reasons. Miley wasn't in our class, so Rose and I went over ideas. Being a girl, I thought about how utterly peeved I got when either 1. My pockets were fake (like, who does that?), or 2. I didn't have any pockets whatsoever, because I don't carry purses - too feminine for my tastes. So, Rose and I came up with a stylish, discreet belt with built-in pockets so whatever you're wearing doesn't have to have them. They'd not be like fannypacks and slightly disrupt an outfit, making you look like a dad from the 80's, but be small yet spacious, also able to function like a regular belt, with space for your phone, wallet, and maybe some makeup. It was the perfect idea! We just had to pitch it to Miley. However, She and Rose met together without me, and Miley completely discarded the idea, creating something that applied to their demographic, but not mine (they both play soccer). Her excuse? "I've seen that exact thing before." She even told Rose not to tell me what it was that my invention was similar to, telling her that I'd "just know". Her invention was a sock with a built-in ice pack to cool sore feet. It took me two seconds to find that exact thing on Amazon, that not just cooled, but warmed. When I told her I didn't agree with her invention and that maybe she should consider what Rose and I want, too, she threatened to kick me out of the group. However, because of the way she had been treating me, I let her. I was done with her taking everything over and not listening to anybody else - Rose was too nice to stand up to her. So, she decided she'd put me in a group herself. After doing so, she told me who she'd put me with, and stopped texting me. She'd put me with two of my close friends, Eva and Shane (again, changed their names for privacy reasons), whom I love dearly, but they're absolutely idiotic when it comes to academics. Where as I found the project boring and easy to understand, they found it challenging and difficult. They tried answering a question on a reflection form for our progress, but I had to undo it all because they completely misunderstood every single question. It was hard, but we pulled through. However, that was probably one of the worst group project experiences I'd ever had, and that's saying a lot.
Anyways, sorry for the huge block of text, I just really, desperately hate group passion with all of my heart. It's never, ever been fun or easy for me. (My last group project was with two slightly obnoxious boys whom spent a lot of our group time goofing off, and completely changed my part without my knowledge)
I Smell Your Thoughts
I Smell Your Thoughts - 3 days ago
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Random Guy
Random Guy - 3 days ago
Yeah that always happens to me lol. We are a group of 3. Then one of them is like: so how do we divide this by 2. Im like wtf man divide it by 3 and then he ignored me but the second person is like sure lets divide in 3.
jacob canterbury
jacob canterbury - 3 days ago
I hate group projects THEY ARE THE WORST
Gaming Core
Gaming Core - 3 days ago
group projects suck!
Dragonfire10 - 3 days ago
Nice, now make a video „In defense of fat and dumb people“
After that, I'm defended
Pokemon FanClub
Pokemon FanClub - 3 days ago
My tabel never lets me do anything once i asked if we could do something and one of the tabel group person said hell no not shut up f**ker
Toddles - 3 days ago
You are awesome.
Im laze but you amost sade you hate laze pepel
thing_that_went_ HI_in_night
So I just be lazy like crazy
thing_that_went_ HI_in_night
Yeah that's me in a nutshell when it comes to group protects
SherlockFan#1 - 4 days ago
SETTLE DOWN KAREN! FRICKIN KAREN! 😂😂😂😂😂 Why was this so funny to me. Lol
Halle Roberts
Halle Roberts - 4 days ago
So I was at a school thing and then we had to do a little project I had to work with boys and I felt insulted because they wouldn’t let me do anything and I kept on giving the project failed.
Soooo yeah
Paulmend Vang
Paulmend Vang - 4 days ago
What’s the point of this video
CameronIsTheCanera _
CameronIsTheCanera _ - 4 days ago
I’m a lazy slot
Laci DeLuca
Laci DeLuca - 4 days ago
i was talking about something in 4th grade at the begging of the year with a group and they didn't let me say s**t so i told the teacher and the next day I WAS THE ONE THAT WAS RIGHT!!!! group projects suck fuck them besides my best friend who was trying to help me
Mikey Faulkner
Mikey Faulkner - 4 days ago
im half and half
Obsidian Flight
Obsidian Flight - 4 days ago
I have a story about me in 6th grade, we were told to make an electric thing and i know how "ahem" *SCIENCE* (some of it) works and they thought i was a f___ing dumba__ so they didnt let me do SHIIIIIT. after 30 mins they gave up and let me do my thing, it works 1st try, im suprised that my team got first place in quickness (or whatever the word should be) and to this very day i havent lost an argument... the legit way

(screw you mom and dad, saying"stop arguing with me" makes you seem like you know you cant win, try and win an argument with facts and knowledge and you may actually make me stfu)
Hunter Landis
Hunter Landis - 4 days ago
I feel your pain Adam it happened to me a loooottt
Xx_Natalie _xX
Xx_Natalie _xX - 4 days ago
One day in class my teacher gave us a project to do “group project” we were already sitting in groups and I sat with two boys. They both argued and then told me to get a computer. I did and started working the both copied me and got credit. They got full credit from coping off of me. Next project I did it by myself writing small so they couldn’t read it.
Banana Studios
Banana Studios - 4 days ago
Lol u used CG5
Galaxy_Pastel209 - 4 days ago
That story happened to me and I didn't know what to do so I, switched to an other group so yea. Keep up the good work Adam!
LL Squishy
LL Squishy - 4 days ago
One time my math teacher (p. s. I love math but not this time.)put us in groups for a projet and she put me with the cool kids for the rest of the lesson I said nothing. When I got home I text them saying hey what should we do do you want to meet up and all they did was say that I want cool why am I here get a life kill your self blah blah and I was like no so for the rest of the time we had everytime I saud something they said shut up then it came time to show the class and it came to my turn I just sat down and then the teacher asked us to step outside and they all said I didn't do anything but I showed the messages but they show they woert there and deleted the chat so it looked like I made it up and text a different person but at the top it say chat deleted so the teacher saw they got detention and I didn't and after Woods they said you childish snitch and Al I did was pok my tough out it works while they said what's that's going to do I said piss you of they said how and u saud if it didn't you would if walked away so I won that one so ha
UWW (User with worlds)
UWW (User with worlds) - 5 days ago
I'm a lazy person. So...
I suck. Yay...
I suck and I'm a dumbass.
Meera Sajen
Meera Sajen - 5 days ago
I had the same exspeariace
Maryrose Appah
Maryrose Appah - 5 days ago
Dude I'm lazy lol. I never turned in a *single* piece of homework since the beginning of *the fricking school year* Not all of the time it was on purpose tho lol
Josephine Mitchell
Josephine Mitchell - 5 days ago
Once apon a time... I wanted a kitten and soooooooooo i studyed and i studyed and i studyed
Josephine Mitchell
Josephine Mitchell - 5 days ago
Fyi he is four months old😀😊😜and actually hard to take care + be responsible of my kitten
Josephine Mitchell
Josephine Mitchell - 5 days ago
I was and still am happy and thankfull
Josephine Mitchell
Josephine Mitchell - 5 days ago
And when i got my my baby(his name is shadow🙉😃😄) i freaked out
Josephine Mitchell
Josephine Mitchell - 5 days ago
For like 3 years...(i still study)
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer - 5 days ago
I'm not lazy I am energy efficient
Jenna Abutineh
Jenna Abutineh - 5 days ago
So I have a group project right now with someone that everyone thinks is a "lazy person", the thing is, when I told him to do something or asked him for his input, HE WOULD TALK! Moral of the story is yo not assume anyone's gender
Jurassic Gamer
Jurassic Gamer - 5 days ago
That's true that people are wrongly accused of being lazy. But also "lazy" people could just be someone who's depressed.
ERNIE VLOGS - 5 days ago
Im lazy too
Miranda Carroll
Miranda Carroll - 5 days ago
I identify as a

lazy person
Hayden - 5 days ago
Roses are Red
Violets are blue

*Read more*
Computer Repair
Computer Repair - 5 days ago
THÊÃ Madelen
THÊÃ Madelen - 5 days ago
One time i was doing a progeckt and it was in pairs.. so i ended up with this verry smart girl! And we were doing stuff and she ackted like i was a dumbass and almost did everithing herselfe!! And i tryed to help but she said : oh no just do your own thing! 5 mins after she told the teacher that i did not want to help or do stuff!! Them im like What!? I Asked If u wanted help! And she is like: no you did not do anything you just sat there and did nothing whail i was explaining
matthew kral
matthew kral - 5 days ago
3:42 happens to me all the time
Skyler Adams
Skyler Adams - 5 days ago
GamerGeekBelle - 5 days ago
Oh god. I'm sorry about that. Group projects can be so god damn annoying.
¡ready! !wolfy-dragon¡
I use to be super active and when I fond your YouTube channel I became super lazy
Griffie Griffon
Griffie Griffon - 5 days ago
Okay! So, I was working with a group of 4, and we were doing a project on tropisms, and we had a week to work on it. So, basically we were all nerds, but I was the new kid, so none of them gave me their number OR discord OR skype OR facetime. Then one period we were " working " and they said " Griffie ( my fake name ) do you have the information for your tropism?" And I said...what??????? And they stared at me but the " smart one " said : uHHHH YEah I kinDA forgOT tOoooo gIvE you the cOntActs…hEheHe... I told the teacher and she said " Okay, Griffie gets a B and ya'll get a D " I was so happy to hear them apologize
doomrader5000 deluxe
doomrader5000 deluxe - 6 days ago
In a 6th grade project(I'm in 8th grade now) I was accused of being lazy, I told one joke and everyone was fine, after that, I was working my butt off (this was one of those projects that if you worked alone, it would take like a week, but in the group we had to finish it that day) and someone in my group tells the teacher that I was not working at all, so I told the teacher that I was working, and he made me do the project...
So I was mad as frickin heck
doomrader5000 deluxe
doomrader5000 deluxe - 6 days ago
This was a true story
pimaza - 6 days ago
BamqoTheRetard - 6 days ago
I got a story too:
So, we had to do a group project about history. we had 2 days. 2 DAYS!!! WE COULDN'T MAKE ANYTHING IN 2 DAYS! Anyways, we had 2 days and we were 4. we were supposed to meet up at the park, but we forgot our numbers. so I had to call my friends, to call their friends, so they can tell me the numbers of the rest of the group. This by itself took 8 HOURS. Also some of theirrfriends decided they would help, which was nice. Then we became 8. Now everything seemed more possible exept if they didn't LIE TO US! They were to a party, which i can't blame them for, but a promise is a promise, ok! And now we decidet to meet up at the park, so we can breathe some fresh air and think. *but nobody came*. Yup, they threw me away like a bannana peel. But they ACTYALLY tried to lie to the evil crazy bit- I MEAN TEACHER to give me some credit. And we never had another group project together again. The end.

ps. leave a yolk review
I pull my weight.
I am lazy.
Willythepig05 - 6 days ago
dude this is exactly what happend to me too
The Shadow Cats
The Shadow Cats - 6 days ago
IM lazy
The Shadow Cats
The Shadow Cats - 6 days ago
my heart ;c
Maxine Nayyar
Maxine Nayyar - 6 days ago
well i was in a group project and they just acted like I wasn't there then at the end they told the teacher i didn't do anything at all😾
Lorelai McHam
Lorelai McHam - 6 days ago
Im doing a grup project but a kid in my group cant read. He also is constantly talking and not paying attention. WHAT THE FRICK SHOULD I DO?
Yolotzin Flores Sanchez
:o U So Mean To Meh!
Michelle Estes
Michelle Estes - 6 days ago
Kyle Hartman
Kyle Hartman - 6 days ago
when i do a project with people with a group i dont get to do anything... i try to help but they find something else because they all agreed on something else sooooooo #relateable ???
no no
no no - 6 days ago
This happend to me to
Birb - 6 days ago
0:18 common sense hoodie yeah!
avi h
avi h - 6 days ago
Michael JS
Michael JS - 7 days ago
This always happens to me
Abigail C
Abigail C - 7 days ago
My last group project: (fake names i'm nice, also it's long so rip)
The one kid (Sam) that was extremely bossy and snobby
The kid (Alex) who was arguing with Sam
The kid (Sandy) who just did NOTHING the entire time (Hey I actually tried to include Sandy but NOPE)
And me.
Basically, we had to pick a city (like, Boston, New York, Berlin, etc.), make a collage on it, and then make a slideshow or a video on it. I wanted to do Chicago because why not? Also because I wanted to actually learn something for once, but NOPE, I got outvoted and we had to do Paris. Which might seem cool, but it's Paris. So...I mean, everyone already knows like everything about it! (You might disagree idk.) It went downhill from there. I got outvoted again, and everyone else said we should each do an individual collage and vote on which one is best. I thought that was going to take too long, and guess what? I was right. Also you were supposed to put pictures about the history and culture of the place, not just stuff to do...but NOPE.
On the due date (for the ENTIRE project, not just the collage) Sandy just had a picture of the Eiffel Tower, Sam and Alex had friggin PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL collages, and of course I'm the only one who actually bothered to RESEARCH the city and find RELEVANT pictures instead of just Googling Paris, which is what the teacher said NOT to do. If that wasn't bad enough, Sam and Alex were arguing over which one was better. You want to know the difference? Maybe one picture and the background.
So me and Sandy just look at each other like, wtf? and decide to collab on a slideshow to do. We agree to "meet up" at around 4. 4 o'clock comes and...nothing. It was just me. I even e-mailed him to ask him to do a slide, but nothing. S/he came to school the next day and nothing. Not even an excuse on why s/he forced me to do the entire thing by myself!
Of course, Sam and Alex saw it, DELETED ALL OUR HARD WORK, and forced us to do a video, which they kept arguing and didn't even get finished. I repeated the last paragraph and...ugh. It was over. And actually I got like an B or something...I was too lazy to go to the teacher though.
Sorry for length rip
Dog Dude114
Dog Dude114 - 7 days ago
damn u Karen
Toadmaster lol
Toadmaster lol - 7 days ago
That happened to me in science I feel u bro
Shiloh Johnson
Shiloh Johnson - 7 days ago
I’m naked and watching this how’d you know (insert thinking face emoji)
Daniel sj 2004
Daniel sj 2004 - 7 days ago
Bagel n Trash
Bagel n Trash - 7 days ago
I am working on a project for my AP EURO class and I got put with a partner that I usually help him on the big assignments so he thinks that he can just place all the work on me and not do jack shit. Now I will make sure he doesn’t get credit and I won’t help him on any more big assignments until he apologizes and proves himself worthy of my godly answers. His grade depends on me basically.
Ghostly Animation
Ghostly Animation - 7 days ago
This video just summed up every time that I was considered "Lazy" when trying to do group work.
tazzan Brad
tazzan Brad - 7 days ago
I can relate to this
Midnight Rarity
Midnight Rarity - 7 days ago
Same thing happened to me but at lest I said something they did and got to play with Legos
Gamming Moose21 Gamming Moose21
Thanks for defending me
Alayna Nichelle
Alayna Nichelle - 7 days ago
Im lazy at home but if im expected to do something i do exactly what im supposed to do
Digi Shade
Digi Shade - 7 days ago
You and your friends seem to have the same problems
ananjelli 0
ananjelli 0 - 7 days ago
since people are sharing stories in the comments then i might as well join in lol this is pretty long soooo
to be completely honest i’m one of the laziest people you will ever meet on this planet. i don’t really care about anything including what other people think about me and stuff. so when i had to do a group project with like 4 kids, i tried helping. but yeah, like expected they ignored my ideas and or requests. every time i wanted to question something that had to do with the project they would never reply to my texts. i’m a very straight forward person so instead of just saying random crap to them and just ignoring them and letting them do all the work. i just told them if they even wanted to work with me and or listen to me. they just said that they had everything under control. now, in other scenarios i would’ve just let them do that certain thing on their own. but in the certain circumstances we were in, i wasn’t gonna let some jerks tell me that they didn’t need my help. cause you see this certain project was worth half our grade in that class, we had to present and give a full depth explanation of the said topic, individually. so each of us had to give a 5 minute explanation of that topic. and depending on how we did, how we sounded, and how we explained, that was our grade. so in the end, i didn’t do anything. but let me tell you what i did without them knowing. while they were talking to each other in class about the project i listened in and finally understood what they were gonna do. they didn’t bother saying anything to me mainly because they thought that just because i’m lazy i’m not gonna do good with not only the project but the presentation. so they just ignored me. even if i kept bugging them and asking them if they needed help. but yet again they ignored me and said they had it all under control. 1 month later, we had to present. while each of them were explaining what the project was about, i stayed silent. and at the end the teacher grew quite confused. she ended up clearly calling my name and asked me a question about the project. while the kids in the group probably expected me to be quiet and not say anything because i didn’t know. the other night i researched about the topic and wrote down information on post-it notes. while i took out the post-it notes, i scanned for everything that the teacher didn’t ask and what the kids didn’t say. i answered every single question that the teacher had and even had a few students in the class raise their hand to ask questions. i ended up helping the group that didn’t even want my help in the first place. according to the teacher i was the one who summarized the project and wrapped everything together. and we all ended up with a big fat A+. they ended up apologizing for how they treated me and now if they have a question about that class they actually listen to my advice. so everything worked out at the end. so yeah moral of the story is, just because some people are lazy doesn’t mean they’re not able to help and don’t be a jerk.
i’m honestly surprised if you genuinely made it this far lmao
Anthony Casbar
Anthony Casbar - 7 days ago
Some lazy people are lazy because they know the constant state of stress and despair of the world... or something
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez - 7 days ago
Adam hates me T-T
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose - 7 days ago
I'm lazy but I do everything in group assignments
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