My EX & I Let The Person In Front Of Us Decide What We Eat For 24 Hours

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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna - Year ago
MY EP "2 WAY MIRROR" COMES OUT MAY 31!! SET YOUR ALARMS! PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR!! GET READY!!! 6 songs and a bunch of WAYYYY TOO PERSONAL stuff for your entertainment!
dangthatsalongname 5
dangthatsalongname 5 - 9 months ago
Is your ex Andrew who films for shane
ThiccCheerios - 11 months ago
Gabbie Hanna put him in more
Travis Cox
Travis Cox - 11 months ago
Please stop talking to him :( u could see how hurt you we're in perfect day....u deserve better.
Eebee 66
Eebee 66 - Year ago
@Colin Kagan is
Lydia Macias
Lydia Macias - Year ago
Gabbie why did you have to blur his face out?
Eryn-Rose’s World
Eryn-Rose’s World - Hour ago
Bought a phone case from the website and it is so cute I love it would have never shopped there if I didn’t see this so thanks gabbie ❤️📱
Luke Kolb
Luke Kolb - Day ago
is this her pathological liar boyfriend
Bartholomew - 3 days ago
Shes toxic. Hes toxic. They both fake asf. They deserve eachother
mia roy
mia roy - 11 days ago
i really wanna know who ur ex is because its amazing that you guys are still best friends andstuff
Watermelon - 12 days ago
Why does he sound like Irene’s competition? I forgot his name.
Squishasaurus Rex
Squishasaurus Rex - 17 days ago
Ex face reveal???
Elizabeth Aguirre
Elizabeth Aguirre - 19 days ago
Oh my god this girl is still in love with this guy.
Deanna Gale
Deanna Gale - Month ago
Me: **has an eating disorder that makes me an extremely picky eater, and is slowly getting stabbed in the soul when the McDonald's is being criticized for being plain**
Gabbie: "So dry and plain, tf?"
Still me: **sheds a tear** "yup, disgusting" :')
Love you so much tho Gabbie😂🥺💕💕
Jullie - Month ago
All I'm thinking about during this video is gabbies "roll" vine
mrs jeon
mrs jeon - Month ago
:p derp
:p derp - Month ago
*Fwends foevwroh?* lol mood
s t e l l a b l u e
s t e l l a b l u e - Month ago
dude that sounds like payton
Cynthia Nayomi
Cynthia Nayomi - Month ago
I've been craving for so long, mmmm now I want some:(
Peyton Fellows
Peyton Fellows - Month ago
do the phone cases work for LGStyloS5's?
Peyton Pugh
Peyton Pugh - Month ago
Gabbie has a crystal wolf pop socket
•Syn• Town
•Syn• Town - Month ago
People who get plain burgers mostly don’t eat them. Like I order a plain hamburger with like no onions and cheese or anything so it’s just bread a meat, and I give it to my dog if he’s being a good lil boy
Maya Gocheva
Maya Gocheva - Month ago
They are literally so cute together I cannot even
Kyraa Amadea
Kyraa Amadea - Month ago
He calls her babe... What?
But 👌.... cute!
Horsecrazy LPS
Horsecrazy LPS - 2 months ago
California roles are literally my favorite sushi rolls and they are delicious
Brittney Biery
Brittney Biery - 2 months ago
Yo, I watching this on April Fools lmao
fariba Rahimi
fariba Rahimi - 2 months ago
Ngl the UK's McDonald's is the best lol
L - 2 months ago
Boy With Luv is playing in the sushi shop. I recognize Queen Halsey’s voice anywhere...
RedVelvet Kisses
RedVelvet Kisses - 2 months ago
8:05 I can here boy with luv army where you at 🥰🥰
Alexis R.
Alexis R. - 2 months ago
I never get fulllll!

In. My. Dreams.
Ivy Schwartz
Ivy Schwartz - 2 months ago
I also *NEVER* get full.
Addison Ducotey
Addison Ducotey - 2 months ago
Omg gabbie hiding a relationship 🤐🤭😇😂
Paola Seguí
Paola Seguí - 2 months ago
Same 😝 its actually fun because I always eat all my food even though like I feel full but my body doesn’t register that as being full lol 😂
Musume Ronshaku
Musume Ronshaku - 2 months ago
8:05 boy with luv by bts is playing in the back, I have yet to find a restaurant and or store to play bts! BTS ARMY WHERE YOU AT!!! 😂
lorenx. co.14
lorenx. co.14 - 2 months ago
Did he say "babe"?
Aryonna Bair
Aryonna Bair - 2 months ago
Dude when he wrapped it sounded like Andrew rapping lol
Lauren Eaton
Lauren Eaton - 2 months ago
Okay but how come your ex sounds more like Eminem than Eminem
Siennasaurusrex - 2 months ago
i dead ass went through all your videos trying to find the video where you were sponsored by this company because i’m looking for cute cases and i remembered these cases
Josslynn Hardman
Josslynn Hardman - 2 months ago
1st there calling each other babe and then she says your handsome and then he says your pretty 2nd there sharing a spoon 3rd he zooms on her butt this is messed up 4th in the car she said love u and he said love u to
Coco A
Coco A - 3 months ago
I love Andrew
Amelia Meche
Amelia Meche - 3 months ago
Rebecca Blue
Rebecca Blue - 3 months ago
You guys are great as friends 👌
Ally’s Covers
Ally’s Covers - 3 months ago
Was I the only on who heard BTS BOY WITH LOVE FT HALSEY playing in the background when they were in the sushi place?!
Tdiamond - 3 months ago
for McDonald i get bun ketchup patty bun or apple pie and hash brown and with the burger fries
Giulia's Dream
Giulia's Dream - 3 months ago
Honestly y’all are adorable but I’m not gonna stress you guys getting back together because you broke up for a reason 🤍💛🤍💛
Aryonna Bair
Aryonna Bair - 4 months ago
I died when he called her babe on the elevator and idk why tho lol
Aryonna Bair
Aryonna Bair - 4 months ago
No hate cause Love Gabbie the most but they r low key dating lol. Both calling eachother babe and flirting there is something there. Or am I crazy and just want to see her happy? Plz let me know
nikki.s - 4 months ago
WHeReS thE BeeF
Banana Jones
Banana Jones - 4 months ago
Use me as a “I Have No Friends But I’m Fine Because Instead I Get To Watch Gabbie Hanna”
FireFox 8774
FireFox 8774 - 4 months ago
Isn't this jeremy
Paige Darlene
Paige Darlene - 5 months ago
18:39 did he say no babe?
Hannah Cantrell
Hannah Cantrell - 5 months ago
is it just me or did he say babe (18:40)
Aurora Diaz
Aurora Diaz - 5 months ago
dude my friend was spamming the pause button and got the top half of his face so his eyes ans she showed it to me
Kathryn Murphy
Kathryn Murphy - 5 months ago
Did you see him zoom in at the time 2:35 that's just wrong
Soylita Rodriguez
Soylita Rodriguez - 5 months ago
2:57 we love foreshadowing
Hawkwing 88
Hawkwing 88 - 5 months ago
8:05 Boy with Luv by BTS just playing in the background; Where my A.R.M.Y’s at?!?!
Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life
Why’s his face blurred out?
Darkside 91
Darkside 91 - 5 months ago
0:20... So she ......... #pulledAtaylorSWIFT . 👎🏻
India Spears
India Spears - 5 months ago
her mascara
Jimbo The bimbo
Jimbo The bimbo - 5 months ago
Anyone else think this our baby Andrew Siwiki (prob spelt that wrong my bad) but like am I the only one?
Saloon pinup Mal descendants ETN
Gabbie*i don't get full* *me*
Ryan Browne
Ryan Browne - 6 months ago
Anyone else recognize that beanie and that voice from Gabbie’s I wore drugstore clothes for a day video hmmmmmmm🤨🧐
S&H Gaming
S&H Gaming - 6 months ago
u And ur ex?! bitchhhhhhh u guys are cute together
Kelly Bickford
Kelly Bickford - 6 months ago
Omg on the elevator he said babe Gabbie I love u your my biggest fan
SimplyCos Bee
SimplyCos Bee - 6 months ago
Can we see his face plz
Mia Tokic
Mia Tokic - 6 months ago
Is this...Andrew???😂
M Claudia
M Claudia - 6 months ago
Hi andrew
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson - 6 months ago
dude this guy is not Andrew. first of all you can see his outline of what shes trying to cover. 2ndly that's not his voice. you hear him all over this recent series! I'm not saying she didn't date Andrew I'm saying this kid is not Andrew
ChatChips - 6 months ago
Her ex is Andrew. This is why she stopped talking to Shane...👁👄👁✌
Rainbow Flyer
Rainbow Flyer - 6 months ago
ChatChips - 6 months ago
It is lmao
Sofía Ciffoni
Sofía Ciffoni - 6 months ago
Jessica Peña
Jessica Peña - 6 months ago
Y’all delusional 😂😂😂
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki - 6 months ago
his mind: can I leave
Brenda Lee
Brenda Lee - 6 months ago
I love shrimp and sushi but it depends.
Bookness monster
Bookness monster - 6 months ago
Anyone hear Boy With Luv playing? 👀😳💜
random person
random person - 6 months ago
when her ex was in the elevator and the elevator door was closing,her ex called her ' babe '❤❤❤🤗
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 6 months ago
So like a dog because dogs dont have that thing in their brain that tells them to stop eating
Jazzyfateh Shergill
Jazzyfateh Shergill - 6 months ago
Her nose is too big I cant stand it!
Lexi Devin
Lexi Devin - 6 months ago
Girl please tell me how do u eat so much and still look so great please .
And shrimp are bugs but i do like shrimp and lobster
Alexus Ulzzang :D
Alexus Ulzzang :D - 6 months ago

Isabella Arias
Isabella Arias - 6 months ago
18:38 "No! Babe!" AWWWW
abby olmstead
abby olmstead - 6 months ago
* elevator door closing before gabbie gets in*
Ex boyfriend: “Babe! Babe nooooo”
THAT’S SO CUTE! My ex boyfriend & I call each other babe & we have a relationship just like this & I get their relationship & why they’re like this. I truly cherish mine & my exes relationship, he truly is my bestfriend.
Faviola Johnson
Faviola Johnson - 7 months ago
Watching. Scrolling through the comments to see what people are saying. 2 minutes and 40 seconds go by and a fan comes up to her and tells her her name. Her name is Faviola. THATS MY NAME! Gabbie said my name guys. Anyways. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
Jamie Martinez
Jamie Martinez - 7 months ago
He left you because of your big ass nose 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
keannda patrick
keannda patrick - 7 months ago
Everyone is talking about who they think he is, about there relationship,and the EP whick was good and all. But that Eminem impression doh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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