Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman moved to tears at surprise HOF announcement | FOX NFL

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FOX Sports
FOX Sports - 7 months ago
What was your favorite moment during this emotional announcement?
Big Gigi
Big Gigi - Month ago
Just how proud Troy was
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez - Month ago
Just seeing Jimmy little by little starting to cry and just thinking of how much he's wanted and waited for this.
Janine Hietala
Janine Hietala - 4 months ago
Troy Aikmans reaction
spbilalkhan - 6 months ago
Dear Fox sports , I seen this video few times but u want to watch it over and over with these legends and values and respect. Thanks
Brian Gilstrap
Brian Gilstrap - 6 months ago
Troy not close.
Andres CARRIZALES - 3 hours ago
Hey Jimmy so sad that the cowboys from the 2000s couldn't be the 1900s cowboys so sad whose fault is that.
CTK1201 - 10 hours ago
David Baker had his color coordination game on. Rocked the Blue blazer here to represent the NFC, and for Bill Cowher's induction wore Red for AFC
Bob - 14 hours ago
That's was the best thing i have ever seen. What character, gratitude and giving credit to other people we need more people like that..
starcastle22 22 Lomitas
starcastle22 22 Lomitas - 15 hours ago
Crockadile tears!! LOL
One Love King
One Love King - 16 hours ago
JJ was Always my Favorite Coach in the Nfl B.Cowher was Always my 2nd fav coach in the Nfl Super Sweet they both get Suprised the same day for HOF Awesome well Deserved Real Men Cry I know I was 1 LOVE GOD BLESS ALL
Donald Brady
Donald Brady - Day ago
Jay Glazer walks in like he was important.
G Stewart
G Stewart - 2 days ago
Gonzalez fkd it up.
Nicholas Fouch
Nicholas Fouch - 2 days ago
Jimmy Johnson has coached some of the best football players in history
B Good
B Good - 3 days ago
Every year removed from that Superbowl team of the 90's shows that it was Jimmy Johnson who was the reason for the championships. Jerry has had 25 years to put a championship squad back and has what 3 or 4 playoff wins?
Nyna Hernandez
Nyna Hernandez - 3 days ago
Love that Jimmy!!! I pray my Cowboys do not kneel!! It would be an utter tragedy because they are America's Team.
Damien Hernandez
Damien Hernandez - 3 days ago
As a diehard Miami Hurricanes fan I always considered Jimmy to be the best coach we ever had so this was awesome to see
L Perry
L Perry - 4 days ago
One of the last greatest moment in football
William G
William G - 4 days ago
This was incredible to watch live...
Glen DiRienzo
Glen DiRienzo - 5 days ago
This guy from the NFL hall of fame is bigger than most NFL players.
David Finkles
David Finkles - 5 days ago
I’m a die hard STEELERS fan and that one got me! lol 😢 Congratulations Jimmy Johnson you earned it🍺🍺
Turbotonio - 5 days ago
Not a cowboy fan either but this is just fantastic. He's a great guy, good for him.
Turbotonio - 5 days ago
Look at the size of that dude that comes and tells folks they're in the Hall. Christ those guys are big dudes and he makes them look like kids.
Turbotonio - 5 days ago
This is awesome.
William Williams
William Williams - 6 days ago
Man i choked up. Wow
Greysen G.
Greysen G. - 6 days ago
Can someone tell me why he's in the Hall?
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez - 7 days ago
I’m not crying...you’re crying...
Taylor Bevill
Taylor Bevill - 7 days ago
Coach deserved this for so dang long! Aikman, Irving, Emmet and many others have already gone before him and after all he did for the Cowboys! Congrats Jimmy! You deserve this!
Brensdad74 - 8 days ago
It's not about you, Terry.
simeonflake - 8 days ago
I love Jimmy Johnson; How about dem Cowboys???
Sung Ahn
Sung Ahn - 9 days ago
328 is also the number of wins Don Shula, the greatest Miami Dolphins coach, had. Unbelievable to see arguably the greatest (top 3 for sure) Miami Hurricanes coach get that designation. So cool
Md - 9 days ago
I swear...it gets me...every time. I don't know if people understand what he meant to Dallas.
Barbara W Tumlinson
Barbara W Tumlinson - 11 days ago
You taught me SO MUCH about football and a two tail conventional offense versus the west coast offense and I dont even play football nor never have. To this day 30 years later I will join in a goup of men playing football in conversation and make a comment, course being an old woman they would stop and stare at me like I had antannaes coming oit of my head, from another planent, example I said well, he can run like a gazelle being a wide receiver i dont care how fasr he is, if he doesnt have the hands and cant get open he is useless, you dont need him on your team. I know , i know, that Jimmy Johson could teach you something you didnt even know. That is from 30 years ago. HE was priceless .
DUCK DROP - 11 days ago
Love Jimmy
Oscar Banuelos
Oscar Banuelos - 12 days ago
Tears of joy
Allagí - 13 days ago
It's about time.
Danielle Barnes
Danielle Barnes - 13 days ago
Jimmy Johnson why you left the cowboys in San Antonio Texas 2003when I was 19 years old cuz I didn't show up for practice cuz I was married and I had a little son named James Stacy Robinson Hernandez Jr. Then I had another son named John Alexander Robinson.
Deezy Dro
Deezy Dro - 15 days ago
The Dallas Cowboys would have the most superbowls if jerry hadn’t got rid of jimmy so soon
Chargers belong in San Diego
I think what really makes this very emotional is Troy Aikman watching Johnson be announced for the Hall of Fame. Those two have worked together so well in the 90's and have a special bond of the name of the sport. You can't put anything else in good terms, this is perfect man.
Jaturungkabart - 18 days ago
One thing for certain, these guys really think a lot of themselves.
Its Just me
Its Just me - 18 days ago
well that brought tears to my eyse congratulations coach j.Johnson
Marcus - 18 days ago
It's easy for white folks to get in the HoF because they get to do all the voting.
Michael Sampson
Michael Sampson - 20 days ago
Aikmans stare with tears says how special this is ♥️
Richard Munoz
Richard Munoz - 20 days ago
Every time I watch this its emotional......his heart glowing with happiness
Tommy Bezos
Tommy Bezos - 20 days ago
I come here to feel alive again
5TH AVE GG TV - 21 day ago
Beautiful Moment in history ❤
Michael Dipsey
Michael Dipsey - 22 days ago
Hate Dallas but Jimmy was one of the best
BravoJr1987 - 22 days ago
Die hard eagles fan here, we’ll deserved jimmy 😭😭👏🏾👏🏾
Bobby VW
Bobby VW - 22 days ago
I hope I get and can be a friend like Terry Bradshaw. Legitimately excited about his Buddy's success ... Tremendous
Peter Willson
Peter Willson - 22 days ago
Shut up Bradshaw...so not necessary.
Rob Britt
Rob Britt - 22 days ago
How is Baker bigger than all these ex-players? The guy is huge.
ngagenokia - 23 days ago
sad they cant do it
Mr Wright
Mr Wright - 23 days ago
I hate the Steelers but boy oh boy do I love Terry Bradshaw. He was genuinely happy for Jimmy.
Shampoo Fully
Shampoo Fully - 23 days ago
I'm gonna go watch the Bill Cowher one and then maybe come back and watch this a second time
Sergio Velazquez
Sergio Velazquez - 24 days ago
Thought he was going to have a heart attack!
Scott Davidson
Scott Davidson - 24 days ago
Hall of Famer that Jerry Jones has NOT put in the Cowboy Ring of Honor. Good grief, smh!!!!
Levi's Lare
Levi's Lare - 24 days ago
Attention : snowflake 1 to snowflake 2......3...2..1 start crying
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 24 days ago
I’m a Skins fan and this made me tear up. Jimmy 110% deserved his spot in Canton. Good for him.
Prime Time3
Prime Time3 - 7 days ago
Who are the skins
Bess Snow
Bess Snow - 24 days ago
If only Jerry Jones would’ve appreciated Jimmy like everyone else did. Who knows, maybe one or two more Super Bowls.
Slayer of Reaper laviathon
Jimmy Johnson is badass
James Farmer
James Farmer - 25 days ago
The Cowboys could have been the Patriots of the 1990s if Jerry’s ego didn’t get in the way.
SLIP NORRIS - 25 days ago
thanks to Jerry Jones
Bodymore Dummy
Bodymore Dummy - 25 days ago
It’s a joy to see these old guys turn into kids when they realize their dreams have came true
Chris-Time Out Ref-Webber
Chris Steele
Chris Steele - 25 days ago
Also sometimes I share this, the Bible says that GOD loves us so much that he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to this earth and HE lived a perfect sinless life.And JESUS went to a cross and gave HIS life for us.And rose again in 3 days and who ever will receive JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO THEIR HEART AND FORGIVE THEIR SINS,HE WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.
Tyler Selinger
Tyler Selinger - 26 days ago
Such a heartwarming reaction seeing Troy Aikman in tears about the news
Master Jack
Master Jack - 26 days ago
KOOL STUFF. I started crying. I hate Dallas. Lol😎🏈
Reality Check
Reality Check - 26 days ago
Don't you just love football when their is no politics involved? So long NFL.
Joseph Arrambidez
Joseph Arrambidez - 26 days ago
Great moment for sure. I like both Jimmy and Troy so nothing against this, but if JJ and Cowher get in, where’s Shanahan and Flores?
Noland need liver transplant Wilkins Jr.
Congrats Jimmy I wish you could have gotten a SB IN MIAMI FOR DAN!😎👍👌
Noland need liver transplant Wilkins Jr.
I respect JJ off his emotion of the game.
Jethro Bodine
Jethro Bodine - 26 days ago
Look what JJ did on both levels. I believe he had the best eye for talent the game has ever seen.
John Sim
John Sim - 26 days ago
All I notice is Howie's huge block head
Random Guy
Random Guy - 27 days ago
Nailed it 👌
Edward Bailey
Edward Bailey - 28 days ago
How many more championships would that team had won if Jerry would have kept his mouth shut?
Rick Riz
Rick Riz - 28 days ago
There will never be duos like Landry & Staubach, Johnson & Aikman, Bradshaw & Noll, Reeves & Elway, Levy & Kelly, Lombardi & Starr, Marino & Shula, Tomlin & Roethlisberger, Belichick & Brady in the NFL anymore. Belichick & Brady are gone and Tomlin & Roethlisberger are all thats left. Todays NFL has so little class and loyalty. Its hard to find any. Its been politicized. Today's NFL is disattached from the fans. It all began with taking a knee, off field player issues and exhorbant contracts. The National Anthem should be that 5 minute moment when all differences and problems are placed aside so all Americans can reflect on this great country G-d blessed us with. Then after we can go about bashing each other like spoiled kids again. Truly sad times now.
Jim - 28 days ago
1:21. Instead of talking about this being “a great honor” and “being so proud” for 5 minutes. He first mentions his coaches & players for getting him there. We’re only as strong as those around us
Beer Ranger44
Beer Ranger44 - 28 days ago
Terry is the ultimate hype man lol
Kimberly Randolph
Kimberly Randolph - 28 days ago
I became emotional and enjoyed the look on his face- yes everyone needs a Terry B- so cool.
Peter Jeffery
Peter Jeffery - 29 days ago
Loved the honest heartfelt emotion showed by a guy who was always a cool customer...btw, is Jimmy the shortest inductee ever enshrined in Canton? He need to fluff up that doo another inch or so. LOL you almost couldn't tell who was hugging Jimmy because all you saw was their shoulders and his head. Good choice, well deserved!
Wyndamn - 29 days ago
Saw this live and as a lifelong cowboys fan almost moved me to tears, couldn't have happened to a better man or head coach , HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS !!!
18 Wheeler
18 Wheeler - 29 days ago
Cant wait to see tom brady in this position
Jerell Woods
Jerell Woods - 29 days ago
I hope Jerry Jones never wins another Super Bowl for the rest of his life....Jimmy was thrown away like nothing
wesley gary
wesley gary - 29 days ago
A Football Life on espn shows Jimmy still taking out football greats on his fishing boat out in the atlantic every now and then.
Dude. Going fishing with J.J off the coast of Miami and maybe belichek or Cowher or a Miami great shows up to drink a few and maybe get a snag on the line? That's a pretty good day.
Jericholic2323 - Month ago
The black dudes ruined it.
stillatit 50
stillatit 50 - Month ago
Way to go JJ,...MAN,..you deserved it. 🏈🏈🏈🏈
Kort Kleinman
Kort Kleinman - Month ago
That was one of the neatest segments I have ever seen in sports.
JA Roe
JA Roe - Month ago
The boys are b*tches. 😭😭
sparkle618 - Month ago
Never tire if watching this.
Wittle pillow !
Wittle pillow ! - Month ago
I seriously thought this man was going to die for a moment.
Lauri Hyttinen
Lauri Hyttinen - Month ago
As a 49ers fan I really hated Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman back in the day but they do deserve to be in Canton and my hats off to them. Great video.
John McMahon
John McMahon - Month ago
and his hair was perfect
Stewart Fairweather
Stewart Fairweather - Month ago
Man I love sports how it gives us the opportunity to take a ride and journey with athletes, coaches, go thru the ups and downs with them. Trials and tribulations triumphs. We loose with them, we win awards and championships with them and we retire with them that's what is so unique about sports
Phillip Capshaw
Phillip Capshaw - Month ago
I don't know why Jimmy Johnson is not in the Ring of Honor.
Avante Smith
Avante Smith - Month ago
I think the best part is you can see how genuinely happy those guys are for him! Especially Terry and Troy, you could see it on their face. The Cowboy fan base doesn’t agree on everything but, I think we do agree on our love for Jimmy and what he did for the organization. Well deserved!
Brian Holmes
Brian Holmes - Month ago
Don’t care what team you cheer for; this right here breaks barriers. I love it. And those guys...that crew right there. A band of brothers. They’re just as excited. Love it!
J - Month ago
I remember watching that live; it got to me. I hate the Cowboys, but Jimmy Johnson is one of the greatest coaches ever.
Smoove Talk
Smoove Talk - Month ago
Coach Jimmy look like he was going to have a hear attack.
Java Jones
Java Jones - Month ago
He could have won 3 more SBs if it weren't for that idiot clown jerry jones
Robert Munoz Jr
Robert Munoz Jr - Month ago
I'm proud of you Jimmy 2 Superbowl rings impressive, and now the Hall of Fame! It's hard to get just 1 ring! What I'm trippin on is, Tom Flores has 4 Superbowl rings. 4!? One as a QB,1 as an assistant coach. 2 as a head coach. First "Latino" to be head coach hmmm that just confuses me SMH 😒
Sterling Bartoe
Sterling Bartoe - Month ago
That man truly deserves that. Great Coach! ❤️
Clarence Dixon
Clarence Dixon - Month ago
Jay S
Jay S - Month ago
Jimmy Johnson was just as good of coach as Tom Landry. I know he respected every thing coach Landry did.
Jimmy carried the Dallas Cowboys tradition to the next level. Well deserved.
Man-Bag Dammit
Man-Bag Dammit - Month ago
Love JJ. He is where he belongs!
Christopher Calliste
Christopher Calliste - Month ago
I'm not a Cowboys fan and I never played professional football under JJ but I won't lie teary eyes when he spoke man
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