How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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Álefe Lucas
Álefe Lucas - 19 days ago
I wish they applied quick sort to this
Kabir Gupta
Kabir Gupta - 19 days ago
Yo the bounty hunter girl was rly nice
She rated everyone well and then went to the back at the end
👏 good for her
Filippo Salmi
Filippo Salmi - 19 days ago
I can feel the cringe
Pejuang Tanpa Nama
Pejuang Tanpa Nama - 19 days ago
9:10 Green Mile
Elizabeth Lamb
Elizabeth Lamb - 19 days ago
the girl in the plad skirt...
Praise TheSun
Praise TheSun - 20 days ago
"Scratch the six, give you a seven because of your attitude"
And I'll scratch the one and give you a negative five because of yours.
sara - 20 days ago
Isla was very problematic in this episode without even meaning to be, i feel bad for her and her insecurities that she mentioned.
Daniel B
Daniel B - 20 days ago
Is the girl in the blouse racist?
Elizabeth LaCasse
Elizabeth LaCasse - 20 days ago
Okay I like your stuff that makes people examine their stereotypes like guess the parents or the sexuality etc, but I gotta say this ain't it. Like there is nothing constructive that could possibly come from this video. I don't see how it is uplifting in any way shape or form. We judge people on their physical appearance every day, we do not need more of this
Chelsea m
Chelsea m - 20 days ago
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez - 20 days ago
It’s annoying that sometimes the tall white guy has a jacket on and sometimes he doesn’t
Pritish - 20 days ago
The girl in thumbnail 0:46
Ida Lestrange
Ida Lestrange - 20 days ago
I did not like the girl in the purpule blazer, shes like so ”im so much prettier” don’t like that.
Jono84 - 20 days ago
The woman in the black dress.........Damn!
Some random person
Some random person - 20 days ago
You’re tall but you are *bald*
Fresh - 20 days ago
0:22 Shes snorting like the snob she is
Evadine Millers
Evadine Millers - 20 days ago
the girl in the blazer is definitely racist
logi wan
logi wan - 20 days ago
I am sitting here dead ass drunk asf with a full face of drag makeup rating EVERYONE a 10. GURL, everyomne is beautiful in their own way and literally everyone can be a 10.
Julio chavira
Julio chavira - 20 days ago
The girl in the blazer might be honest but the way she worded everything she said makes he seem like such a bitch tbh
miny yu
miny yu - 20 days ago
Pause at 5:07 and see the magic ,,,😂😂
Dashiiia H
Dashiiia H - 20 days ago
The girl with the smile🤩
eazy breezy
eazy breezy - 20 days ago
they put them in such an unfair condition ahhhh... they totally made the contestants seem like horrible people
El Chulo
El Chulo - 20 days ago
what the ** is this trash? you should be shamed for having a "show" like this.
Lamia Nyctophilia
Lamia Nyctophilia - 20 days ago
The girl with the red t shirt is so sooo beautiful , the way she laughed was unique
Isabela Rosario
Isabela Rosario - 20 days ago
Carter, the girl in the red shirt, WAS SO ADORABLE >:( She ain't a five AT ALL!
Whispy Wolf Gacha
Whispy Wolf Gacha - 20 days ago
I think the chick in the red shirt is pretty...
Christian Floyd
Christian Floyd - 21 day ago
0:08 *_famous last words_*
j0sH092 - 21 day ago
No. This cannot exist
Elestro Air-soft
Elestro Air-soft - 21 day ago
This was cringe..
soft moon
soft moon - 21 day ago
the two girls were so biased
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams - 21 day ago
anna kendrick looking one was rude
Analisa Romero
Analisa Romero - 21 day ago
The white lady in the blue was so ugly I wanna see her get rated 😂😂
Nkotb_1234 56
Nkotb_1234 56 - 21 day ago
Do we aren’t gonna talk about where carter was in all the lines but 1. I understand they’re supposed to put them all in a line but I think that the rating was enough. Carter was low in all the lies but the black guys. He was straight out giving and so was the lesbian. I just think that they should’ve stopped at the ratings. 😤😢
Beatrice the theatre geek
The way the blazer girl said "SORRY. SORRY." so aggressively made me so uncomfortable, oml.
Beatrice the theatre geek
The first girl is like monica from friends mixed with morticia from Addams basically, she freaking gorgeous.
Dame will
Dame will - 21 day ago
WTH The two girls are so out of line they lake fun and positive eye I rate them zero
Moxxi Heart
Moxxi Heart - 21 day ago
Poor Carter ... it’s obvious the girls who rate low are just jealous birches. They are NOT honest, I see it on their expressions... rude bitches
Dan Ioan Pristavu
Dan Ioan Pristavu - 21 day ago
how come the ugly girl is the picky one :/ and she makes pig sounds when she laughs :|
Jake S
Jake S - 21 day ago
That girl’s horrible wtf, everyone who is good looking she pushes down
Sephroni Uchiha
Sephroni Uchiha - 22 days ago
Sunnie Dau
Sunnie Dau - 22 days ago
I'm Asian so my self esteem went 📉 after watching this
Axel - 22 days ago
i am the only one thinking that's a horrible experience...
Sharath Lal
Sharath Lal - 22 days ago
That blue one is really pathetic...
Narral - 22 days ago
3:00 That guys body language is like from the sims. :D
gimpy tardface
gimpy tardface - 22 days ago
That lesbian looks like a cool dude to hangout with 😎
deku kun
deku kun - 22 days ago
The girl in blazer needs to chill she is being so fuc*ing rude
Bryan Felix
Bryan Felix - 22 days ago
This bih given everybody a 5
Rea - 22 days ago
The blazer matches the hegemonic stereotype: white. She also publicly left on a global platform that is a filthy racist.
深夜shadowcat - 22 days ago
If I was there I would make them all line up and tell them they all 10/10
CocoBeach 17
CocoBeach 17 - 23 days ago
The cringe 😬
Olive O
Olive O - 23 days ago
Is the girl in the blazer Blaine's sister or is that someone different?
Antares - 23 days ago
8:20 I find her waaaay more attractive than the woman she wishes she looked like. Just another thing that goes to show how subjective and pointless this is.
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee - 23 days ago
I dont even understand why they did that thats another way of hurting people its not even funny or interesting
Sameer - 23 days ago
The girl in the blazer is minus 2 for me !
João Morais
João Morais - 23 days ago
the first girl was white af
RastaganTheGreen - 23 days ago
Seeing the title, I thought this was gonna be a lot worse but they designed it to avoid that, mostly girls doing the judging and most people were at least ok looking. I was waiting for some dude to be like "girl you a 2 at best". Recipe for disaster xD
Rosalie Carlsen
Rosalie Carlsen - 24 days ago
The rude lady in the blazer is like an evil Cecily Strong.
Boxer Robert
Boxer Robert - 24 days ago
Snowflakes. Everyone here were in on the rules. Deal with it.
Boxer Robert
Boxer Robert - 22 days ago
Katherine Leal Not if i had signed up for a fucking worldwide appareance rating video.
katherine leal
katherine leal - 22 days ago
Just shut up people have feelings so do you. You know damn well you’d be hurt if they brought up your insecurities and rated u a 2.
True Matcha
True Matcha - 24 days ago
Ooooof the last challenge is . . . A lil fucked up tho QwQ
WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT - 24 days ago
that girl is not a 10 lol
Griselda López
Griselda López - 24 days ago
this was shit
Literally Linh
Literally Linh - 24 days ago
I would of gave them all 10’s
Edgiest Emo
Edgiest Emo - 24 days ago
4:09 bro thats a def 50000/10 what're they on about
Jormungandr • world serpent
That hair is beautifully glorious, idk how blazer girl could be grossed out by that
Axel Henderson
Axel Henderson - 24 days ago
its funny how that lady says guy has funny face and other guy is bald like if she was a 7 at least
cat_cupcakes - 24 days ago
Man, the guy who gave carter the good score.... I felt so happy to see her brighten up. Kinda made me a little bit happy about myself too, ngl. I know exactly how she feels 😔
Shahinez Brune
Shahinez Brune - 24 days ago
Sorry, but this isss too way rude.
kngiki kngiki
kngiki kngiki - 24 days ago
the bitch in the blazer with that ugly ass outfit gots to go
Semper Ludens
Semper Ludens - 24 days ago
7:08 Easily most impressive part of the video. That is a very solid Kermit.
Usman Killer
Usman Killer - 25 days ago
That blue blazer bitch's rating went like this
1) Whites
2) Asians
3) Blacks
Skye Hsu
Skye Hsu - 24 days ago
ugh i hate her
flabalaba lush
flabalaba lush - 25 days ago
one word
Jason Coyne
Jason Coyne - 25 days ago
White girl in jeans is racist to asian
* Tia *
* Tia * - 25 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks that girl in the red lipstick ranking people is literally the most beautiful person ive seen in my entire life?? i sound like a creep but...her smile makes me melt. actually shocks me that someone like that would compare themselves to other women, guess it goes to show that being beautiful doesn't make you less insecure.
Sam Wallis Padro
Sam Wallis Padro - 25 days ago
I want to see a 1v1 between the blazzer girl and the tall black guy. It would be the ultimate combat rude vs cool
Fielding Wellingtonsworth
I’m feeling a strong 6 to a light 7 on this video, tran
yush bish
yush bish - 25 days ago
comments be like omg the woman in blazer is cute you can't say otherwise......... girl she's just white
Linnea Ylikorkala
Linnea Ylikorkala - 25 days ago
I personally think it’s just rude to judge someones looks :(
Michelle Giddley
Michelle Giddley - 25 days ago
Honestly everything about this bothers me. Its interesting to see how people react. But I dont like the way they shove their own standards onto everyone. As someone who profits off of people objectifying me and shoving their physical preferences in my face , I can understand making an uncomfortable situation into something more positive . Maybe this wouldn't bother others or maybe for the individuals involved this shows some bravery which I respect. Those two ladies were quite rude while rating. I wouldn't tell another human being that plastic surgery would make me think they are attractive. And I couldn't place myself that high on the scale if I reacted in such a manner .
grace ۵
grace ۵ - 23 days ago
@Michelle Giddley i know. like, the rude comments some of the people/judges made in it could have knocked some of the people's self esteem down if they weren't confident in themselves. not cool tbh.
Michelle Giddley
Michelle Giddley - 23 days ago
@grace ۵ it's honestly a bit degradful
grace ۵
grace ۵ - 23 days ago
seriously though. this video was fun & playful & looks do matter but i wish they would make a video about being attracted to people's personality. who people are on the inside is important too! :)
disgusting - 25 days ago
who is the guy with the really curly hair? i need his IG 😳
Lucia Cabezas
Lucia Cabezas - 24 days ago
@ brajoro_gaiden
gabriel hernandez
gabriel hernandez - 25 days ago
4:08 boy or girl?
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