AJR - BANG! (Official Video)

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alex lanado cañihua
alex lanado cañihua - 44 minutes ago
Devanan Ramdath
Devanan Ramdath - Hour ago
It's on the brink of the Billboard hot 100's top 40!
Erin Callahan
Erin Callahan - Hour ago
MissEmrys - 2 hours ago
[] These transitions are SO GOOOOD []
mel k
mel k - 4 hours ago
this man did not blink a single time the whole video
aman singh
aman singh - 5 hours ago
This video is a master piece 👏
Alan Mintz
Alan Mintz - 5 hours ago
so they're called AJR because their names are Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger. But that means they could have named themselves RJaAM (Are Jam), which would stand for "Ryan, Jack, and Adam Metzger". Just a thought.
Jose Nunezcruz
Jose Nunezcruz - 6 hours ago
the pink haired girl looks a bit like Klara from pokemon sword
Kaos Chan
Kaos Chan - 6 hours ago
no one getting Kakeguri vibes from the clothes?
or is it just me
john moore
john moore - 7 hours ago
metronome is already a song and you are completely wrong there next one is bummerland.
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis - 9 hours ago
Some good editing too
MuffinHead - 9 hours ago
me who didn't have TikTok for months: this song was on TikTok?, i'm just here cause i knew this song cause i like AJR ;-;
Hiram Alexander
Hiram Alexander - 10 hours ago
LawsonPLAYZ - 11 hours ago
No cussing but some more stuff tho 👁👄👁
aschxeze _
aschxeze _ - 8 hours ago
America's Favorite Fighting French Fry
It's the
For me
John Hernandez
John Hernandez - 20 hours ago
This should be the song for 2020 when we bid it farewell
Captain Tuna
Captain Tuna - 21 hour ago
this song has been stuck for the better part of a week, I don't even listen too ajr frequently! they're just that catchy!!
el puerpo espin salvaje
el puerpo espin salvaje - 21 hour ago
Metronome here we gooooooo
MarksArt - 21 hour ago
Dang guys looking nice👌
The OG Phoenix
The OG Phoenix - 22 hours ago
Is it just me or do their mouths not match watch what they are saying?
AllDayJackson - 22 hours ago
First song I had to look up when I got home since Lady Gaga did Poker Facer. Let that sink in a moment.
xMachine - 22 hours ago
His words don't match his lips
o r a n g e
o r a n g e - 23 hours ago
the more older lady on the right - wasn't she also in miley's video younger now or am i craazy?
Beich Mara
Beich Mara - Day ago
i love this song so much
Kayli Jones
Kayli Jones - Day ago
He’s lip sinking but ok.
Zoep art
Zoep art - Day ago
Kayli Jones yeah. Every musician does in every music video. That’s how music videos are made? Thats not shocking this isn’t an important discovery
Kitty_Playz - Day ago
normal people: ba bye
꧁vənus꧂ - Day ago
addiemom28 - Day ago
This song gives me confidents like if it gives you confidents to
evelee ming
evelee ming - Day ago
Love this :)
Grant Salzano
Grant Salzano - Day ago
This video came out in February and had a scene with everyone wearing masks. That's wild.
Lochlin Postvanderburg
The right side of the guy on the left is weird which tells me they used a green screen
Kodek - 11 hours ago
They have shoulder pads so when cutting between takes they have to animate for a few frames if anyone moved by accident
Zoep art
Zoep art - Day ago
Lochlin Postvanderburg no they posted a behind the scenes
-HAZEL - - Day ago
*Mystic 8 Raven*
*Mystic 8 Raven* - Day ago
I swear Adam looks like one of my long lost brothers. In some shots he looks like my younger bro, in others he looks like my older bro, and his hair and beard are styled exactly like my dad’s was in college. It’s very creepy to me. 😂😂😂
Hi-IanBlox! - Day ago
Mackenzie 2010
Mackenzie 2010 - Day ago
im gonna puke
Kodek - 11 hours ago
Do it
Elijah kiwi
Elijah kiwi - Day ago
Zenphia Impante
Zenphia Impante - Day ago
When i heard this song on the radio I felt so proud.
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell - Day ago
Editor: How many zoom-ins do you want?
AJR: Yes.
Randy Olson
Randy Olson - 2 days ago
I love this song
Kubus - 2 days ago
Love it!
Scierra Tatum
Scierra Tatum - 2 days ago
This song belongs on Aladdin 😂
The flat Pancake
The flat Pancake - 2 days ago
This is my favorite ajr song
Antoine Collins
Antoine Collins - 2 days ago
brad paisley
michael801 - 2 days ago
Sam Casey
Sam Casey - 2 days ago
Aryan Tyagi
Aryan Tyagi - 2 days ago
the accent makes it so good
FrontLine Gaming
FrontLine Gaming - 2 days ago
This gives me Halloween vibes
RH - 2 days ago
Oh look they have masks on before WE had masks on mmmhmm cough cough matrix
Emily Tablet
Emily Tablet - 2 days ago
This reminds me of FNaF
Douglas De Guzman
Douglas De Guzman - 2 days ago
I don't know if it's just because I don't listen to radio that much but this shows that this video was released in February but I'm just hearing it now in September and heard a few times this weekend and finally looked these guys up and they're amazing! I love this song and then listened to their back catalog and they're amazing!
River - 2 days ago
so this is what pop music is like nowadays... I’ll stick with my country
Kodek - 11 hours ago
Well what did you expect? Theres a reason its pop music
dreamZ - 2 days ago
Chelley - 2 days ago
I first heard this song yesterday and thought it was Jon Bellion!
Daniel Harvey
Daniel Harvey - 2 days ago
Tiktok has a bad reputation for ruining songs, but I never would've found this song without Tiktok. So to all you haters out there, go find something better to do please. Hating is a waste of time.
ChipsAhoy Boy
ChipsAhoy Boy - 2 days ago
Just got the question from this song and this one only, but which one of the brothers is the tallest?
SirQuack! - 2 days ago
What a tribute to Lincoln
Infinite_Gaming Pancake
Bruh this song woke me up in the car them I am ameyering it’s stupid waking up job #BANG!!!!!
Owen - 3 days ago
I love it 😻
Owen - 3 days ago
Adopt Me Talks
Adopt Me Talks - 3 days ago
Brush this awesome
Leslie Taylor
Leslie Taylor - 3 days ago
Hmmm.. this somehow resembles Communist Propaganda to me
Leslie Taylor
Leslie Taylor - 23 hours ago
@Zoep art depicting 'fatcats' ruthless spending.. the first communist propaganda cartoons shown in USSR was about a bulldog that inherited a fortune and spent it carelessly and selfishly
Zoep art
Zoep art - Day ago
Leslie Taylor in what way? It’s about not feeling grown up despite being grown up. How is that communist propaganda?
cloudiseas - 3 days ago
This the kind of low budget movie thats actually good

no hate
Makenn Mullen
Makenn Mullen - 3 days ago
Sam Casey
Sam Casey - 3 days ago
Jessica Bass
Jessica Bass - 3 days ago
I can't stop listening to this!!
Leilani Wells
Leilani Wells - 3 days ago
I like this song
ben chalk
ben chalk - 3 days ago
BiancaO GironCruz
BiancaO GironCruz - 3 days ago
Pxragon - 3 days ago
What a banger.
AthleanX Nuthugger No.2
i'll stop your bleeding
**Girl introduces boyfriend to dad**
Her dad: What are your intentions with my daughter?
Her boyfriend:
Sūgar Tēa
Sūgar Tēa - 3 days ago
These guys make so many of the songs I love and didn’t even know
Spiderman Things and suits
I addicted to this song 🎵
Official Jad3n
Official Jad3n - 3 days ago
Y is this song kinda fire tho
V V - 3 days ago
How did they make this video?!! 🤯 Green screen? Or did the people change their clothes really fast?
Tokyo Sivils
Tokyo Sivils - 3 days ago
U meh favourite band
Tayeb Amiar
Tayeb Amiar - 3 days ago
i thought i heared this song before lol
JinxJhopeVocalKings &Armymoo
Pretend you know this song
Played a lot sorry I know it now
Xiaodong Hu
Xiaodong Hu - 4 days ago
Are you from YouTube Ajr any ways
EveryOtherBeat - 4 days ago
The girl that looks like Stefanie from LazyTown is my favorite.
CoolConman Dude
CoolConman Dude - Day ago
It’s sad that I think the same thing (not that they are my favorite just I know who you are talking about)
Gloria Cruz
Gloria Cruz - 4 days ago
I love this song 😭
Britt Evans
Britt Evans - 4 days ago
Bro this a commentary on my entire existence as a adult
Ryan Underwood
Ryan Underwood - 4 days ago
Dude, is that a hat or his hair? He's always wearing that shit lol
robert chambers
robert chambers - 4 days ago
Love you ajr
Joshua Petzrick
Joshua Petzrick - 4 days ago
Whoever that first guy is on our left hand side (AJRs right hand side) is like freaking gorgeous AF and I would love to take you out for a beer sometime.
Tiger Glory
Tiger Glory - 4 days ago
"So put your best face on everybody" I'll try my best-!
err0rrr - 4 days ago
AJR : pretend you know this song
Everyone in the comments : 𝗇𝗈 𝗇𝖾𝖾𝖽
C. Edward Adams - Mallery
Random World XD
Random World XD - 4 days ago
oh ok
Prunuus - 4 days ago
Just heard this on the radio and thought I recognized it
Doom Metal Lover
Doom Metal Lover - 4 days ago
This song was STUCK in my head for weeks! I'm so glad a I remembered the lyrics to it, so I could search for it on YT.
Jesus Diaz
Jesus Diaz - 4 days ago
i love this song
Kaleb Berry
Kaleb Berry - 4 days ago
This is a song you could like before listening to it all the way
Myla - 4 days ago
f in chat for all the outfit changes these guys had to do
Zaide Rihani
Zaide Rihani - 4 days ago
2:23 That girl looking like Arya Stark
Jillian The Great
Jillian The Great - 4 days ago
This song is so bad.
Kodek - Day ago
@Jillian The Great what type of details are those? Say SOMETHING, weak trumpets, covered drums, scratched vocals, horrible pacing
Jillian The Great
Jillian The Great - Day ago
@Kodek It sounds bad. The lyrics, the video, the SONG. 🤣
Kodek - 4 days ago
@Jillian The Great details man, I need details, vocal, instrumental, pitching, exesive sound effects, what makes it bad, personally i think its better than modt of its other songs
Jillian The Great
Jillian The Great - 4 days ago
@Kodek No, the song just sounds awful 🤣
Kodek - 4 days ago
Lol why? Its not your genre? Kinda stupid but k
TheAmazingCat101 zhong
TheAmazingCat101 zhong - 4 days ago
Love your song
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis - 4 days ago
This is fire vibes like if you agree😎😎🔥🔥
TwistedGames - 4 days ago

ReaTheTomboy - 4 days ago
Just found out my annoying desk neighbor at school listens to AJR.
_hes not as annoying anymore, let me tell you that_
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