The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History

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uksreejith1992 - 6 hours ago
The cabin crew must also have gone through skillshare courses while being stuck there to stay up to date with their skills :P
thsscapi - 6 hours ago
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Manfye Goh
Manfye Goh - 8 hours ago
luckily still can pee in the river
Rahul kini
Rahul kini - 8 hours ago
And here we can't wait 90 secs for red signal
Dirty Dirt Man
Dirty Dirt Man - 9 hours ago
No Remember U.S.S Liberty comments?
mmon56 - 11 hours ago
Dude. Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon all attacked Israel at the same time and Israel won the war in just 6 days. That's craaaazy
Uncle Dolan
Uncle Dolan - 11 hours ago
“Honey I’m Ho—— What’s going on here who is him?”
“Darling I can explain”
Jack Loomis
Jack Loomis - 11 hours ago
Somali pirates though...
Zach Michaelis
Zach Michaelis - 12 hours ago
Was egypt ever fined for fucking with the world economy like that
Athena GM
Athena GM - 13 hours ago
Take that Atlanta ppl! ... all jokes aside, this was horrible!😖
The comment section has me in tears laughing🤣.
Hashtag Media
Hashtag Media - 13 hours ago
Night King
Night King - 13 hours ago
After 8 years,
The world:
Will the ships move?
German Engineering:
Hold my beer.
Jose Colon
Jose Colon - 15 hours ago
You would think for a part this vital to the world’s economic state was interrupted or destroyed in any way, that America and any seriously affected countries would not just walk in and end the war... I mean seriously that sounds like a good reason to get involved
Pompus Ivictus
Pompus Ivictus - 16 hours ago
"the only ships that made it out were the two Germans ships"
ThomasMüller - 17 hours ago
Of course the german ships •́ ‿ ,•̀
Mitchell Ensley
Mitchell Ensley - 18 hours ago
Man just just can't fucking kill German steel!
DaFaQ pRuShUnT
DaFaQ pRuShUnT - 20 hours ago
That patriotic background music is really a turn-off...
Kaiser Krysalis
Kaiser Krysalis - 23 hours ago
War for nothing, figures.
Ary Rubberman
Ary Rubberman - Day ago
Just palestine land is not enough lets colonize egypt
Allen Atkins
Allen Atkins - Day ago
"A stray rocket." Riiiiiiigggggghhhhhttttt.
BassOutcast - Day ago
Dude I'm Israeli and I had no idea this happened! They really don't teach us enough in schools!
Anurag Bhatlawande
Anurag Bhatlawande - Day ago
Those two German ships definitely used Skillshare!
Uddipan Mondal
Uddipan Mondal - Day ago
Deutsche qualitat
Wojciech Miśta
Wojciech Miśta - Day ago
Omg I was conducting an interview with one of those sailors for my history classes in high school! Awesome video!
L Mthi
L Mthi - Day ago
Thats not Traffic jam
Nick_ Peter5
Nick_ Peter5 - Day ago
They should make a movie about this. It could be an amazing dramatic, political, thriller with comedic moments (like during their own Olympics)
Mr Homosexual
Mr Homosexual - Day ago
It wasn't a traffic jam dumb ass. omfg. -.-'
Mr Homosexual
Mr Homosexual - Day ago
Jsut another reason to hate Israel. The middle east is disgusting.
Rahul v r
Rahul v r - Day ago
Hats off to German's engineering.
FloatingOer - Day ago
Wait, they went back home? They didn't even finish the trading mission they were on, smh.
Rick Ross
Rick Ross - Day ago
Imagine, the ships are almost no longer seaworthy by the time they moved again and most cargo is useless lol
XxcracxX - Day ago
I will never complain about traffic jam again🤐
Alex Boricua
Alex Boricua - Day ago
Just take a freaking cargo plane DAMMNNNN..
Mediocre Music
Mediocre Music - Day ago
Moral of the story is, Germans make good machines.
69me247ifuwant2 - Day ago
So no perishable goods
henryscp - Day ago
Haha Germany quality
Garga - Day ago
tl;dw - fuck Egypt
swiftair produits
swiftair produits - Day ago
the music in this video be like: LISTEN TO ME I'M HERE!! LISTEN!!!! LISTEN!!!!
CXG - Day ago
What’s the background music?
Fabian Gugler
Fabian Gugler - 2 days ago
And the moral of the story: fuck war
Tscheche89 - 2 days ago
how the fuck did we (the czechs) have a ship there? Did anyone see where the country is located?
Corey844 - 2 days ago
What if they had a pet
Art Chavez
Art Chavez - 2 days ago
sjow - 2 days ago
i cant believe egypt was such a pita in the 60s
pyro fire
pyro fire - 2 days ago
The egyot v isreal war during that time lasted about 1 week and isreal won with odds stacked against them as it was egypt and the allied muslim countires that did the attack , isreal defended ots self so well they pushed into Egypt for 6 miles while doing the same to the others
Nicholas Martin-Bourne
Nicholas Martin-Bourne - 2 days ago
Damn I thought the 405 was bad
Casqe - 2 days ago
America is a god in military affairs lol
AR611NEWS - 2 days ago
Wow mother fuker so the jew won both war ? Suck a d*ck you son of a b*itch ...
[insert name here]
[insert name here] - 2 days ago
EDSA: amateurs
sandwitch911 - 2 days ago
8 years of sand and saltwater and still rolling. Whew.
Nathaniel Snyder
Nathaniel Snyder - 2 days ago
LA rush hour traffic be like
SPHINX Gator - 2 days ago
And Egypt is poor country that's how much corruption in that country
Always Bolt the Bird
Always Bolt the Bird - 2 days ago
I Hilo’s they got the original crew to bring those ships back. That would be perfect
Fallen Pizza
Fallen Pizza - 2 days ago
6:26 Yea dude... It wasn't a stray rocket... Israel was trying to put the blame on Egypt as an excuse for America to attack. No accident here.
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes - 2 days ago
how were those ships at 4:12 going through the canal if the canal was closed?
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus - 2 days ago
6:29 definitely wasn't an accident. Israel has intentionally sunk American ships before. Look up the USS liberty incident.
RetroGamingGenesis - 2 days ago
Our "greatest ally" sure has a habit of mistaking US ships for Egyptian ones...
Niko A
Niko A - Day ago
@Rick Ross thats my point. anything slightly criticizing the bullshit israel can get away with is shut down with "neo-nazi propaganda" or "alt right." do these people understand you can hate israel without being a nazi or white supremacaist
Rick Ross
Rick Ross - Day ago
Niko A that not anti Semitic, it’s common sense lol
Niko A
Niko A - Day ago
Woah woah careful there bro don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea...that’s anti Semitic!
vloplob - 2 days ago
The Germans at it again with their quality engineering.
CupofNoodles - 2 days ago
Where's the movie
Xochipilli Vera
Xochipilli Vera - 2 days ago
8 year wait fuck that dude ahahahahahaha
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