Trapp Tarell - Marshmello

Mikey G
Mikey G - Year ago
He get beat up?
Truth 863
Truth 863 - Year ago
FLAWLESS!!! Does anyone know the original song? Pardon me for not knowing.
BULLYBOY VA - Year ago
King Smith
King Smith - Year ago
Yo bruh the fucking Goat
Manito Benson
Manito Benson - Year ago
Trapp can I get my brain back I think you jus melted it
Arissa Wolffram
Arissa Wolffram - Year ago
You and mello need to get that video going playboy. (On your pace; dont stress to have it tomorrow)
【Gwanty】 - Year ago
Keep it up Trapp Tarell and that grind beez all da time |holy 5 YEARS!!!!
JalapeñoPeppah - Year ago
Yoooo Trapp I'm gonna start writing letters to YouTube, 3 days later I receive you dropped this... Damn, Keep it up man!
Lamaj Armystrong
Lamaj Armystrong - Year ago
Now all i need is the next gun's perspective and my playlist is complete
camila santillan
camila santillan - Year ago
Rdgk Brothers
Rdgk Brothers - Year ago
Im a mello fan
Autistic Raisin berry
He ain’t no demon but he be spitting fire!
Trell_Daddy_Bihhh - Year ago
Where the rest of timmy turner
KingOj - Year ago
Stop releasing this trash and release part 12 of I’m snitchi
Nigga - Year ago
Drop this on Spotify bro 🔥
Trapp Tarell
Trapp Tarell - Year ago
It’s there
Hughesboy - Year ago
🔥🔥🔥 as always💯💯💯
Jess Shemaar
Jess Shemaar - Year ago
keep doing it big trapp. Bear love from west london. na mean
Roman365 - Year ago
Ay trapp I want to challenge you on storytelling rap. You are great at it but I think I can take you. If I had as much subscribers as you I would definitely challenge you and Chvse on who can tell a better story. I dont know if I would do better or not but I would love to find out
Bam Bam24
Bam Bam24 - Year ago
Angel Amaro
Angel Amaro - Year ago
Hott headzz
Angel Amaro
Angel Amaro - Year ago
SSOC RAW - Year ago
Canada been bumpin Trapp
ProdiJ - Year ago
So was this called Marshmello for the views/clout? You really said his name once just for the title
Truth 863
Truth 863 - 11 months ago
What is the original song of this beat?
ProdiJ - Year ago
@nikolas cuellar don't you see that's clout chasing? Thats just for the views and clicks.
nikolas cuellar
nikolas cuellar - Year ago
@ProdiJ he said on his live stream that hes gonna start releasing freestyles named after people he likes "marshmello, pewdiepie, lil nas x, etc the 6ix9ine one was just a story
ProdiJ - Year ago
@Uncle Tat doesn't sound like anything Marshmello would make and Marshmello is like an A list celebrity. I noticed Trap just started using hella names like 6ix9ine, Marshmello and a few others and I click and sometimes they have nothing to do with the person and it seems like ge in it fir the views now.
Uncle Tat
Uncle Tat - Year ago
I thought he got Marshmello to do a beat for him lol
aaron million
aaron million - Year ago
Bruh you went dummy on this. Bars.. I love the fact u actually be spitting I hate that mumble rap bullshit. Keep doing yo thing
Quintin Harrison1
Quintin Harrison1 - Year ago
I used to listen to marhsmello before he changed his name from Dotcom I liked his music before better back then
Arianna Smith
Arianna Smith - Year ago
Dino - Year ago
SpaceMonkey King0
SpaceMonkey King0 - Year ago
"I'm kinda cute but I know it's the way that I rap that really impressed her"
Shit Head
Shit Head - Year ago
So we just gonna name all this songs after known people okkk I see what's going on
Rakil Keys
Rakil Keys - Year ago
Why you ain’t rap wit fge yet??🔥💯
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens - Year ago
Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 as always
Mane on a new plane nigga
first first first! gotta burst of niggas claimin first!
ninjabounce 03
ninjabounce 03 - Year ago
1,456th viewer
Alan Rawles
Alan Rawles - Year ago
We hot as the eyes on the stove" a classic Trapp....your time coming fam
clash of wwe
clash of wwe - Year ago
Do a show in the Biloxi
A Mart
A Mart - Year ago
Great Day! After realizing I wasn’t dreaming about a Joyner and Logic collab.
Trapp drops another banger! #WTF
TeeJay Moore
TeeJay Moore - Year ago
This shit hit different 👑
coryxkshin Coryxkenshin
Next do nle choppa
Chris SDL
Chris SDL - Year ago
Don Mac-ee
Don Mac-ee - Year ago
1st view!!!!
Dylan Bogan
Dylan Bogan - Year ago
Fire bars and a dope beat!
Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams - Year ago
So does this mean you and Marshmello teaming up?
Alexander Cerulo-Dehate
Louis-is-cute- - Year ago
He won’t pin this
Drippie Sauce
Drippie Sauce - Year ago
kaden savage gaming
kaden savage gaming - Year ago
R.J 2TurnT
R.J 2TurnT - Year ago
We still need a Gather Around sequel 😒
Michael Mosher
Michael Mosher - Year ago
Enough of these first comments come say how lit this song is instead
Todd MacGregor
Todd MacGregor - Year ago
Parkßench - Year ago
I had to call my fire department my house burned down
IzThatQuan ?
IzThatQuan ? - Year ago
Would have been the first comment but I had to play this on repeat a few times 🔥🔥
Anthony greeson
Anthony greeson - Year ago
I feel you on that one
TYLER TUCK - Year ago
Much love from Canada, come do a show it would be worth it trust fam❤️
kd shawn
kd shawn - Year ago
Advice ReBeL
Advice ReBeL - Year ago
Joey Ruzek
Joey Ruzek - Year ago
🔥 🔥
Alex Perez
Alex Perez - Year ago
Notification squad!!!!
Possiv_ - Year ago
Pharoh Woodford
Pharoh Woodford - Year ago
55 defense Yt
55 defense Yt - Year ago
hey trap nice song bro keep it up my guy
loyalty is love
loyalty is love - Year ago
Cj_solit_23 God
Cj_solit_23 God - Year ago
First bring back lil boytrey
Yung Joker
Yung Joker - Year ago
Nah fuck that. Timmy turner and ed edd and eddy
Queso Bang
Queso Bang - Year ago
Hunter Leason
Hunter Leason - Year ago
FaZe Fantasy nope
Thatsreal_-cazy-fam Sksk
What up
Shadow fan-2247
Shadow fan-2247 - Year ago
michael bennnett
michael bennnett - Year ago
Next videos