Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A Goodbye Letter...

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Maddie and Elijah
Maddie and Elijah - Month ago
Hahahaha my sleepy head was so confused. We love you guys so much! See you on Sunday! 🥳
Team super #lovesuperwomanii
Maddie and Elijah hi guys i love you so much and if you have Tik Tok can you follow me on Tik Tok
Emilu Farmer
Emilu Farmer - 28 days ago
Loreen Kromokarso
Loreen Kromokarso - 29 days ago
I love you so much elijah you look better with shaved beard
Jaynee Sanchez
Jaynee Sanchez - Month ago
Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Brianna Howard
Brianna Howard - Month ago
Maddie and Elijah Hi I love you Maddie and Elijah you guys are the best ❤️
Rahul - Hour ago
You people have too much free time.
Nick Paulino
Nick Paulino - 5 hours ago
I think you should've left her for good😈😅. And good revenge prank!
Randomness Cosplays
Randomness Cosplays - 6 hours ago
Elijah: I love you so much baby
Mad:I love you too.

ducks can moo too
ducks can moo too - 7 hours ago
Hua trying. To fight Elijah and comfort Maddie at the same time was so cute
James Burgess
James Burgess - 11 hours ago
Hey bro I know these are pranks but you better realize how hot if a girl you got and eventually she is going to tired of you doing this to her. What if next time she says that's it I've had enough. Like dude the next time could be the last. N I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't find these funny. STOP MAKING HER CRY NO MAN WANTS TO PURPOSELY MAKE THEIR WOMAN CRY.
Angelina Sokaroska
Angelina Sokaroska - Day ago
she looked so happy at the end when he explained the camera on the dresser it was so cute
Ashley Cervantes
Ashley Cervantes - Day ago
The time on the clock doesn’t change between the time he leaves and the time she waked up. This is fake. This makes me really sad
Eribz 10
Eribz 10 - Day ago
Kaitlin Keeler
Kaitlin Keeler - Day ago
it’s so fake lol
Love Sims
Love Sims - Day ago
these pranks are obvioulsy so fake on elijahs phone it saids the time is 1.23 and the clocks in their bedroom say 4.35 and tbh both of those times are strange times to just be waking up. EXPOSED
Julia - Day ago
Anna Celestino
Anna Celestino - 2 days ago
BANGPINK TV - 2 days ago
I feel sad lmao
Sayuri Rane
Sayuri Rane - 2 days ago
The Beauty of Sunshine
The Beauty of Sunshine - 2 days ago
What the song in the end of dis video plissss😭😭😭😭😭 i really don't know the title
Could someone help me...
Niloy Kazi
Niloy Kazi - 3 days ago
Great video, Though its scripted
CahncR - 3 days ago
You 2 are the cringiest mfs ever
Glitter Goddess
Glitter Goddess - 4 days ago
8:26 the dog is so VSCO
Najam Saima
Najam Saima - 4 days ago
Omg I just felt so sad when maddie was about to cry
We dont like it when you're upset maddie.
Love you
Saphira Shuter
Saphira Shuter - 4 days ago
It is so cute how hua winks at the into music
Bonnie Nicholson
Bonnie Nicholson - 5 days ago
You were Listening to Trauma, Nf loveeeee
tlm0308 - 5 days ago
I love it when he says Hey Maddie whats up!!
tlm0308 - 5 days ago
I felt so bad for Maddie at the beginning but when Elijah told her i felt better!! 😁😣
Violina Sarma
Violina Sarma - 5 days ago
U guys r literally osm....lv u guys...i hv put the notifications on ..... only fr u guys😍😍😘😘
Hgt Keye
Hgt Keye - 5 days ago
Hua is the funniest thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shilpi Banerjee
Shilpi Banerjee - 6 days ago
Couple goals😍😍😍😍
Chloe W
Chloe W - 6 days ago
i literally cried this video is a relation to my breakup that happened to me except mine wasn’t a prank🥺
Chloe W
Chloe W - 3 days ago
Jimmie Jim i’m so sorry man
Jimmie Jim
Jimmie Jim - 4 days ago
I feel for you😭😭..... The same happened to me but in my case its my girlfriend who broke up with me
Daisy illmore
Daisy illmore - 7 days ago
I love u
Carter Scholze
Carter Scholze - 7 days ago
Make sure you put prank on the title lol
Hala Al
Hala Al - 7 days ago
Aahaha.. even its not real *jok* it's still hurt ugh🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
Disha Dahiya
Disha Dahiya - 7 days ago
5:14 -5:30 shows the same time on the clock on the bed desks and this is just so fake and who even talks out loud alone in a house???
Disha Dahiya
Disha Dahiya - 7 days ago
His face is not even seen in the video recording 10:45
Disha Dahiya
Disha Dahiya - 7 days ago
5:14 - 5:30 the clock shows the same time
Both of them 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Disha Dahiya
Disha Dahiya - 7 days ago
And who even talks out loud
Bizarre Leprechaun
Bizarre Leprechaun - 8 days ago
They just aren’t the same anymore and it breaks my heart
Bizarre Leprechaun
Bizarre Leprechaun - 3 days ago
Golden Star Their videos just aren’t as good as they used to be. I love them both and have been watching them forever, but it just feels like they aren’t as happy? I’m not sure how to describe it.
Golden Star
Golden Star - 5 days ago
Bizarre Leprechaun what do you mean?
Bizarre Leprechaun
Bizarre Leprechaun - 8 days ago
Does anyone else feel like they’re drifting apart a lot?
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson - 8 days ago
At 7:41 am the only paying attention to the dog 😂😂
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise - 8 days ago
omg! your puppy is so adorable, what type of breed is she
Gacha Todoroki
Gacha Todoroki - 8 days ago
I don’t like pranks so much because what if this was real and they made too many pranks to actually trust each other...
lesli alvarado
lesli alvarado - 10 days ago
for the people who always say "how do you not know you're getting pranked from how often you guys do this", I think it's pretty obvious they have at least some idea they might be getting pranked but in relationships, especially if the person has anxiety, they're still going to get scared and react this way in case it is true because you never know when it comes to life and relationships. one day, someone can be perfectly fine and the next they're not. people always fear the worst in cases like these because it's human nature so even if they do have a suspicion that it's a prank, they're going to fear the worst regardless. chill on them, they're human too.
Kervens Fleche
Kervens Fleche - 11 days ago
why you didn't tell you don't know when you coming home
xxHoneyBear - 11 days ago
7:44 she is so precious
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick - 12 days ago
Aww Hua was comforting her
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick - 12 days ago
Dude did she cry?! Nooo I know I would cry if this happened to me in real life
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick
Calli-ann Fitzpatrick - 12 days ago
Omg good Hua she made it work
Siena Jones
Siena Jones - 12 days ago
Did anyone notice the strange noise Elijah made at the very beginning???😂😂.

Lendel Aballe
Lendel Aballe - 12 days ago
So cute😊♥️
Neha Dinesh
Neha Dinesh - 12 days ago
Wow El , you needs stop playing .
Jessica Davies
Jessica Davies - 12 days ago
I my bf broke up with me so this video made me cry
Jessica Davies
Jessica Davies - 13 days ago
I love you guys , I watch all ur shows every night:)
Jonny Blue
Jonny Blue - 13 days ago
7:46-7:56 though
Kim Martin
Kim Martin - 13 days ago
I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing but the dog made it kinda funny
Riana Handa
Riana Handa - 13 days ago
I cant- I was just watching hua trying to eat and bite everything it was so funny
Woah.Zebe🧸 - 13 days ago
When she said "Your breaking up with me because you need to figure things out, Why cant we figure things out together." I felt that...
Rayyan Imran
Rayyan Imran - 13 days ago
You can see this video is fake look at the clocks on the left side table and right side table the difference is about two minutes
Rayyan Imran
Rayyan Imran - 13 days ago
On 5:10
JLKA Schutte
JLKA Schutte - 14 days ago
I love the merge!! I got the t-shirt and am wearing it every day ♥️
Bella Wolf
Bella Wolf - 14 days ago
I used to like this channel until u realized they do the EXACT same videos as Jack and Gab just post it later and don’t even credit them I used to think it was a coincidence but it’s been more then 5 times now :/
nicole h
nicole h - 14 days ago
the fact that he never mentioned it was a prank-
Potato Nugget
Potato Nugget - 14 days ago
Omg when their dog started tapping the phone so cute
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor - 15 days ago
Hi I'm one of your biggest fans love you guys
Jazmin Perez
Jazmin Perez - 15 days ago
Lmao wth hahahahahagahahah
Yelling "are u in the house?" To much low for a person to ear she on the first floor (if that person is even there)
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