Skip Bayless reacts to the Cowboys' loss to Bills on Thanksgiving Day | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will the Cowboys still make the playoffs?
Nick DeSantis-Baugh
Nick DeSantis-Baugh - 2 days ago
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED cowboys will win division
Kealii Slater-Kahumoku
Kealii Slater-Kahumoku - 2 days ago
Trend Sports I predicted 6-10. But it’ll be either 8-8 or 7-9. It wouldn’t shock me if they become the 2nd 7-9 team to get to the playoffs. AND HOST a home game. Lol. UNreal!! 🤣. But they’ll get crushed in their first game by either 49ers or Vikings(most likely 9ers) At least the last 7-9 win their wild card game. Cowboys won’t 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kealii Slater-Kahumoku
Kealii Slater-Kahumoku - 2 days ago
Shaine Russell Ok, at least I’m not the only one. It’s the same formula....Shayshay spitting hate of the Cowboy w/Skip whining back with his man crush of Dak. Next up Shyshy’s transparency of his hate for Tom Brady yet says he likes him but doesn’t like how Skip says he’s still playing great and Skip rebuts with love for his second man crush. Next Chris Broussard or Rob will team up with Barney the dinosaur to display their kindergarten puppy love for Lebflop James while Skip goes on about how Leflop was lucky to win a title with Ray Allen’s shot and playing with Dwayne Wade. Then second half of show just use the same topics but switch around the wording. Lol. The second half is usually when I’ll change to First Take and watch their non-sense or GET UP. (But then you gotta put up w/mike greenberg)🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Kealii Slater-Kahumoku
Kealii Slater-Kahumoku - 2 days ago
If I HAD TO pick between two teams both having a terrible underachieving season then I’d have to say yes...Cowboys will get to the playoffs. BUT...they could possibly be the SECOND 7-9 team to “earn” the playoff spot. But unlike the last 7-9 (‘Hawks), these ‘boys won’t win their Wild Card game.
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous - 14 hours ago
Dak is crazy overrated
Pj Sebadoh
Pj Sebadoh - 16 hours ago
Love this damn show!!!
Dyl Dyl
Dyl Dyl - 18 hours ago
And then the sorry Beagles loose to Miami 😂 what has happened to this division
G W - 20 hours ago
Dallas ladies stomped by Bears last night, oops! (These guys can't predict yesterday's weather!)
8biscuits - Day ago
Underestimated the Bills. They might not be a superbowl team, but they could definitely win a playoff game or two. Young Allen was in control the whole game and played beautifully under pressure. The Bills did a great job taking advantage of exploiting the Cowboys errors. Not to mention the great coaching calls.
I have a feeling that this season will have some very interesting playoffs.
Telka - Day ago
Fifteen minutes of talking and barely a minute talking about the winner of the game.
Kohi Makahil
Kohi Makahil - Day ago
It is not over until it is over Skip.
Kohi Makahil
Kohi Makahil - Day ago
Hey Skip, I am holding tumps up for your Cowboys buddy. They will prevail .
petis1976 - Day ago
This didn't age well did it, after the Dolphins shocked the Eagles.
Erik Hanes
Erik Hanes - Day ago
Eagles lost to the
The division sucks, Cowboys still have a chance. Calm down
Maltfusion - 2 days ago
Ha! but Dak's QBR is 74.7 take that Mr. Sharpe.
bob snufflebag
bob snufflebag - 2 days ago
gee....what other owner used to do this all the time???except for the firing every other year.... Al Davis!!!!
Hector Perez
Hector Perez - 2 days ago
Garrett should have been fired after the Jets loss...period....shake up the locker room and salvage this once again wait till next year
Arnold Broussard
Arnold Broussard - 2 days ago
Jason Garrett needs to go ASAP
thereal eht543
thereal eht543 - 2 days ago
My God the NFC East is Trashhhhhh
owner owner
owner owner - 2 days ago
First Take recap full show 12/4/19 Watch Video:
Mr. Nobody Stl
Mr. Nobody Stl - 2 days ago
Skip on here crying as usual. I'm a Cowboys fan & we need to hang it up.
Southsideman - 2 days ago
Oi40ozCasualty - 2 days ago
When is Skip going to give up that trying way too hard to look hip look? It's just so damn sad to watch...
LivelysReport - 3 days ago
Skip, the reason the Cowboys have lost all those things you claimed is because of a lack of leadership from the QB spot.. they really do need a top QB in this draft.. Jerry is probably fine with loosing this year so he can go and get his QB.. and DAK will probably be out..
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann - 3 days ago
Skip Bayless.exe has stopped working
TeiGotti - 3 days ago
Skip: the cowboys will not make the playoffs
Shannon: whaaaaaa?
Justin Brosious
Justin Brosious - 3 days ago
I’ve had enough of Garrett since 2011. Most talented team in the NFL and he has no clue what to do with it
Justin Brosious
Justin Brosious - 3 days ago
Eagles win out eh? They got spanked by Miami
Anthony LaBeau
Anthony LaBeau - 3 days ago
Shannon talk in a whole lotta bulljive
TCK QuiCksoPes
TCK QuiCksoPes - 3 days ago
Shannon: 10k worda
Skip: mhhm
tri-different-angles - 3 days ago
Cowboy fans that agree with Shannon 💯
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks - 3 days ago
skip is trying so hard to defend dak even though he doesn't deserve it.
Jaden Johnson
Jaden Johnson - 20 hours ago
Joe Stacks did you just say Dak doesn’t deserve it the defense sucks dak is the best player for the cowboys other than last night
Gugu Buthelezi
Gugu Buthelezi - 3 days ago
Man is Skip ever correct😂😂
Ryan Beachy
Ryan Beachy - 3 days ago
Revisiting this video after the Eagles got destroyed by the Dolphins. Lol
TexasValues - 3 days ago
Dak simply does not poses the arm talent to place balls in tight windows when needed. I would like to see our offensive scheme feature the "eye formation" rotating Zeke & Pollard. Not sure who is available at fullback. Offensive schemes with 1 tailback relies too much on the QB making plays, Dak is good but not elite.
1perfectstrangerr - 3 days ago
All this is irrelavant.....Daks QBR is all that counts.....!
45 Colt
45 Colt - 3 days ago
Jerry remember saying you could coach this team? Jimmy Johnson let you have it. How has it worked out?
Kenneth Hospers
Kenneth Hospers - 3 days ago
The cowboys should stop making commercials and play like the bills do every one plays together no egos
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy - 3 days ago
Jerry, you will never win another super bowl in your life. If you step down as GM and let trained professionals run the team though, you probably will. Oh the irony...
haymakers210 - 3 days ago
Shannon Sharpe's interjections are hilarious... "Whaaat!?", "Mmhmm"
ManCave TV
ManCave TV - 3 days ago
Jerry is a man child that should not own a team
Charmaine Ford
Charmaine Ford - 3 days ago
I respect skip for telling it like it is though ‼️
goldn26 - 3 days ago
Still trying to figure out how Skip Bayless has a job as a sports anylst... he is awful and always about 95% wrong lol
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