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the only chickz
the only chickz - 8 hours ago
You guys when you guys are going to Hawaii
Journe Brown
Journe Brown - 8 hours ago
You guys went to Hawaii I want to go there for my birthday I always wanted to
taco blue bell)
taco blue bell) - 8 hours ago
Yay ACE fam there like the even popular fam i YouTube like better then royalaty family
Miranda Lewis
Miranda Lewis - 8 hours ago
Saying goodbye is no a good thing but happy birthday Catherine and u guys rock I love watching u all the time...
FWARO CALHOON - 9 hours ago
It start with a b
Tori. Sugarpea
Tori. Sugarpea - 11 hours ago
RB vlog
RB vlog - 12 hours ago
Catherine's birthday it's my birthday also were the same😍🤩
Samiyah Bell
Samiyah Bell - 13 hours ago
Dylan lopez
Dylan lopez - 14 hours ago
Hawaii punta Cana
Moo Moo
Moo Moo - 16 hours ago
I swear at 4:19 it sounded like he said “where’s my boob” lol I’m dead
Jaxon Vega
Jaxon Vega - 17 hours ago
Tiffany Brooks
Tiffany Brooks - 20 hours ago
I am my manager L is a boss
Sherlyn Dominguez
Sherlyn Dominguez - 20 hours ago
Riya Das
Riya Das - 21 hour ago
Ganesh in T shirt ...aww ths adorable 👌👌🍜🍜
Sophia - Day ago
I think you guys are going to Hawaii or Bali😂 Something like that❤️
juliesantoyo - Day ago
Umm.... Hawai
Sherlyn Dominguez
Sherlyn Dominguez - Day ago
Awww! It might be so sad to Cathrine to leave the girls. Well Austin too but more Cathrine since she would breast (sorry if I spelt it wrong) feed them and changed them. Aww Elle and Alaïa are so cute!!! I would have been really frustrated if someone was gonna take me somewhere for my birthday and I didn’t know since I had to pack. But she will probably love it.❤️🌸🍀🌎⭐️🧸☀️
Noemi Onofre
Noemi Onofre - Day ago
Sirae Volg
Sirae Volg - Day ago
i love you happy birthday bone i have been in the family for a long time have fun
Rosalinda Ramirez
Rosalinda Ramirez - Day ago
tmcnorton - Day ago
I spammed all of the accounts! Now what’s the next step!
Sema Hamdan
Sema Hamdan - Day ago
Sema Hamdan
Sema Hamdan - Day ago
You look great for 29 happy birthday
Sema Hamdan
Sema Hamdan - Day ago
Lily&Kim - Day ago
Imma go do it
Laura Gonzales
Laura Gonzales - Day ago
I think Elle was sad bc doesn’t get attention anymore
Kaitlyn Pantano
Kaitlyn Pantano - Day ago
Hawii or Bora Bora
Ly-Ann Neenah Andreina Krozendijk
Wait is it Borabora dont ask my phone is 5 weeks after the real day
Kamena Slickkk
Kamena Slickkk - Day ago
Elle speaks so well! She's grown so fast!!!😭😭😩😩❤️
Maria Giordano
Maria Giordano - Day ago
Catherine your birthday is one day before me and my man's anaversery!!!!!
Best friends And me
Best friends And me - 2 days ago
So lucky that you guys are so rich I am living in a mini house with RM 10 (witch is what our money is called RM)for my budget for a month
sarahi franco
sarahi franco - 2 days ago
When Elle try to take off the hanger that had me dead!!😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Ernesto Torres
Ernesto Torres - 2 days ago
Maria Shubair
Maria Shubair - 2 days ago
I hate them
Shubhrangi Pathak
Shubhrangi Pathak - 2 days ago
Did anyone noticed Ganpati on her T-shirt
Joana Rodriguez
Joana Rodriguez - 2 days ago
I think its Hawaii
Joana Rodriguez
Joana Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Elle is so cute omg
Corina Salinas
Corina Salinas - 2 days ago
Kathy Scott
Kathy Scott - 2 days ago
Serenity Jackson
Serenity Jackson - 2 days ago
Savannah Alvarado
Savannah Alvarado - 2 days ago
Eating and family Channel
I wanted to how do I make a introduction for my channel can someone help me pls
Hafiza Begum
Hafiza Begum - 2 days ago
Austin ur such a faker ur dying to go
Claire - 2 days ago
bora bora!!
lily-may hughes
lily-may hughes - 2 days ago
Lorusso Vlogs
Lorusso Vlogs - 2 days ago
Dang Elle you have better style than me and I’m 23 😂😂😂 btw love you all 😊😊❤️❤️
Gigi P
Gigi P - 2 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 y’all so cute
Edelle Bahati Sinyo
Edelle Bahati Sinyo - 2 days ago
Samriddhi gurung
Samriddhi gurung - 2 days ago
I think it's bora bora coz why not
Samriddhi gurung
Samriddhi gurung - 2 days ago
I think ur going to Thailand or kerella
Nicole Patel
Nicole Patel - 2 days ago
Austin: Whats your grade here, is it like a A B
Elle: Its D
Austin: Oh so its pretty bad.
Nana M
Nana M - 2 days ago
Bora bora
Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones - 2 days ago
Rufino Masiclat
Rufino Masiclat - 2 days ago
Why did u say goodbye:(
Kelly Elsaadi
Kelly Elsaadi - 3 days ago
You guys are goin bora bora
Jazmin Contreras
Jazmin Contreras - 3 days ago
My birthday I'm going to Disneyland
Jazmin Contreras
Jazmin Contreras - 3 days ago
Disneyland go you
Seemi Khan
Seemi Khan - 3 days ago
Vlogs With ang
Vlogs With ang - 3 days ago
A tropical island
Zaryus QUEEN
Zaryus QUEEN - 3 days ago
The water is very warm
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