My EX & I Let The Person In Front Of Us Decide What We Eat For 24 Hours

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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna - 12 days ago
MY EP "2 WAY MIRROR" COMES OUT MAY 31!! SET YOUR ALARMS! PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR!! GET READY!!! 6 songs and a bunch of WAYYYY TOO PERSONAL stuff for your entertainment!
Dora Echeverria
Dora Echeverria - Day ago
Can you just show his face in the next video?
Kayla Collins
Kayla Collins - 3 days ago
Gabbie Hanna why did u break up
TerrificTori66 - 4 days ago
Cinderwyrm - 5 days ago
I like eating sashimi the non American way [It's fish with the tail attached (I eat the tail)] It's very crunchy
Grace - 6 days ago
+Don’t let ur memes be dreams mine is the 29th lol
redd bluee
redd bluee - Hour ago
20:24 theres netflix behind, you know what that means ;)
Desi Rogers
Desi Rogers - 2 hours ago
Mina Miles
Mina Miles - 3 hours ago
did anybody hear Boy with Luv by BTS playing in the background? it was playing when she first got he sushi!!!!
true moo
true moo - 3 hours ago
bruh why was the sushi restaurant playing boy with luv in the background tho?
Athena Chisa
Athena Chisa - 4 hours ago
It sounds like they were playing Boy With Luv by BTS can you please reply to this comment and tell me what because it sounds exactly like it♥♥♥
sweet potato greens
sweet potato greens - 5 hours ago
sure hope those sushi leftovers made their way into a fridge somewhere in there!
Klaudia Czubajewska
Klaudia Czubajewska - 6 hours ago
Krystal Ha
Krystal Ha - 9 hours ago
Ugly annoying.
Ava Fowler
Ava Fowler - 3 hours ago
Peggy White
Peggy White - 12 hours ago
That Eminem was so fucking good what the fuck
Amanda - 13 hours ago
18:38 He called her babe...
Cassie Lewis
Cassie Lewis - 16 hours ago
Ava Fowler
Ava Fowler - 2 hours ago
Yes that is what I was thinking
larryislouisxharry - 17 hours ago
Istg cabbie still interested
djmonkeydoo2 - 17 hours ago
You're going to get married
Czarina Ortega
Czarina Ortega - 18 hours ago
Tara K
Tara K - 18 hours ago
thanks for ruining shrimp for me gabbie😊🙁
izzy barker
izzy barker - 18 hours ago
that is defo kian lawley
Madeline Carter
Madeline Carter - 19 hours ago
i really ship them
Chaz Callahan
Chaz Callahan - 20 hours ago
that was one of the best promos for a company ive ever seen
Emily Ermel
Emily Ermel - 21 hour ago
Am I the only one that thinks they're dating currently and she just said ex? They called each other babe way too much
Alex Orion
Alex Orion - 21 hour ago
They peer pressure each other A LOT. 😂
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez - 23 hours ago
“Do we want a sprite?” We? WE?
Haley C
Haley C - Day ago
You see his face for a second when a scene switches
Nicole - Day ago
i figured it out. her ex is joe. go watch her video about cleaning her vents and listen to joe’s voice then listen to the guys voice in this one.
Kambri Fisher
Kambri Fisher - Day ago
ok so theory she dated Andrew who is friends with shane, Andrew is a filmer and the ex is the camera man. She openly said that she dated him and it kinda sounds like him just a though she has also talked about him before.
Angela Sylvester
Angela Sylvester - Day ago
What was the point of doing this if you weren’t going to show his face? Lol
Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh - Day ago
Gabbie being picky about regular things for 23 minutes straight
Daricka Trochelman
Daricka Trochelman - Day ago
I cute
Hope Mcnamara
Hope Mcnamara - Day ago
"my ex" "babe" yeah oKAY
SdShadow Lad
SdShadow Lad - Day ago
Definitely not hur ex 😂😂
robertas dvareckas
robertas dvareckas - Day ago
8:04 bts
Dalynnkilynn - Day ago
Dude its Joe from ugh it's joe
Charlotte Worth
Charlotte Worth - Day ago
Charlotte Worth
Charlotte Worth - Day ago
Zoey Loves hoseok
Zoey Loves hoseok - Day ago
Ali Jones
Ali Jones - Day ago
Addison Miller
Addison Miller - Day ago
Awww they're meant to be even tho there exes!! 😍
Sharena Dilaurentis
Who is heeee
Jess M
Jess M - Day ago
It’s Andrew lmao
Matilda Brown
Matilda Brown - Day ago
She called him jeff??
Matilda Brown
Matilda Brown - Day ago
BeccaPekkaRekka - Day ago
Literally what is the fucking POINT if you don’t even show his face
Marielle Alessandra Ong
I’m so sad. I can’t buy online and I don’t have an IOS device so I’m sad 😞
Blush_ With_My_Eyes
Fuck I want sushi now. Its 2:30 in the morning.
Haley Brewer
Haley Brewer - Day ago
literally why did a breakup happen i see no lack of chemistry
Rose-Gold Snipper
Rose-Gold Snipper - Day ago
*idk whos worser you or danielle cohn SMH*
Hannah Griffith
Hannah Griffith - Day ago
You thicc mama🤤💖
keira leisure
keira leisure - Day ago
Wait, why hasn't Gabbie eaten McDonald's in 5 years?
Molly Del Carmen
Molly Del Carmen - Day ago
you are so nice and sweet you seem so happy in this video really happy for you
Hezekiah Harnsberry
Gabbie I really think you should try the relationship again you two look cute together
Selena Folkerts
Selena Folkerts - Day ago
WHAT EX DO YOU HAVE THAT YALL STILL CALL EACHOTHER BABE because I cant relate😂 like "ex who?" Cancelled.
Lipton_tae _
Lipton_tae _ - 2 days ago
I frl just realized boy with luv was playing

No one
Not even a unoriginal person

*Im qUaKiNG*
Adilade Jones
Adilade Jones - 2 days ago
It’s not Andrew. I have a screenshot to prove it
faze john
faze john - 2 days ago
Damn he let her pay.Even if that was my ex I would still have payed just to be generous.
lol sup
lol sup - 2 days ago
Your relationship with your ex is so cute. Like you don't hate each other like other people do. Just like me and my ex, we are best friends and all. I love this so much.
Boba Tae
Boba Tae - 2 days ago
Poppy Hayes
Poppy Hayes - 2 days ago
we all already know it is andrew siwiki shane dawsons camera man
Emily Hefner
Emily Hefner - 2 days ago
This was cringy and uncomfortable. Stop saying EP. We get it. Got it. Yup. Ok. Thanks.
Valery Monge
Valery Monge - 2 days ago
Owe my ex and I are like this.. but we are not getting back together we been separate 3 years already but everything we go out we are like this 😪♥️
Emely Delfin
Emely Delfin - 2 days ago
Why make a video with someone and have them in the title and stuff and not even show their face?
summer smith
summer smith - 2 days ago
So when's the wedding???
Jasmine - 2 days ago
They're cute together. I'm sad.
Dorian vibes
Dorian vibes - 2 days ago
Why cant we see his face
Kypli 1
Kypli 1 - 2 days ago
Gabbie always looks good
zz3nae 14
zz3nae 14 - 2 days ago
Gabbie was totally was flirting with her ex
gacha whale
gacha whale - 2 days ago
Cinema Beauty775
Cinema Beauty775 - 2 days ago
guys her ex lowkey sounds like andrew shanes cameraman
downfor69 - 2 days ago
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ponygirl nekoflam
ponygirl nekoflam - 2 days ago
Do omg at the sushi part it was boy with luv from bts playing😲
Jesse Vantassel
Jesse Vantassel - 2 days ago
18:40 I’m pretty sure I heard him say “no babe!”
Kids Sternberg
Kids Sternberg - 2 days ago
SHRIMP IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dora Echeverria
Dora Echeverria - 2 days ago
You guys NEED to get back together
Roger Martin
Roger Martin - 2 days ago
I used to wear a ball chain necklace in high school lol
Meaghan 13
Meaghan 13 - 2 days ago
Is it just me or did anybody else hear BTS playing in the background at 8:05 sksksk I'm going insane
Crystal kitty5
Crystal kitty5 - 2 days ago
Reece Kreiger
Reece Kreiger - 2 days ago
Is that even Peter
Jimin is Uwu material
Jimin is Uwu material - 2 days ago
Okay, I’m not trying to sound like THAT bitch but when gabbie was at the sushi restaurant you can hear boy with luv by bts in the background from 8:05 to 8:16 :3
Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies - 2 days ago
Can we all just appreciate that Eminem impression?
Layla Bryantxo
Layla Bryantxo - 2 days ago
At the time in this video 8:11 did anyone else here “ boy with luv” by bts? Where are my armyss
Ashlyn McGarry
Ashlyn McGarry - 2 days ago
Okay this may have been just me but... Gabbie and her ex were totally flirting this whole video!
Maancy Leo
Maancy Leo - 2 days ago
Wait...why does it sounds like Andrew???🤪
Haylie Kemppainen
Haylie Kemppainen - 2 days ago
Your ep and song comes out the day I finish school
aj - 2 days ago
I fucking love prawns but omg that's fucking with me
Thedarkheart 666fuckers
I high key feel like it’s Andrew
MissChloe_ - 2 days ago
BTS in the background 😂😂 8:10
xatusa tusa
xatusa tusa - 2 days ago
i clicked this video almost only for ur ex and we saw everything but ur ex😂😂😂
Theresa G.
Theresa G. - 2 days ago
I never thought about shrimp being a bug. Aww man I think u ruined shrimp for me😭😭😭😭
Anixous Extrovert
Anixous Extrovert - 2 days ago
you still love him this is how i act with my ex and i completely love him
Karliann Kenney
Karliann Kenney - 2 days ago
It sounds like Andrew, Shane’s camera man.
Farrah Rasheed
Farrah Rasheed - 2 days ago
8:05 they were playing boy with luv by bts in the sushi restaurant 😂😂😂
Ashley Wiggonton
Ashley Wiggonton - 2 days ago
This video is positively annoying because you can’t see who she’s talking to. It’s like hanging out with someone who is on the phone the whole time with a person you don’t know.
Hiba Ali
Hiba Ali - 2 days ago
ARMYS y’all here boy with luv in the backgroundddd at the sushi restaurant
Alicia Spellman
Alicia Spellman - 2 days ago
Ruby Zummack
Ruby Zummack - 2 days ago
can they like... get together again?
Linda Long
Linda Long - 2 days ago
2:26 no one cares but that’s my bday. Gabbie found a boy on my birthday. Wow.
Hannah Lubell
Hannah Lubell - 2 days ago
Anyone else hear boy with luv playing in the background at that sushi place?
Kadence Howell
Kadence Howell - 2 days ago
The Eminem impression was spot on
April Buining
April Buining - 2 days ago
Why does this guy kinda sound like Jeff??
BTS_bulletproof. boys.scouts
Can appreciate they but boy with luv in the background BTS STANS out their
Emma Spillia
Emma Spillia - 2 days ago
You are a beautiful human being Gabbie.
Alyssa H
Alyssa H - 2 days ago
Ok omg love Gabbie but her eyelashes I-😦
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