Historical Figures How They Really Looked | Amazing 3D Facial Reconstruction

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pilote236 - 10 hours ago
Jesus still a life ok you are wrong
AAA A - Day ago
3:11 'some of you may die but that's a risk I'm willing to take
Calebs Closet
Calebs Closet - 2 days ago
When you realise santa claus is actually from someones local corner shop
Calebs Closet
Calebs Closet - 2 days ago
Why the fuck was Cleopatra considered a sext woman she looks like a man
championx91 - 2 days ago
Shailey Varney
Shailey Varney - 4 days ago
Okay but Santa gives me a different vibe ...
Quiltpals - 5 days ago
They all have huge noses. YIKKERS
Oda Waag
Oda Waag - 6 days ago
why is santa and Jesus the same man?
streetfighterz on tour Dardan
29 nigga
JOTOKIX 0 - 9 days ago
But, but , but cleopatra needs to be beiautifull
Dovey Milton
Dovey Milton - 10 days ago
Cleopatras is so ridiculois lmfaooo. We have a statue bust of her. Looks nothing like the reconstruction.
These reconstructions are never accurate.
lil memeio
lil memeio - 13 days ago
Nefertiti looks like Xerxes from the 300 lmao
Northern Lights
Northern Lights - 14 days ago
Poor renderings
EstoniaANTICOMMUNIST - 14 days ago
Etresh Hove
Etresh Hove - 14 days ago
These are lies
kishaheena - 15 days ago
This is bull shit ... Jesus Christ ? based on what ? No skeleton, seriously. And the rest, just based on paintings. Waste of time ...
0 0
0 0 - 16 days ago
4:02 He looks like David Schwimmer :D
Apinunt Luweera
Apinunt Luweera - 17 days ago
LOL George Washington, no one knows because you put the statue of him you wierdo
Darianna Rivera
Darianna Rivera - 19 days ago
Fatian Berisha
Fatian Berisha - 19 days ago
3:45 he looks like Maui from Moana.
DxgeIxu - 22 days ago
Kelvyn farias
Kelvyn farias - 22 days ago
4:04 Bianca del rio as Trajan ?
Kelvyn farias
Kelvyn farias - 22 days ago
3:00 So, philip II was a quasimodo?
Ned Lan
Ned Lan - 23 days ago
julius cesar look like putin and i just wtf...his statue dont even look like that
darius alias
darius alias - 23 days ago
4:05 WWE Dave Bautista 😂😂😂
Slav sapient being
Slav sapient being - 25 days ago
*_B u l l $ % / t_*
Slav sapient being
Slav sapient being - 25 days ago
Marcus Agrippa looks like Mark Zuckerberg
SO DANGEROUS - 26 days ago
Its funny how most of the Queens were reconstructed as a Black woman with braids, even Santa Clause was presented as Black but JESUS was white?
Slav sapient being
Slav sapient being - 25 days ago
Everything is confusing nowadays 🤔
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys - 28 days ago
This has to be the most horseshit video on YouTube, right under CNN and MSNBC 🤣
jadawin10 - 28 days ago
High fantasy interpretations...
Wayne Wayne
Wayne Wayne - 28 days ago
The only real picture of jesus is from Akiana Kramarik! The Boy and some others who almost died proofing that she is right.
fanfan clara
fanfan clara - 29 days ago
cleopatre avec une simple image de profil , le mec nous fais un truc bidon , complétement con de faire un visage en 3d avec une simple image 2d , et surtout que rien ne prouve que cleopatre était réélement comme sur les images .vraiment trop con
Duif Met mayo
Duif Met mayo - Month ago
I read that ötzi's mummy is actually cursed or something
Moto-B - Month ago
Sam U. Rai
Sam U. Rai - Month ago
id take the roman likenesses best, better than the 3d renderings considering they were masters with the best art and scultpure in the world.
Julius Caesar looks like Devon Weston of GTA V
Doc_Steelhammer - Month ago
This ia only 40%accurate,no one knows the true color and muscle strukture of faces just from bones,muscles grow and develop overtime bones stop growing or slow growth after the age of 18-20,unless you have a hormonal diseasse
Joshua Poirier
Joshua Poirier - Month ago
لا تعصبني
لا تعصبني - Month ago
1:07 😐
queen 'Araweela
queen 'Araweela - Month ago
Cleopatra isn't that beautiful though..
jinx parrot
jinx parrot - Month ago
4:04 wtf is that thing
jinx parrot
jinx parrot - Month ago
Santa was way different he looked like my fucking grandpa wtf
thebad baliguy
thebad baliguy - Month ago
But I thought Jesus had longer hair
mpcamposz - Month ago
3:07 Lord Farquaad existed :o
Total bullshit with the image reconstructed for Tutankhamun
Begum Khan
Begum Khan - Month ago
Nefertiti was hot
Pivot GIRL
Pivot GIRL - Month ago
2:01 this is soo much cursed
Quelqu'un est la
Quelqu'un est la - Month ago
This guy is the god of the temple of reason and excutions to guillotine
Donshero Inrico
Donshero Inrico - Month ago
We all know the jesus christ one is fake as shit
Dawson Jackson
Dawson Jackson - Month ago
1:06 *Please tell me you are Christian TopFactology*
Drawing Addict
Drawing Addict - Month ago
LOL imagine being remembered for looking old, ugly, and dirty. I feel like they did some of the people here injustice, even if that was a stage of their life XD I would want to be reconstructed to look like my best.
gaming with jacob
gaming with jacob - Month ago
22 looks like the bad guy from the first Shrek movie
fortnite insanity
fortnite insanity - Month ago
Gosh we looked better in those times.
(Visible sarcasm)
Pillsbury - Month ago
Santa was black lmao
GamingReality '81
GamingReality '81 - Month ago
Artist of this show was too bad !!! Fake and false !!!
Greg Epperson
Greg Epperson - Month ago
didnt you fuckers read Heaven is for Real?
Muhammad Harith
Muhammad Harith - Month ago
4:01 Ancient Ross
Abdou Benjadir
Abdou Benjadir - Month ago
Its not the face of Jéesus christ
Jon Kaylor
Jon Kaylor - Month ago
Oh slap! Jesus just pumped my gas 2 hrs ago!
Ms Stainbrook
Ms Stainbrook - Month ago
Is it just me or does Jesus look like he forgot to fill in one of his eyebrows ?
Force User
Force User - Month ago
4:03. clearly, the person who reconstructed the Roman Emperor's face has never watched "friends"
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