The Stockholms Episode 02 - The Prom Job

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ORORION - 5 hours ago
Release the whole Chris P. song pleeeeeaaaaaasssseee!!!!
It's so good
Your Average Otaku
Your Average Otaku - 14 hours ago
I wasn't expecting Nolan North. I love it.
Ryan_1223 5
Ryan_1223 5 - 18 hours ago
Dylan Logan
Dylan Logan - 18 hours ago
This would be a create TV series
Beeg Beeg Yoshi
Beeg Beeg Yoshi - 19 hours ago
*When the second episode comes out first*
Mime Town
Mime Town - 20 hours ago
I love this Kiss Me remake 😂
Wellan 10
Wellan 10 - 21 hour ago
What if in the last episode, everybody finish happy together and become like a real family but at the last second the sniper finally get Jasper ?
Kidale Smith
Kidale Smith - 23 hours ago
I love this theme song
Abraham Johnathan
Abraham Johnathan - Day ago
I feel like this is something that could actually happen, and it pretty much has before.
Red Mad Man
Red Mad Man - Day ago
Now that's a prom I would like to go to!
River Vanderkloot
River Vanderkloot - Day ago
He has less bullets than hostages
Mr. Charles
Mr. Charles - Day ago
It's the best thing in the internet.
Monochrome Mist
Monochrome Mist - Day ago
I Love this show 😂 gotta appreciate another cymatic treasure
star Lord
star Lord - Day ago
*He do have a big head tho...*
Bloxpro - Day ago
2% Battery ):
david martinez
david martinez - Day ago
I love this
fire ball
fire ball - Day ago
: : : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : :: :: :: :: :: :: haha prom
: : : : : : : ;: :: :: :: :: ::
: : : : :: :: :: :: ::
: : : : : : : :
Little Rex
Little Rex - Day ago
So stupid xd
Jacob fetterman
Jacob fetterman - Day ago
How come explosmentertainment and octopie aren't subscribe to each other.
Mr. Golden Trash-Can
I love the theme song
Joanna - Day ago
This must be made by some real sweet peeps!
Aleksi Mursu
Aleksi Mursu - Day ago
It looks like they been there for 20 years now waiting outside of the bank
Joker - Day ago
Is Chris Pine a hostage now too?
PickyGamer: GameHunter
Priyanshu Goel
Priyanshu Goel - Day ago
After don't feed the humans
Fugget about it.
Llamas with hats
And the nomad of nowhere youtube has something good to watch.
Joanna - Day ago
haha Nolan North no big deal. And the songs are my absolute jam! Hype for more!
Burple Juice
Burple Juice - 2 days ago
Octopie is a good channel after this episode. I am subscribing
Renascitur - 2 days ago
I like how negotiator just gives him more and more hostages
Rallikuninkas - 2 days ago
God damnit!!! People commented at the mark of 666!
Rallikuninkas - 2 days ago
Oh, the irony
C H I L L - 2 days ago
Marley is too young for chris so that makes it ille- oh wait
Colin Cool guy
Colin Cool guy - 2 days ago
Is there a hentai version?
n plays games
n plays games - 2 days ago
I love how he just points a gun at ppl to make them play along
F.B.I - 2 days ago
Chris is by far the funniest joke
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 2 days ago
This must be made by some real sweet peeps!
David Hanna
David Hanna - 2 days ago
One of the best sitcoms I have ever witnessed. This shit is hilarious
RJ Thompson
RJ Thompson - 2 days ago
Poor girl, her phone's at 2%
Marco Rouge
Marco Rouge - 2 days ago
Damn seeing that guys face made laugh so god damn hard.
Jalil Smith
Jalil Smith - 2 days ago
So wholesome
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 2 days ago
If you Ask me they could use a pet. It Is just an idea. Or does the pizza Guy fill That role?
Maciej 5B
Maciej 5B - 2 days ago
This is my favorite sries
Godswill Ugwa
Godswill Ugwa - 2 days ago
haha Nolan North no big deal. And the songs are my absolute jam! Hype for more!
MizuMochiDonuts - 2 days ago
I think.. this guy is nice.. and..
WTH 2:18
ImEthan 7200
ImEthan 7200 - 3 days ago
*rest of the plot*
0:19 yes DIE
0:37 yes DIE- oh wait no not that, her battery is 2%
1:23 dey didn't nee to care bout' light
erchim александроп
Waiting for 10,000,000 seasons
David Cook
David Cook - 3 days ago
Ye Qiu
Ye Qiu - 3 days ago
when is episode 3 coming? :v
Super froggy
Super froggy - 3 days ago
Interesting but ugh definitely does not replace purgatony
Rockett - 3 days ago
What is his point of doing this hostage thing
Emily An
Emily An - 3 days ago
This must be made by some real sweet peeps!
ComicEntertainment - 3 days ago
Phil swift offers Flex glue
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega - 3 days ago
yeah C&H need new ideas idc if and know its an unpopular opinion, but this pales
Unkown - 3 days ago
The most BAME show I've ever seen
Irina Sundelin
Irina Sundelin - 3 days ago
If you Ask me they could use a pet. It Is just an idea. Or does the pizza Guy fill That role?
Emily An
Emily An - 3 days ago
I love how the gun never leaves his hands.
Yourkeel The man
Yourkeel The man - 3 days ago
Imagine if he took the negotiator as a hostage.
Rustysaurus - 2 days ago
You guessed episode 4
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol - 3 days ago
This is actually a pretty smart,funny idea 😂
Alex: ArepasandSwering
Alex: ArepasandSwering - 4 days ago
wiat where is the other kid?
Sir Accountless
Sir Accountless - 4 days ago
Oh god he has to stay now, doesn’t he..?
Squiggle - 4 days ago
that face, is horrifying
Sloodie PL
Sloodie PL - 4 days ago
Ahmad Hadif Hazri
Ahmad Hadif Hazri - 4 days ago
More video
Lenny Payne
Lenny Payne - 4 days ago
We need a full version of "It's Chris P."
Matthew Falkey
Matthew Falkey - 4 days ago
This feels like cyanide and happiness format
MrRagequit - 4 days ago
I like half expected Marlene to ask Jasper if he was finally killing her
Icefire - 4 days ago
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 4 days ago
The not dad is actually real sweet
THEGAMERCAT 28 - 4 days ago
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 4 days ago
More of dis pls
Teenage kicks
Teenage kicks - 4 days ago
Yo this show is gonna be the death of me. 😅😅
SilkMilk - 4 days ago
I love how the gun never leaves his hands.
MikeMC - 4 days ago
Toby Temple
Toby Temple - 4 days ago
Why isn’t he the *-nedotiator-*
Commissar Blyt.
Commissar Blyt. - 4 days ago
Am the only person noticed he pressing the trigger for 5 months?
Cassie - 4 days ago
Honestly this is fantastic
Chick man
Chick man - 4 days ago
The setup doesn't make any sense and I love it
Nikita Belov
Nikita Belov - 4 days ago
i want mooooooooore
Random bs bc I’m bored
1:15 why is there no laugh track? There was a laugh track in ep 01 but now it’s gone
Titus TV
Titus TV - 4 days ago
More please
Cassie - 4 days ago
Ned is literally the worst hostage negotiator
worek mięsa
worek mięsa - 4 days ago
Theory : this takes place in the past because there's the gun emote instead of water gun.
Yasir Tijani
Yasir Tijani - 4 days ago
More of dis pls
Anonymous's Best friend
The not dad is actually real sweet
Brennen Graves
Brennen Graves - 4 days ago
I just saw this on instagram and just finished the first episode this shit is funny 😂😂
Olive's Journal
Olive's Journal - 4 days ago
omg i want more of this!
TRIPPIEREDDFAN2020 - 4 days ago
Gabriel Setas
Gabriel Setas - 5 days ago
this is so good
Sn0wbearYT - 5 days ago
Why is this so simple yet the best
Emir Duarrr
Emir Duarrr - 5 days ago
After this Chris patt got stuck to the bank forever
CUF17 - 5 days ago
Chris Pine??? Nigga I screamed lmao
Zach Dunford
Zach Dunford - 5 days ago
Is no one going to talk about the fact Nolan North played Chris Pine?
Leo Bishop
Leo Bishop - 5 days ago
My favourite is Ned
Ned is literally the worst hostage negotiator
Logan Moore
Logan Moore - 5 days ago
They should of made more
ExplosmEntertainment - 5 days ago
New episodes every Thursday
ThomasFan 1945
ThomasFan 1945 - 5 days ago
Do these hostages legit not care about the family they have? Like the kids call Jasper their dad... I love it
HiMyNameIsEli - 5 days ago
Christ is such a fucking Chad
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 5 days ago
"" "Not your dad..." Me as a stepdad lol
Reich Gulay
Reich Gulay - 5 days ago
This is to good to be true. This has to have at least 10 episodes
King Qwing
King Qwing - 5 days ago
are you an animator from cyanide and happiness or are you copying them
Blu Royal724
Blu Royal724 - 5 days ago
When is episode 3
Gillyfam !
Gillyfam ! - 5 days ago
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 5 days ago
This is pretty cool show I like how all the interactions flow together
Matt Does Youtube
Matt Does Youtube - 5 days ago
MacMG7 - 5 days ago
Hopefully, this series will last longer than Purgatony!
Jakeythewolfy X3
Jakeythewolfy X3 - 5 days ago
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren - 5 days ago
700th comment?
Jaden Lamar
Jaden Lamar - 5 days ago
Is he gonna ever let them go can the fake mom be untide up so she can move😂😂
ironking09 T.D
ironking09 T.D - 5 days ago
This is so dumb but i love it XD
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