Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A Goodbye Letter...

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Maddie and Elijah
Maddie and Elijah - 8 months ago
Hahahaha my sleepy head was so confused. We love you guys so much! See you on Sunday! 🥳
Oyinda Sotunbo
Oyinda Sotunbo - 13 days ago
@Dylan Bennett It's a prank chill, that's what their channel is based on. They both do pranks to each other. It's not that deep.
Nolan Leonard
Nolan Leonard - 2 months ago
@Dylan Bennett at the end of the day it's a prank chill out
Prashant Shrestha
Prashant Shrestha - 2 months ago
nice prank bro fully supported by me
Mahd Shahzad
Mahd Shahzad - 2 months ago
same as this guy One spot
Tiffney Howell
Tiffney Howell - 4 months ago
ning asilo
ning asilo - 2 days ago
Hua is so cute.lol
Brielle Collins
Brielle Collins - 3 days ago
He should've got her a Starbucks drink for pulling this prank 😂
Muskan Pandey
Muskan Pandey - 5 days ago
We all don't like if maddie gets sad
Camélia Lavoie
Camélia Lavoie - 6 days ago
Awnnnn bless her omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Falisha - 7 days ago
ELIJAH!!!! You broke Madeline's heart 💔😥😂
Gretchen Tracy
Gretchen Tracy - 8 days ago
ok so are you married? :) have other people asked this?
Md faisal
Md faisal - 9 days ago
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn - 11 days ago
I Know This Is Just A Prank..... But Please Don't Ever Break Up.
My Favorite You-Tube Couples👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Are ......
Maddie & Elijah.
Jules & Saud.
Robbin & Emma (Robbinbirrel).
Chloe Zeng
Chloe Zeng - 11 days ago
I'm sorry- but look at 16:00 and Hua's tail wagging...
Abbey Pitts
Abbey Pitts - 12 days ago
16:40 omg so cute I need someone like Elijah in my life 😔💕
leane gymnast
leane gymnast - 13 days ago
Hua clapping on your phone when your calling Elijah is melting my heart ❤️
Oriana Gomez
Oriana Gomez - 14 days ago
I felt so bad. I went through this with my bf (for like a week) and it was awful. I like them but this joke is horrible
Emma Miller
Emma Miller - 16 days ago
Why is he trying to drive when the background is the same
ricky bobby
ricky bobby - 19 days ago
This girl is a nightmare 😤 and so ugly
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ - 19 days ago
Disrespectful fuck
Joaquin Munoz
Joaquin Munoz - 19 days ago
This was a great prank and all....but did y’all see the doggo! Excellent doggo 11/10
עדי צפט
עדי צפט - 20 days ago
Omg Elijah you’re crazy😂
Ella Gibson
Ella Gibson - 20 days ago
awwe bless the title scared me but there the cutest xoxo
Kanaeius Penn-Ben
Kanaeius Penn-Ben - 22 days ago
I laugh at people paid but I didn’t laugh I don’t get it I want to laugh but I can’t
Courtney Berry
Courtney Berry - 22 days ago
I like watching your videos what u do they are lovly we love u xxxx
Leah McHugh
Leah McHugh - 23 days ago
She actually started getting her stuff ready 😂
Leah McHugh
Leah McHugh - 23 days ago
It looks like Elijah does his eyebrows
Jenna Thomas
Jenna Thomas - 25 days ago
Okay so how do they not know that these are pranks they prank each other all the time !almost every day!!! (That is why l think it’s fake)
Jordana Anthon
Jordana Anthon - 25 days ago
team madde
Sumaiya Haque
Sumaiya Haque - 26 days ago
Ow poor Maddie🤫feels so bad😑😶
Andrea Lo Faro
Andrea Lo Faro - 27 days ago
Kanchan Thakur
Kanchan Thakur - 28 days ago
Very cute girl i love u baby
Chetan Sultoo
Chetan Sultoo - 29 days ago
How did she not figure out its a prank. I mean if my gf was ayoutuber Id already kno its a prank
double AJ
double AJ - Month ago
When he says he hope we enjoy his beard

Komodo facts
Komodo facts - Month ago
Who are thing is real
Janell Lauzon
Janell Lauzon - Month ago
Great acting
Michelle Poitras
Michelle Poitras - Month ago
Hi u suck u copied the channel of Langgie and Ricco🙄😣
Suzanne N
Suzanne N - Month ago
Hua is SO CUTE!!!
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - Month ago
Is this a prank
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson - Month ago
Wonder if this is a prank or if it's not and he just cant tell her yet? 🤐
flare lists
flare lists - Month ago
No offence but now I'm definitely team maddie know
Ellen Goodwin
Ellen Goodwin - Month ago
Hua: The phone is evil! Pounce on it!
Maddie: No honey!
Me: LOL 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Annee Galster
Annee Galster - Month ago
Poor Huah . Elijah made her jump when he pushed the box.
Sherwin Sridhar
Sherwin Sridhar - Month ago
Sj Rajan
Sj Rajan - Month ago
11:11 he was listening to NF SEARCH!!
NF Fans r u here hit a like
Danielle Adzanku
Danielle Adzanku - Month ago
he was listening to trauma by nf 11:11
, wow. i love them more
Antonio Biorato
Antonio Biorato - Month ago
Dang HuA know's how to fight *(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)งʷᵃⁿⁿᵃ ᶠᶦᵍʰᵗ*
Bernadette Welsh_95
Bernadette Welsh_95 - Month ago
This has came to Hua attacking the phone more than anything 🤣
Kaitlyn Forever
Kaitlyn Forever - Month ago
I died when Elijah blew a kiss to Hua and not Maddie 😂
AttackDog 136
AttackDog 136 - Month ago
Too much of a prank
will marsh
will marsh - Month ago
i hate youtube "pranks" they are so staged
Sandra Verdugo
Sandra Verdugo - Month ago
I love your vids I have my and always have my notificatins on
hussaina burhani
hussaina burhani - Month ago
I was literally crying..I'm really crying. You both dont deserve bad things. Please always be happy. Please you both hit me hard today
Kimori - Month ago
you guys are too great
karl Johnston
karl Johnston - Month ago
Tobe honest the dog was the funniest
Yuvraj Sony
Yuvraj Sony - Month ago
Wait why would she pack her clothes and leave the apartment..i feel like u both bought it from youtube ? So maddie is equally the owner of that house ..😑 that ruined my whole day dude
daniel Smith
daniel Smith - Month ago
15:04 lmao when her tune and voice changed
When you makeup with your GF she happy that things
I realise this video and nicely acting, 🤩
Caitlin Webster
Caitlin Webster - Month ago
(I know this has nothing to do with the video but...) Hua is soooo cute she is adorable
Cami M
Cami M - Month ago
No offense I’ve been a fan since the beginning I love Elijah and Maddie I hope they never break up but Elijah always says in every prank vid says that he does all the work and it concerns me I hope he never breaks up with mad💝💝
Imogen Payne
Imogen Payne - Month ago
Notifications are on! Love your content
Wangden Tamang
Wangden Tamang - Month ago
I like you both and stay happy ma good job 👌👍👏
Ahmed Shaikh
Ahmed Shaikh - Month ago
U look better without facial hair
Santana Ann
Santana Ann - Month ago
Erick Santiago
Erick Santiago - Month ago
Bruh I’m so sorry but I can’t stop laughing at the damn dog 😂😂😂 bruh he had me laughing all the time
Aahil Shameem
Aahil Shameem - Month ago
2:07 Elijah: "let's be honest guys"
Literally less than half a second later: "I'm JuSt KiDdinG
LOVE MADDIE'S NATURAL SKIN ! You go girl ! I hope you inspire other to be just as comfortable !
Liokatje - Month ago
I would probably break up with him being so pissed xD then probably regret it and want to die
Tiny Cook
Tiny Cook - Month ago
U guys r really the cutest.. but honestly all of these pranks look so scripted to me.. in every prank u guys don’t loose ur cool on each other.. there is camera right in ur face every time ur pranking.. I don’t see genuine reaction most of the time, like in this video if my guy did that to me I would cry my eyes out.. her reaction was like we know we are doing this Fr more views..
Surya Surapaneni
Surya Surapaneni - Month ago
sadism prank to wake up too
Kulin Jain
Kulin Jain - 2 months ago
She didnt gave a shit😂
Honestly just stop with all of this I don’t like seeing other people with there girlfriends knowing that I don’t have one I hate it stop
Kaydence Tripke
Kaydence Tripke - 2 months ago
No one:



Maddie: aggressively chucks a little toy bone at Elijah

Honestly same 😂😂😂
ggemoji - 2 months ago
Its not ok why man 👎
Savera Savera
Savera Savera - 2 months ago
lol the camera was right in front of her lmao such an acting
Huda & Anne
Huda & Anne - 2 months ago
She's not crying but I am crying 😭 Both of you are so sweet ❤️
x venom
x venom - 2 months ago
U prop should have said a break and not break up
Crazy Hake
Crazy Hake - 2 months ago
When i wake up im not pretty. Maddie is so pretty. And hua is so cute 😃🐶
Akosua Siraah Ackah
Akosua Siraah Ackah - 2 months ago
You guys are the perfect couple
Tina Turner
Tina Turner - 2 months ago
Its so fake oh my gosh
EX405 - 2 months ago
Hey listen!
I know this is a prank but if you guys ever leave each other then i will..........🔥 🔥 🔥
Alondra Vlogs
Alondra Vlogs - 2 months ago
You are the cutest boyfriend ever except for this prank
Mya Harrell
Mya Harrell - 2 months ago
Love you two. Cutest couple ever! Goals
Jennifer Leon
Jennifer Leon - 2 months ago
Lowkey I felt bad for her if you agree😀but good prank.
Taylor Kiser
Taylor Kiser - 2 months ago
Poor Maddie
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