AJR - BANG! (Official Video)

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EXY - 6 hours ago
who else is here from tiktok?
satanic memes and dreams
satanic memes and dreams - 7 hours ago
“put your best face on everybody”
-Break my face
“pretend you know this song everybody”
“Come hang, let’s go out with a bang”
-come hang out
"I'm way to young to lie here forever"
"got an apartment"
-dont throw out my legos
“been a hell of a ride but i think it’s time to go”
-finale (cant wait to see what you do next)

this is overture no.2 change my god damn mind
Anne Wil Middel
Anne Wil Middel - 7 hours ago
This is amazing. You guys have to watch the choreo from Floris Bosveld to this song on Instagram!!! I FOUND this song because of the choreo😄
XNDR342 - 8 hours ago
This is gooooooood!
foreverfall - 8 hours ago
kakegurui looks different
The Milkman
The Milkman - 9 hours ago
I've never heard of a hand that has such an underground feeling yet they have 1 million subscribers, this song is too good to be famous! Yet i never hear any of there music anywhere...
Josselyn Lampkin
Josselyn Lampkin - 9 hours ago
Awsome song
Reagan Dreaming
Reagan Dreaming - 10 hours ago
Anushi Arora
Anushi Arora - 10 hours ago
Omega Redd
Omega Redd - 11 hours ago
I love this song lol Ajr always releases bangers
Dera - 11 hours ago
I like the song so much, something about that make you can't stop it 😍
Blueberry_ Grape_64
Blueberry_ Grape_64 - 11 hours ago
Aahhh!!!I can't stop listening to this sonngg
I love this music from Japan🇯🇵
Itz-Me Gacha
Itz-Me Gacha - 17 hours ago
Weres the ooooooooh aaaaaash
dance 2nuts
dance 2nuts - 18 hours ago
This is so catchy
fairyprism200 - 18 hours ago
i put listening to this off for a week and a half cause i wanted it to be the "right time" and honestly 1:30 am was the perfect time
brand0n -A52
brand0n -A52 - 18 hours ago
Kinda triggering me that they aren't doing it in synchronisation
Historic Article
Historic Article - 19 hours ago
I love this band💯 Also this lead singer he's so adorable 🙈💖💞💯💍
Historic Article
Historic Article - 19 hours ago
Ok be this band. also love this lead singer. he's adorable 💖🙈💯
Jay Brandon
Jay Brandon - 20 hours ago
Wait a moment dress blues don't have white neckerchiefs.
Lynda Millette
Lynda Millette - 20 hours ago
The worst part about living in the prairies in Canada is that a world tour means the chances of you seeing your favourite band are excruciatingly slim.
Codyz Gaming
Codyz Gaming - 21 hour ago
Guys im finally going to my first concert ever... And im just sayin thank you... Not only for the music you guys made that got me through a lot... But just... I dont know how to say it but like, being the first concert i go to. Your music means a lot to me. Ive gone through some rough times lately and especially in 2018 but when i heard the click album it just somehow brightened my days... After i moved twice and my mom being in the hospital it got me through stress. I just cant really express it enough... And yes its ThatGeekyBoi
UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR
UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR - 22 hours ago
I just fell in love
I.D.K. Comics
I.D.K. Comics - 23 hours ago
Why do I keep thinking these people should have a Netflix comedy special, or some kind of messed up series. Then, Netflix trip could be their theme song.
el aaroncito :v
el aaroncito :v - 23 hours ago
Yeees life ajr
That’s The tea sis
1:13 I feel bad for that women
Prptheawesome - Day ago
I need to try and understand the video aspect. Many people have said it also has to do with growing up, but what about the poker part? Specifically the end where everyone is blinded and Adam, Jack, and Ryan appear to be stealing the chips. I say stealing because they’re taking them when no one else can see it. I don’t have the time or mental capacity to try and think through it all.
Cadence Simmons
Cadence Simmons - Day ago
Great song but I think you did a better job representing your songs with the video with songs such as week or sober up
Prptheawesome - Day ago
“Do my password begin with a 1 or a 2?” Finally a song all the hackers can relate to
Psycho Turtle
Psycho Turtle - Day ago
Idek why but i just started cackling at metronome
WinkerDooTheGirl - Day ago
Ahhh bruvs i didnt know yall made a video for this song lmao i just kept listening to it on Spotify im obsessed ❤❤❤ (like always) 😂
Logan Godfrey
Logan Godfrey - Day ago
Can you post the instrumental?
Victor Posusta
Victor Posusta - Day ago
0:45 When Bojack Horseman comes to life
Mᴜsɪᴄ - Cʜᴀɴ
I love this group
I'm 12
Daniel Haugan
Daniel Haugan - Day ago
Adam: 😐
mafalda fernandes
mafalda fernandes - Day ago
You should probably apologize to my mother because i am 100% sure im going to annoy the hell out her when singing this on repeat for at least the entirety of the next month
Sammie D
Sammie D - Day ago
bang bang bang
*change outfit*
bang bang bang
*change outfit*
K Mc
K Mc - Day ago
Necessary 💥💥💥
plushtrap boi
plushtrap boi - Day ago
lets go bang
Sam Storm
Sam Storm - Day ago
Someone was watching Kakeguri before making this
Noah Pak
Noah Pak - Day ago
Who the hell disliked this video,

Crits: What the hell you say to me you little shot
Flower dino
Flower dino - Day ago
I’m here from tik tok I’m sorry😣💀
Joe Dyer
Joe Dyer - Day ago
This video is terrifying. I do not want to want but I do.
Lanzealot - Day ago
what a BANGer
Wyd Wyd
Wyd Wyd - Day ago
This is the worst lip singing I’ve ever seen
Jess Compton
Jess Compton - Day ago
Omg I LOVED THAT😂🦓🐫🐖🐎🦨🐑🦒
eh ‘
eh ‘ - Day ago
those cuts are cleaner than a luxury vehicle
J Sal
J Sal - Day ago
0:34 Watch as his collar magically gets fixed.
oshwottdog 903 sub to averydog902
Thanks I just notice
Paige Casper
Paige Casper - Day ago
Why am I in love with this songgg
Im_a_potato :3
Im_a_potato :3 - Day ago
I want to see the behind the scenes
Cryz - Day ago
*H E R E W E G O*
[НР]Prof. Kirill II
Why guy in the middle looks like mix of two other guys
Janeth Hussain
Janeth Hussain - Day ago
Pretend you like this song? I AINT PRETENDING MATE :O
Ale7 Studios
Ale7 Studios - Day ago
We Finally Found The Reason For Metronome!
Go To 3:38 On This Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwIL8f5n_IY
Rene Serrano
Rene Serrano - Day ago
That girl is a Sia reference? ♥️
iCyclic MC
iCyclic MC - Day ago
Talya - Day ago
Can I just say I’m in love with the song????
The more I listen I’m becoming addicted.
AJR, always amazing ;)
Minjoon Kim
Minjoon Kim - Day ago
Came from TikTok
Ethan Paulgaard
Ethan Paulgaard - Day ago
This song rules
good job guys
Cooper Johnson
Cooper Johnson - Day ago
2:02 Voiceover Pete?
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