Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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biryanikebab - 13 minutes ago
Doug dosent get it. People have an issue with BMW due to their short car life and reliability issues.
Cj Treasure
Cj Treasure - 15 minutes ago
Say Supra one more time
Nick Nguyen
Nick Nguyen - 31 minute ago
The BMW Z4 has the aluminum braces standard, because it's a convertible and presumably needs all the rigidity it could get. So basically it's just a matter of deleting BMW parts and retconning the reason.
GPT Leader
GPT Leader - 33 minutes ago
swap to bmw M4 engine twin turbo
1WINDSHEAR - 48 minutes ago
My God those brake rotors...what were you thinking Toyota?
5abivt - 49 minutes ago
All the buyers of this car should be required to walk the walk of atonement like Cersei. “Shame .. Shame... Shame ... Shame ...”
Auburnfan2008 - Hour ago
Why didn't they base it on the 86?
M Squared
M Squared - Hour ago
< 2% of cars sold are manual. Sports car sales are sh*t the past 15 years and just get worse every year. The Z4 almost died. The Supra almost didn't come back. The freaking MX-5 wouldn't have had the ND without FIAT. A manual transmission sports car is a sliver of a sliver of the market. Be happy they even MADE one. Then go buy a sports car because without purchases, they'll continue to die with fewer and fewer options.
Jethro Furballs
Jethro Furballs - Hour ago
The Doug Score needs to incorporate a 'kidnapping-escape' metric based on a victim's ability to escape, or "punch the driver in the face".
Random One
Random One - Hour ago
Styling by the design house known as "We're 12 and Conflicted"
Frederick Beland
Frederick Beland - Hour ago
Eric Kang
Eric Kang - 2 hours ago
Maybe this first effort could've used a tuned out BMW 4-cylinder, somehow get a manual shift behind it, call it the Celica, dial it in hardcore, price it starting from $39,995, and say it's against the Cayman. Then take the Lexus LC, decontent it, and put some crazy moddable (pr doesn't have to be moddable) powertrain under the hood with Toyota's fingerprints in the engine's DNA, call it the Supra, price it in the high $6x,xxx.
fireoil - 2 hours ago
Here is why i’m one sandwich away from fat
omar bouzid
omar bouzid - 2 hours ago
you talk too much non sense
iToMiToMi - 2 hours ago
Mad gay.
Wiesenthal - 2 hours ago
I'm trying to understand why do you use RED rear turn signals in US. It's hard to see what's going on when you behind someone. Only oragne turing signals are used in Europe. It is really important when you dooing over 100mp/h on a highway and something is wrong and cars in front of you are breaking quickly!
Andy SD REALTOR - 2 hours ago
brs rafal
brs rafal - 2 hours ago
no manual thats whack and bmw parts built in austria its just a luxury car now I much rather get a rsx or old supra build again Sounds like toyota dint wanna be bothered with production buidling a new sports car .
Forza Martini
Forza Martini - 3 hours ago
One of my personal gripes with modern cars is the look of the steering wheel, and this has got to be one of the ugliest wheels. Bit round airbag console lazily dropped in the middle, big clunky button, etc. It’s fucking hideous...
William H Bonney
William H Bonney - 3 hours ago
Fake Supra - Why is everything FAKE today
clarke kieran
clarke kieran - 3 hours ago
maybe the red door panel pays homage to the original supra being driver focussed?
l tonos
l tonos - 3 hours ago
I'm not buying that car in order to allow tuning companies to buy it.
The Noonies
The Noonies - 3 hours ago
people are acting like toyota paired up with hyundai.... BMW is as prestigious and reputable as it gets...
Dozer Drives
Dozer Drives - 4 hours ago
..this is a GR.. GRMN version is coming, doug, duh!...
Pj Ama
Pj Ama - 4 hours ago
I worked for Toyota R&D. Would you like me to tell you how fucking stupid the management is?
Daniel Desmond
Daniel Desmond - 4 hours ago
stop whining that its BMW. BMW is objectively better than toyota at making sports cars and interiors
No name
No name - 5 hours ago
Tuning company’s my but
Damn Toyota
sumstupidshet - 5 hours ago
BMW supra? Why couldnt Toyota just build it like it coulda been so much better
Visham Ramsaran
Visham Ramsaran - 5 hours ago
Wish it wasn't so expensive
HotwheelsTeam RO
HotwheelsTeam RO - 5 hours ago
Its stupid its not a supra its a bmw
Chris Walker
Chris Walker - 5 hours ago
$100,000 for a BMW, no thanks. And you would have to pay for more performance. Makes me glad they only made 300 of em lol.
Zac Malinowski
Zac Malinowski - 5 hours ago
Jared Shelton
Jared Shelton - 5 hours ago
The Supra is so ugly....just like the previous gens..... disgusting cars🤮
Stephen Ferris
Stephen Ferris - 5 hours ago
You ask why is that a bad thing with BMW. BMW is famous for poor reliability for long term ownership vs Toyota. One can buy a Toyota and can buy it and it won't empty out your wallet. The same cannot be said for BMW. If I was to get a BMW it would only be via a lease. Then get rid of it before it breaks down
Matthew Reimer
Matthew Reimer - 5 hours ago
Completely agreed with you up until you said the new NSX is good.
ATX x LUXE 512
ATX x LUXE 512 - 5 hours ago
love that shirt, got the same hat
Brian Kitchener
Brian Kitchener - 5 hours ago
There's a reason toyota doesn't make sports cars any more. They cost too much R&D for the return. It was a BMW hybrid or nothing at all. That being said we need more power.
Miguel Salazar
Miguel Salazar - 6 hours ago
Tach looks like a penis😉
OndraMike - 6 hours ago
The guys from TRD (Toyota Racing Development) allready did it

I know what....fix the supra 😉😅
europroject1 - 6 hours ago
Nice BMW Supra
Richard Ellis
Richard Ellis - 6 hours ago
Door panels - wrong. Two different colors
BornTexan !
BornTexan ! - 6 hours ago
Its definitely a Supra in name only. Its really just another soulless German sports car.....
Brandon Gilbert
Brandon Gilbert - 7 hours ago
Lexus CR F is a better Supra.
High Grade Gaming 101
High Grade Gaming 101 - 7 hours ago
This car is shit
Je I
Je I - 7 hours ago
I thought it was a new Miata from the thumbnail.
rajesh - 7 hours ago
Hey...please make a review on lagonda taraf
Alain Schadeck
Alain Schadeck - 7 hours ago
Talking too much. 🤦‍♂️
Kaneda - 7 hours ago
Hilarious tail lights- it’s boss-eyed!
Ejay Raposo
Ejay Raposo - 7 hours ago
Buys brand new supra takes out engine drops 2jz in it sells crappy BMW engine and trans
Tsar Marklovski
Tsar Marklovski - 7 hours ago
I have the same vision of Mitsubishi doing the same thing. If they dont make another EVO soon they'll forget how to do it right.
Tsar Marklovski
Tsar Marklovski - 7 hours ago
Why didnt they sell this as a kit car
Chris S
Chris S - 7 hours ago
Just buy a used BMW M2 for half price, with a manual box.
ThePdxster - 7 hours ago
Whenever I'm feeling nostalgic for a manual transmission, I use the paddle shifters for a few minutes and then I remember why I don't want one.
Wade Higgins
Wade Higgins - 8 hours ago
The outgoing model had the famous 2JZ, this one needed the 3 Beyonce engine.
glockman945 - 8 hours ago
If I wanted a BMW and did not mind worrying about reliability and repair costs, I would buy a BMW. The whole point of buying a Toyota is to have a sports car that is as reliable as a Camry.
Joshua Khalili
Joshua Khalili - 8 hours ago
They should have made it with the LFA 4.8l v10.... but I'm sure a tuning company will do that
Mike Vee 123
Mike Vee 123 - 8 hours ago
To quote Sigourney Weaver's character from Avatar "I mean they’re just pissing on us without even the courtesy of calling it rain." Thanks Toyota.
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day - 8 hours ago
Look Toyota u need to give this legend Supra back to japan n rebuild it back to the legend it’s known for . Leave da BMW MOTOR TO THEM N GET BACK TO TOYOTA LEGEND. This is a failure for me
Vlad Andrinoiu
Vlad Andrinoiu - 8 hours ago
I don't get all the hate, BMW is one of the best motor companies in the world and I think they've managed to combine the style of the Supra with the performance and luxury from BMW very beautifully. You supra fanboys are getting triggered over nothing. This is a superb sports car.
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day - 8 hours ago
Another bad idea is dam design suck . Try again Toyota u failed here u suck u f this up wow .
Shin Lee
Shin Lee - 8 hours ago
I guess they left all those things out for cost reduction. Since the people who are going to buy this are going to tune it regardless.
jeremiah white
jeremiah white - 8 hours ago
I lost sooooooo much respect for Toyota.
jeremiah white
jeremiah white - 8 hours ago
Did Toyota make anything on this car?
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day - 8 hours ago
I feel like that girl who says she is going to let u take her out on that date u have been waiting for , n for so long right . Then the day come but she says . She can’t but u can’t take her best friend instead. When this man her just says this is a BMW MOTOR in this Toyota body . Really how the hell this idea become to be some I will just pass on this one until Toyota come back to da original form motor just mess up this original car really Japan how the hell could ya do this really . Wow . It’s like why Seattle disk give the ball to the best mode t the end zone against the patriots to win da game nah e gonna throw da ball
jeremiah white
jeremiah white - 8 hours ago
Sorry Doug ever since your skyline I wanted you to stop making videos. If you really dont understand why ppl dont like that it's a BMW.. you dont have a shred of enthusiast in you. No offense just not your thing.
billyboy3404 - 8 hours ago
I have to say they really missed the mark with this and yes it's really just a BMW with Toyota badges. I understand that designing and building a new car is expensive but I would have had a problem waiting another 10 years for the Supra if it was completely a Toyota product. To me the super needs that inline 6, it should be manual, and the driver side of the interior should look like a cockpit like the old one did. If people like this they should definitely buy it and enjoy it but this isn't a Supra 🤷🏽‍♂️.
jeremiah white
jeremiah white - 8 hours ago
He says Toyota knows that there is a big aftermarket crowd for this car but BMw owners dont really tune their cars
Cameron Bell
Cameron Bell - 8 hours ago
Tarantino is reviewing cars now, cool
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight - 9 hours ago
My boss just came up to me yesterday saying I didn't finish my stuff last time, I told him a tuning company will
Danny Corliss
Danny Corliss - 9 hours ago
That different color door panels are actually intentional. It's special to the launch edition. The driver gets red because the driver is *important*
pasha c
pasha c - 9 hours ago
since when its a problem ? really Doug ? since reliablity of the BMW is not anywhere near Toyota's !
Also the part prices are sky high.
c'mon Doug you know those things !
you also know that the bimmer you prise so much had cooling parts wrapped in plastic that would dry out like shit under your hood after 2 years of use and over complexity of simple parts, and requirment of special overprised tools.
how is that for a reson ?
Cedric Cansino
Cedric Cansino - 9 hours ago
S/O to the knee rag 3:25
jcbarnhart77 - 9 hours ago
It's not exactly just a BMW underneath. In fact Toyota worked together with BMW to make reliability improvements on the partial co-designed engine.
Joel Sadler
Joel Sadler - 9 hours ago
ive got a stiffy speaking about that
Joel Sadler
Joel Sadler - 10 hours ago
looks like a mazda mx5
David Ashurov
David Ashurov - 10 hours ago
Im 6 minutes in and already lmao'ing at the fact that toyota really thinks that some one will take "their" 50k$+ seriously as a tuner.
Bob Job
Bob Job - 10 hours ago
Well if someone wanted to buy a BMW, they would buy.... a BMW..... this is supposed to be a Toyota, so the person is looking to buy a.... Toyota... That is the problem Mr doug
Nismo Kid
Nismo Kid - 10 hours ago
No manual transmission ~ ☹️
Dan - 10 hours ago
Add me on instagram danielhenry_realtor Carmel, CA
Orlen Torres
Orlen Torres - 10 hours ago
Toyota: hey bmw do my hw please
BMW: ok
Toyota: just don’t make it obvious
BMW: I got you
James Manning
James Manning - 10 hours ago
The LFA is more Supra level
Jarek Nowak
Jarek Nowak - 10 hours ago
Toyota abandoned child.
Adpoted by BMW.
RandomUser221 - 10 hours ago
Why Toyota... And with BMW..... Disappointing.
Craig Griffin
Craig Griffin - 10 hours ago
Epic fail Toyota/BMW
Jarek Nowak
Jarek Nowak - 10 hours ago
7:53 Poland!
Manseung Ha
Manseung Ha - 11 hours ago
Adam12995 - 11 hours ago
the part where he is kneeling with a napkin under his knee in cargo shorts with payless shoes on is the most white dad thing I've ever seen lmfaoo
TAYOTAS - 11 hours ago
This thing you call a Supra will get f$$ked up by the Roadster 2
Eric Main
Eric Main - 12 hours ago
Chris N
Chris N - 12 hours ago
They should have called it a Toyota Celica and none of the hate would have followed.
I think its a good looking car, and like it very much.
Something that would infuriate me is the open space between the seats leading into the storage area/trunk.
Imagine that glass bottle of mayonnaise smashing your windscreen from the inside as it comes flying through the 2 seats when you inevitably have to do an emergency brake for a Taxi after a quick trip to the grocery store. You can even see Doug's cargo sliding around during his drive.
This is also a massive security issue imo because everything inside the trunk will be visible from the front windscreen.

Lastly - The red driver's door trim was intentional. Its a "launch edition"
Mr. Barth
Mr. Barth - 12 hours ago
No rice is complete without a wing, glad Toyota was so concerned about an aftermarket sheet metal wing and Hood latches, great ricer mods.
Water Malone
Water Malone - 12 hours ago
so it's basically a BMW
Mathias the Raccoon
Mathias the Raccoon - 12 hours ago
The only thing that NEEDS changing, is a manual Gearbox option
Mathias the Raccoon
Mathias the Raccoon - 12 hours ago
All the holes are so that you can mount a wing, etc, but cancel your warranty...
DropBear&Shiba - 12 hours ago
Supra was made up till 2002, not 1998...
CLEAVANT PLAYS FTW - 12 hours ago
I just dont know why you never did a review of the genesis coupe 2010 and 2015 models i have been asking it for a long time now?
NormalGamer1519 - 12 hours ago
iS tHaT a SupRA?
brett run
brett run - 12 hours ago
What a serious piece of shit.
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital - 13 hours ago
All those extra vents and holes will soon have matching TRD part numbers.
David Peters
David Peters - 14 hours ago
To much repeated, you could edit this to 5 minutes and miss nothing out.
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