Pitbull's Awful Lyrics (w/ Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner)

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Lord Barbecue
Lord Barbecue - 12 hours ago
SpiderMan With a Plan
SpiderMan With a Plan - 17 hours ago
anyone else binging all of their vids in quarantine
D C - 18 hours ago
Tell Pitbull I love hiiiiimmm... 😂😂😂
Gaudi Costa
Gaudi Costa - 18 hours ago
Do a reaction video on GAVIN MAGNUS (warning extra cringe)
Ella - 21 hour ago
I think pitbull was paid by the kodac company to make a reference of them (and I wrote that before they said that so I’m glad they did). Singers get paid to reference brands in lyrics or show their products in music videos even
Jorge Reyes
Jorge Reyes - 22 hours ago
there is an spanish song that references next friday
watchella - 23 hours ago
I love it when Kurtis Drew and Danny do collabs
Ass Eater
Ass Eater - Day ago
This is so awkward
danielblakeman1 - Day ago
Kurtis looks like Logic
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis - Day ago
When they said that there should be a song about next Wednesday I got John mulaney vibes
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis - Day ago
Fernanda An
Fernanda An - 2 days ago
Kurtis looking awkward was the think I liked the most.
HoneyCosmo - 2 days ago
"Chonky coke" LMFAO 5:50
Gabriel Come
Gabriel Come - 2 days ago
I'm gonna yolk!!!!!!!!!!

- Kurtis Conner 2020
Ali TheTheyThem
Ali TheTheyThem - 2 days ago
kurtis putting his legs up at 10:41 makes me so happy. like idk why
no videos with a 1000 subs
The lyrics said ass like a donkey or smth, isnt an ass technically a donkey?
Aman Das
Aman Das - 2 days ago
One minute minute silence for drew
Holly Tea
Holly Tea - 2 days ago
I feel like kurtis is third wheeling in the jokes, I love the dynamic though
You have Drew and Danny doing the same joke and Kurtis is either just watching them or pitching in with a joke that they bounce off of with another one
Ele P
Ele P - 2 days ago
When Kurtis said “oh my god” I lost it😂
Samantha Massenagle
Samantha Massenagle - 2 days ago
Yeah I go to pitbulls school. SLAM. Scholars Leaders Athelete Model citizens. I have never met him though. He has only been to the one in Miami. He has them all around the country. Me and my friends joke around a lot about how the advertising of SLAM looked really cool, but in reality its a normal public charter school.
ember dude
ember dude - 2 days ago
can they do improoooovvvv
William Tenney
William Tenney - 3 days ago
Gio - 3 days ago
13:56 Kurtis gets progressively more concerned until his eyes attempt to pop outta his face so he doesn't have to read more Pitbull lyrics
Cursed - 3 days ago
When he's talking about egg whites I think he's talking about drinks. Some drinks have egg whites mixed in and they're considered 'fancy' from what I know.
MoM I aTe It
MoM I aTe It - 3 days ago
What rhymes with Kodak : Go black, Do Crack
Oliver Brooker
Oliver Brooker - 3 days ago
@12:50 Mr Worldwide doesn't know how to pronounce London
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne - 3 days ago
Tell the guy on the left to stop taking adderall
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne - 3 days ago
The guy on the left looks high..on stimulants...
Mayu G
Mayu G - 3 days ago
6:58 The ominous chanting of "meet me in the hotel room" cracks me up so much
arrows last words
arrows last words - 3 days ago
what a nice family
James's Last Name
James's Last Name - 4 days ago
1:20 Ballsack
Nyabiey Gach
Nyabiey Gach - 4 days ago
I just remembered...

At school we played one of these songs for Just Dance...
Evi Pichardo
Evi Pichardo - 4 days ago
Kurtis- Feminist, edgy, hard boi, lil brother
Drew- Smart, sarcastic, loud, big brother
Danny- Funny, comfortable, big noes, also big brother
craigratio - 4 days ago
I miss the days when he’d just forget what he was rapping about and start throwing random spanish words into his raps. Throwing in random guacamoles.
Maye hoffman
Maye hoffman - 4 days ago
Kurtis is like when a fangirl inserts herself into a fanfic
Bonnie Lennox
Bonnie Lennox - 4 days ago
kurtis is baby in this video
actually why
actually why - 5 days ago
I say chonky 😌
UrBrainOnSports - 5 days ago
I'm bummed my brain can't watch any of this now without thinking of Drew enabling the riots.
ShadowBane - 5 days ago
The better version of Kurtis Conner is the misspelt version of the Lizard
Jake Joyce
Jake Joyce - 5 days ago
We actually might not get tomorrow anymore
Theo Greene
Theo Greene - 5 days ago
You can see Joana Ceddia in the background, nerf guns flaring
Flurar Inuyi
Flurar Inuyi - 5 days ago
Okay so I just listened to the song because 4:48 doesn't make any sense
So the lyrics are actually
"My family's from Cuba
But I'm an American Idol, get money like Seacrest"
Aiden Haney
Aiden Haney - 5 days ago
Danny - “It’s such a yolo song let’s do what ever we want and not think about the consequences “ Steel panthers, party like tomorrow’s the end of the world- am I a joke to you
Potato Powers
Potato Powers - 5 days ago
Aoife Fitzgerald
Aoife Fitzgerald - 6 days ago
The synchronicity throughout this is unsettling and funny at the same time
JMNLThat - 6 days ago
"The mister World wide"
Mateja Damnjanović
Mateja Damnjanović - 6 days ago
Hot diggidy dog... Yeah I watched Mickey mouse clubhouse hehe yeah dilé
da pimp is ere
da pimp is ere - 6 days ago
The Octopus
The Octopus - 6 days ago
I turned my computer off to go to bed while playing this video so it automatically reset the vid when I turned it back on and that intro was nightmare fuel.
Gay Potato
Gay Potato - 6 days ago
14:49 is blursed
Book Reader
Book Reader - 7 days ago
Bo Burnham is way better than pitbull, he even made a song about him overnight when he had to replace pitbull at some schools homecoming
FuckingPurple - 7 days ago
7:00 the trailer for the new season of American Horror Story
Lonkas Donkas
Lonkas Donkas - 7 days ago
Drew: *finds it weird that Give Me Everything could be interpreted as saying that the girl might die soon*
Alright who’s gonna tell him about Ke$ha
LokiZo Muvirimi
LokiZo Muvirimi - 7 days ago
Joseph Brydges
Joseph Brydges - 7 days ago
Coat rack runes with Kodak
trynity thompson
trynity thompson - 8 days ago
4:40 the lyrics are wrong there that’s why it doesn’t make sense it’s supposed to say “deeper than the masons” “my family’s from cuba but i’m an american idol gettin money like seacrest”
Leah Blank
Leah Blank - 8 days ago
My mantra in life, “meet me at the hotel room” truly works in every situation:
Got a bad grade? Meet me at the hotel room
Crashed your car? Meet me at the hotel room
You die? Meet me at the hotel room
Bethany Bee
Bethany Bee - 8 days ago
pitbull trying to get laid by threatening death is truly iconic
The Hateocracy
The Hateocracy - 8 days ago
Knit knack kinda rhymes with a Kodak
jenna - 8 days ago
i choked on my cranberry juice
many times
soggy tortilla
soggy tortilla - 8 days ago
₵Ⱨł₦₭Ɏ ₵Ø₭Ɇ
stupid killjoy
stupid killjoy - 8 days ago
kurtis: mami
toda latinoamérica: 💝💖💗💓💞💕💟
Firefox 42
Firefox 42 - 8 days ago
I'm a little skinky Greg in kurtis town
Kimberly Elliott
Kimberly Elliott - 8 days ago
3:10 holy shit
star dust5
star dust5 - 8 days ago
Kurtis in this vid is like he met his idols and I’ve never related to him more
carine - 8 days ago
danny and drew are so much of the same person that kurtis is kinda out of the clone loop
RatsOnVenus - 9 days ago
Kurtis' reaction though lmaoo
Elena Shropshire
Elena Shropshire - 9 days ago
When you all went "Wooooo!" my cat jolted awake lol
CrimsonArrowandQuill - 9 days ago
5:07 "is he involved with a pyramid scheme??? "

me, an intellectual: *thinks of vector from despicable me*
Bella Kransky
Bella Kransky - 9 days ago
this is the best podcast i’ve ever seen
hijo d La Luna
hijo d La Luna - 10 days ago
He he hehe hehehe haha he hahah
My Raging Whormoans
My Raging Whormoans - 10 days ago
pitbull's "give me everything" was actually what made me realize my own mortality, when i was six years old. the idea of knowing you're dying tomorrow, and trying to make the most of what little time you have left, that shit fucking terrified me. song still gives me anxiety, good lord.
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster - 10 days ago
Holy dang that’s dark
Audra Grace Binkley
Audra Grace Binkley - 10 days ago
While I was watching this, I found an eraser in my comforter...

Keep in mind, I’m the only one who is ever on my bed, so I’m honestly shooketh. Lmao
siolo lua
siolo lua - 10 days ago
13:19 kurtis is great
Livia Washburn
Livia Washburn - 10 days ago
We did a hip hop number to on the floor last year we got 4th place. -_-
Masharoo - 10 days ago
As someone who listened to all of Pitbull's albums for a joke once, I'm glad someone finally understands me.
Lightning Round
Lightning Round - 10 days ago
*what was cloning possible?*
thosedampuns - 10 days ago
I always picture Kurtis as like the edgy emo boi but when he's with literally anyone he's automatically the baby of the group
Xehanort10 - 11 days ago
6:53 At that lyric Pitbull suddenly turns into Ric Flair.
LikeAPro42 - 11 days ago
My favorite Pitbull lyric is “rewind r-ow-ow-ow play about to lose my mind today”
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