We Are Moving In Together !!!

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Amiya Martinez
Amiya Martinez - 13 minutes ago
COLORADO IS WHERE ITS AT! 🥺 but im so happy for Jordan he found a good women who doesn’t want clout 😩
Jaydon gelin
Jaydon gelin - Hour ago
Keabetswe Litsili
Keabetswe Litsili - Hour ago
Emily Franco
Emily Franco - Hour ago
just the fact that he accepts her and her children just shows there are good men out there
Emily Franco
Emily Franco - Hour ago
im here for it, love is just so freaking pure and beautiful!!! wishing you guys the best
Selyin Lainez-Gamez
Selyin Lainez-Gamez - 2 hours ago
Can you guys start the Vlogmas the Christmas thing pleaseeeee
Nallely Blanco
Nallely Blanco - 2 hours ago
i love u guys already🥺🥺
Lyndiwe Austin
Lyndiwe Austin - 3 hours ago
iced white mocha with sweet cream foam and extra caramel drizzle
Alecyia Piedro de oro roca
Aww just seeing her without makeup or those big eyelashes 🌞🤪
Alecyia Piedro de oro roca
Aww I’m from Colorado 🤪☺️
Zack & Jay
Zack & Jay - 4 hours ago
New subscriber 😊 love, love you guys 🥰💫💖
Liliana Sanchez
Liliana Sanchez - 4 hours ago
Lolo’s is sooo good
Marcos Espinoza
Marcos Espinoza - 4 hours ago
I've been waiting for you guys to do a YouTube channel im so excited and im new i just subscribe to ur channel
Asisipho Lamani
Asisipho Lamani - 5 hours ago
im sorry but i just love reece voice
Kimmie Estrada
Kimmie Estrada - 6 hours ago
Rayleen and her girls are so beautifulAnd Rayleen is so beautiful with or without makeup😍🥺❤️yall are such a beautiful family!❤️
Bella Chella
Bella Chella - 9 hours ago
Love her !! She is pretty without the make-up and with make-up
Babygirl D’amour
Babygirl D’amour - 10 hours ago
She looked so different without makeup. UR STUNNING NATURAL
Verano Mejia González
Verano Mejia González - 10 hours ago
Awww she is so cute she said “ look at me dada”. 🥺
Eyshita Hoque
Eyshita Hoque - 10 hours ago
I respect you reece because your totally respectful torwards her kids
JirahBrianna_ - 10 hours ago
Ok but the kiddos are gorgeous 🥺
Babygirl D’amour
Babygirl D’amour - 10 hours ago
I had no idea you guys had kids together...They are ADORABLE
Esmeralda Cruz
Esmeralda Cruz - 11 hours ago
Nipuni Kapuge
Nipuni Kapuge - 11 hours ago
The girls are so cute 😍
The Royalty Angel
The Royalty Angel - 12 hours ago
Refentse Masia
Refentse Masia - 13 hours ago
The kids are so adorable!!! 😊😊
Natalie Alexys
Natalie Alexys - 16 hours ago
omg where did you get the buzz carseat?
Emily Flores
Emily Flores - 16 hours ago
Omg she looks so different without her make up !!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Love ittt ❤️❤️
Heidi Liliana
Heidi Liliana - 18 hours ago
Juliana Margaret
Juliana Margaret - 19 hours ago
love you guys
Winnie Grimes-lewis
Winnie Grimes-lewis - 20 hours ago
No makeup and still beautiful holly shit team ray ❤️💗💗
Winnie Grimes-lewis
Winnie Grimes-lewis - 20 hours ago
Ray is so freaking beautiful 🤩❤️!!!!
Kianna Lovato
Kianna Lovato - 20 hours ago
I like how reece is invested in finding nice stuff to decorate, most guys don't care about the decorative part of moving in. 🤣
Mirella Parra
Mirella Parra - 21 hour ago
This is PERFECTION♥️♥️♥️#teambothhonestly, I just want to say that it truly shows when you’re genuinely happy!💫✨
tracy shep
tracy shep - 21 hour ago
Team kids lol
Krista Treviño
Krista Treviño - 21 hour ago
Ugh she’s so beautiful with no makeup 🔥🤍
tracy shep
tracy shep - 21 hour ago
Awwww that's so sweet meeting papa 😘 isnt that the kind of candle Justice keeps talking about too??? I'm going to have to go check out that scent and see what y'all talking about I love that clean linen or clean cotton for my house in a dark blue almost black one for my car and I cannot remember the name of the scent but the little holders for the scent clips for the car are fire !! Uh Mama ( oops wrong channel 🤣😂)
Christina A
Christina A - 22 hours ago
Team Reece
Marcella Cisneros
Marcella Cisneros - 22 hours ago
Why do the girls call him dad don't they have a dad? I think it's too soon to call him dad but that's just my opinion.
lexie heredia
lexie heredia - 22 hours ago
Chauncey Garner
Chauncey Garner - 23 hours ago
GWU on the girls sweaters stand for Gardner Webb University? How y’all know about Boiling Springs, NC?
Mich Perez
Mich Perez - 23 hours ago
My heart melts when the baby calls him tata even though I know she means dads 🥺🥺😭😭
Jonathan Wences
Jonathan Wences - Day ago
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Erica C
Erica C - Day ago
I genuinely love rayleen’s vibe she seems like such a dope person, most girls do it for the clout but you can very clearly tell that’s most definitely not the case with her. Wish you guys the beest!!💞
Karlee Rodriguez
Karlee Rodriguez - Day ago
Rayleen is so beautiful!!!! 😍😍💗
Her bare face is gorgeous 😍😍😍 DROP THAT SKIN CARE ROUTINE SIS !!!
It's so cute seeing this side of Reece !
I'm glad ya decided to make the youtube channel , can't wait to see were ya journey takes ya 😊 🥰
Sandy Cabral
Sandy Cabral - Day ago
You guys are pros at this already. Such a cute family...the girls are so adorable and I love how they call Reece dada 😊 💖
Kathrynne _
Kathrynne _ - Day ago
Ok but can ray drop a makeup tutorial !! Her makeup is always popping!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Day ago
Let's all agree Reece needed a mature woman in his life and he got a GOOD one😘 Those babies are so fricken adorable😍
zee - Day ago
i live 4 this relationship
funmi ojo
funmi ojo - Day ago
You guys are so cute😍😍
Lovely Lita
Lovely Lita - Day ago
For the negative comments who wouldn’t look at themself at the camera ? She’s a gorgeous women , I would look and admire myself also .. if you don’t know how to be positive just shutup .
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - Day ago
Ray brings out a side of Reece we haven’t seen and i’m here for it!❤️
Rilie Lorico
Rilie Lorico - Day ago
wait did the little girl just say “i want my mommy and jordan to date” 🥺🥺
Rilie Lorico
Rilie Lorico - Day ago
OMG “dada” i’m so happy for himmm 😭😭😭
Destiny - Day ago
Love you guys, can’t wait to see what the future holds for y’all! Whatever it is I’m here for it!
Cathy Star
Cathy Star - Day ago
Abby Gama Vazquez
Abby Gama Vazquez - Day ago
I Love The Vibe❤️❤️❤️
Brooklyn Perkins
Brooklyn Perkins - Day ago
omg the baby’s are too cute!! reece is an amazing father figure!
music vibes
music vibes - Day ago
is anyone else having anxiety watching Reece drive ? 😂😂😭 he literally had both hands off the wheel and kept looking away 😭😂😂
Stephanie Herrera
Stephanie Herrera - Day ago
I love it how Jordan said “is not my house is our House” 😭💗
Riia - Day ago
Okay 100k 🥴
Madison Hudson
Madison Hudson - Day ago
Christy Turman
Christy Turman - Day ago
Congrats you two! I mean 4!!💗🌼🌸🦋🦄🌈👣🤰🌞
Naomi Huntley
Naomi Huntley - Day ago
We need a couples morning routine 😭😭
Alyssa Patereau
Alyssa Patereau - Day ago
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Ernestine Balos
Ernestine Balos - Day ago
Congrats guys🥰👌🙏
Denee's Vacays
Denee's Vacays - Day ago
Ray brings out a side of Reece we haven’t seen and i’m here for it!❤️
Nancy Lopez
Nancy Lopez - Day ago
Woahhh she’s beautiful without makeupppp😍😍😍😍
Sebas Samudia
Sebas Samudia - Day ago
Team R
Keianna McCrea
Keianna McCrea - Day ago
Supporter from AZ !!! Lolo’s is fireeeee
user099 - Day ago
nooooo don’t do pranks they’re toxic!
Jenny Saldaña
Jenny Saldaña - Day ago
I love how Ray looks so comfortable with the camera despite her being new to this!
Kylie Siloan
Kylie Siloan - Day ago
Wow I am super excited for this channel😩😍I can't wait for many more exciting videos 💯🌈I love you guys so much❤😘
I liked and subscribed I also shared your video✊I am on TeamRayleen,you might be new to this but I am with you all the way☺🔥🙈
Yvette Nyirasabato
Yvette Nyirasabato - Day ago
She is beautiful with makeup but more beautiful with out makeup ❤️ love y’all tho
lyn caela
lyn caela - Day ago
New favourite YT couple 😍😍
Akissia Cornwall
Akissia Cornwall - Day ago
I've never seen Reese like this .......but I like it ...😊😊
Katherine Reyes
Katherine Reyes - Day ago
My jaw dropped when I saw rayleen without makeup! Even more damn beautiful without and that’s not even a lie !!😭😍
Princess Crybaby
Princess Crybaby - Day ago
I really love rayleen her energy is so amazing and I loveee them togetha
Mosa Evodia
Mosa Evodia - Day ago
Already addicted.
Mandy Garcia
Mandy Garcia - Day ago
Such a cute couple , wish u both nothing but happiness in life and wish you the best on your YouTube journey love from Los angels ca 💙💕 I noticed u from your brothers vlogs 🤣 so you know I had to subscribe 💕💙
leslee - Day ago
leslee - Day ago
leslee - Day ago
Toni Cori
Toni Cori - Day ago
This was fun!
Esha Williams
Esha Williams - Day ago
The girls are so beautiful💕🌸
JCook you are an amazing man. Enjoyed this video👏🏽❤️ #BeautifulFamily❤️💕
#TeamRayleen #TeamReece
Margot Persi
Margot Persi - 2 days ago
I thought she was going to be prettier from how picky he would be with blind date surprises lmao
alanna Hernandez
alanna Hernandez - 2 days ago
Loving the vibes 😍
Alexis Ortiz
Alexis Ortiz - 2 days ago
Nelly Pastrana
Nelly Pastrana - 2 days ago
Ray you look really pretty without make up on
Nelly Pastrana
Nelly Pastrana - 2 days ago
Reece you actually look like your grandpa.... Best of luck on your new journey.
nutty01 Togafau
nutty01 Togafau - 2 days ago
Team both prank your brother lol
nutty01 Togafau
nutty01 Togafau - 2 days ago
His drink the best love it
nutty01 Togafau
nutty01 Togafau - 2 days ago
Iced white mocha
nutty01 Togafau
nutty01 Togafau - 2 days ago
Love it
emma melendez
emma melendez - 2 days ago
iced Matcha green tea latte with 4 pumps of rasberry!! for a venti :)
kaila salguero
kaila salguero - 2 days ago
Team rayleen 🤪❤️
Maria Andres
Maria Andres - 2 days ago
OMG you are unrecognizable without any make up on and those ridiculous fake lashes. I think you low key look bettr natural or wear much much less make up. Your daughters look more like you without make up on.
Drea Martinez
Drea Martinez - 2 days ago
I subscribed immediately from yalls first video! I love yall together Ray definitely making him happy, I've never seen THIS REECE!! & also Ray you're silly, & a beautiful, great mother to two beautiful babygirls. Wish yall nothing but the best 🥰❤
Leslie Ocampo
Leslie Ocampo - 2 days ago
“ Not my house , our house “ ☹️🥺🥺🥺
Maria Andres
Maria Andres - 2 days ago
The girls shouldn't be so close to the shopping cart with their faces/mouths during COVID!! This isn't negativity-just be careful. It's better to be safe than sorry
Maria Andres
Maria Andres - 2 days ago
Ray those are the worst lashes I've seen. They are way too big for you. You can barely see your eyes-they're swallowing up your eyes. take it down like 3 lashes smaller.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 2 days ago
she is literally the definition of prettier without makeup (still very gorgeous with makeup btw) but ugh how does it feel to be gods favorite 🤩
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