Walking with people that got longer legs than you.

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Sir John
Sir John - 11 minutes ago
for honorer huh come get a L on xbox
Noah Wick
Noah Wick - 40 minutes ago
sorry that e3 2019 sorta sucked
Nathan M
Nathan M - Hour ago
I know exactly how it feels to move that fast personally I have long legs (so i understand😌)
PaintTheBook - 5 hours ago
β€œWho’s driving this helicopter?!”
Curtis ben
Curtis ben - 7 hours ago
I'm the guy with long legs
NitrixStormz :3
NitrixStormz :3 - 8 hours ago
The way he said β€œyo” sounds like it isn’t his first time.
EpicUndead - 10 hours ago
LOL! I can relate to this. This cracked me up.
Coolpokefan0 - 10 hours ago
Yo halo infinite has a awesome trailer it’s gonna be a great game
Clemens_Leonis - 13 hours ago
Damnit, I feel exposed πŸ˜‚
New Year's Day
New Year's Day - 13 hours ago
*i'm the tall guy* my friends are always like "slow down !" bruh it isn't my fault you're 5 ' 5 speed up
Freddy Sanchez
Freddy Sanchez - 14 hours ago
God dam people must have no brain making videos on stupid shit.
rayan bhattarai
rayan bhattarai - 14 hours ago
3:05 ihes just like i cant take this no more im just gonna get somthing bro *trauma intensifies*
Dvader134 - 15 hours ago
As a 6"2 male, I can relate on the fast walker part lol
Rodric carter
Rodric carter - 16 hours ago
1:46 what is this little theme celeb is playing on this part plz help
Ayee - 18 hours ago
As a tall person i can confirm this
American Decay- The Untold History of America
I am 6 foot 3 and this is relatable to everyone I walk with
Joseph Boutros
Joseph Boutros - 19 hours ago
Caleb bro where u get ur iPhone case
Urielle Simo
Urielle Simo - 20 hours ago
"This is a normal walking speed... "πŸ˜‚
Jasper Ogbonnaya
Jasper Ogbonnaya - 21 hour ago
Bruh you gonna eat that toblerone on the table?
ReaganPlayz - 22 hours ago
I HAVE THIS PROBLEM #shortpeopleproblems
Xentalier A_L
Xentalier A_L - 22 hours ago
I love this so much actually dead
Larry the Lobster
Larry the Lobster - 23 hours ago
I got big legsπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ
darthbriboy - 23 hours ago
As a short (5' 6") person this is me walking with tall friends to the store
Mr.tyilster - 23 hours ago
i saw a toblerone choclate UwU
100,000 subscribers without a single vid challenge
Straight facts tho!
Lisa Thickie
Lisa Thickie - Day ago
I'm a victim of short, fat legs... Slow down assholes!
Heaven Robinson
Heaven Robinson - Day ago
Do u live in California
Tsukasamimi - Day ago
Your videos always make my day! That first moment when he turned to walk and there was an afterimage, and you reaction to it was priceless. Thanks for making me laugh, always.
Calista Vicente-Bradley
I'm 4'7" ppl laugh at me. I'm 16 and a girl :( at least I can ride on their long legs! Wheeeeee
Raheem Briggs
Raheem Briggs - Day ago
this video: CalebLongLegs
Raheem Briggs
Raheem Briggs - Day ago
going back to his old videos and giving him different nicknames like hamlinz and his chat does with him, let’s make it a trend
Gwladys Ebah
Gwladys Ebah - Day ago
I've never relate to a video that much before
Taijean Moodie
Taijean Moodie - Day ago
Burgess Be Gaming
Burgess Be Gaming - Day ago
If the dude can walk that fast, then imagine his running speed.
Write Off
Write Off - Day ago
Ironically its the other way round for me.
love cats
love cats - Day ago
Dude i was watching your old vids and i'm thinkin i'm gonna die from luaghter from one of your vids someday they're just soo funny!!!!!!!!
Carlton's PC Gaming
I would be the one to say " get on the bike"
J. Kahu
J. Kahu - Day ago
Fucking yes I hate this. I have to take 30 steps within their one step 😭 Because my legs are super short, it's so unfair.
Max γ€‚γ€Š Camp Camp》。
Nice, that’s David
Cryptic. Slipp
Cryptic. Slipp - Day ago
Im 6'3 it's relatable
MrCantfindanynames - Day ago
Got dem Giannis legs 😁
nicoandthelegends - Day ago
walking with people in general
Aidan Snyder
Aidan Snyder - Day ago
1:48 What song was that?
I dropped you
I dropped you - Day ago
What was "null" and why did you remove it?
not another animation channel
my friend: why you running?
me:im not running "already at the end of the road"
my friend: **slowly dying**
William Aiken
William Aiken - Day ago
That watch clean as hell !!!
Brotendo - Day ago
Walking with dr disrespect to the restroom
Connor Emmons
Connor Emmons - Day ago
In about 5 years people will question why this is in their recommended
B Garcia
B Garcia - Day ago
Bro I wanna binge watch all your videos
Nintendo Strawberries
Aaaaw naww I got long legs and can't keep up
48mavemiss2 - Day ago
I’m 5’5 and my husband is 6’3”. I know of this struggle all too well πŸ˜”
Jaydan C0
Jaydan C0 - Day ago
Who watched before he deleted it?
Oopsie !
Oopsie ! - Day ago
Idk why but I didn’t skip the intro because it’s actually funny
zaffre - Day ago
Superhuman interview
yellooh - Day ago
In Africa where we walked much you realized too late you were running while huge striders though intentionally walked fast laughed it off.
Kendric Antonio
Kendric Antonio - Day ago
when your friend masters flash stepping. how did he expect to play basketball with him if he’s tall enough to tell planes to move and teleport?
ChiChi Kawaii
ChiChi Kawaii - Day ago
5’1 kid in track:I got this
6’1 kid in track:C’MERE BOY
(About to end this mans career)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Grey Man
Grey Man - Day ago
Lose the GOT... use HAVE instead.
MaskedOperations - Day ago
When you just see after images
Alyssa PC
Alyssa PC - Day ago
I’m five feet tall and zero inches.
This video is the summary of my life
ace - Day ago
CALEB video idea. That one friend who can get down on anything as lomg as it go hard. (Use this song. https://youtu.be/8w55Z4-yEM8
Toxic x Horsey
Toxic x Horsey - Day ago
Flygodpryde turnt to a fag
Toxic x Horsey
Toxic x Horsey - Day ago
Is this flygodprdy
Nicholaus Parijs
Nicholaus Parijs - Day ago
I lost it at "oh you not trying to split?" XDXD
Ricochet - Day ago
Why u got honey back there?πŸ‘€ 0:47
1245 354
1245 354 - Day ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I--rRfdoWEI Click the link and Please dislike that video do everyone a favor
hotwheelguy - Day ago
Yo what case he got on his iPhone
Lol, between me and my friends it's the opposite I have the longest legs and I go the slowest while they have short legs. πŸ˜‚πŸ’¨πŸ˜­
Ivin3690 - Day ago
"Hold on this private jet is in my way"
Majora - Day ago
freakylilg - 2 days ago
Since you showed up in my feed, answer 1 question if you wan my view. Do you wear your underwear on the outside? Or do you have self respect?
Reciinox - 2 days ago
"I hope they do something with for honor, I love for honor" a man of culture
Frozar Burst
Frozar Burst - 2 days ago
This is like if Dexter tried to beat Dee Dee in a race
GOOGLETUBE - 2 days ago
"Have" walking with people Whom have longer legs than you.
josh kern
josh kern - 2 days ago
Yoooo I fuck with for honor heavy
Big Jay
Big Jay - 2 days ago
Twitch sponsored you? That's a surprise, you aren't an e-girl who shows most of her titties, but never anything of substance.
TKG_Enforcer - 2 days ago
I'm a shinobi main
Amazing Gamer325
Amazing Gamer325 - 2 days ago
The real video starts: 1:20
Azmodification - 2 days ago
When your friend is actually Diavolo and uses King Crimson.
Amna Wajahat
Amna Wajahat - 2 days ago
reminds me of the hike with my friends
Dontee Weaver
Dontee Weaver - 2 days ago
emarskineel - 2 days ago
Oof that excitement for Bethesda hurt me
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - 2 days ago
Shorter people are faster tho lmao
RadCon - 2 days ago
USA Numba One
USA Numba One - 2 days ago
Mist- Kollide
Mist- Kollide - 2 days ago
Ayy you have the same chair as me
IHatePresentations . Spires
For along time I have wondered

How did that guy in Ant man and the wasp throw 3 knives when only 1 knife was beside him?
Maguire Zevilra
Maguire Zevilra - 2 days ago
"Haa..i dont understand.."
Red Ultra
Red Ultra - 2 days ago
That’s because you’re short, little friend :)
Christina Butler
Christina Butler - 2 days ago
Ofc caleb is funny and amazing to us viewers but wth does his neighbors say when he yells across the street at nothing.
Mayo Games
Mayo Games - 2 days ago
"Your speed is treMENDOUS!"
Love Moose
Love Moose - 2 days ago
I have to use all of my energy in order to keep up with my tall friend πŸ˜‘
20000 Subscriber without videos
Holdup this private jet is in my way
EmperorNoodles - 2 days ago
Made a full song remix of "she threw the burger out my car" video on my channel, CHECK IT OUT FR FR
Kaykmeh - 2 days ago
I done trained to speed walk w tall ass people. It’s when they always moving slow that is get to me loll
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 2 days ago
Mane we need Elder Scrolls 6 !!!!!!
S.n.q quick
S.n.q quick - 2 days ago
For me, short people walk fast
Rice San
Rice San - 2 days ago
LMAO this had me dead.
G.Marie .P
G.Marie .P - 2 days ago
As a certified tall person I can say many of friends have complained to me about this
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