Hit the Home Run, I'll Buy You Anything - Home Run Derby Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 8 months ago
Where are all my baseball fans @ ??
Ismail Hanshi
Ismail Hanshi - 12 hours ago
Right here
Ozzy The skater
Ozzy The skater - 26 days ago
Right here
Spartan Cup Series
Spartan Cup Series - 28 days ago
B3AST - Month ago
Grayson s Diesels
Grayson s Diesels - Month ago
I’m a baseball player
leandro ruiz
leandro ruiz - 5 hours ago
Aye rug i would hit them 10 home runs
Ethan McNeil
Ethan McNeil - 8 hours ago
I played baseball sense I was four and now I'm 11
Maddog The man
Maddog The man - 20 hours ago
Hi my name is maddox rug and I can hit more homeruns than them when I’m 12
Airgaming 2552
Airgaming 2552 - 20 hours ago
Come on why the small place can y’all not hit sh*t
Cameron On
Cameron On - Day ago
I play baseball
Brian's Baseball life
Brian's Baseball life - 2 days ago
You guys saying how good yall are at baseball at 13 and shiii?? Y'all so cocky... Like they prolly never played baseball if a little bit at all so just let them have fun??😂
The field isnt professional but its like 300ft.. Where they standing at its like 200.
Also I am a baseball player...
Monica Veliz
Monica Veliz - 4 days ago
They fucking clowns I swear 😂😂😂😂😂😂
scott ammerman
scott ammerman - 4 days ago
I am mookie betts
scott ammerman
scott ammerman - 4 days ago
I am a baseball player I play for the dodgers
Jassi Phool
Jassi Phool - 5 days ago
Papa rug prisoner pants 😂
Jassi Phool
Jassi Phool - 5 days ago
Romel hair 😬 😬 hair is lined pin straight like a ruler flat you can put a paper on his head without it falling or he can put a flat plate on his head without falling with that hair
😂 😂 all even shaved straight like a clean slice full perfection flatness hair top 😂
Zamantha Felicitas
Zamantha Felicitas - 5 days ago
What going on faze rug hear
NeryGnz14 - 5 days ago
They were playing with tee balls
Josh Adler
Josh Adler - 6 days ago
Who else is here when the cat9 is out
Colin Roche
Colin Roche - 6 days ago
FaTe Bitties
FaTe Bitties - 7 days ago
Bruh I used to play here
Cubs Productions
Cubs Productions - 8 days ago
They’re hitting halfway through the field, and people thing baseball is easy
Eclipse Gaming
Eclipse Gaming - 9 days ago
Yo u guys are sooo lucky I need a pc so badly and my friends make fun of me for not having one :(
Larry Atkins
Larry Atkins - 9 days ago
the field is like 200
Ben Andrew & Juliet
Ben Andrew & Juliet - 10 days ago
Papa rug the glitch in the game
Ben Andrew & Juliet
Ben Andrew & Juliet - 10 days ago
I love baseball
Natalie Leyrer
Natalie Leyrer - 10 days ago
Anthony sucks
Jennifer Yepez
Jennifer Yepez - 11 days ago
BLitz_Jman22 - 12 days ago
Bro I want to be in a video it would mean the world
Alex Norman
Alex Norman - 12 days ago
All the baseball players thinking what are they doing
Nolan Walsh
Nolan Walsh - 12 days ago
Baseball people where you at
Clapdaswets123 - 13 days ago
That’s my bat
Aidan Eduardo CRUZ
Aidan Eduardo CRUZ - 13 days ago
At faze rig I'm addicted to baseball I'm right here
#1 Anaheim Angels Fan
#1 Anaheim Angels Fan - 13 days ago
Every baseball player watching in disappointment...
Jaumil Cuevas
Jaumil Cuevas - 15 days ago
All the baseball players
Tamika Ellis
Tamika Ellis - 16 days ago
Jassi Phool
Jassi Phool - 17 days ago
Ramelly ur smelly and ur uggelllyy 😂 🤣
Bryson Clayton
Bryson Clayton - 17 days ago
Brooo this would be slight work 🤣
Easton Moore 2030
Easton Moore 2030 - 18 days ago
How rug yosto play baseball
Sebastian Poole
Sebastian Poole - 18 days ago
I know this for a fact a baseball goes farther than a tennis ball because it is way to light to travel far
Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
No we will say 3
Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
Tennis ball easy
Merrill Muckerman
Merrill Muckerman - 20 days ago
I can beat you in baseball easily bud you can’t beat me
Phillip Ahio
Phillip Ahio - 21 day ago
remember ur layup in last year with tjass
Elliot Vlogs
Elliot Vlogs - 21 day ago
Faze rug looks good brawadis with the basketball lol 😂
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson - 22 days ago
I play baseball
H2O- _ -
H2O- _ - - 22 days ago
who else saw how much brandon was pulling his head off of the ball when he was swinging
H2O- _ -
H2O- _ - - 22 days ago
bruh im ten and i hit dingers on 310 feilds
Juicy Medina
Juicy Medina - 22 days ago
2 home runs: MacBook pro $1,300
3 home runs: $1,000
Timothy Reymann
Timothy Reymann - 22 days ago
I play base ball
Jackson Checkers
Jackson Checkers - 22 days ago
This was posted on Kobe’s um Kobe’s yea you know 🥺
Hunter Moise
Hunter Moise - 23 days ago
I play baseball
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman - 23 days ago
10 Homers
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman - 23 days ago
10 Homer's Wins a new Car!!!!!!!!
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman - 23 days ago
Night out
Jackson McBurnett
Jackson McBurnett - 23 days ago
Being a baseball playet i know that hitting a tennis ball with a metal bat is actually harder than hitting a real baseball
Mark Horvath
Mark Horvath - 23 days ago
Baseball fan
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams - 23 days ago
I played for 6 years
Reese Fosburg
Reese Fosburg - 23 days ago
i play base ball
Niko Fifis
Niko Fifis - 23 days ago
Since when did u have a cat 7
LoganGotGame - 24 days ago
Let me be in a baseball challenge mike trout is literally my dad
Luke Seate
Luke Seate - 24 days ago
They were all getting hella jammed on all of the pitches
Marla Galyean
Marla Galyean - 25 days ago
They are probably using the drop 10 like come on y’all are grown men and can’t hit the ball 200 feet I’m 13 use a cat 7 drop 5 and still can double y’all’s distance
Aidan Murphy
Aidan Murphy - 25 days ago
i am fuming rn watching this
Notyani —
Notyani — - 25 days ago
I would of hit all home run right there🤦🏼‍♀️
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez - 25 days ago
You guys are using a marucci and can’t hit a home run from the outfield
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez - 25 days ago
You guys hit from the outfield and you can’t hit a home run. so sad
Bsbl pro 15
Bsbl pro 15 - 26 days ago
I’m 13 and I hit more homers then every one
SlayinChrome TV
SlayinChrome TV - 26 days ago
come on bro u are over 20 yrs old and u can barely hit a dinger at like 80 ft yet there are 11 year olds who are dropping 250 ft bombs
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez - 25 days ago
True im 11 and I hit a 225 ft home run yet they can’t hit from the outfield
Peyton Jones
Peyton Jones - 26 days ago
I’ve been playing baseball for four yearsc
Joseph Bense
Joseph Bense - 26 days ago
I love baseball
Manuel Arriaga
Manuel Arriaga - 26 days ago
Bruh papa rug is to much spoiled do real contestents like fans
Edward Villalobos
Edward Villalobos - 26 days ago
I play baseball
308reaper Colby
308reaper Colby - 26 days ago
Me at 13 playing with 14 year olds and out playing them
LAYTON HODGES - 26 days ago
Go to home plate and try and hit a homer you can’t
Arturo M
Arturo M - 27 days ago
Baseball fans be like “only 10 home runs lol”
GeauxtNIC - 27 days ago
The pitcher messed Anthony up
Everett O'Neil
Everett O'Neil - 28 days ago
I play baseball right now but this pandemic stoped it :(
Sammy Omega
Sammy Omega - 28 days ago
I love baseball so much
Sam Felix
Sam Felix - 28 days ago
Am I the only who jumped when Anthony foul tipped the tennis ball?💀
Aiden Fabela
Aiden Fabela - 28 days ago
Ima cachter
Kamden Dooley
Kamden Dooley - 28 days ago
if i was there i woud have for sure got at least 5,000- to a car
when they bat its cring because im ten and ive been play base ball allmost half my live
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez - 25 days ago
Same it’s sad that they can’t hit from the outfield
Brado Hager
Brado Hager - 28 days ago
I hit dingers
Gabriel H
Gabriel H - 28 days ago
i can do that eazy
Boss Man
Boss Man - 29 days ago
My 11 year old son put me on to faze rug and now I be watching it everyday you be doing some LIT videos
Khamren Nethery
Khamren Nethery - 29 days ago
There were using tballs
G R Waugh
G R Waugh - Month ago
I wish i was there with them i hit my first home run in a real game
The Real PugNite
The Real PugNite - Month ago
U guys are noobs
Steelers Fan65
Steelers Fan65 - Month ago
Myst_Baseball boi
Myst_Baseball boi - Month ago
Dude they’re using tee balls 😂🤣
Noah Playz
Noah Playz - Month ago
You might need to practis
FaZePsycho 10
FaZePsycho 10 - Month ago
Soft baseballs
Julian479 - Month ago
I love baseball
Julian479 - Month ago
You’re using an illegal bat it doesn’t count lol it has more pop
Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez - Month ago
Fase I play baseball hanks for making this video.
Paul Flores
Paul Flores - Month ago
I won my baseball series last year
Eddie Fiocca
Eddie Fiocca - Month ago
They suck what a discarese to baseball
Eddie Fiocca
Eddie Fiocca - Month ago
I love how there in the outfield basically
Milan Artis
Milan Artis - Month ago
Dimitar Cherkezov
Dimitar Cherkezov - Month ago
rug you are the best
diego ruiz
diego ruiz - Month ago
yoo i practice at that baseball park!!
Satic Flix
Satic Flix - Month ago
Brian theirs a diffeence between few and 0
Nick Tripp
Nick Tripp - Month ago
I play baseball and I hit dingers
Christine Hussey
Christine Hussey - Month ago
hes smart he dousnt swing at bad balls)
Faze rug
Swings at all of them
Razak Al burkat
Razak Al burkat - Month ago
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