I'm Dating a Celebrity?! | Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons - 7 months ago
Ricardo Pena
Ricardo Pena - 2 months ago
Lele Pons
Tanner Time fun
Tanner Time fun - 3 months ago
Lele Pons is cool
April Miller
April Miller - 4 months ago
U will be perfect with him Lele pons
Amar Shill
Amar Shill - 4 months ago
Amar Shill
Amar Shill - 4 months ago
MTS_1000jmartBTW team MTS
He sound like cristanio ronaldo
Kenya Tims
Kenya Tims - Month ago
Do not do that actually I love your vid’s
Kenya Tims
Kenya Tims - Month ago
My name is Kenya put my phone number in one of your videos
Ronaldo Gutiérrez
Ronaldo Gutiérrez - 2 months ago
Todo bien pero que fea "pronunciation" juanpa
Ximena Yañez
Ximena Yañez - 3 months ago
Terence Matautia
Terence Matautia - 3 months ago
NINJA KILER 1 - 3 months ago
i love you lele
elkilani hosain
elkilani hosain - 3 months ago
When they called her Lele instead of Anna
JanaPlayz _YT
JanaPlayz _YT - 3 months ago
I need a part two
58 years ago
58 years ago - 3 months ago
I feel bad for celebrities they can't date anyone without being tracked down or being worried that they are getting used for fame and money
Itz_nasir - 3 months ago
When lele kept saying “I STILL HAVE WORK” I was choking on my drink😂
Queen Charles
Queen Charles - 3 months ago
You see all the girls toys that can move in your videos you better take them out girl I won't be the s*** out of those pictures if I was you
Nevekel2 - 3 months ago
Хахахаха лифчиком бить стекло идеально!
• Potato Unicorn •
• Potato Unicorn • - 3 months ago
Avierley Romi
Avierley Romi - 3 months ago
Mi amor!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Joyce's Family
Joyce's Family - 3 months ago
paul zegarra
paul zegarra - 3 months ago
Yo no se tanto ingles , pero ese titulo esta mal escrito , joder !. Por lo menos escriban bien la pregunta en inglés
Kalina Genchov
Kalina Genchov - 3 months ago
She says she's dating a celebrity...
*When she is one-*
Angela Hogg
Angela Hogg - 3 months ago
She said lele instead of Anna😂😂😂
Azula Rischow
Azula Rischow - 3 months ago
I can take jaunpa seriously at 3:58 because he is always so funny and positive and he is just pooring his heart out lmao 😂
spideyvs.p - 3 months ago
Did they just copy a titanic scene?

Lucy Loo RBLX
Lucy Loo RBLX - 3 months ago
This is a literal Gacha story that has turned into real life
Junjun Rivera
Junjun Rivera - 3 months ago
My friend fatema leen B. Ranin called you lala panso
Meh Lol
Meh Lol - 3 months ago
It reminded me of gacha life like the part where you just met
Madness :3
Madness :3 - 3 months ago
she IS the celebrity.
SmurfyVoices - 3 months ago
2:00 lele
Genoso Ejj
Genoso Ejj - 3 months ago
Lele 😍
Unicorn Love
Unicorn Love - 3 months ago
OMG 😮 I love these videos # gets better every time # love these videos
Heddas Liv
Heddas Liv - 3 months ago
Can your namn ess Hedda in next video. Please🙂😇
Pranab chowdhury
Pranab chowdhury - 3 months ago
The necklace that Zuapo gave lele that part looked like Titanic,😂
Yasamin 11
Yasamin 11 - 3 months ago
Anaina - 4 months ago
It felt like a literal parody of a wattpad story
Lps buttermilk Lacey j
Lps buttermilk Lacey j - 4 months ago
You look dead pretty
JahidhasanOfficial - 4 months ago
This guy is Aladeen ?
Arsheya Salvatore
Arsheya Salvatore - 4 months ago
She literally redid the Titanic Scene
Alma Deaf
Alma Deaf - 4 months ago
Lela pans
Ulf Hanebutte
Ulf Hanebutte - 4 months ago
No one.....
Absolutely no one...

Me: which one of the paparazzi is actually filming???
Caitlin Miranda
Caitlin Miranda - 4 months ago
Looked in the comments...

Yup..All Kids..
Daniela Gomez
Daniela Gomez - 4 months ago
this was posted nov.29 a day after my b-day
Queen Life's
Queen Life's - 4 months ago
Autumn Franklin
Autumn Franklin - 4 months ago
Is that the necklace from the titanic
robot man playz
robot man playz - 4 months ago
NyNy Kawaii
NyNy Kawaii - 4 months ago
Nimesh Ranapaily
Nimesh Ranapaily - 4 months ago
The ending is shit
Dani Davidson
Dani Davidson - 4 months ago
your my favorite youtuber i love you
Gel Angel
Gel Angel - 4 months ago
It’s way to hard to be famous your fans will litarley chase you to death
UNICORN - 4 months ago
My name ISAAC
Sukh Bharya
Sukh Bharya - 4 months ago
i am a big fan
Just Me!!!
Just Me!!! - 4 months ago
Juanpa and Rudy go to be the cutest guys Lele hangs out with😂🤦🏽‍♀️
RASHI AGARWAL - 4 months ago
Lele you are not good enough to be married
RASHI AGARWAL - 4 months ago
You look horrific
Nympha Mae
Nympha Mae - 4 months ago
lol, titanic one of my favorite movies
Susnata Chanda
Susnata Chanda - 4 months ago
2:50 lawl
SaphīreKåt_cookies - 4 months ago
omg lele amo tus videos tuyos tan bonitos
Hope World
Hope World - 4 months ago
I wanna date with a celebrity 🥺💚😍
Itzayana Hernandez
Itzayana Hernandez - 4 months ago
Anagha Tholpady
Anagha Tholpady - 4 months ago
The whole video is abt how a diner girl is treated and how a celebrity is treated !!! 😐
Gale Joanna
Gale Joanna - 4 months ago
crusty chan
crusty chan - 4 months ago
Wow just wow ;-;
Flor Cano
Flor Cano - 4 months ago
Mason P&V
Mason P&V - 4 months ago
1:58 Lady says Lele instead of Anna/ Ana/ Annah
The Eliminator
The Eliminator - 4 months ago
3:09 I was literally watching titanic this morning
Domagoj Ivanišević
Domagoj Ivanišević - 4 months ago
1:58 OMG LELE 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️😂😂😂 when her name is Anna in the video
『αмαяα αяιєllє』
*I thought of shawn mendes and camilla cabello*
Talxz_star - 4 months ago
Dustyydxsies World
Dustyydxsies World - 4 months ago
I love the titanic reference
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin - 4 months ago
1:58 did she say lele? Because her name is anna in the video
Esma Alićajić
Esma Alićajić - 4 months ago
WILLY G. - 4 months ago
Que estupides
Johnny Aldana
Johnny Aldana - 4 months ago
play doom
Johnny Aldana
Johnny Aldana - 4 months ago
lessening or watching 225-144
Johnny Aldana
Johnny Aldana - 4 months ago
Johnny Aldana
Johnny Aldana - 4 months ago
because ggggggggggggggg
Johnny Aldana
Johnny Aldana - 4 months ago
mz k
mz k - 4 months ago
This guy could have been a serial killer and she said yes!
Comment May Explode
Comment May Explode - 4 months ago
I really love this video.
Gustas Dov
Gustas Dov - 4 months ago
your videos is amazing
Corrupted_C00K13 》
Corrupted_C00K13 》 - 4 months ago
Wow this video was really fETCh
Mehaque Khanum
Mehaque Khanum - 4 months ago
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