Carrie Underwood & John Legend - Hallelujah (Official Music Video)

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Alicia Pink
Alicia Pink - 29 minutes ago
Love ❤️
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez - 30 minutes ago
I can’t wait for her special on #HBOMax
james Gathatwa
james Gathatwa - 36 minutes ago
Chillingly straight to the soul. What a befitting commemoration of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Deeply blessed . May our Mighty God bless you abundantly and by His Devine Power, and May he continue to grant you a success and prosperity that will be beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations.
Tamera Shields
Tamera Shields - 49 minutes ago
Why in the world did she hook up and sing with him...there's a lot of bad stuff about him on the internet
Veronica Matchett
Veronica Matchett - 2 hours ago
I was expecting "Hallelujah" by the great Leonard Cohen (RIP) but this is a wonderful song by two incredible artists, thoroughly enjoyed it; much success on your first-ever Christmas album Carrie, you are a magnificent vocalist no matter the genre
twardavid - 2 hours ago
I Love it...
Robert Chalton
Robert Chalton - 3 hours ago
Justice Jannie
Justice Jannie - 3 hours ago
I thought it was going to be "Hallelujah" from Leonard Cohen.... beautiful song ❤️
Justice Jannie
Justice Jannie - 3 hours ago
Harmony is Amazing ❤️
Michaelle Racheal West
Michaelle Racheal West - 4 hours ago
What a beautiful song 🎵
Dee G
Dee G - 4 hours ago
Sherry - 4 hours ago
I read through so many comments on this and so many opinions. Yes it's a beautiful song but as in everything these days division is there. You can call it politics but it's really a belief system. Artists, no matter who they are, shouldn't use their platform to push their personal agenda. If they do then they leave themselves open to criticism. They are paid by the consumer to entertain and when they forget what put them where they are the backlash is inevitable.
Nicola Holgate
Nicola Holgate - 5 hours ago
John Legend’s Falsetto is giving me CHILLS! Exquisite🙏🏻
ALWAYS LOVE - 5 hours ago
Hallelujah....🎼. means Jehovah = HE causes to become. 🙏 ❤ So beautiful
Maria Padilla
Maria Padilla - 5 hours ago
Love it
Dulith Senadeera
Dulith Senadeera - 5 hours ago
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Hurry up Guys 😍
Shawn Cook
Shawn Cook - 6 hours ago
Carrie is awesome! Not a fan of the self indulgent runs of Jon's. He also sounded sharp on his high notes. She should have collaborated with the group For King and Country. They are better singers and musicians. Sad, this Legend is over rated.
S J - 6 hours ago
Beautifully done Carrie, thank you! 💜
Chase Burke
Chase Burke - 6 hours ago
Ik its still early But i Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving tmrw!! And am amazing christmas
Paz Bravo
Paz Bravo - 6 hours ago
Manuel Jestice
Manuel Jestice - 6 hours ago
John legend is such a ugly singer and person and I mean as a person not his face. There where so many duet options and Carrie picked the worst
K Donohue
K Donohue - 6 hours ago
Carrie Underwood and Mariah Carey should do a Christmas song
Caron Harrison
Caron Harrison - 6 hours ago
Kristin Morrow
Kristin Morrow - 7 hours ago
Pat Crampton
Pat Crampton - 7 hours ago
Legend and his spouse....are not Christian....why is she singing with him
Nancii Reyes
Nancii Reyes - 7 hours ago
Tas St
Tas St - 8 hours ago
Yes to Carrie. Huge no to John. Ungrateful. Unamerican.
Teresa Hunter
Teresa Hunter - 8 hours ago
Love It both did a great job.
Rachel Pollock
Rachel Pollock - 9 hours ago
this is so beautiful I'm trying not to ball my eyes out this is my very first major holidays without my mom. she loved this song so much
Anthony Affrim
Anthony Affrim - 9 hours ago
Can't stop listening to this masterpiece. Have lost count 😵🤍💙💚💛
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 - 8 hours ago
That makes two of us
Patricia Hernandez ** La Cubanita
This is an AMAZING song!! They both did wonderful. We need more of this type of music ❤️❤️
Brenda Fizer
Brenda Fizer - 10 hours ago
This collaboration w/ Carrie Underwood & his Oscar winning collaboration w/ Common is John Legend @ his ABSOLUTE BEST!!!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr - 10 hours ago
I’m not a big fan of John Legend but even I cannot deny this is a masterpiece! Their voices together sound so rich and beautiful together.
loomonda18 - 10 hours ago
I knew this was going to be magic
Dallas - 10 hours ago
to the 2k people who dislike this, wtf is wrong with you
William Knipp
William Knipp - 10 hours ago
Love this song thank you for lighting of our world again
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr - 10 hours ago
Beautiful 😍 Hallelujah
debbie baldus
debbie baldus - 10 hours ago
Absolutely breathtaking!
William Knipp
William Knipp - 10 hours ago
One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith - 10 hours ago
janelle schultz
janelle schultz - 10 hours ago
Carrie Underwood spirit of love?? How about Jesus in there. That's a watered down term non believers use all the have such a huge platform and lately idk what you've been doing you used to be so humble.I feel like your so lukewarm it be awesome if you'd totally be in the word and spreading just gods truth and give up your entire life for him
Rockfanist - 6 hours ago
Actually, she is probably the only mainstream singer who continually puts faith, Jesus, and God references in her songs. Thus, she reaches millions of people when she does. So, your comments hold little water, because they are false. Janelle, please try not to judge others, and love your neighbor as yourself. You will then be closer to Jesus. How nice would that be?
Ellie Hofmann
Ellie Hofmann - 11 hours ago
this has to make joy to everyone so bueatiful
Ellie Hofmann
Ellie Hofmann - 11 hours ago
Karen Bellassai
Karen Bellassai - 11 hours ago
What a great song especially for this year!
Jillian Maines
Jillian Maines - 11 hours ago
Love this song... your amazing carrie, hope you and your family is doing well.
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee - 11 hours ago
Christmas has become a holiday known for materialistic gifts. The true gift is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who was born to die on the cross for all men who have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Hallelujah to God, Almighty, the One, and the Omega.
Life In The God Lane
Life In The God Lane - 11 hours ago
Katie Carlson
Katie Carlson - 11 hours ago
You guys sing great together .
Love the song very pretty
Katelyn Furr
Katelyn Furr - 11 hours ago
I hope I will hear this song on Christmas Eve
Ann K
Ann K - 11 hours ago
I love this 💖💖💖
Mia Gilliam
Mia Gilliam - 11 hours ago
Yes love it
Vickie Weismantel
Vickie Weismantel - 12 hours ago
Beautiful 😍 Hallelujah
Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook - 12 hours ago
This is shit,not country music
BTS Army Mom Tata
BTS Army Mom Tata - 12 hours ago
You have a new fan! I am buying your CD for this Christmas. I am not a Christian or country music fan. However I love John Legend and all he stands for. Beautiful collaberation! I wish you peace and love.
Bubba Ray
Bubba Ray - 12 hours ago

Vanessa Cordwell
Vanessa Cordwell - 12 hours ago
Curtis Ross
Curtis Ross - 12 hours ago
My favorite rendition so far...see 2020 wasn't complete crap!
Ladonna Rice
Ladonna Rice - 12 hours ago
I love Carrie underwood songs it so great song
Terri Nibblett
Terri Nibblett - 13 hours ago
I think its a pretty song carrie and john👍👍👍👍💖💖💖
Cierra Harmon
Cierra Harmon - 13 hours ago
This is amazing !!! They’re ranges are amazing!! They’re vocals together are absolutely breathtaking!!! Great song!!
Devina Singh
Devina Singh - 13 hours ago
Let the children know there's a brighter day, there's hope. We all need this hope in 2020
Rickboy Metran
Rickboy Metran - 13 hours ago
Her voice is still magicaL,calm and strong.
Beautifully Abandoned
Beautifully Abandoned - 14 hours ago
wow all i can say is wow
Teresa Householder Davis
Teresa Householder Davis - 14 hours ago
Amazing , two of my favs together! Exceptional!
TheSistaCEO - 14 hours ago
Simply Beautiful. "Hallelujah" never gets old.
Gem Quintana
Gem Quintana - 14 hours ago
omg this gave me goosebumps and brought me to tears as it makes me miss family so SOO MUCH. thank you for this beautiful gift of music.
Despite the holidays not going as planned and just seemingly more unusual than most holidays we have experienced. I am still extremely grateful for the gift of life and to be able to see and talk to family on the other side of the world and diff part of USA, thanks to technology. this year has definitely reeled me back in on the most important things in life
Lily Bear
Lily Bear - 14 hours ago
I listened to this song so many times I know ever word
Lea M
Lea M - 14 hours ago
A very, very beautiful song that touches the heart
Book Lover
Book Lover - 14 hours ago
Just beautiful.
Sandra McDuffie
Sandra McDuffie - 15 hours ago
God is good all the time!! You wouldn't understand if you don't believe 🤗 Stop believing in government and people!! Believe in GOD and enjoy peace!!
Lauren Ruby Lampley
Lauren Ruby Lampley - 15 hours ago
You're still beautiful after all these years carrie I don't think you can ever not be perfect. You're a true angel sent from god.💕
Yunius Pasambaka
Yunius Pasambaka - 15 hours ago
Haleluya Jesus is coming 🥰😘😍
John Hall
John Hall - 15 hours ago
james quattlebaum
james quattlebaum - 15 hours ago
I love your voice it's amazing I never heard a voice like that and I listen to your songs since I was little now I'm 9 years old 💕💕💕
stephanie jones
stephanie jones - 15 hours ago
Jassy J
Jassy J - 16 hours ago
Happy Holidays everyone reading 🤗💙🤍
Lori Glaug
Lori Glaug - 16 hours ago
Beautiful with 2 beautiful people singing it
P W - 16 hours ago
John Legend sucks
William Clark
William Clark - 16 hours ago
I'm hearing that many of Underwood's fans aren't happy with this collaboration with Legend. Maybe (since they want to bring politics into the entertainment arena) they could learn something here from both sides. Remember, this is American soil and the right is just as free to passionately advocate at the top of their lungs what the left passionately opposes at the top of theirs. The fact that politics never even entered the arena with these 2 is a breath of fresh air. God bless BOTH of you Underwood and Legend. Signed, medically retired United States Marine.
Hope Marozwa
Hope Marozwa - 16 hours ago
I cant stop listening to this. l loveeeeeee it
Martina Glenn
Martina Glenn - 17 hours ago
Thomas Coburn
Thomas Coburn - 17 hours ago
Jacqueline Harold
Jacqueline Harold - 17 hours ago
Jamie Glasford
Jamie Glasford - 17 hours ago
I can’t stand John Legend, but this song is beautiful! Carrie’s voice is flawless!
Book Lover
Book Lover - 14 hours ago
@John Doe Why bring politics into it? Why?
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 - 16 hours ago
@John Doe Right!? Mad at a man for having a different opinion. Something they supposedly look down on.
John Doe
John Doe - 17 hours ago
Who cares. Biden/ Harris 2020😂😂😂💙💙💙💙
Robert Rohlmeier
Robert Rohlmeier - 17 hours ago
Where can we get the sheet music for piano or better yet, harp?
Elisa - 17 hours ago
oh the christmas season
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez - 18 hours ago
Love ❤
Susan Wilson
Susan Wilson - 18 hours ago
Absolutely 😍 beautiful. Love John Legend♥️ love Carrie Underwood ❤. The world needs more like this. Praise the Lord🙏😇
Pie Sailo
Pie Sailo - 18 hours ago
john doe
john doe - 18 hours ago
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper - 18 hours ago
Absolutley a beautiful song...done by both...❤
Carrie Bednarek
Carrie Bednarek - 19 hours ago
Not exactly the song I came here for, but I'm not mad.
payten weeks
payten weeks - 19 hours ago
Challenge100 word song with 100 hip hop singers. 1 song. Each person only sings 1 word to go to the next. Lyric to finish the song that would be so cool....
11ms62 - 19 hours ago
This is a beautiful song and a perfect performance, and it gave me chills. - 19 hours ago
Incredible Work ✌️
Saif Ali
Saif Ali - 19 hours ago
RIP John Legend 1978 - 2020-21
Kandi Mitchell
Kandi Mitchell - 20 hours ago
What a beautiful song! Praise God! We definitely need more songs like this!
Queen Adams
Queen Adams - 20 hours ago
Simply beautiful 🤍
Boss- C-
Boss- C- - 20 hours ago
Oh this is beautiful! The duet I never knew I wanted.
Alwashim Samsul
Alwashim Samsul - 20 hours ago
Ohmy imiss carrie😊💕
cirebon upt2020
cirebon upt2020 - 20 hours ago
Rezension Last Christmas Sie hier in vollem Umfang
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