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Kirsty Lawton
Kirsty Lawton - 2 months ago
Herrons favourite animal is a snow Leopard or his dog
Skinny BurritoĪ
Skinny BurritoĪ - 3 days ago
Ur men
Skinny BurritoĪ
Skinny BurritoĪ - 3 days ago
Toilet tower got oof
Connor Dickinson
Connor Dickinson - 8 days ago
Witch one leopard or dog
Review Central
Review Central - 19 days ago
Trudy Jones you could use ur phone or a computer
Review Central
Review Central - 19 days ago
Texting Stories hey I’m also trying to become a USa-videor wat if I shoutout you and u shoutout me
Kyran Reynolds
Kyran Reynolds - 3 hours ago
Animal = dog ✅
Electric Wolf
Electric Wolf - 4 hours ago
You should do thor's hammer vs thor's hammer
Zackharias Blucher
Zackharias Blucher - 6 hours ago
Bulletproof glas from dam in switzerland?🙈😱
Max!iiius Pr./iiius
Max!iiius Pr./iiius - 11 hours ago
Derek love chicken BBQ
JGDS Vlogs
JGDS Vlogs - 14 hours ago
The contest answer is as DOG #DOG
OmegaJC ;-;
OmegaJC ;-; - 14 hours ago
Jan Bitancor
Jan Bitancor - 16 hours ago
How about the Giant Dart vs Thor’s Hammer?
IBW Cousins
IBW Cousins - Day ago
aerochimp - Day ago
Laith Polmanteer
Laith Polmanteer - Day ago
Kadir İbiş
Kadir İbiş - Day ago
MichaelWarner91 - Day ago
Bullet proof glass vs. Bullet proof glass
George McNaughton
George McNaughton - Day ago
What i learned from watching this channel : Aussies like to show their top set of teeth when talking.. or even just opening their mouths..
Michael Payne
Michael Payne - Day ago
Rip c3 poop io
Sean Jernigan
Sean Jernigan - Day ago
how has nobody guess they kangaroo herons, favorite animals, obviously a kangaroo if you lives in Australia because they talk about so much
Zeb Brophy
Zeb Brophy - Day ago
Always Morning
Always Morning - Day ago
james pieniazek08
james pieniazek08 - 2 days ago
Person asks what do you do for a living? How ridiculous: I smash toilets with a giant hammer. Person: oh.
Nikladeos Rammus
Nikladeos Rammus - 2 days ago
CHILL IN - 2 days ago
Love ya guys gday mates
MjolnirMarkV - 2 days ago
blessed savage
blessed savage - 3 days ago
You guys should drop a penny and the Thor hammer at the same time and see which hits the ground first. I know the law of gravity says they’ll hit at the same time but I’m curious because that hammer hauls ass lol
Dani-the-Dragon 123
Dani-the-Dragon 123 - 3 days ago
dingo is his favorite animal
Cam Gonzalez
Cam Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Drop a log of that tower to bullet proof glass like if u agree
Atohira Senpai
Atohira Senpai - 5 days ago
What's gonna happen if your head drop there?
Lew Stark
Lew Stark - 5 days ago
Snow leopard or dog
Bunnu Mishra
Bunnu Mishra - 5 days ago
luke pieterse
luke pieterse - 5 days ago
You should try dropping Thors Hammer onto a giant Bell.
And in South Africa we call them jocks too.
Enjoy these videos.
Mark Carob
Mark Carob - 5 days ago
Che cazzo urlate.
B Bateman
B Bateman - 6 days ago
Noland Swan
Noland Swan - 6 days ago
How Ridiculous keep on including membership link in your videos. Great idea and I would like to become a member eventually. My life just has to have a few things get sorted first.
B_radfrombu Gaming
B_radfrombu Gaming - 6 days ago
Next time put it under concrete, the sand absorbing the blow could of been the factor of it not going all the way through
Riley Stevenson
Riley Stevenson - 6 days ago
you need a giant spike
Cian Egan
Cian Egan - 6 days ago
We say jocks in Ireland sometimes
Kendal Stoudemire
Kendal Stoudemire - 6 days ago
I just love the bug on his face
Amari Colin
Amari Colin - 6 days ago
2:02 ohhh that how dinos went extinct
semja one
semja one - 6 days ago
You could throw down the glass that would be better
Saoirse Delaney
Saoirse Delaney - 6 days ago
Irish people say jocks to haha
فارس العنزس
فارس العنزس - 6 days ago
Huyenh Le
Huyenh Le - 7 days ago
Miện lồn
noah schu
noah schu - 7 days ago
Do triple layers might work
Douglas Dragon
Douglas Dragon - 7 days ago
Its a bear
Rzkkk l
Rzkkk l - 8 days ago
Drop the hammernon the obleckk
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani - 8 days ago
We want Chris in a video!
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