Chance the Rapper on His Longtime Love Story with His Wife

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Angela Arguelles
Angela Arguelles - 3 hours ago
I am he says who I am, in sinach song
CrazySaga Vlogs
CrazySaga Vlogs - 9 hours ago
God bless him 💙
Banana Astorga
Banana Astorga - 12 hours ago
Awwwwww he said jesus !!!!! Wow i love him
eric yi
eric yi - 19 hours ago
4 means death 💀
Marcia Russi
Marcia Russi - Day ago
Aww he seems so nervous to talk haha
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor - 2 days ago
He is the most adorable human being i swear
alexia boyd
alexia boyd - 2 days ago
I love his spirit!
Sebastian Bundgaard
Sebastian Bundgaard - 2 days ago
ID on his shirt. plz. someone
J M - 3 days ago
the way he got shy when everyone was clapping and cheering for him ☹️
trinity smet
trinity smet - 4 days ago
my literal two favorite people of all time
Ex - 4 days ago
Taylor Bennett in the audience like
Bri Beltran
Bri Beltran - 4 days ago
By all means shiii I need his help I’m struggling 😭😭
In Maposi’s House
In Maposi’s House - 5 days ago
He so shy n humble ❤️
Bruna Maria
Bruna Maria - 5 days ago
Claudia R
Claudia R - 6 days ago
Chance is such a pure heart!! I love that he lets his walls down and isn't scared to be vulnerable, to show his feelings!!
v Happy
v Happy - 7 days ago
I NEEED to marry this man❤❤❤
T H - 8 days ago
I love the fact that he mentioned Jesus. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Amen!
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser - 8 days ago
I love him my new favorite person
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser - 8 days ago
I love him my new favorite person
Shaun zatiti
Shaun zatiti - 8 days ago
Jesus 😅
MoreDanFilms - 8 days ago
I though he said “Hey Ella” at first
HLC.ROYALTY - 8 days ago
He just became triple fine ❤️
Katie B
Katie B - 9 days ago
He’s so sweet ❤️❤️
Rico CSuave
Rico CSuave - 9 days ago
Amazing so humble
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose - 9 days ago
Omg aww 🥺🥺💘
Nancy Coleman
Nancy Coleman - 9 days ago
She is so hilarious, great job with your philanthropy. We need more people with the spirit of giving as these two.
Gorgeous Baby
Gorgeous Baby - 10 days ago
Chance is rlly cute💕
kim mary
kim mary - 10 days ago
Aww.. ❤❤❤ Jesus and Family.
anya.elisabeth - 10 days ago
Huge support for this man. 👏🏽
Lourdes - 10 days ago
I am in love! Like... Really really in love...
Britney Parchment
Britney Parchment - 11 days ago
I love Chance sooo much ❤️
Sharneezy Babi
Sharneezy Babi - 11 days ago
Cece Parks
Cece Parks - 11 days ago
Yeahhh chance
chiaranicole - 11 days ago
Chau Luu
Chau Luu - 11 days ago
never listened to his music before, but I like him already
yuhem91 - 12 days ago
So kind & humble. Very rare these days ❤️👌
Zoe Mull
Zoe Mull - 12 days ago
I love him, never heard of him before this, but I now love him
Iris Juliete
Iris Juliete - 12 days ago
So humble and amazing.
jayson belleza
jayson belleza - 12 days ago
Bless you brother! Saying Jesus' name in this platform is encouraging...
Khal!d VEVO
Khal!d VEVO - 12 days ago
Luciana Santos
Luciana Santos - 12 days ago
I never knew Chance, but now I am in love with his charitable being! Sending my love to his family!
blue oranges
blue oranges - 13 days ago
Chance is just such a pure human. Ugh bless him.
David Jack
David Jack - 13 days ago
Chance and his bodyguard
Jordan Mikenzi
Jordan Mikenzi - 13 days ago
I love how he speaks on his faith. I love chance, so genuine
Patrick Seay
Patrick Seay - 13 days ago
I thought I was seeing double in the audience 😂
S Marlee
S Marlee - 13 days ago
Chance seems like a shy guy but such a good person
Eric Besaw
Eric Besaw - 13 days ago
He's cute.
Norma Bogle
Norma Bogle - 14 days ago
I love him...never heard his music but I love him.
Kema - 14 days ago
486 thumbs down? Really people?!!!!
Emmanuel Etukudo
Emmanuel Etukudo - 14 days ago
I love Chance
Hello Hart
Hello Hart - 14 days ago
Wow... I like him even more.
Stephanie Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez - 14 days ago
I think I just fell in Love 💕😭
chey •
chey • - 14 days ago
My dream man 🙌🏼
mamaveros - 14 days ago
Love how he proclaims Jesus, and loves his family!Leave the world better place!
Love how genuine and graceful he is!
Germaine Nimundele
Germaine Nimundele - 14 days ago
Black guys like Mr Bennet! Uh yes please!
Stacey Palmer
Stacey Palmer - 14 days ago
Yes he said JESUS!!!
Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly - 14 days ago
What a nice guy 😊
El Grace
El Grace - 14 days ago
i love him so much he’s so sweet and kind and ugh
19993gt - 15 days ago
Congrats chance!! Love the story bro! You give me hope!
jadey gaming
jadey gaming - 15 days ago
boi that your daught then i should get the f out of world
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