Walking with people that got longer legs than you.

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Dr. DeadPool
Dr. DeadPool - 6 hours ago
When Usian Bolt misses the bus he doesn’t wait for it at the next stop

He already is at his destination 1 hour ahead of the bus
Maz3rLaz3r - 10 hours ago
Is he flash or mr fantastic
f2bacon - Day ago
I desperately need to know the name of the song at 1:46
I laugh every time you use it
daclxut - Day ago
Constant lag 😴
Lawgx - Day ago
Video starts at 1:19
Dxpressed Soulz
Dxpressed Soulz - Day ago
this looks like that one gta 5 neighborhood beside the desert
Randomness 101
Randomness 101 - 2 days ago
“This private jet is in my way”🤣🤣
Lizard King113
Lizard King113 - 2 days ago
That look around at 1:32 is gold😂
Itz Nash
Itz Nash - 2 days ago
1:19 Thank me later
Cripto Boi
Cripto Boi - 2 days ago
Ur speed it tremendous lmao
11000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Barry Allen who?
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 3 days ago
vid starts at 1:18
jon - 3 days ago
that song mate 😂😂😂
ZUIDOVICIOUS69 - 3 days ago
Yoo i started laughing before the video even started just by reading the title 😂😂 and almost cracked my ribs during the video 💀💀💀💀
Giang Nguyễn Trường
Kore wa ZA WARUDO da
Layla Toomer
Layla Toomer - 4 days ago
*any one gonna talk about the fact he was complaining about the helicopters in his way*
Aiden Potter
Aiden Potter - 4 days ago
“This private jet is in my way, MOVE”
one lockser
one lockser - 4 days ago
In love with the outro
LND - 4 days ago
This guy is very hilarious
Spongehank Hillpants
Spongehank Hillpants - 4 days ago
Do the ads at the end
Joey Han
Joey Han - 5 days ago
bro just use speed potion
Raenar Braun
Raenar Braun - 5 days ago
I remember as a kid I would constantly try to keep up with them people. They’d be walking and I’d have to run every once in a while
Offical Nlvry
Offical Nlvry - 5 days ago
I'm 6'4 and 13 years old
Nocomment_ QSA
Nocomment_ QSA - 6 days ago
That low key be me when I’m walking with my friends
Jacob Grundy
Jacob Grundy - 6 days ago
Who else thought the start of the video was part of the skit at first?😂
Iss Albxrto
Iss Albxrto - 7 days ago
Fax bro. All my friends be mad annoying, always saying I'm walking to fast, but it's not my fault.
Ghetto Lazzerbeam 2.0
Ghetto Lazzerbeam 2.0 - 7 days ago
These ads getting crazy
Andre White
Andre White - 7 days ago
Whats that music that you play at the end?
valleyking15 - 7 days ago
Yo what's the theme when you start teleporting
mark flame
mark flame - 7 days ago
Came back looking for a laugh and I just noticed my mans jumped from the stairs to the street in a instant.
Geviper - 7 days ago
lmao I got long ass legs this is facts
Mama Moosa
Mama Moosa - 7 days ago
I feel this. In my SOUL I feel this shit
Sleepi - 8 days ago
*where did the basket ball tho*
_ David _
_ David _ - 8 days ago
Video starts at 1:20. You're welcome.
Alex Prior
Alex Prior - 8 days ago
My big brother walks super fast
Gabriel Ortega
Gabriel Ortega - 9 days ago
The video starts at 1:19
Ricey & Panda
Ricey & Panda - 9 days ago
I don't feel that xD usually either walking infront of my friends way ahead sometimes
Makitana - 9 days ago
hi, i'm om the future where twitch streams porn
Jeruk Warna
Jeruk Warna - 9 days ago
Bro I would watch a vid of u playing for honour 100% 👍
Mawijn - 9 days ago
Halo infinite 😎
Honey Doll
Honey Doll - 9 days ago
The person that was walking fast is literally my brother when he go to the store he be back in 7 minutes
crazy loody
crazy loody - 9 days ago
Im that boy with the tall legs 😀😀
Tatienou orest
Tatienou orest - 10 days ago
Sony won E3... and they did it from their offices
Nubi3460 Gamer
Nubi3460 Gamer - 10 days ago
Didn't need that zoom in the end but overall great video as always ^^
Gierom guy_does_nothing_productive
Can you try saying "where is my super suit" ?
AHMAD K - 11 days ago
my friends
R I F F I N - 11 days ago
As a 5'1 person....I live like this
Cear Rose
Cear Rose - 11 days ago
I’m 4’8 so I freaking felt that
Tayo Ramirez
Tayo Ramirez - 12 days ago
Bruh that's me #LongLegGang
booce slam
booce slam - 12 days ago
Christine Magdalene
Christine Magdalene - 12 days ago
So funny!
Channel 9 Games
Channel 9 Games - 12 days ago
I’m 14 and 5’6” and I still walk faster than most of the tall nibbas I know.
I-FIR3 -I - 12 days ago
You tryna 1v1 on for honor ps4?
ira2581 - 12 days ago
This dude is actually hilarious, bro XD It really be like that, aha. I'm tall (according to other people. Solid 6'. I'm all torso, though) but them niggas with giraffe legs be dusting everybody XD
Phi Dương
Phi Dương - 12 days ago
Actually he is the one behind you, he circled the earth while you were busy facetiming
HikariArtz - 12 days ago
being friends with sonic the hedgehog be like
[GD] ottothegamer
[GD] ottothegamer - 12 days ago
How Caleb doesn't know that Caleb2 has long legs. I mean, they're been friend for long time
The Exotic
The Exotic - 13 days ago
me walking with my mom when i was a kid
v0rt3x_storm - 13 days ago
How people with trash Internet be
Jalexie Lu
Jalexie Lu - 13 days ago
Funny thing is that I'm the short one but walks faster than everyone else...
garlic69 - 13 days ago
walking with my parents be like
Lilaczblue 22388
Lilaczblue 22388 - 13 days ago
Omg when I was young - a couple of years ago, my brother used to pick me up from school, and he literally walks hella fast I can never keep up with him even till this day 😭😵
Little Rat
Little Rat - 13 days ago
I love these videos but can you please make them longer?
Tonya Bee
Tonya Bee - 13 days ago
M’y son 😂
Romes Garage
Romes Garage - 15 days ago
SUBHA GHOSAL - 15 days ago
"There's a private jet in my way"
Kasai 火災
Kasai 火災 - 15 days ago
when he started running i lost it😂😂
Natalie G
Natalie G - 15 days ago
I went on a field trip to six flags and some boys had longer legs and they walked too damn fast I would have to literally run.
Bryce Jarvis
Bryce Jarvis - 15 days ago
Ooh for honor I play that game I'm rep 46
king yozz
king yozz - 16 days ago
can i get the song in the vid at 1:46 ?
Hao Legendarya
Hao Legendarya - 16 days ago
For the first minute i was pretty sure i got clickbaited.
MollyTsab - 16 days ago
*Who is driving this helicopter?! MOOVE!!! DANG!* 🚁😂😂😂
TSwany - 17 days ago
this is the most relatable vid ever when im walking with my mom and sister
Lila Poole
Lila Poole - 17 days ago
He ain't walkin this dude gotta be on a hoverboard no body can walk that fast
• Originxl •
• Originxl • - 17 days ago
*Sorry this private jet was in my way* 😂😂😂😂
Josephine - 17 days ago
I have little legs so it’s like a chihuahua walking next to a Great Dane. I pretty much run trying to keep up but I’m used to it.
ride2LL high2
ride2LL high2 - 17 days ago
Josephine you should try Sonic's shoes
I do random videos
I do random videos - 17 days ago
There's a jet and a helicopter in front of him?? He's flying, not walking
Abracadabra 2.0
Abracadabra 2.0 - 17 days ago
"Bro watch yo jet"
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert - 17 days ago
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