How to SEW a Medical FACE MASK // TUTORIAL

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Danping Gan
Danping Gan - 16 minutes ago
seems like good idea,is it breathable?and does it work to anti-virus?But it seems a little difficult,it needs a lot of material and a machine.i do not have one.I think it could be easier to buy some disposbale masks online,it can protect us better,if you need the masks,you can contact with me.
Terri Scruggs
Terri Scruggs - 4 hours ago
How easy I am not a sewer but I know I can do this thank you so much I will put non woven interfacing in the middle. Thank you so much!
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter - 4 hours ago
AWESOME! I work at a grocery store and we don’t have enough masks for everyone , looks like I’m bringing my sewing machine back out of retirement. Thank you so much !
R Newsome
R Newsome - 4 hours ago
this was very fun I am the daughter BTW
Sabi's Little Cosmos
Sabi's Little Cosmos - 4 hours ago
thank you for this great idea sharing :)
RW Fraley
RW Fraley - 5 hours ago
You don’t need elastic just get a old T-shirt and stretch it to fit like an elastic it will stretch and be elastic they are not to be found in the stores right now everybody must be making them
carla bell
carla bell - 6 hours ago
Mean Great 😉
carla bell
carla bell - 6 hours ago
Thank you for teaching, I’ve had left over material, found elastic👍🏻. All set! Two made, looks freat❣️🤗
Suzie M
Suzie M - 7 hours ago
5 min to make one? More like 5 hours
Kimberly Glover
Kimberly Glover - 7 hours ago
If wanting to use hair bands instead of elastic (can’t find in stores) how would I do that, please?
Laila Wabi-Sabi
Laila Wabi-Sabi - 7 hours ago
You have the best tutorial for a mask. I watched many of them and yours is the easiest to understand!
imfromdoubler - 7 hours ago
Out of all the mask tutorials I've seen yours is my favorite! So simple, quick and to the point, will try by the end of the week
Jocelyn Morales
Jocelyn Morales - 7 hours ago
Omgggg your craft room is soooo cute
Laura Virovatz
Laura Virovatz - 8 hours ago
Are you selling any. I am a healthcare worker but cant sew.
jaycelegends - 8 hours ago
Does it matter what type of fabric to use for the middle layer? Is cotton fabric still okay?
Earlette Santos-Vida
Earlette Santos-Vida - 8 hours ago
Thank you!!! Your tutorial was easy to follow, simplicity !
Rose midnight-buchanan
Rose midnight-buchanan - 8 hours ago
ok I will try this you explained this quite well thanks
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Rose - 9 hours ago
is anyone else having trouble with this? mine are coming out HUGE
Jane Ciccone
Jane Ciccone - 9 hours ago
Thank you for doing this and I love that your voice comes out so clear.
Pink Rose
Pink Rose - 9 hours ago
Have you done a tutorial to create masks with filter pockets? I thought I saw one that you did.
Kayla Mitchell
Kayla Mitchell - 9 hours ago
Elastic is sold out everywhere for this very purpose near me. What else can you use for strings?
Virginia Vargas
Virginia Vargas - 11 hours ago
I'm a CNA and will be running out of masks, real I opted to make my own. Your tutorial was so simple, quick and easy. Thank You!👍👏👏👏
Bock Marine
Bock Marine - 12 hours ago
Sarah P
Sarah P - 12 hours ago
Thanks for the tutorial! Really easy to follow. I added a pipe cleaner just after turning it right side out and sewed a line to keep it near the top. Just to add some moldability to the top. 😊
Victoria Grewe
Victoria Grewe - 12 hours ago
There are an S shaped hooks that people can 3D print to help with the ear pain
C Olson
C Olson - 12 hours ago
Hi, I have been making different patters to kids and grand kids can let me know which style fest their need best. I did want to make a kids one with elastic around ears. I have your pattern, I just need to know how much to cut two elastic strips. for a 6 yr old it might stay on better. Stay in or distanc3 is bes5 but some time you might have to go near other!! Ish
Jen Stave
Jen Stave - 13 hours ago
Thank you for posting the clear, understandable tutorial.
njswimdad - 13 hours ago
How many of us do you think have different kinds of material let alone elastic?
Kinsey Ostendorf
Kinsey Ostendorf - 13 hours ago
thank you so much this actually worked out so well
Claire Barneycastle
Claire Barneycastle - 13 hours ago
I've never added a comment ever any youtube tutorial - but this a fantastic! Making friends and family face masks - this is the eastiest tutorial I've looked at and I've looked at several!
Dee Kelly
Dee Kelly - 14 hours ago
Any idea what size fabric to cut out for children sizes
Shayna Nay
Shayna Nay - 14 hours ago
Could you leave the edge you used to turn fabric out to put a filter inside?
Ndrak Tevy
Ndrak Tevy - 14 hours ago
Thank you for sharing this project.....much appreciated...
ELLIE 203040
ELLIE 203040 - 14 hours ago
Omg I finally found an amazing tutorial
Just so you know I am a nine-year-old who just started sewing yesterday
Janette Mehl
Janette Mehl - 15 hours ago
I make them in assembly line fashion, rather than one at a time. It goes faster. Also, I've been using ties instead of elastic, because wearing these all day can be hard on the ears. Cut 60" by 2"' then iron line bias tape, and fold again. Sew down the long edge and cut into 20" lengths. Sew one at each corner like the elastic. Or use twill or cord if you can find it.
Maggie M
Maggie M - 15 hours ago
Why not make the folds
before doing the outer sewing edge?
Marlene Glettler
Marlene Glettler - 16 hours ago
You have given excellent instructions. I made them for my children and grandchilden. I was pleased to see the instructions for kids masks . Thanks
Sheila Townsend
Sheila Townsend - 16 hours ago
I tried this twice now and each time i turn it inside out i am only exposing one ear elastic??? wth am i doing wrong ? am following the ideo ????
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt - 16 hours ago
Make sure both pieces of elastic are INSIDE the layers when you sew them together.
Charles Messina
Charles Messina - 16 hours ago
How on Earth do you give this nice person over 2K dislikes
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo - 16 hours ago
Please note: These masks are NOT medical grade.
Jenn Groh
Jenn Groh - 16 hours ago
Hello, thank you for the tutorial!! It will come in handy. Super quick question, I am having a heck of a time getting elastic and I am going to make the one you have with strings, but was wondering, do you think I can do a hook/loop velcro at the back?
Jenn Groh
Jenn Groh - 15 hours ago
@Erica Arndt Thank you so much!!
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt - 16 hours ago
Yes, I think velcro would work, just sew it on the finished ties.
Carol Self
Carol Self - 16 hours ago
Great tutorial! you stated 7" elastic pieces for females. How long should elastic be cut for the males? Thank you!
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt - 16 hours ago
I have alternate sizes in the video description
Cheryl Lemons
Cheryl Lemons - 16 hours ago
Thank you so much for this super easy mask pattern and directions. I guess you know you are probably saving lives!! Love your beautiful are very talented!!
Vivi 247
Vivi 247 - 16 hours ago
is there a pocket to put filter material in?
Duong Horsley
Duong Horsley - 17 hours ago
Thank you
jamie - 17 hours ago
thank you so much! can these be washed?
Erica Arndt
Erica Arndt - 16 hours ago
Yes, see info in description box.
Joyce Jones
Joyce Jones - 19 hours ago
As essential personnel on our jobs, my daughter and I were worried that we would not be able to get any masks . Now I can make them and add a liner that will be of some help. Thank you.
alice coffey
alice coffey - 19 hours ago
Thank you! I watched a bunch of mask making videos and this was by far the easiest to make and the best final product!
Jay B
Jay B - 20 hours ago
A fitted sheet is a good source of elastic and mask material.
ralphie buffalo
ralphie buffalo - 20 hours ago
worthless for protection of any sort
Dorothy Atchison
Dorothy Atchison - 20 hours ago
How fabulous ... even a non sew gal can do this ... thank you 💕
AngryCat - 22 hours ago
I used a rectangle cut from a high quality vacuum bag added to the inside of the cloth for more protection. I also added a strip of foil folded several times for the area that covers the nose so it would be form fitting.
Elly Mason
Elly Mason - 23 hours ago
Can you put an extra layer of flannel or would it make no differences
orla molloy
orla molloy - Day ago
Hi thank you for giving your time to show us however I'm such a novice I spent all day making one for some reason I kept loosing one of my elastic bands and ended up just ripping them open in the end to get elastic out, 😢😢😢, you are amazingly talented I don't think I'll be providing for the hospital 😭but keep up all the good work everyone 👍👍👍stay safe thanks for all the wonderful people in our world 👍
jaspreet sandhu
jaspreet sandhu - Day ago
Do you have to replace the filter thats inside the pocket of the mask after using it everytime ?
Nico Barrack
Nico Barrack - 8 hours ago
You just have to wash it! You want to wash them every time you wear one, because when you breathe on them or cough in them it creates bacteria that can grow inside of it. I would suggest making 2-3 masks per a person, unless someone in your household is still working outside the house, then masks = number of days they work in a week. That way you can just throw them in the washer with the rest of the laundry! Best of luck and stay safe!!
Natalie Bishop
Natalie Bishop - Day ago
I don't see any tutorials mentioning a nose piece, but it's easy to make it mimic medical masks with this nose fitting, which is important to seal air flow. It needs to conform over the bridge of the nose, and bend toward cheeks.
Just add a twist-tie (a firm one is best, or fold together a section of flimsy ones)- simply place it under the top fold. Can use a glue gun to secure it,, but it may not be necessary if your fabric is folded tight. Be well all!
Donna Banks
Donna Banks - Day ago
Is there a reason why you use flannel for the center? What other material can be used?
Sally Rath
Sally Rath - Day ago
Thank you so much for this clear and concise video. It took me a day, but I completed one of your amazing masks. I finally completed one, it took me most of today, but with the help of my old sewing skills and even older sewing machine, I think I have it ! {Sure wish I had a sharper rotary blade, I did mention I hadn't sewn in awhile?} Getting ready to make more tomorrow and send them off to my pharmacist daughter and her team in Minneapolis
India Forrest Shepard
I making one for each member of .y family! I just finished my first, but it took WAYYYY longer than 5 minutes😂 This is a great tutorial, I'm just bad at sewing
JulyValerie - Day ago
I'm a nurse and this is awesome! I'm making some for family to put over the N95 masks. However, if this is all you have, it's better than nothing out in the community. Thanks!!
rao mudigonda
rao mudigonda - Day ago
Thanks for sharing your ideas during this critical times.
Vanessa N Miller
Vanessa N Miller - Day ago
Hi Erica! Thank you for making this video. At 37 I am teaching myself how to sew to help the frontline workers and my family during this Pandemic. Hospitals near us have suggested making DIY mask with an insert for a filter. Some are placing a coffee filter even believe it or not panty liners (removing the paper and using the sticky side) adhering it to the inside of the mask.
My question how do I include an opening for a filter?
I have a fun patterns for the front and back along with cotton flannel for the middle section.
Thank you for taking the time to help the rest of us who are new and trying to help anyway possible.
Stay safe and God bless.
YAMI O - Day ago
very good idea, and our frontliners/medical workers need these so bad..thanks for sharing this idea..i hope u can help more people..thank subscriber here from the Philippines..i hope u can subscribe to my channel, too
Terese Kvasnicka
Terese Kvasnicka - Day ago
Thank you!
Alan Masters
Alan Masters - Day ago
How do you wash them
Diana KAGNASSIM - Day ago
Please can I get one. I work in Michigan hospital and it will be very helpful
Could you add a layer with a HEPA filter from a vacuum hepa bag?
JJ and TOYS - Day ago
Whatch our channel making masks for kids
Deborah Peters
Deborah Peters - Day ago
Wonderful video. Thank You
E Gibson
E Gibson - Day ago
Cotton is not recommended as a fabric to use because it main appeal as a clothing material is it's 'beathabilty'. Has been proven might only provide 20-50% protection. Recommend using blue shop towels in homemade face masks which can filter particles 2x to 3x better than cotton!! The two brands they tested were ToolBox's shop towel and ZEP's industrial blue towel.
Amanda Duke
Amanda Duke - Day ago
I made myself one today and followed the cutting requirements for the child size for my daughter. It was way too small. It didn’t even fit my 4 year old. Just an FYI for anyone wanting to make a kid sized ones.
A pure energy Me
A pure energy Me - Day ago
Can you write down in the comment area of what those fabric materials you used? It is hard for a person who never sew before to catch up these materials parts. Thank you!
Alicia M.
Alicia M. - Day ago
I have used your homeschool materials for a few years, and now I am using this mask tutorial. You are so talented! How do you have time to come up with all this stuff and manage to make videos about it? LOL...Thank you!
Jenna Wells
Jenna Wells - Day ago
This was very helpful. Thank you!!
Aubrey Near
Aubrey Near - Day ago
I’m having trouble sewing over the pleats. Any tricks? (Beginner sewer right here!)
wendi thornton
wendi thornton - Day ago
This is so great and easy!
Akuec - Day ago
Please please make one of these or wear on of them and leave the N95 masks for the professionals. We cannot risk the lives of those on the front line.
Dewey Pierson
Dewey Pierson - Day ago
“Airflow follows the path of least resistance, and if it won’t enter through the mesh, it can come in from the side,” Bourouiba said. “There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that [surgical masks] are protective against the smallest droplets.”
The Atlantic 4-1-2020
Francesca Rheannon
Francesca Rheannon - Day ago
I added a dart going from center bottom to a point midway center and it greatly improved the fit
SavageXzombiex - Day ago
THESE MASK WILL NOT PREVENT MICRO-PATHOGENS! Use them but be cautious and smart about it.
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