How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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Selle B.
Selle B. - 5 minutes ago
Does that girl in a blue blazer is on a garbage diet?
Aileen Mancillas
Aileen Mancillas - 16 minutes ago
Not to be rude but the girl in the blue blazer put her self in the wrong spot
sydne y
sydne y - 39 minutes ago
ok but the girl in the red shirt was adorable. Like really why were people giving her such low ratings. Her outfit, her smile,her freckles were adorable like really tho and blue blazer girl can shut up like really tho
Antelani Atuaia
Antelani Atuaia - 49 minutes ago
Bro the black guy had me dying broooo
Alaïa Audrey.
Alaïa Audrey. - Hour ago
_You cute_

*I kNoW*
m tompkins1441
m tompkins1441 - Hour ago
everyone was so rude except the lesbian woman, she was so sweet!!
its addiemarie
its addiemarie - 2 hours ago
the girl in the blue blazer needs to put her pride aside and stop being so rude her personality is overall disgusting and in that way she’s a 1 🙄
John Rojas
John Rojas - 2 hours ago
8:06 he’s got all the girls in the front, and guys in the back 😝
Agyenimaa Bempong
Agyenimaa Bempong - 2 hours ago
When the hermaphrodite said 'your face look weird ' seriously? we don't even know what you are, that would really bring me down for days
Muuse Cabdalle
Muuse Cabdalle - 2 hours ago
We know that black guy's dm is about to be popping and he deserves it! Great guy
Zero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty - 2 hours ago
I dig the blue bllazer girl
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul - 3 hours ago
Way to go make people feel terrible about themselves even the viewers.
Zero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty - 3 hours ago
Daannnggg. Brutal! I guess my standards are different I would have given a lot of threes
Me - 3 hours ago
Honestly if i was doing this at the end i would line them up together and tell them that they are all beautiful in their own skin as they are each individual and unique people who are gorgeous
hehe boi
hehe boi - 3 hours ago
okay but who was that stud 😍 ? lul cute ass
Blunttime108 - 3 hours ago
That second chick interviewing the looks is a bounty hunter fyi
IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon - 3 hours ago
6:08 the classic 3 secs of heterosexuality HAHAHAHAHA I love her
nB Zeno
nB Zeno - 3 hours ago
The girl with the red lipstick is cute bro.
Isabel Nava
Isabel Nava - 3 hours ago
Ya you think so 😂💀💀💀
IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon - 3 hours ago
The lesbian and the black dude are the ones lml
IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon - 3 hours ago
3:12 sooo?? That man is literally so fire and look so handsome
Bored? Same.
Bored? Same. - 3 hours ago
I can't stop laughing reading all the hate comments about the blue blazer girl sometimes being honest is not very helpful HAHAHAHA
IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon - 3 hours ago
1:58 HAHAHAHAHA omggg she is so me
sophia j.a
sophia j.a - 4 hours ago
That one white girl standards so high like omg
oof bts
oof bts - 4 hours ago
"But ur bold"
Ummmm.. rude
Prod. SlapHappy
Prod. SlapHappy - 4 hours ago
Ya'll saying blazer girl was rude. Would you have preferred her to lie and give people higher scores than she thought they were? This whole game is about being honest. And thats what she was doing.
spooked mgooked
spooked mgooked - 4 hours ago
but why were all of the people so beautiful
Nichole Cade
Nichole Cade - 4 hours ago
“You’re a 10 sir you are a 10” lmaooo 💛
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez - 4 hours ago
Bro that blue blazer gal could have a channel just judging people and snorting when she laughs.
Savannah E
Savannah E - 4 hours ago
That white chic in the blue really hating on everyonnnneeeee
jessica sousa
jessica sousa - 5 hours ago
I want the Instagram from the hott lesbian, please.
Dominique - 5 hours ago
they r all a 10
rayze ME
rayze ME - 5 hours ago
the black girl is a solid 10
would marry
Rose J
Rose J - 5 hours ago
Blazer girl is awful!!!!!!!
myles alexander
myles alexander - 5 hours ago
That bitch racist omm she had all the black people at the back
Samantha Caamano
Samantha Caamano - 5 hours ago
I'm not one for butch lesbians but I'd let her take me right now like damn
Himaryous - 6 hours ago
I think the guy with the big hair is hot AF, he'd be #1 for me.
South Tempo
South Tempo - 6 hours ago
That tall black guy in all white is a huge 10 for me. His voice is how I want my voice to be
Tatiana Salcido
Tatiana Salcido - 6 hours ago
the blue blazer girl is so rude 🤦🏻‍♀️
Zer0Hearts - 6 hours ago
That fat girl, 3.
BlackSH0veldeath - 6 hours ago
Man bless the black man for giving big girl a nine. That girl has not felt that attractive in her whole entire life. What a good fucking man.
Paulina Gonzalez
Paulina Gonzalez - 6 hours ago
2:58 😂
Gabriel Kehdi Paisagismo
Gabriel Kehdi Paisagismo - 7 hours ago
The blue blazer girl is very inappropriate
Alexandrix - 7 hours ago
what the fuck is this
strange days //
strange days // - 7 hours ago
blue blazer girl’s personality makes her so ugly
Big Dog
Big Dog - 7 hours ago
5:04 ......... -1
Carmen Di Leo
Carmen Di Leo - 8 hours ago
4:50 a 9 for me😍
Carmen Di Leo
Carmen Di Leo - 8 hours ago
2:10 thats pretty mean.
Four pinks Paws
Four pinks Paws - 8 hours ago
I hate the blue blazer girl
billie bils
billie bils - 8 hours ago
u can tell blazer girl only likes white people
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