Remodeling a Master Bathroom | Part 2

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Nicholas Bennett
Nicholas Bennett - 16 hours ago
Textured ceilings are a no no
Chyna Jade Rene Upshaw!
As someone who worked for a glass company! Those shower doors are sometime tricky to install but that’s definitely not the proper way to silicon it in!
sefa kılıçer
sefa kılıçer - Day ago
Great work :)
Zeruda Densetsu
Zeruda Densetsu - Day ago
I just realised, you’re literally Bob the Builder. :P
ana sanchez
ana sanchez - Day ago
Beautiful and awesome 👍🏻👍🏻 love your job ❤️♥️ I wish all man knew how to make things this great and make them match perfectly like you do.
John Semaan
John Semaan - 3 days ago
How did he get up there
keren Arellano
keren Arellano - 3 days ago
Imagine being this smart? This looks awesome!!
musical mr. bear
musical mr. bear - 4 days ago
awesome job buddy, just starting remodelling my bathroom and your video is very helpful. thx a lot . Take care . AG .
caroline maboya
caroline maboya - 5 days ago
Call me weird but I actually like your tiling
Mario Matika
Mario Matika - 8 days ago
What song starts playing at 22:07?
jaden thavanarain
jaden thavanarain - 10 days ago
Masterpiece 😍
v r
v r - 10 days ago
The small tiles on the floor with all that grout is giving me anxiety! Sooo many areas for dirt to accumulate! Soo much future scrubbing!😓😓😓
CarterPlays Official
CarterPlays Official - 12 days ago
Suddenly, ThisOldHouse
At 8:05 it looks like you're spreading *mud* on that board.
Sazzorak Skills
Sazzorak Skills - 12 days ago
I love how this came out but the vanity color really throws it off for me personally. 😬
Carolanne Gauvin
Carolanne Gauvin - 12 days ago
It triggers me how the fossets weren’t black as well !!! 😂
Mark S
Mark S - 17 days ago
tilework is the best thing ever- said everyone before they start tiling.
lexigirl10000 - 18 days ago
26:32 haha lol cat is in the tub
Steve L.
Steve L. - 18 days ago
one thing id recommend is measuring the width of your shower tiles before setting the height of your niche so your tile line is flush with your niche. Gives it that pro look. Also recommend making the plywood surface slightly damp before putting the mortar on, helps with the bond. Awesome video, extremely informative
pg1144 - 19 days ago
What can you say other than NICE well done
Sheila B
Sheila B - 20 days ago
Beautiful bathroom !!
Windowleacquer - 22 days ago
Bob... you are pretty badass. Hands down my favourite YT channel at the moment. Keep on rocking!
William Beede
William Beede - 22 days ago
It would be awesome to do a home tour
Izaac Wopz
Izaac Wopz - 24 days ago
holy cow! Wow!
Kamil Popko
Kamil Popko - 24 days ago
He's just such a nice guy
Carlos Henrique Damasceno
You're the best Bob! Congrats!
Hugh Mcgarity
Hugh Mcgarity - 26 days ago
Well done and most informative. If you're going to use the Kerdi, check the dimensions of their shower floor offerings and plan your shower frameout accordingly.
Tony Wheeler
Tony Wheeler - 26 days ago
Installed a Bluetooth speaker so ‘you’ can play music? Is he inviting us over to take a crap?
Double B
Double B - 26 days ago
What do you mean 27 degrees?? How is anything freezing at 27 degrees???
Valerie Hanson
Valerie Hanson - 26 days ago
27 Fahrenheit. It'd be like -3 C
Rina Supino
Rina Supino - 26 days ago
I love the bathroom, but why the two colours of fixtures . I love the black fixtures, why didn’t you use black on the sinks and lights ? Looks great anyways but was just wondering 😊
Krauser II
Krauser II - 27 days ago
isn't that a bit too white? kinda looks like a slaugtherhouse xD... but nice work
Dana Snyder
Dana Snyder - 27 days ago
That is a big shower
James Ryou
James Ryou - 27 days ago
Ron Swanson would be proud.
lazer 98q
lazer 98q - 29 days ago
Look am not going to lie I just like watching to learn how to and cuz I want to lol
Kirsty - Month ago
Love the remodeled bathroom, the tiles and colours. This is my type of bathroom. Love the blue as it's my favourite colour, love the black fixtures and you've given me ideas about bluetooth speaker.
Desire Baker
Desire Baker - Month ago
I noticed you struggled a bit with the grout on the walls. Here’s a tip for anyone grouting anything anytime soon. Your grout should roughly be the consistency of pancake batter. Not too runny like crepes and sloppy, but not as dry as say cookie dough either. It will make application a breeze, it’ll fill literally ever little nook and cranny without having to force it in there, and despite the thinner consistency it doesn’t take any longer to dry. If your grout gets too thick, because it does dry out after a while, just add a little bit more water, mix thoroughly, and continue. I should know, I renovated my entire first house that we bought from top to bottom, and there was a lot of tiling. I spent more time on my knees than a lady of the night. Also, quick question, why do so many youtubers use what seems to be a cement type mixture for tiling when you could just get a big bucket of tile glue ready mixed and be done with it? Or is that just in Europe? I mean I assume America sells that in their home improvement stores too right? And does no one back butter their tiles? I mean you don’t need to for those little mosaic tiles (nice choice by the way, love those!) but anything that isn’t on a mesh should be back buttered. Or am I being overly critical? That’s just how I was taught to do it. That way, you can compensate for any bowing that may be present in your drywall, which is pretty much always (I’ve yet to find a truly square wall in a house), and make it look really nice and tidy. Just some tips for those who might be thinking about redoing a bathroom or just an accent backsplash in the kitchen. Unless you use mosaic tiles, back butter those tiles, you can thank me later 😉
Eric Moss the strongman experience
Great to see you make stuff, I like to break stuff 😝
andri gwapo
andri gwapo - Month ago
This is for the future dads and homeowners.
Susanna M
Susanna M - Month ago
wtf is nitch lol do you mean niche? great video though maybe I just don't know the terminology
o o
o o - Month ago
in the end there were blue markings on the tiles in the shower, what's that for?
drippingwax - Month ago
Everything in our house is about as old as your bathroom was. I don't have anyone sponsoring a remodel, but on the bright side, our house is way smaller!
Marie lawrie
Marie lawrie - Month ago
Justin Huntley
Justin Huntley - Month ago
Speaking from experience: shark-bite fittings on PEX are a bad idea. I manage a residential maintenance shop and I've had dozens of shark-bite fittings leak. Compression ring style fittings are definitely more reliable.
Paul Hana
Paul Hana - Month ago
Blue tape on the tile??
Jojo Love
Jojo Love - Month ago
Looks amazing I would have painted the claw feet of the tub blue to pull it together with the vanity
Geir Røsset
Geir Røsset - Month ago
Like in the first video, most of this would not fly with code or insurance in Norway. The electrical work would need to be done by an electrician (unless it has a plug you are not allowed to do it yourself). And the wet zone remod (tiles yes, membranes no) would have to be done by someone with wet room certification for insurance to cover any potential water damage. Is this different in the US (or in separate states)?
Thingamajig - Month ago
i don't understand half the things you're saying but this is cool to watch so i don't mind haha
Waracro _
Waracro _ - 19 hours ago
Celeste Robinson
Celeste Robinson - 7 days ago
Me either 😂 but I love watching what he does
Aspen C
Aspen C - 20 days ago
Ya me too
DOMINICK xb - Month ago
Alex Williams
Alex Williams - Month ago
I would love to see a video on how something like this is estimated, and what the final cost is. I've always heard that a bathroom remodel costs 20k
My Family And Me
My Family And Me - Month ago
Why do you make those bumpy lines before you stick down the orange stuff before tile
Ad Hc
Ad Hc - Month ago
Putting the texture in the cement helps give tile or whatever a much better grip, coverage and contact than if it were smooth.
Bassman22 - Month ago
I feel like you should have re done the vanity with something much more modern
copiously quaint
copiously quaint - Month ago
Odd comment but, is that a Bill and Ted shirt you have on there? Great video set btw!
Todd22560 - Month ago
You missed a lot of important detail that will get the average DIYer in trouble for instance, taking a lot of time to ensure the first course of tile in the shower is perfectly level. However, thank you for the video.
Salty Aris
Salty Aris - Month ago
I simply watch these videos for fun but,
Why does the saw need water In order to function?
(I know nothing about tools, but it must suck using water when it’s cold outside)
FluffyTheGryphon - Month ago
Water keeps the blade cool, allowing it to cut more effectively and last longer and the water also keeps dust down, which can be dangerous to breathe in.
Anonymous Change
Anonymous Change - Month ago
That cat doh 😻
James Corrigan
James Corrigan - Month ago
Brilliant bathroom! Looks very professional. Well done.
Madeline Niall
Madeline Niall - Month ago
I loved everything about the remodel except for the fact that the shower head and the bath match ( the dark color) and then the sinks is gold
Simon Wood
Simon Wood - Month ago
its so satisfying to watch the whole project come together
He said She said
He said She said - Month ago
Wow that bathroom turned out really beautiful.
andrzej piwowarczyk
andrzej piwowarczyk - Month ago
kicha totalna
Ali Aboelnaga
Ali Aboelnaga - Month ago
Bro you are recovering🎃
Raiyan Islam
Raiyan Islam - Month ago
Wish you went with black sink and chrome faucet :/ That would've been cool. But amazing instructional video. :)
Andrew Sawatzke
Andrew Sawatzke - Month ago
It all looks very nice. Bold choice on the blue vanity.
Ultra Pancakes
Ultra Pancakes - Month ago
Really nice work! It looks great!
c9poop - Month ago
had me the whooooooooooooooole way, lost me at blue vanity. found me again 6 seconds later at kitty. new fan of the channel, great work man
The Mad Dad Blog
The Mad Dad Blog - Month ago
Was that the Conan Needs a Friend podcast with Tim Olyphant??
Kavi Deeruksa
Kavi Deeruksa - Month ago
I want to see you turning every attic in your house to a good room.
Wes Mix
Wes Mix - Month ago
Very nice work from vintage to Modern
SoniColin - Month ago
What is the point of gaurting
Eugene Collins
Eugene Collins - Month ago
When y’all are completely finished with your home you need to do a house tour
Jonathan Olson
Jonathan Olson - Month ago
unannounced podcast plug. I love it.
MissSupremerage - Month ago
The gold faucets and the blue on the cabinets look fantastic!!
Makers In the making
Makers In the making - Month ago
wao great job guys
Ryan Lind
Ryan Lind - Month ago
Love it, although I would have made the taps on the skinks Black like the rest as-well as the light fittings above the mirror. But great job!
Luke Dyte
Luke Dyte - Month ago
Meh, its alright but i certainly wouldn't choose round or hex shape tiles. Also american electrics e.g. fittings and how they have to be off/next to a stud to be secured in place is weird... At least to me (from the UK). The rest is alright. Nice shower, not keen on the silver square waste though. Also for those wondering PEX in the UK is called poly pipe (short for POLYBUTYLENE PIPE) it's alright i suppose, fairly reliable but where possible i would always go ahead and learn soldering to do some nice copper piping.
nairb lab
nairb lab - Month ago
You do excellent work, man. I needed something to fully grab my attention, and this sucked me in way more than anything on Netflix. Subscribed!
Mitzuko Nox Ignis
Mitzuko Nox Ignis - Month ago
Have you tried dipping the brush in water before adding the texture to the ceiling? I used that method when texturing the plaster on my living room ceiling... It might make it easier for you. Theoretically speaking it softens the texture and makes the draw off slightly bigger which should make the 'less textured more shaped' style of texturing you are looking for.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - Month ago
Iv done many many showers and always before u put mud or derock u always put ice and water shield down first. It’s key because in ten years if there is any leak it will get behind the wall then mold comes and u gotta re do it. Trust me iv had to tear out many showers because the foundation is not right. The last shower I did cost 65 thousand dollars. For 1 bathroom. The shower looks great man keep up the great work.
Britt Hogg
Britt Hogg - Month ago
Awesome Job! My wife and I gutted our entire downstairs after a water leak in July last year and are in the middle of putting it back together ourselves. Insurance is paying for all of the floor to be replaced but everything else is on us (as it should be :)). I wish I had thought to record our demo and progress of the rebuild so far. Our home was a commercial property built in the 1940's and converted to residential in 1995. We've ran into a lot of unique challenges along the way.
Tushar Bulsara
Tushar Bulsara - Month ago
add a frame to the mirror!
Dirtyharry70585 - Month ago
one thing to note - if you put down thinset on non waterproof floor board, it WILL buckle after time. I ALWAYS used concrete board first and on floor, tile too. It's and extra step but your flooring will never squeek or crack.
aaace MAGA
aaace MAGA - Month ago
Blue and bronze threw everything off......
From City To Wild
From City To Wild - Month ago
Love the Levi Allens "life's better when you make stuff" t-shirt!!!
Andrew - Month ago
hi jake
Danny Stamp
Danny Stamp - Month ago
26:12 Is that the shine on the tiles or a bit of a water leakage under the bath?
Leif Price
Leif Price - Month ago
A lot of work put in and when you see that outcome, just great. Great work by the way.
Liam Sprangers
Liam Sprangers - Month ago
great video! the ceiling pattern looks like it was a real pain to match but it looked like your mud was a little to thick and thats why you had so much texture
Jack Frusty
Jack Frusty - Month ago
It looked like you left out some waterproofing along the lower kerdi board joint on the drain side of the shower. Not a big issue but would have been nice to see that waterproofed. It seems you also covered up the HVAC vent with the tub. Even though the tub is on stands, it would have been better to move the vent (perhaps to the adjacent wall) for air circulation in the room which would provide increased air flow for the shower fan. Also this would avoid having condensate dripping from the tub into the duct work. Would be good to insulate the floor as well since it seems to be directly over the garage. Without that thermal break you essentially have a warm room over an exterior floor, unless your garage is fully insulated (including a thermal door). Additionally there may be concern for exhaust gases rising from the garage into the bathroom. So glad you didn't cut into the joist for the shower drain, not sure what the exact code is for that, but laminating would have been a pain. While it is your bathroom and all that, imo the wall tile grout is too dark giving a dirty appearance depending on the lighting of the area. It seemed like the bluetooth speaker only works when the fan isn't running. Would be great if they worked at the same time so you can run the fan and listen to music while taking a shower. Overall it looks like you did some good work. Congrats on the new bathroom.
Suplexmaschine - Month ago
The only thing I don't like about it is the design of the bathtub.
ZippytheHappyChimp - Month ago
Textured ceiling in a bathroom is the devil. At some point in the future, *something* will happen and your drying solution (bathroom fan) will lose effectiveness. And now you have stuff growing in the texture. Even if you're not making a full "wet room" bathroom, use some of their techniques for making the room easy to clean.
DeepestOfWounds - Month ago
How long was the claufoot tub? I have one in my bathroom that hadn’t been used in over 100 years and it’s 5ft
jasoncy31 - Month ago
Great job. It's funny to me that you can see your beard grow over the course of a video, attesting to just how long these things take, and the magic of editing. :)
Aaron Cowley
Aaron Cowley - Month ago
The blue cabins arnt my style but everything else looks great
Oedhel Setren
Oedhel Setren - Month ago
Great videos but next time you put in a soaking tub, make sure it's large enough for a modern adult to fit in. As someone looking to buy a home, a big annoyance is how many bathrooms boast being recently remodeled, but it didn't get updated to include things like new outlets and breakers for modern electronics and a tub that accommodates people over 5ft tall. Thanks ofr the video, learned a lot.
I Like To Make Stuff
I Like To Make Stuff - Month ago
Well, I'm not a fan of taking a bath with my head underwater, but otherwise, yes.
Oedhel Setren
Oedhel Setren - Month ago
+I Like To Make Stuff Would you be fully submerged if you took a bath in it?
I Like To Make Stuff
I Like To Make Stuff - Month ago
I'm 5'10" and can sit in that tub without touching the end with my feet.
aethertech - Month ago
did you collapse the motor lines behind the tiles you set?
Juicy J
Juicy J - Month ago
Ew! Popcorn
Lean Mean Green Bean Machine
I’m 12 and just spent 50 minutes watching a guy remodel his bathroom. 😐
suneet srivastava
suneet srivastava - Month ago
What is the cat doing in the tub?
kashindi salote
kashindi salote - Month ago
jeremy doblinger
jeremy doblinger - Month ago
Looks great bob!! Really great job
Roberto Perez Jr.
Roberto Perez Jr. - Month ago
Tile the bathroom floor after you tile the shower and drywall and paint!!
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole - Month ago
Next videos