Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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Adw wahid
Adw wahid - 32 minutes ago
What a shame with this generation of the Supra, they really went to BMW and said give us a Z4, no effort made with this car, imagine the technology they have to make the legendary 2JZ engine better, I'd rather buy the old supra and spend 40k on it
cristiandemirel1918 - 5 hours ago
"we created a special machine to build a fender but we can't build a real vent!"
GAMEBONNIE1211 SNOOP - 5 hours ago
Toyota is seriously overestimating the "new" supra aftermarket. They seriously think that this car will compare to the MK4 Supra?
cristiandemirel1918 - 5 hours ago
it's like Toyota hated the Supra and gave it up for adoption to BMW!
Ackim George
Ackim George - 6 hours ago
Here because Goonzqaud brought a wrecked one !
masoud Hodaie
masoud Hodaie - 19 hours ago
the Toyota is lame because thay copy bmw my fiverit car in the world .
Kyle Lawhon
Kyle Lawhon - Day ago
I don’t see it being worth the 60k that they are asking for it
Lawrence Parker
Lawrence Parker - Day ago
Scotty , it's not made in Japan. But it looks cool.
Farah Islam
Farah Islam - 2 days ago
But in carwow drag race supra won
Jerry Rockets OFFICIAL
Jerry Rockets OFFICIAL - 2 days ago
By not being a BMW. By having a substantial boost in power from the 90s one lol
Matt Merrera
Matt Merrera - 2 days ago
Its a collab stupid doug
Josh Khup
Josh Khup - 3 days ago
Me: Where is the Supra
Toyota: We hired Tuning companies to make whole car
thatweird - 3 days ago
So this car got a... 7 out of 10
konichiwabeezy - 3 days ago
sup dawk
Abdalla AlHosani
Abdalla AlHosani - 4 days ago
2020 supra without identity .
jmj5150 - 4 days ago
only thing JDM on this car is the Supra badge
sada das
sada das - 5 days ago
9:40 those back lights are nothing unique, they remind me of Alfa Romeo, and when I first saw this car that is what I claimed it is- a fucking Alfa.
sada das
sada das - 5 days ago
8:20 - you ask what is the issue with Toyota Supra using BMW parts and you answer your own question immediately. You said:"what is the problem with BMW? they gave us M1, M3,4 and 5; E30 M3..." So- they gave us all that and still you have not mention Z1, Z3, Z4. Why is that?
Also, BMW is shit quality, Toyota is the very best. So why would you do this?
Rick Singh
Rick Singh - 5 days ago
Sweep the leg.
Wax on, wax off.
I wanna see your baby browns! Daniel, what happened to your eye and don't tell me it was another bike accident!
Here's your RADIO!
Get him a body bag…. yeah!!!
No mercy.
This school sucks man!
Finish him!
Suleiman Elkhoury
Suleiman Elkhoury - 6 days ago
If you think about it, toyota took the bmw z4, did minor changes, left gaps to fill by the tuning companies, costing toyota very little to make the whole project. Then after the mods on the car, toyota will take the best and most useful and build the supra mk6 that was designed by the „buyers“. It’s not a bad idea, considering that toyota didn’t want to revive the car anyway!
US Constitution Rules
US Constitution Rules - 7 days ago
UGLY, UGLY, UGLY....Looks like a marshmallow on wheels
US Constitution Rules
US Constitution Rules - 7 days ago
Doug.....You never say WHY Toyota would have BMW build it's car. Toyota makes the best cars in the world, so what's up? BMW's are not as reliable as Toyotas, so WHY, WHY, WHY would they re-badge a BMW????     THIS THING IS UGLY
Poyftes Gaming Channel
Poyftes Gaming Channel - 7 days ago
First mistake, it’s literally just a BMW in a Toyota Supra shell.
twizt tiez
twizt tiez - 8 days ago
I want my step dads fuckin booty hole
game assassin
game assassin - 8 days ago
16:36 top left is another supra
Masteryan - 8 days ago
09:48 after he says supra, mk4 supra passing by (maybe)
TQ Masterz
TQ Masterz - 9 days ago
What happened to the partial see through hood idea?
Mike Browning
Mike Browning - 10 days ago
"Since when is bmw making a sports car a bad thing?" wait a few years when these things start needing repairs and see how much of a problem you think it is.
Kai Hicken
Kai Hicken - 10 days ago
Watching this after the 2021 Supra is announced and they're adding the power and the engine bay braces...
Christopher Rosenbalm
Christopher Rosenbalm - 10 days ago
I Heard you cant drive it with the windows down because of the horrendous vibrating noise..something about the shape of the interior creates that annoying sound like when you only roll one window down
K. H.
K. H. - 11 days ago
Ugly AF...
AMKB - 12 days ago
This car didnt have as much impact as germany and japans last collab
Liam Nissan
Liam Nissan - 13 days ago
I dont particularly like BMWs and I think Toyota Is soft for making one, but.. I cant stop thinking about buying this mess of a car.
Joel Alvarez
Joel Alvarez - 14 days ago
It's just not a true JDM just like every other product out there. It's to cut production cost and maximize profit.
Анастасия покров
It's like Bethesda releasing games full of bugs and glitches, and leaving it as is, because they know the modders will go in and fix it.
Mad Maxx
Mad Maxx - 15 days ago
the back seems kinda short, doesnt have good symmetry
hector Cervantes
hector Cervantes - 15 days ago
so many mistakes in just one car
Cicero the jester
Cicero the jester - 16 days ago
Here’s why the 2020 z4 could be a supra idk
Christina Haddrell
Christina Haddrell - 16 days ago
Just buy the BMW, it’s got all the bits without going to a tuner.
Bannon Builds
Bannon Builds - 17 days ago
I just spent the whole weekend in a 2020 Supra and didn’t notice the door cards until today lol. I think the red is more focused on drivers side? Even where the drivers right knee is compared to the passengers left knee
MightyTax - 17 days ago
I wish it was passenger centered
Chrisdidwht 91
Chrisdidwht 91 - 17 days ago
All they had to do was paste this styling on the lc500 chassis, Remove all luxury features, and develop their own I6 turbo.
Zyad Najjar
Zyad Najjar - 18 days ago
R u there to tell me it’s Bmw or ur actually there to review the car , sorry dude but u got a dislike from u , I know ur not gonna lose sleep over this but still and thank you for understanding
Yashwanth Balakrishnan
Yashwanth Balakrishnan - 18 days ago
Does the dialing down process reduce the price?
Trevor King
Trevor King - 18 days ago
Doug: This is my new girlfriend and today I gonna review her.
Slava Kim
Slava Kim - 18 days ago
meanwhile hyundai is making a family sedan putting out better performance numbers and better tech at a lower price point in the g70 3.3t
klyddkross - 18 days ago
Everything was good, until he got in the car... and wouldn't shut up...
YooToobModerator - 19 days ago
Simple Doug, BMWs are NOT reliable...
BixCRYpt - 19 days ago
Toyota x EA
Jazem - 19 days ago
I want a Toyota not a BMW.
Tyler Aarvig
Tyler Aarvig - 19 days ago
I don't like the new Supras, and only because of the powertrain. The reason people don't like it is not because it has the BMW engine, but rather because it DOESN'T have the 2JZ.
Konrad Paczek
Konrad Paczek - 20 days ago
No Doug, you don’t need a partner to make a sports car look at the corvette
CG Eucare
CG Eucare - 21 day ago
Doug "THHIIISS" DeMuro.
Aryan Sikhinam
Aryan Sikhinam - 21 day ago
Where is the car?
Toyota: We left it out for the tuning companies
donnie - 22 days ago
so basically, its a z4 with a supra skinz, lovely bmw toyota..
if it was a different car, then bmw engine is ok but when you bring back a nostalgia car, it better match the old...
Daine Bechtel
Daine Bechtel - 22 days ago
huh i guess he didnt review it yet
James Grandone
James Grandone - 22 days ago
Its a bad thing that Toyota had BMW design their car because Toyota has built itself up as a reliable company. I will not be buying the new 2020-2021 supra nor any other Supra put together with BMW's inferior parts. I have had 4 BMWs, all of which suffered catastrophic failures(Transmissions, Timing belts, Frame failurs, Electrical fires) all before 200K. In contrast, I brought my T100 to 300K before it blew. My girlfirends 1982 Starlet trekked on through easily 200k. My friend had a Camry that made it to 320k before someone pushed the trunk into the back seat. from what I can tell, BMW intentionally creates cars that aren't meant to last. I hope they learn what they need to and get out before their name gets tarnished. BMWs are pretty and that's about it.
42王涛 - 22 days ago
2021 Supra is way better, so don't buy this yet.
Cypher Raizen
Cypher Raizen - 22 days ago
Nice game BMW ._.) you just dethroned one of the best Japanese iconic cars ever... With every controversial bits of yours ._.)
tupaei01 - 22 days ago
Coming back to this after a year... Well, Toyota, how many of these BMWs have you sold? And how many Supras you'd have sold with your own infrastructure (motor, chassis etc.) in them?
Toyota: We did a gigantic mistake but we'll never acknowledge it publicly because the project manager and some of the corporate board managers would have to commit suicide if we did. And the second part of your question: a hell of a lot more.
Coco Pepe
Coco Pepe - 22 days ago
Evan Huber
Evan Huber - 22 days ago
This the type of dude to give you a whole speech when the teacher asks a yes or no question
Mehmet Kocaman
Mehmet Kocaman - 23 days ago
I think that right door with no red trim is how it is staying
mpgxsvcd - 23 days ago
The “Legend of the Supra” is bigger than Toyota itself.
PitiedMold - 23 days ago
Clickbait, I came here to a Japanese car. Not a BMW...
Boyer Industries
Boyer Industries - 23 days ago
Doug “quirks and features” Demauro
125 raydah
125 raydah - 23 days ago
I sense Doug's disappointment of this new BMW... I mean, "Supra"
Adam P
Adam P - 24 days ago
i don't know why everyone keeps calling it a supra. its the Z4 ugly little sister. 2 BMW mated and came out with the Z4. Then the Z4's father decided to mate with a Supra and farted out this junk
joetheshits - 24 days ago
This is an AWESOME an owner...not just a keyboard warrior.
peksilon 18
peksilon 18 - 25 days ago
It's 2019 Supra
Young Bonkers
Young Bonkers - 25 days ago
2 words. Tuning companies
Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez - 25 days ago
I understand why the Supra isn't 600 hp or has the underhood supports or a huge spoiler. If you added all these things it would jack up the price and this car usually appeals to a younger crowd. Breaking the $50K price point will make it unobtainable to the group you are targeting. Also by keeping the power reasonable you improve reliability. The day a 1000 hp 2020 Supra shows up to the dealer with a broken rear diff, or blown engine it will not be Toyotas responsibility.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 26 days ago
You asked why it’s such a big problem for this car to be a bmw. It’s because people were expecting a Supra when there was Supra hype? Like
Who Me?
Who Me? - 26 days ago
That's gonna be a "no" from me, dawg.
What's the point of this car?
Vahagn Yengibaryan
Vahagn Yengibaryan - 27 days ago
The supra is like a modular car at this point
Arnold Stephen
Arnold Stephen - 27 days ago
2050 : tuning companies will give the engine
Bishopas - 27 days ago
this car represents shame
Roshan Karki
Roshan Karki - 27 days ago
How to make the 2020 Supra better:
1. Remove all the BMW parts (The whole car)
2. Buy the 1986 Supra.
Ivan L
Ivan L - 28 days ago
This is not real Supra... BMW engine and what kind od Supra is that without manual transmission... Total garbage!
Saswata Paladhi
Saswata Paladhi - 28 days ago
At least you could have provided a stickshift option TOyoTa
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