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TheButcherSF - 3 hours ago
She is smoking hot. FYI
Garrison Deschamps
Garrison Deschamps - 5 hours ago
Nice shorts!! 👀
Luca Mosca
Luca Mosca - 6 hours ago
Ciao beauty. Where's the shower?
WelderUSA - 7 hours ago
Wow, Canadian Hottie 😍
Thanks YouTube.
Oh, nice van by the way.
But seriously, get a solar setup for your batteries.
Nationalcitysycho d
Nationalcitysycho d - 7 hours ago
Please tell me you dont have a man? Cuz i got a c class me & you & big Carl & Ruby ..we would make a good couple...lol...CARL IS MY C CLASS RV 32 FT & YOUR LIL RUBY..LMAO.
Rich Jones
Rich Jones - 7 hours ago
I saw where you blogged, regarding people saying you had put on weight, during your time on doodles. I call BS. Your a beautiful young lady, 1 reason why I followed Doodles. Keep doing what you do, you have many appreciative fans.
xcace - 8 hours ago
Great intro to Ruby and you look so happy and relaxed, which together with your pro commentary makes for a fun and interesting video. Brilliant :)
Eugenio Gutierrez
Eugenio Gutierrez - 9 hours ago
Gm Taylor first time seeing ur video ur cute love ur van looks nice
Lord Bang-a-Lot
Lord Bang-a-Lot - 10 hours ago
if i was in that van, I would keep it rockin 24/7 so dont bother knockin
Lord Bang-a-Lot
Lord Bang-a-Lot - 11 hours ago
ohhhh Taylorrrr you're tooo much toooo much!
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 - 11 hours ago
Good god almighty. How are you real.
ewan thomas
ewan thomas - 11 hours ago
Awesome cleavage
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 12 hours ago
Hey what happened to the factory 8-track? gotta love the 80's.
Antonio Pais
Antonio Pais - 13 hours ago
Taylor you are very beautiful! Hi from Brazil!
B H - 17 hours ago
PARADOX THE4EVER - 17 hours ago
I'm tryin stretch that kitty
Werewolf 0991
Werewolf 0991 - 18 hours ago
Excellent video , thank you Taylor ! 🤠👍
Gary - 18 hours ago
Wow, this is weird. Even when she is inside, all I can see are those beautiful headlights....
Nitz Ferrer
Nitz Ferrer - 18 hours ago
The best way to stay away from covid! And you can be a runaway anywhere like a free person as long you had a lot of storage necessities...
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs - 18 hours ago
That looks like a cool ride! So you know a bit of mechanics as well? Ps doesn't this puppy slurp gasoline like crazy or compared to newer vans?
satchell78 - 19 hours ago
Ah man I worked for at least 5 min on that dragon.
C B - 19 hours ago
Where do you shower?
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips - 19 hours ago
I worked at Roadtrek for almost 10 years.
michael dixon
michael dixon - 20 hours ago
Love the van, it looksgreat. Love your other videos, your living my dream. Yes the fact that you are very attractive is a definite draw to the channel however the rude imature comments by others are rediculous and I am sorry you are having to see them.
Jannill Rodriguez
Jannill Rodriguez - 20 hours ago
I had a jeep with the 318 that motor never died with the offroad beating i gave it. Almost 400k miles on that thing before i let it go
hmk. - 20 hours ago
at the back, we have the back door!
H.Kemal ALTIN - 20 hours ago
Joe Dattoli
Joe Dattoli - 21 hour ago
thats an amazing setup you have. not sure how you are single. beautiful!
speterbilt - 21 hour ago
I subbed. See you on the road. What state are you in now?
Derek Cook
Derek Cook - 22 hours ago
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera - 22 hours ago
False advertising
Spirit Iam
Spirit Iam - 23 hours ago
Awesome!!! Be well !
Michael J
Michael J - 23 hours ago
You have a cool van and your super hot.
Raul Curincita
Raul Curincita - 23 hours ago
😍Cutie 😍
Chase Gaut
Chase Gaut - Day ago
She thick
LostInPA - Day ago
The dragon and pig is a symbol used by underground cannibals groups. FYI.
Justin Guidinger
Justin Guidinger - Day ago
You're a hottie
Derrick Dougan
Derrick Dougan - Day ago
Hey Taylor,, I know your kickin it in the van for a few weeks or more, but do you ever take your marina travels to the Pickering area (Frenchmans Bay?) Im in the area and i've been looking to have someone take me out and introduce me to sailing. Your sailing doodles videos really inspired me and your lucky to have found someone like Bobby to show you the world. Good luck with your channel and the rest of the adventures this summer. Shoot me an email if you come across this, It would be great to chat,,, derrickdougan@gmail.com
Imad Nehme
Imad Nehme - Day ago
Well, not enough space to make the Van rock!
BJG - Day ago
Too fine!
Alper Sakarya
Alper Sakarya - Day ago
Wow 😂 Beautiful & Amazing
Rman Vids
Rman Vids - Day ago
really cool video thanks :)
Hey there Taylor, like your video n cool Van u have there...U have a beautiful smile but I like how your hair looks...U R a beautiful lady!!..have fun n B safel👍.. A BIG SHOT OUT FROM THE CITY OF LONG BEACH CALI 😎..
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez - Day ago
I love your van Taylor it's cool I wish I had one
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - Day ago
Nice van!, quick question, looks like "The A team van" right? Adds some cool factor to it!
Sebastian Wolfie
Sebastian Wolfie - Day ago
I can't wait to build one of theses my self like it's gonna be a monumental day
Yoewono Sudarsono
Yoewono Sudarsono - Day ago
Salam hangat from indonesia..west borneo.
Heaven on Earth is Love
well done. you are very strong. and committed. all the best! :) m.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - Day ago
a very beautiful skin tone lovely health hair figure yet she allowed somebody to paint graffiti on her how shortsighted and very immature thinking God made women absolutely
Jetnick - Day ago
This van has some very nice pillows.
Tjuilan Seng
Tjuilan Seng - Day ago
Danial Pham
Danial Pham - Day ago
Damn... She's a hottie.
vnewarp9 - Day ago
Really like your van, makes my little Mitsi look like a peanut.
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy - Day ago
Did narrator.exe stop working at 7:24?
Vic fee fee Sin
Vic fee fee Sin - Day ago
Taylor should do bikini and lingerie like the rest of the girls
Marek Bielesza
Marek Bielesza - Day ago
Natural, natural woman. Happy.
Moldy Macaroni
Moldy Macaroni - Day ago
What do I search up to find one of those? I’m gonna buy and repair/clean up one then use it for solo road trips and road trips with friends
David Cba
David Cba - Day ago
You are so gorgeous ✨😊, Kisses from Argentina 💋
LayLo O'Cavii
LayLo O'Cavii - Day ago
Omg yes I would
Hargovind Singh
Hargovind Singh - Day ago
jorge osorio
jorge osorio - Day ago
Why a van and not a 4x4 to do that?
John Johnson
John Johnson - Day ago
Jehooti - Day ago
I would have kept the creepy dragon art
Pastor Paul D
Pastor Paul D - Day ago
I hope she doesn’t use that propane heater when she’s got gas stored under her bed . that is just one disaster waiting to happen . I’ve seen vehicles blow up that were carrying gasoline snd the occupants well let’s just say that they never come out alive and I pray that never happens to this young lady nor anyone else
Tim Lepley
Tim Lepley - 14 hours ago
Bullshit the only vehicles you saw blow up were on TV... I'm not saying it couldn't happen but I am calling you out
Pastor Paul D
Pastor Paul D - Day ago
Here we have an absolutely lovely looking young lady and it looks as though an artist scribbled pictures on her body and they completely take away from her beauty God is given a very beautiful skin tone lovely health hair figure yet she allowed somebody to paint graffiti on her how shortsighted and very immature thinking God made women absolutely beautiful why would they ever let somebody tag them with graffiti Just wait until she gets all because an old woman with old stretched out unrecognizable tattoos is really a sad sight to behold
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs - 17 hours ago
WHy are you on youtube even?
Pastor Paul D
Pastor Paul D - Day ago
What a cool van I wonder what year it is excellent way for a person or a couple to travel
TheNotoriousNemo - Day ago
Damn that is a sexy ass van, mhmmmmmmm Love it
Sign me up for a subscription
Scott Perkins
Scott Perkins - Day ago
Good god she’s gorgeous 😉, the van that is....love it 😂
steven pelayo
steven pelayo - Day ago
I would have kept that dragon graphic. Super unique and great convo starter.
Mehdi TFS
Mehdi TFS - Day ago
I invite u in my country Morocco , just contact me if u want
Izzy Morgan
Izzy Morgan - Day ago
That is an awesome camper. I'm jealous.
Shinobi Tekken
Shinobi Tekken - Day ago
Who had to re-watch to see the van?
1SmOkEYj3 - Day ago
The stickers on the side window 😂😭😂💀
Parthenon Vicenzo
Parthenon Vicenzo - Day ago
Nice butt
Shop Grunt
Shop Grunt - 2 days ago
Nice shorts.
Jordan GamerBoy08
Jordan GamerBoy08 - 2 days ago
straight pimpin
M & N Woodshop
M & N Woodshop - 2 days ago
Nice camper as well as a lot of storage.Vent those batteries and get CO detectors.Also when you get to your destination I’d remove those gas containers and store them out doors.Just making suggestions.Take care and be safe.
John Leardini
John Leardini - 2 days ago
Id like to open her back door
Garth Big G
Garth Big G - 2 days ago
Hey Taylor... I've been following Sailing doodles but had no idea you were a Canadian girl... Now we like you even more! Lol
Good to see you with your own Chanel and be watching you from Owen Sound, Ontario. :)
mixflip - 2 days ago
Great channel. You are going to be big in the travel game!
Mustapha Jan bar
Mustapha Jan bar - 2 days ago
What van ar u guys talking about ?
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