World's Strongest Man vs 100 Layers of Concrete! - Challenge

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Preston - 11 days ago
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Elliot Messier
Elliot Messier - Day ago
Hello Preston
Dylan Ayden
Dylan Ayden - 11 days ago
Nicole Fischer
Nicole Fischer - 11 days ago
Preston You should make Rob play Minecraft and see if he can break obsidian with his bare fists
Estrella Hernandez
Estrella Hernandez - 11 days ago
AJ Ord
AJ Ord - 11 days ago
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 2 hours ago
Preston its sound like a gun shot when hE is hitting
Adrienne Crow
Adrienne Crow - 2 hours ago
black ops 2 gamer nation
black ops 2 gamer nation - 2 hours ago
Funny thing he said Canadians cut down trees well I'm Canadian and I cut down a tree when I was four
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 2 hours ago
I watched him on strongest men in history
Commander E'tad
Commander E'tad - 2 hours ago
In case you were previously unaware, there is a global pandemic going on right now and you should be maintaining a distance of 6 feet seeing as you are a U.S citizen. you have violated this rule the moment the video opens being right next to each other. Also how are you defining 'World's strongest man'? being the strongest can mean many things and are we talking about transmitting force or resistance to force?
Jennifer Stone
Jennifer Stone - 2 hours ago
Hi i’m your biggest fan I love your videos
b4nkrupt - 2 hours ago
9:32 preston looks TINy
C⃠o⃠o⃠k⃠i⃠e⃠シ Potato
0:41 he YeEtEd TaT
Light Kira
Light Kira - 4 hours ago
Why are these supposed to be strongest men so f****** fat
MR GLITCH - 5 hours ago
Preston why do you have weopons in your warehouse
Bushra Imran
Bushra Imran - 6 hours ago
Preston its sound like a gun shot when hE is hitting
Miguel Mevilma
Miguel Mevilma - 6 hours ago
Connor McCall
Connor McCall - 6 hours ago
Preston is such a handsome man
Lorna Diggory
Lorna Diggory - 6 hours ago
Is it 10 PM : yes
Should I be asleep : yes
Do I care : nooooo
Dd Dddd
Dd Dddd - 6 hours ago
No one can do uploads like eddie.
Candi And Aaron
Candi And Aaron - 8 hours ago


Billy butch
Billy butch - 9 hours ago
Preston I am new to the channel I have six chickens they are big
LBZ - 10 hours ago
This guy should collab with Josh from Jatie vlogs.
Patrickdanielle Baldedara
Patrickdanielle Baldedara - 12 hours ago
Who else heard bri
Arley First Baptist Church
I watched
him on strongest men in history
Ingrida Strakšytė
Ingrida Strakšytė - 12 hours ago
The strongest man in the world is Židrūnas Savickas from Lithuania.
Suruchi Kumari
Suruchi Kumari - 13 hours ago
AJ PLAYS Soriano
AJ PLAYS Soriano - 14 hours ago
he is big boy
Butcher Boy
Butcher Boy - 15 hours ago
10:30 I think I saw some sparks
Rosliza Ali
Rosliza Ali - 17 hours ago
It's piece a cake for Robert
oskar golubiewski
oskar golubiewski - 17 hours ago
rip plasma cuter
Rubadub - 17 hours ago
fire emojis!!!
Mansoor Ali
Mansoor Ali - 18 hours ago
The chicken bris store she loves chuckle the chicken
Hasan Gaming
Hasan Gaming - 18 hours ago
His not the world strongest man because he couldn’t open the last safe in the last challenge
alexandra delmundo
alexandra delmundo - 18 hours ago
5k subs without videos challenge
2025= Robert in Minecraft=hey guys today the strongest person is going to break bedrock with his fist
Mary jane Deguzman
Mary jane Deguzman - 19 hours ago
I saw this in Robert account
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 19 hours ago
Use a cutting torch next time instead of plasma, way more cinematic
Romeo Morales
Romeo Morales - 19 hours ago
This guys would be a great father he is so cute for some reason the world's strongest man
d - 20 hours ago
you just posted cringe
SY Sublime
SY Sublime - 20 hours ago
Wanna know what is stronger than him.?
Answer, virus or bacteria.
GRANIA GRAY - 22 hours ago
Danielle Olivera
Danielle Olivera - 22 hours ago
Yes you did the call at the wall
Danielle Olivera
Danielle Olivera - 22 hours ago
You could just use RPG
Danielle Olivera
Danielle Olivera - 22 hours ago
Okay just you just use the hammer
Mr_ Oopise17
Mr_ Oopise17 - 23 hours ago
Kid never shuts up
epic gamer boy 1827
epic gamer boy 1827 - 23 hours ago
Is it 10 pm? Yes
Should I be asleep? Yes
Hotel? Travigo
Nancy Cabaluna
Nancy Cabaluna - 23 hours ago
Ware do you live?
Mr Orange
Mr Orange - Day ago
Preston: *hires world strongest man*
The Rock: *Am I a joke to you?*
John Chaser
John Chaser - 11 hours ago
The Rock is nowhere close to being the world's strongest man, like nowhere near the level of a strength athlete.
SCP-096 - 13 hours ago
bedrock: Am I a double joke to you?
Royce Perez
Royce Perez - Day ago
Hi preston
trey Bragg
trey Bragg - Day ago
Preston you cussed time stamp 0:43
Oofdude Gaming
Oofdude Gaming - Day ago
Jeff Burnham
Jeff Burnham - Day ago
Except that wasn't an ax he used on the concrete wall, it was a wood maul, designed to split logs.
Deanna Mulgrew
Deanna Mulgrew - Day ago
Me: Ooh A fence hear chicken noises CHUCKLES
Jimmy Jonz
Jimmy Jonz - Day ago
Use a cutting torch next time instead of plasma, way more cinematic
phillip illumidoggy
When you click on a video to make an ayayayay joke but there's no way to make one
Melinda Coleman
Melinda Coleman - Day ago
Leo Manibusan
Leo Manibusan - Day ago
It amazes me how Preston isn’t 16
Jack Booth
Jack Booth - Day ago
00.5. What is he squishing man he ways about 100.987 pounds man
Ahmed Husic
Ahmed Husic - Day ago
Concrete to Robert is like paper
qwerty cloud
qwerty cloud - Day ago
Dylan The Cloud
Dylan The Cloud - Day ago
Robert is naturally funnier and more charismatic than the host.
Soleil Cavazos
Soleil Cavazos - Day ago
My dad has a friend that cut his arm open with a grinder
Tina G
Tina G - Day ago
My family: I think it is hailing
Me: nope, its just the worlds strongest man in our basement using a axe on concrete
Actually me: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Telmo Dantes
Telmo Dantes - Day ago
DragonGem saphire
DragonGem saphire - Day ago
lxst. - Day ago
Leonora Dela Paz
Leonora Dela Paz - Day ago
Ok Preston i like and subscribe 100 times
Shane Davies
Shane Davies - Day ago
Robert:smashes through the layers
Me:goss round the layers and rescues the chicken😎😎😎😎
Horsegirllover Horsegirlrider
Wow 😯
abdullah dude
abdullah dude - Day ago
Ay the world strongest man can you break everything with your bear Hands I bet U can't 😈
abdullah dude
abdullah dude - Day ago
"a little crush~_"
I love the song big man 😹
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - Day ago
Dad: who is the strongest man in the whole world? Me: Robert! Dad: is he big Me: not that much
Beston Mhamad
Beston Mhamad - Day ago
hi pls ROBLOX gsuhevicjgg pls pls
wub wub
wub wub - Day ago
Preston: wow Woag wowoowowwowowo look guy very pog wow tools big man break Also Preston: merch deal deal merch deal buy big mbuy subscirebe lolik like lolololol merch.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - Day ago
robert is just hulk
ss00dy - Day ago
What top are you wearing Preston I really wanna buy it
fluffy ice
fluffy ice - Day ago
i just heard preston say a bad word
Jamal Tyrone
Jamal Tyrone - Day ago
Watching this made me think these kids have never seen or used power tools before.
Pimp Dotcom
Pimp Dotcom - Day ago
Brothers in a real world
Natalie Haber-Barker
My dad knew one of the strongest men in America Brian schoonveld
Hiroyuki Arakan
Hiroyuki Arakan - 2 days ago
When your level 5,000 character goes back to the level 1 training grounds
Spottedpool - 2 days ago
When Preston said it looked like a fork then said someone get him fruit loops. Don’t you eat fruit loops with spork
wenli bao
wenli bao - 2 days ago
It’s a really strong booyyyy
PythonPanic101 - 2 days ago
dragon_slayer 35
dragon_slayer 35 - 2 days ago
Robert needs merch that says more than human LOL
The Koopaling Master
The Koopaling Master - 2 days ago
The Koopaling Master
The Koopaling Master - 2 days ago
Like to make Robert stronger
To the person who is reading this:

Just wanna let you know that you’re fabulous, intelligent and unique. Have a nice day and stay safe❤️❤️
Jennifer Mejia
Jennifer Mejia - 2 days ago
1 like = 1 lyric of Preston hitting the flashing steel
Shia Thornton
Shia Thornton - 2 days ago
robert is just hulk
qayne - 2 days ago
CF kin
CF kin - 2 days ago
The concrete was like wood to Robert 🤣
Bobbi Jo Allen
Bobbi Jo Allen - 2 days ago
I know we’re the Knick is I don’t see a size for using it for hi Lindsey can you use one hand
Aidan Ashcroft
Aidan Ashcroft - 2 days ago
100 layers of flex tape?
Ane Nichols
Ane Nichols - 2 days ago
Alex Chisley
Alex Chisley - 2 days ago
It sounds like lighting stirke
Erikas Lek
Erikas Lek - 2 days ago
I don't think you should do this because it's COVID-19
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Dena Bedson
Dena Bedson - 2 days ago
Add me on roblox name is sonic11320 I guess can’t remerber
Luis gaming 😄
Luis gaming 😄 - 2 days ago
Who remembers when preston hide joshes phone. Preston tell your dad
ItsMack - 2 days ago
Chaz’s Show
Chaz’s Show - 2 days ago
Preston I saw da cheese ball tik tok video with rob
Emily An
Emily An - 2 days ago
I feel sorry for preston’s neighbors cuz of all the sound XDD
Joanna Wezyk
Joanna Wezyk - 2 days ago
I think you should do 1,000 layers of cavelar
Truong Tran
Truong Tran - 2 days ago
He’s is Strongest man in the world
Emily An
Emily An - 2 days ago
Never mess with him
TheGamingMacaw - 2 days ago
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