Grocery Pickup - Famous Cars

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mendezWTF - 15 hours ago
I don't even like Walmart but this commercial is awesome!!
Walmart - 12 hours ago
You should give us a chance, it's a new year! 😄
Pillow Man 500
Pillow Man 500 - 3 days ago
What’s the song man
Ken O
Ken O - 5 days ago
Speed Racer, you don't shop at Walmart?
GoddessNeith - 5 days ago
VERY well done Walmart. you won the ad race. I foresee a Clio for this.
SOU7000 - 5 days ago
Anyone else see Sam Walton's truck at the end?
Mamá CriCreando
Mamá CriCreando - 5 days ago
Amazing !! Love it, good marketing !!
Joyride - 6 days ago
I'm just stopping by to be part of the action!
Michelle Emerson
Michelle Emerson - 6 days ago
Walmart makes awesome commercials but pays employees unlivable wages and shitty to no health insurance. Oh did I mention that Walmart puts out local businesses . Thanks Walmart for awesome commercials and no morality!!
Ryan -
Ryan - - 6 days ago
How about just better wages.
GTMASTER MAKER777 - 6 days ago
What about fast and furious car
Havier - 6 days ago
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime - 6 days ago
Too bad the General Lee couldnt be there. But y'know people would be all offended.
Nate - 6 days ago
I just liked a commercial, Im not sure how I feel about myself now.
luis abularach
luis abularach - 6 days ago
So you're telling me Doc and Marty traveled to 2019... To shop at a Walmart

Great scottt
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia - 6 days ago
That is so cool!
Jodddy - 6 days ago
Liked the ad, could've used more Wayne's world.
cole dougherty
cole dougherty - 6 days ago
umm no Pussy Wagon?
Midhat Quadri
Midhat Quadri - 6 days ago
Nadia Quadri
Nadia Quadri - 6 days ago
Uh oh! This means lesser parking in front of the store
Ruby Banks
Ruby Banks - 6 days ago
The song's name? Please!
Edwin Herrera
Edwin Herrera - 6 days ago
I like how they have no reaction to a fuckin transformer and Batman’s car, but when the Delorean comes in they’re like “ Damn, are we in the future?”
Cris. Hernandez
Cris. Hernandez - 6 days ago
Walmart did THAT
Oscar Jonago
Oscar Jonago - 6 days ago
I’m so happy right now !!
Jim Gaines
Jim Gaines - 6 days ago
Wait!! No Sanford and Son truck??? I’m sure of it , they would shop at Walmart!!
erikkun - 6 days ago
No general lee , no 67 impala, no thanos car fuck this shit
Kristal Price
Kristal Price - 6 days ago
love these commercial best one so far 0019
Walmart - 6 days ago
Thanks, Kristal! 2019 is going to be a great year for all your grocery needs. 😁
youngbeechnut78 - 6 days ago
Hey you all forgot Herby!!!
TripleKGaming Dankest of the Dank
What about Christine and the Impala?
a lee
a lee - 6 days ago
Oh yeah Walmart shoppers 👍up ... and
Out of all the cars which was your favorite?.... 🚘🚗
Met Fan
Met Fan - 7 days ago
Pickup for free no matter what you drive... unless it’s a Prius
Dawson x
Dawson x - 7 days ago
My Walmart doesn't have people carrying my groceries, this is false advertisement😭
Deadlirious - 7 days ago
What surprised me is no fast and the furious cars lol
Love it! I myself own a Kitt knight rider replica! Please Watch our reaction to this add here!
Lasse Henriksen
Lasse Henriksen - 7 days ago
Wheres greg van smh 🤦‍♂️ 🚌🚌🚌
Michael rewel
Michael rewel - 7 days ago
CLARK Kents pickup at the last second
MLGblazeIt420MAX - 7 days ago
Some of these cars are in gta online
gibroni22 - 7 days ago
mr. meoff
mr. meoff - 7 days ago
the ruiner 2000 made it
JooLek 33
JooLek 33 - 7 days ago
Damn, I can't stop rewatching this. Also, I'm the only one at my school who is interested in cars lol. ( ex: Ferraris )
Fried Egg
Fried Egg - 7 days ago
Why did Drew Gooden post this on his Instagram story
rexlive1 - 7 days ago
Even in the Advertisement most of the employees get no respect 😒
CJ18 videos
CJ18 videos - 7 days ago
🛑 check my new video 🛑👉🏻 🔥🔥🔥✔️💯
christian Aguayo
christian Aguayo - 7 days ago
How is this on trending??
Eric Fullerton MUSIC
Eric Fullerton MUSIC - 7 days ago
I didn't expect to see an epic Walmart commercial today.
LoLAwesomechad - 7 days ago
Walmart paid more for this commercial than they do to their employees.
Brian Bianco
Brian Bianco - 7 days ago
Where's the General Lee? My favorite car as a child and my favorite show as a child.......
Jeremy Agustin
Jeremy Agustin - 7 days ago
where's the Pussy Wagon?
MrJeeper117 - 7 days ago
That Trans Am used to be lime green.
nobody important
nobody important - 7 days ago
do not attempt to fly a delorean time machine... why tf not?!?!
Arigatu Kozaimasu
Arigatu Kozaimasu - 7 days ago
Kunal Chavan
Kunal Chavan - 7 days ago
name of car at 0.08
Michael Carmack
Michael Carmack - 7 days ago
Should have used the Keaton Batmobile.
ParaLefty - 7 days ago
I have a 500 HP Freedom Charger I take to get groceries on my channel if you want to come check it out!
Richard Dukard
Richard Dukard - 7 days ago
So ,walmart on the trending page...Ok......
Deed Harper
Deed Harper - 7 days ago
I will never go to Walmart again if they are selling the security camera footage.
Shabdan Prod
Shabdan Prod - 7 days ago
They forgot to add PAUL WALKER's SKYLINE👊
SuperZX - 7 days ago
There’s one iconic TV car missing that they could have added but I’m sure they Omitted it became people like to bitch about everything.
And that car is....

The General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazard.
0zzyQsbourne - 7 days ago
but where's the last of the v8 interceptors?
Kungini K
Kungini K - 7 days ago
Hey wait... Wheres Thanos car?
Pauly - 7 days ago
Which one of these cars gets the associate away from their shitty Walmart job?
HeyOverHere !
HeyOverHere ! - 7 days ago
Alright, dont complain when i pull up with a submarine
isaac jacobs
isaac jacobs - 7 days ago
and on the occasion of Valentine's Day, do not forget to show your love for your valentine's day
Diverse Point Nation
Diverse Point Nation - 7 days ago
Please Do Bullitt. Please Do Bullitt. Please Do Bull- FUCK!
SLiK __
SLiK __ - 7 days ago
That's a lot of lawsuits
W 0o
W 0o - 7 days ago
*stop fish abuse!!*
Marios Aspris
Marios Aspris - 7 days ago
Best commercial
Marios Aspris
Marios Aspris - 7 days ago
+Walmart probably the back to the future one
Walmart - 7 days ago
Killer comment, man! Which was your favorite famous car?
Spider Riszer
Spider Riszer - 7 days ago
Ice21 - 7 days ago
Needed Aston Martin from 007
Varun Singh
Varun Singh - 7 days ago
Why the fuck isn't anyone rebooting Knightrider.
Its going to be awesome.
AWSOMUS LATEST - 7 days ago
Wraith car?
ali probro
ali probro - 7 days ago
That delorean was fireeeeeeeee
TheUmbrellaCorpX7 - 7 days ago
Now this is an expensive commercial
OruenMercury - 7 days ago
Why so many dislikes? It's a fucking ad get over it. The Thanksgiving parade was also dislike bombed for no reason. Fuck off
givememore4free - 7 days ago
Good commercial
Colin Polarpop
Colin Polarpop - 7 days ago
just Sarah
just Sarah - 7 days ago
Wheres Smokey and the Bandit Car? Hmmmmm?
OOf Energy
OOf Energy - 7 days ago
Forgot the classic batmobile
Satchin Joseph
Satchin Joseph - 7 days ago
*0:39** “Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.”* 😂😂 The subtle humor, love it!
Christopher Day
Christopher Day - 7 days ago
I feel like just got Rick and Rolled by Walmart.......:{
JohnnyClock - 7 days ago
Oh wow, at 0:14 National Lampoon's Griswald's Green Stationwagon went to Walmart to pick up some groceries and of course the Dumb and Dumber Dog Van had to crash through! Hahahaha
Inside the Casino
Inside the Casino - 7 days ago
SOOOO much 80’s goodness! I LOVE IT!
halokillernoob - 7 days ago
Acropolis Radio
Acropolis Radio - 7 days ago
0:55 pickup for free 'calls walmart for free stuff'
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson - 7 days ago
Jacob - 7 days ago
Your PCs suck
Camkid's Collection
Camkid's Collection - 7 days ago
Wheres the Gran Torino from starsky and hutch
hodan - 7 days ago
Joseph Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson - 7 days ago
You guys need to make more commercials like fact all commercials should be like this
Chaofun - 7 days ago
Finally, a trending ad that's actually good.
Scott Witkowski
Scott Witkowski - 7 days ago
I feel like the General Lee should have been here. Not happening in our PC culture nowadays.
I did like how Sam Waltons pickup made a cameo at the end.
Others Id like to see.
Magnum PI Ferrari
Herbie 53
Bandits Trans Am
Starsky and Hutch Grand Torino
Steve McQueens Bullet
The A Team van
Afi James
Afi James - 7 days ago
The Miami vice cars, viper defender
Evan Blodgett
Evan Blodgett - 7 days ago
Where is HERBY?!
KI BO - 7 days ago
This is crazy
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - 7 days ago
Wait where’s the Baller Mobile smh #DISLIKE #BUYBBB
Jacob Neider
Jacob Neider - 7 days ago
uh... what about the A-team van?
BottsVlogs - 7 days ago
You forgot the General Lee 😂 oh it’s 2019 you still can’t talk bout that
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - 7 days ago
Not gonna lie it was a pretty cool commercial
Walmart - 7 days ago
We're glad you like it, Todd! Which car was your favorite? 😁
TheBluePanda - 7 days ago
It’s so gross to see the Walmart emblem on the thumbnail. It makes me smell McDonalds fries.
Fatal Ritte
Fatal Ritte - 7 days ago
“If you think you hate it now, wait til ya drive it”...
TheRealTraumatize - 7 days ago
They Missing the VW PHOENIX VAN from Total Recall.
Jake Jones
Jake Jones - 7 days ago
This is on trending but it was an ad
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