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Kirsty Lawton
Kirsty Lawton - Year ago
Herrons favourite animal is a snow Leopard or his dog
Rihaan Shaikh
Rihaan Shaikh - 15 hours ago
His Dog
andymack79 - 12 days ago
@Zachary Reeve *favourite 👍
andymack79 - 12 days ago
@Cloudrunner5k No. It was a comtest on one of the videos at the dam in Switzerland. Might have been the golf one (basketball, soccer ball and golf ball) if you’ve not seen it you must as it’s hilarious.
EhRickk - 23 days ago
And bingo was his name o
Zachary Reeve
Zachary Reeve - Month ago
Kirsty Lawton you spelled favorite wrong
Simon Coppack
Simon Coppack - Hour ago
Second drop would have been good!
Tom11 - Day ago
Thor's hammer was NEVER rusty 😇
Weapon Kidz
Weapon Kidz - 2 days ago
We want Chris in a video
AM So Gutz
AM So Gutz - 3 days ago
OMG this video has been on my watchlist for almost a year and I just watched it.. didn't knew this was Rexy's introduction
Ethan Wittman
Ethan Wittman - 3 days ago
Hypernova Pizza
Hypernova Pizza - 4 days ago
they aren't lightning bolts their shockwaves XD
Alby Monaghan
Alby Monaghan - 4 days ago
Definitely Rex will survive
Mr. Piggy the best
Mr. Piggy the best - 5 days ago
0xy_g3n - 5 days ago
"What a beautiful day to smash shit with a giant hammer."
Probably my quote if I'm with #44club.
Nathan and Michelle Hamilton
Jake Bellerby
Jake Bellerby - 7 days ago
Do Thor’s hammer Londoning on a car roof
Alistair Bradford
Alistair Bradford - 7 days ago
Thumbnail be like: Thor’s hammer vs Herins foot
(Sorry I’m bad with spelling, idk if I correctly spelt herins name)
ClapZ OMAR - 8 days ago
Herons favourite animal is a kangaroo or snow leopard or maybe his dog
Isaac Taylor
Isaac Taylor - 8 days ago
Bentley Kossel
Bentley Kossel - 9 days ago
Bentley Kossel
Bentley Kossel - 9 days ago
Pee Pee
Bentley Kossel
Bentley Kossel - 9 days ago
Markos Papadopoulos
Markos Papadopoulos - 10 days ago
Why didn’t they do a second ht
Markos Papadopoulos
Markos Papadopoulos - 10 days ago
bryan ford
bryan ford - 11 days ago
I almost wanna say that if the table was not on soft sand that the Hammer would've gone thru.....lotta force eaten up there.....
Gianluca N
Gianluca N - 13 days ago
Rexi looses a foot
PilotVal - 13 days ago
9:10 Witnessing An Execution
Drew Biggah
Drew Biggah - 14 days ago
C3PoopE-O is good... but C3Pee-0 would have been better (obviously just my opinion tho lol)
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins - 15 days ago
due to copyright infringement from Disney you're going to really have to work hard to get Chris Hemsworth to be able to be in a video with Thor's hammer. In other words it's going to cost you probably half of what you make for that video at least. But if you want to do it get ahold of Disney
Diamond Hoe
Diamond Hoe - 16 days ago
4:58 me after eating taco bell
Lowen - 16 days ago
do triple layers please
Skiffie - 17 days ago
#We wantcris
Jordan Ilbury
Jordan Ilbury - 17 days ago
how did they get the prop
مظفر روافي
مظفر روافي - 17 days ago
يا بهيم جحشان
Olle Jonasson
Olle Jonasson - 18 days ago
1:55 "We will, we will, rock you"
alex c
alex c - 19 days ago
Like to be pinned
Clay Neary-spratt
Clay Neary-spratt - 20 days ago
Clayton squad were you at
Katie Newlan
Katie Newlan - 21 day ago
Max Forsyth
Max Forsyth - 22 days ago
5:07 - when she sends you an unexpected booty pic
Venix GAM
Venix GAM - 22 days ago
It’s not Thor-proof glass
pinhead3030 - 22 days ago
a Jock in the states means a serious athlete jock with the hottest girl in the school
flyingpigmonkey1 - 22 days ago
The hammer hitting the toilets is what I think is happening beneath me rn.
Henry Davis
Henry Davis - 23 days ago
Herren's favourite animal is a wild Herren
TheDrLigma - 23 days ago
Clayton vs an anvil
Zachary Kovacevich
Zachary Kovacevich - 23 days ago
Rexy at the prime of his life, Before it came crashing down.😃
Doe Boe
Doe Boe - 24 days ago
Taggart Blake
Taggart Blake - 24 days ago
It's hard to believe they've had Thor's hammer for a year now. Where does the time go!? Also, it's a beautiful day in this vid
Caeneus T
Caeneus T - 3 days ago
It's also been a year with Rexy
Seanstarthelegend 123
Seanstarthelegend 123 - 4 days ago
Flynn Mildenhall
Flynn Mildenhall - 24 days ago
we wont cris
fire god
fire god - 25 days ago
Well thats not in 1 piece anymore toilet
Aurelie Rijken
Aurelie Rijken - 25 days ago
Rexy survived an entire year
Jayme Vera
Jayme Vera - 25 days ago
Jeff Gibson
Jeff Gibson - 25 days ago
Rexy's first day.
nooruddin Mohammad
nooruddin Mohammad - 25 days ago
Hi Guys A Big Fan of You wishes that you clean your sand please
Gary Kerlin
Gary Kerlin - 25 days ago
Gary Kerlin
Gary Kerlin - 25 days ago
Miles Verschuur
Miles Verschuur - 25 days ago
Rexy... the start of an era
Nutmeg Gaming
Nutmeg Gaming - 25 days ago
Who is the person in the background at 0:30?
Lil Spirit
Lil Spirit - 25 days ago
Daniel Rowan
Daniel Rowan - 26 days ago
one year to the day and Rexie is still going!! what a legend!
Jordan Markowski
Jordan Markowski - 25 days ago
Graeme Pollard
Graeme Pollard - 26 days ago
Jocks is actually an Irish term originally boys... sorry 😉. Great video as always!
Luke McDonnell
Luke McDonnell - 26 days ago
No ireland uses the word jocks also
Metal Vape
Metal Vape - 26 days ago
What's up their boys with the pre cracked glass
Nugget loves gaming
Nugget loves gaming - 26 days ago
wow nice vid👍🏻
MGTOW Michigander
MGTOW Michigander - 26 days ago
Lol! A golden crapper
The roasting Gamers
The roasting Gamers - 27 days ago
Can you tell which text toy u use please🤟🏻🤟🏻
Sonny Berin
Sonny Berin - 27 days ago
smushed gold toilet
Basketball King
Basketball King - 27 days ago
Kevin Anaviluk
Kevin Anaviluk - 27 days ago
only glanced at that thumbnail. only slightly smaller
Lachlan Barry
Lachlan Barry - 27 days ago
At 1:56 doesn't it look like the meteorite hitting the earth 65mill years ago
SilverandGolden Hybrid
SilverandGolden Hybrid - 28 days ago
ryan coco
ryan coco - 28 days ago
Do you call him gaunson? I’m from America sorry
Brain Twister
Brain Twister - 28 days ago
I can't stand all that goofy drivel... Boil your videos down to the main topic, people... Terrible!!!
Star Wars Info
Star Wars Info - 28 days ago
This was Rexy’s first video?
AmbrociousXP - 28 days ago
And Rexy is STILL ALIVE!!!
Jeremy Comstock
Jeremy Comstock - 28 days ago
You should call him
Minecraft Lucin
Minecraft Lucin - Month ago
I like hammers
Elijsha Hughes
Elijsha Hughes - Month ago
Elijsha Hughes
Elijsha Hughes - Month ago
Whereismycheese - Month ago
Queen-we will rock you 1:56
Alexander Herstowski
Alexander Herstowski - Month ago
So when the bell was on his head we were supposed to turn him on?😳
BEEF Man - Month ago
Put rexie under the glass
Yossi S
Yossi S - Month ago
Sage Baker
Sage Baker - Month ago
Malissamaehill Malissahill
The picture title Thor’s hamer is huge I clicked on it then it’s small
Andy Possum
Andy Possum - Month ago
9:12 when u walk in the bathroom and someone has a ripping fart
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