Remodeling a Master Bathroom | Part 2

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mia kempster
mia kempster - Day ago
It’s 12:23 am wooo sleep
Kyra Thompson
Kyra Thompson - Day ago
I am supposed to be creating my e-portfolio for class but instead, I just sat here and watched 3 of your vids.
human - Day ago
whoever designed that bathroom hated tilers or had never tiled in their life. and that vanity colour and faucet colour are a big oof. amazing job though, patience of steel on this one.
GojiraGeek - Day ago
21:42 your shower has an infestation. you may want to fix that...
Legato Lestrange
Legato Lestrange - 3 days ago
Gotta say, great job. Surprised that a whole floor drain wasn't added for overflowing bath since you did so much drainage work, cause I know I've been an idiot and left the water running and its spilled/flooded out of the bathroom.
Shaikh Raashid
Shaikh Raashid - 4 days ago
26:16 construction inspector cat coming in for inspection
No Videos 100 BILLION Subscribers Challenge
Did i just watch a man renovate his bathroom for 30 minutes? Yes, yes i did....
keekeemyfirstcat - 9 days ago
You are talented.
ReRe Malika
ReRe Malika - 11 days ago
Should of framed the mirror,would’ve looked great 👍🏽.
Mahira Tanveer
Mahira Tanveer - 11 days ago
What to do when everything in your house is made of pure concrete and your dad’s the owner. I really wanna renovate my room but permission & money are a major issue. Btw love what you do and makes me wanna do it. Best of luck :)
Henry Blood
Henry Blood - 12 days ago
it will be my next bathroom
milusia93 - 13 days ago
Nice job! There is just one thing, you shouldn't be touching halogen bulbs with bare hands.
Battlesix - 14 days ago
should have hired a tile guy
chuckie723 - 15 days ago
Do you have to reinforce the joists below the bathtub to compensate for the weight of the tub filled with water? Or am I being paranoid? Lol
Rida Alouani
Rida Alouani - 17 days ago
very nice job but I have a question in your country you never check the level of your tiles with spirit level ? and why the toilets they have no door?
pscjavvy08 - 17 days ago
Great stuff! New follower. Question- your thoughts on bullnose trim/tile? I’m in the middle of a reno and trying to see if these little details are worth the ROI. Thanks man, big fan of your detailed videos!
Danyel Henrique
Danyel Henrique - 18 days ago
All the work and layers you have to go through because your home is made out of wood.
Mark Garson
Mark Garson - 19 days ago
What was the total cost of the remodel? I don't think I can get Lowes to sponsor my bathroom remodel.
Krtek 6
Krtek 6 - 21 day ago
As a´re good...But as a don´t know basic have to start with wall tiles ....especialy with 2nd or 3rd layer from ground..than you have to miss 1st layer and than do floor tiles....after floor tiles you finish that last (1st) layer of wall tiles next to cant have those small trimming next to ceiling...only if there is no other measure it wrong....third...those corner tiles...are terrible...
TCvids - 23 days ago
when you made this youtube channel you knew that you were never going to move again
Gonlorn - 24 days ago
26:19 whats up with this dirty wall edge in between the cat and the blue sink
Nick Name
Nick Name - 29 days ago
It’s so so chip
Nick Name
Nick Name - 29 days ago
It’s not brown paper, it’s floor paper))
Kukri187 - 29 days ago
You make this all look so easy!
Ollie Jacobs
Ollie Jacobs - 29 days ago
0:17 That won’t hold my history book when I’m on the loo
Todd Saffell
Todd Saffell - Month ago
Love the video. Love the shirt!
Tom L.
Tom L. - Month ago
The BLUE cabinets are a no-no to the whole bathroom. But everything else is great!
Joe Leamy
Joe Leamy - Month ago
22:23 I actually looked behind me
10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
Anyone gonna talk about the electrical outlet IN THE MIRROR at 0:49?
Rïçky C.
Rïçky C. - Month ago
That’s normal
Dianna Cruz
Dianna Cruz - Month ago
absolutely gorgeous!
Jose Mora
Jose Mora - Month ago
Ha man I love your videos and all but there is something that can make the electrician work easy is there are lights in Home Depot called halo lights there are really easy to install and very good in tight spaces like against a stud they are at least half an inch thick and has different lighting
Paul Casson
Paul Casson - Month ago
Lovely job but very labour intensive, did you consider using Spapanel instead of all the tiling, waterproofing etc? There are some great Spapanel videos on YouTube, check them out, I think you would find it interesting.
wdinternational - Month ago
11:36, what is that paper you applied? That got skipped over completely....
Gaming Karma
Gaming Karma - Month ago
Bob the builder where did you learn all this stuff?!?!?
Andy Park
Andy Park - Month ago
Anyone else triggered by that thing fallin off on 17:14
Tom Williams
Tom Williams - Month ago
I bought those same faucets. Always dirty :-( I learned to always buy moen. Stays clean much easier.
Steph Grace
Steph Grace - Month ago
Awesome transformation! Vanity would have been better painted black!
Tepigfan159 - Month ago
I'm confused? Why did you leave the drain plugged
Mr BELLS - Month ago
lovely work but the vanity should have been painted either black, white or dark grey, i didnt like the blue, it didnt go at all, also i would have put the door to the sower on the other side so it wasnt on the side where the shower heads were. you can actually get a remote for the shower so you can press the temp you want and to turn the main shower or the second one on or off and you can also select the power. my mum has one very good and youre not having to lean in, actually there are no buttons or levers at all just the sower heads x and im sorry, i know its not my bathroom but the blue is not good x
Cobrea Smith
Cobrea Smith - Month ago
Love the bathroom, very informational. You just gained a subscriber.
John N
John N - Month ago
Been meaning to do up my bathroom and will be taking a lot of your ideas the tiles are amazing and the black shower looks brilliant only thing I wasn't a fan of was the free standing bath but that's personal preference other then that it looks amazing love watching your videos
bryan diel
bryan diel - Month ago
This bathroom turned out really nice!!! Bob, when can you come help me with mine? And make a video about it and get Lowes to sponsor it! lol!
kifesh a sepi
kifesh a sepi - Month ago
Glad to see that the Cat approves
Sönke Grewe
Sönke Grewe - 2 months ago
I learned so much from this. Mainly that I will pay someone to do it for me.
MtVlogs - Month ago
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton - 2 months ago
Love your videos. Painting contractor here. Couple tips....when texturing you want to wet the drywall mud down to where it has the consistence of pancake batter....and when you press the texturing brush into your wet drywall mud, you want to give it a 1/4 turn to match the rosebud design on your ceiling (this will give it your desired "swirl of rosebud). Other than that...A+++ videos!
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten - 2 months ago
The next person who lives in this house will be very lucky
GameSlime 123
GameSlime 123 - 2 months ago
No hate but worst tiles ever
Gabija Mic
Gabija Mic - 2 months ago
Now the bathroom turned out lovely, but i got to say, that blue is HIDEOUS
MoToMoTo Playz
MoToMoTo Playz - 2 months ago
Keep up the great work. You are amazing. I wish I could go that stuff to my house. Lol
MoToMoTo Playz
MoToMoTo Playz - 2 months ago
Wow you have really good desings. I just started watching and now I can’t stop
Harry - 2 months ago
wtf is a nitch
Caroline Knowles
Caroline Knowles - 2 months ago
I loved the whole video but the cat at the end might have been the best part lmao
Gnytmare - 2 months ago
what about the molding on the floor that is missing to the left of the cabinets? is that getting tile also?
Memes4Life .
Memes4Life . - 2 months ago
Dang u could build a whole house
Cassidy Hampton
Cassidy Hampton - 2 months ago
All I'm thinking throughout these remodel videos is that if he ever decides to sell this house it won't be hard and he'll get a lot of money for it
Roger Deese
Roger Deese - 2 months ago
Moved to tiling shower from texturing, because dry walling sucks.... LOL
JoDaG777 - 2 months ago
Cat in the tub. The cutest part of the video!
Shaun Woulfe gamez
Shaun Woulfe gamez - 2 months ago
You use foam but here in England whe use this weird thing like concrete
Megaabsol5 - 2 months ago
How long did this take overall?
Nillie - 2 months ago
Obviously you’re not putting drywall in the shower. The name clearly states that it’s not meant for wetrooms.
American Citizen
American Citizen - 2 months ago
Nice work!
Lazyeyedzombie Gamer
Lazyeyedzombie Gamer - 2 months ago
Last tile for the shower puts more tile on wall
Sammir Condezo
Sammir Condezo - 2 months ago
What's that gun suppressor looking add on on the drill for ?
Kikaluti - 2 months ago
Brendan Chatterton
Brendan Chatterton - 2 months ago
I like how you kept the counter and designed in line with it, but updated.
Slappy O'Neil.
Slappy O'Neil. - 2 months ago
joao nobre
joao nobre - 2 months ago
Hi Bob, in my point of view as engenier the shower door is on the rough side
Ultim8 Benchwarming Champ
Ultim8 Benchwarming Champ - 2 months ago
Is there somewhere we can send you photos of a project we are doing and have hit a snag?
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 2 months ago
Really amazing
XxShadowGTxX - 2 months ago
I was expecting like a Hot Tub style set up for the corner, but that was my own wrong assumption, absolutely gorgeous work! Love watching your videos, Bob. God bless you and your family, Brother.
bobbie318 - 2 months ago
Awesome work and a great video, Bob can you please let me know what kind of laser level you are using that gives 3D lines on three walls. Will appreciate your reply. Thanks,
The Josh That Views
The Josh That Views - 3 months ago
Duuuuude, AMAZING!!!!
Irvin Ace
Irvin Ace - 3 months ago
wow...I want to have that cat
Young Drew
Young Drew - 3 months ago
This guy is a electrician, plumber, does flooring, tiling, and wood work..... he’s like a god immigrant
Jarry from Wagga
Jarry from Wagga - 3 months ago
The blue looks trash cuz
Victoria Hesenflow
Victoria Hesenflow - 3 months ago
That is a awesome Job. I learned a lot from watching. Thanks for the Info.
Here N There
Here N There - 3 months ago
Natural stone needs a sealer on it. Grout maybe sealed but amount of sealer from grout will not protect marble. You may want to clean and reseal with a penetrating sealer.
Creekyknees - 3 months ago
... shower head is black bathtub faucet is black light fixture is black.... sink faucets gold. still jealous of that magnificent bathroom
Jonny Ruzzo
Jonny Ruzzo - 3 months ago
Love your videos! Thank you for sharing some of the issues that you came across. This turned out beautifully and I love the blue vanity to add some much needed color. But I can't believe with all the money and time spent that you reused that ugly countertop! 😭
jigga2jones - 3 months ago
Ok one thing I hate about your videos..... I wish you were doing this at my house LOL
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