Chance the Rapper on His Longtime Love Story with His Wife

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Cityghost Jimenez payne
His wife is a man lool she looks so manly
Victoria Martin
Victoria Martin - 10 days ago
Awwwww that's his family In the audience at 2:22
Macky hot-tech
Macky hot-tech - 12 days ago
Grrat guy...i just discover how amazing and beleiver he is ...keep on this way dude...u are on the right path
wendy frimpong
wendy frimpong - 18 days ago
He is amazing
Safuan Alhaj
Safuan Alhaj - 22 days ago
He is so cute!
Laura Dober
Laura Dober - 23 days ago
Chance is so humble and sweet! God bless his beautiful family❤️
Iya Bynghi
Iya Bynghi - 24 days ago
He's jus beautiful. Interestingly, I dont kno one of his songs!!!!!! Very nice
Jazmine Douglas
Jazmine Douglas - 24 days ago
that was such a really nice gift awww
Cr3ative Lynne
Cr3ative Lynne - 27 days ago
He is a aries so I mean who wouldn’t love him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
issareth Perez
issareth Perez - Month ago
😭 he said Jesus
Neo Luvhimbi
Neo Luvhimbi - Month ago
At 2:21 did I see chances twin brother
Kinda of classy Kinda Chola
In the words of Austin Powers, that ain’t no women it’s a man, man...
pinkstate - 2 months ago
He's just a great person
Allthedaysofmylife - 2 months ago
He’s so giving
courtney M
courtney M - 3 months ago
Aww Chance 🥰
Vunokuhle Mdunge
Vunokuhle Mdunge - 3 months ago
Absolutely amazing. I love him.
Jarisa M.
Jarisa M. - 3 months ago
He’s so humble man I love him lol
Liz’Maria - 3 months ago
Obsessed with him 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭😭😭
BjornFSE - 3 months ago
love it
Kassy Valdez
Kassy Valdez - 4 months ago
Sugar Spice And Everything Nice
Chance is so humble
Barbarajean Kannamore
Barbarajean Kannamore - 4 months ago
Wow Jesus was the answer 🙏🙏
CyHiiigh - 4 months ago
I’m sorry but you’re wife is a .... MAN?
ZaltyTV - 4 months ago
His brother looks just like him
Ashley De Cent
Ashley De Cent - 4 months ago
I love Chance so much hes so sweet and caring and so humble he deserves all the success
Jon Coco Bones
Jon Coco Bones - 4 months ago
That’s a very pretty name
soph - 5 months ago
guys I think chance loves his wife
The Creator
The Creator - 5 months ago
There’s another chance in the Audience lol !!!
Seyo.Official Productions
Seyo.Official Productions - 5 months ago
Oohhh I love my wife
Polyswaggot Love
Polyswaggot Love - 5 months ago
Jesus and parents wow I like him
Kira S
Kira S - 5 months ago
Yes! He shouted out Jesus!
Jay Tovar Vlogs
Jay Tovar Vlogs - 5 months ago
He really cares for her. Some might even say he LoVeS HeR.......
Roope Lindgren
Roope Lindgren - 5 months ago
oooh, I love my wife.
Beanie Spades
Beanie Spades - 5 months ago
I'm still vibing to "Smoke Break" from 'Coloring Book". So chill.
Grace - 5 months ago
Respect his boldness in such a worldly place. Jesus is more than inspirational he is the way the truth and life
Kalidirasta M
Kalidirasta M - 5 months ago
He’s too fineeee
Dee's ENT
Dee's ENT - 5 months ago
How respectful and a gentleman is he !!!
Amber Gray
Amber Gray - 5 months ago
Chance is such a kind person! He’s so very sweet and gentle. His family is very lucky to have him.
Benita Hardmon
Benita Hardmon - 5 months ago
Desiree Robinson
Desiree Robinson - 5 months ago
I love his mannerisms
Whoisthis Kas
Whoisthis Kas - 5 months ago
That’s one happy happy man! God bless
Marcos Meza
Marcos Meza - 6 months ago
I don't think Helen liked the JESUS part
Loving Majin
Loving Majin - 6 months ago
I really like this guy!
Heather Lemerond
Heather Lemerond - 6 months ago
Chance can help me with a million dollar’s 💵 lol 😂
Gail Becker
Gail Becker - 6 months ago
He epitomizes Matthew 25:31-46!
Gail Becker
Gail Becker - 6 months ago
My daughter's name is Kirsten too!
Destinee Tena
Destinee Tena - 6 months ago
One million to mental health, I have so much respect for this guy
chantelle asbury
chantelle asbury - 6 months ago
Love him
Nilu Seneviratne
Nilu Seneviratne - 6 months ago
Genuinely good
MindBodySpiritZen - 6 months ago
My new crush!
Kirnesia Lewis
Kirnesia Lewis - 6 months ago
Love that he mention Jesus!
Pauline Lamboa
Pauline Lamboa - 6 months ago
Change is the best ❤️💕
jayoheye - 6 months ago
So wholesome
Mikesha Cooper
Mikesha Cooper - 6 months ago
My guy💪
Lauryn Hunter
Lauryn Hunter - 6 months ago
He’s so humble
Pepe Trump
Pepe Trump - 6 months ago
i like how his family comes with him to every show :D
Lie Far
Lie Far - 6 months ago
Sorry! jesus is not god, he is messenger from the god Allah.
saww2 Saww2
saww2 Saww2 - 6 months ago
Lie Far nonsense.
Sheffanessea Brown
Sheffanessea Brown - 6 months ago
God called him to do his work just like he called me to fight against parental alienation.
Really Hamunyela
Really Hamunyela - 6 months ago
Who else thought her name was Thank you

Just me?
R S - 6 months ago
He puts such a smile on my face. Just seems like a genuinely nice and humble person.
The God Project
The God Project - 6 months ago
He was not nervous talking about Jesus!
Me - 6 months ago
I need a husband like that. He comes off as confident without being cocky. He is very in tune with love and appreciation.
Maria Aguirre
Maria Aguirre - 6 months ago
I love him ! He’s amazing!!
Billy Jr.
Billy Jr. - 6 months ago
Nice dude 😁 and his voice matches also...
Some onetn
Some onetn - 6 months ago
I don't even like Rap but I love him..🧡 He a wonderful person..
H00dN3rdz - 6 months ago
Jesus did not have white skin, blue eyes and Rosie cheeks. That is scientifically impossible.
The Bigg X
The Bigg X - 6 months ago
Jhene Aiko is waving!
Mo Jo
Mo Jo - 6 months ago
You guys are all so blind. He’s using Jesus name in vain. This man is in the industry and messes with jay Z. You really think he loves God and his beloved Son Jesus? Is all an act to lure you in.
Lotta Krap
Lotta Krap - 6 months ago
He’s such a nice guy.
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez - 6 months ago
He said Jesus but we all know Chance disguised his true beliefs. He studies deep into esoteric material. Jesus is as close to what he studies, so i guess its okay for him to say that. The general public can relate to Jesus better than the deep material he gets into.
nadia miller
nadia miller - 6 months ago
Chance is a good person bless him
BxnditGirl -
BxnditGirl - - 6 months ago
Woah his brother looks just like him!
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie - 6 months ago
I love Chance....such a sweet and adorable person.
Sessasweet - 6 months ago
It sucks that Chance felt so nervous mentioning Jesus name 🥺 I’m so proud that he is not ashamed of his faith
So Ali
So Ali - 6 months ago
Great heart!!!!!! ❤️🇹🇹❤️🇹🇹❤️🇹🇹
So Ali
So Ali - 6 months ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇹 This guy is soooooo KOOL AND HUMBLE!!!! Don't change bro👍❤️🇹🇹
theofficialygsariah - 6 months ago
Daniela Guizar
Daniela Guizar - 6 months ago
my daughter looks just like sia, i can’t see her
Gabrielle Reid
Gabrielle Reid - 6 months ago
His brother looks exactly like him
Mickey Colors
Mickey Colors - 6 months ago
Idk if its me but i find him awkward
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