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Kirsty Lawton
Kirsty Lawton - 10 days ago
Herrons favourite animal is a snow Leopard or his dog
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous - 18 hours ago
BINGO! Always Herron's favourite animal growing up but hard to go past Magnus now!
Nails Wood
Nails Wood - 2 hours ago
Jocks in Canada are protective athletic cups for contact sports, or the people that wear them. Girls wear jills.
JackelLight - 2 hours ago
unstoppable force vs a immovable object
R Y - 2 hours ago
9 min mark
lu lu
lu lu - 2 hours ago
Se marcaron el Clickbait mas asqueroso que he visto
Bryse Moralez
Bryse Moralez - 3 hours ago
Thor’s hammer vs captain America’s shield
Steve Lallas
Steve Lallas - 4 hours ago
Infinite Pikachu
Infinite Pikachu - 4 hours ago
2:02 How Dinosaurs Went Out Of existence
Givbins Chandler
Givbins Chandler - 5 hours ago
Herons fav animal is Thor
Luke Gravel
Luke Gravel - 5 hours ago
Ha man
chetan sharma
chetan sharma - 5 hours ago
Drop the iPhone in 850ft
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 5 hours ago
Anything: *exsits*
Thors Hammar: am about to end this mans hole career
twane 900
twane 900 - 6 hours ago
Now that's a new meaning of explosive diarrhea
ReSluke - 6 hours ago
Lincoln Knapp
Lincoln Knapp - 6 hours ago
Lol what is that rexy song Scott?
Lincoln Knapp
Lincoln Knapp - 6 hours ago
Drop Thor’s hammer off the dam!
Conner West
Conner West - 8 hours ago
Make a video of you dropping a refrigerator off the top plz
Paul The Pasta
Paul The Pasta - 9 hours ago
hi just made a video explaining why people watch game of thrones!!!! it’s cool( i think)
cwbeasy1987 - 10 hours ago
Should have dropped it again
zedex gaming
zedex gaming - 11 hours ago
No rex
MrHiddenSol - 11 hours ago
Jocks is said in Ireland too!
Nature Navigator
Nature Navigator - 13 hours ago
Oobleck vs thors hammer and giant bowling ball
arya anandaaa
arya anandaaa - 13 hours ago
D B - 13 hours ago
"A little bit of right to left in mine" should have been the #sharedare for this week!
Toby Baker
Toby Baker - 13 hours ago
Giraffe is his favourite animal
Dmoney_idc - 13 hours ago
9:02 you welcome
Facts_ Light
Facts_ Light - 13 hours ago
coper pong
coper pong - 14 hours ago
My jocks are 14 men size.
Jay - 15 hours ago
Dart vs Bowling Ball?
ItsLemu - 15 hours ago
1:29 fuí el único que leyó Willyrex?? Jaja
CmStormKwosr12 - 16 hours ago
You guys need to make the floor of concrete! So the impact can be much bigger and not getting absorbed by the sand 😱 that would be devestating😏
Robert Turner
Robert Turner - 16 hours ago
Gonson the destructor
AnneHC lyce
AnneHC lyce - 16 hours ago
You guys should clean up the field
Plats Tuala
Plats Tuala - 16 hours ago
His dog
Spencer Rockwood
Spencer Rockwood - 17 hours ago
The diesel powered truck though 🤘
Moh shaker 40 28
Moh shaker 40 28 - 17 hours ago
I love u
Xx Xs
Xx Xs - 19 hours ago
What if you place the giant dart standing upright on something impenetrable (many thick sheets of metal?) , and drop Thors Hammer on top of it, so it nails right through it?
Rachel Foster
Rachel Foster - 19 hours ago
I think your fav animal is 🐨
Edward Gold
Edward Gold - 19 hours ago
Are you guys aware that the US military has developed a space based weapon system called Thors Hammer? It consists of a satellite that has steerable projectiles made of solid tungsten that have remotely controllable winglets. These allow it to be dropped from orbit and flown onto a target with extreme precision. They have no propulsion except for the force of gravity. Its all they need. By the time these eleven foot long gravity bombs fall onto the target, they have reached astronomical speed. The explosion that results is purely from the release of kinetic energy and is equivalent to a nuclear warhead going off. The plus side is the lack of radiation. By having no propulsion, they look like meteorites on radar. One would destroy a major part of what ever city it hits. It is speculated that the US has placed hundreds of these satellites in orbit around the world. Each one is said to hold 50 projectiles. This system was much cheaper and safer than trying to put nukes in orbit. It is said that most of the space shuttles mission involved delivering them to orbit and that spacex is now putting more in orbit. Its really the perfect weapon as the "hammers" are suposed to be accurate to within 25 feet. Cheers.
Jaxon Perkins
Jaxon Perkins - 21 hour ago
Fav animal- tiger
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch - 22 hours ago
You guys should link up with the slo mo guys
Anthony Dunkel
Anthony Dunkel - 22 hours ago
Poly carb is worthy!!!
Seth Treadway
Seth Treadway - 22 hours ago
U should do this with solar panels
LIAM Ryan - 22 hours ago
Jaron hollowell
Jaron hollowell - Day ago
X large
Jake Mix
Jake Mix - Day ago
Dude Way
Dude Way - Day ago
7:03-7:04 explains all the video
Jack Lambrecht
Jack Lambrecht - Day ago
Barbara Wentz
Barbara Wentz - Day ago
Ri pp c3 poopio hahahahah
Clarence Innes
Clarence Innes - Day ago
I'm going to say that your favourite animal is a pika.
Jack Lambrecht
Jack Lambrecht - Day ago
no mean to be annoying, but bulletproof glass doesn't prevent blades or hammers
biker dude
biker dude - Day ago
I now have a saying for when I have a massive shit XD "I dropped thors hammer" XD lmao.
mohmed mohmed
mohmed mohmed - Day ago
I love this video and I will do alike
the great pithers
the great pithers - Day ago
A dog
Eric Ketchum
Eric Ketchum - Day ago
Some impulse was lost when the frame traveled into the sand
Kiari Paipa
Kiari Paipa - Day ago
thor in a video
Walker Caldwell
Walker Caldwell - Day ago
Koala bear mate
Jared Kim
Jared Kim - Day ago
the toilets evaporated
Iulian Sacuiu
Iulian Sacuiu - Day ago
Looks like that humer have 60 kg
Annabelle Hilbert
Annabelle Hilbert - Day ago
Guiny pigs❓
Iulian Sacuiu
Iulian Sacuiu - Day ago
How heavy its that humer
Keith Smith
Keith Smith - Day ago
We want chis in a video
Pingoflamingo - Day ago
Favorite animal gotta be the kiwi!
Tom Smyth
Tom Smyth - Day ago
Someone’s sponsored by ray ban
Waleed Wahdan
Waleed Wahdan - Day ago
Solace Huntsman Studios
I love how this channel is never clickbaity and always jumps right into the action.
Exar YT
Exar YT - Day ago
But they say its a bullet proof glass not thor hammer proof
Ryansoldier72 - Day ago
Why is the hammer like 6 feet tall in the thumb nail then in the real video its like a foot long?
Avery Burden
Avery Burden - Day ago
Niger dunt Do dis Clickbaitter
Next video : *Thor's hammer vs human*
Big Shit
Big Shit - Day ago
We say jocks for underwear here in Ireland too bois!
Glitching Fish
Glitching Fish - Day ago
8:57 thank me later or subscribe to me
syamim caster
syamim caster - Day ago
It's not bulletproof glass. It's thor Hammerproof glass
Willempie - Day ago
I think the hammer could have punched through ... The yellow frame sunk into the sand quite deep ... which absorbed alot off the impact... I call a redo!!!
Merle Matthews
Merle Matthews - Day ago
It is a kangaroo
Angus Vignes
Angus Vignes - Day ago
Jahanzeb Sarfraz
Jahanzeb Sarfraz - Day ago
Forgot that it's gonna get colder in Australia now
Blue Smoke
Blue Smoke - Day ago
Somethings not adding up from looking at the thumb nail and watching the vid 😂 just saying
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones - Day ago
AlexMB4L - Day ago
5:04 i saw stone cold steve
bring back the giant dart
Mathew Grant
Mathew Grant - Day ago
who would win Thor's hammer or John Wick
Trevor Townsend
Trevor Townsend - Day ago
Do stormbreaker too
Typical Washington
Typical Washington - Day ago
The thumbnail looks like a giant hammer landed on his leg and hes in shock 🤣
Anonymously Amazing!
I was wondering how does the GoPro camera survive the whole video🤔
budgiebreder - Day ago
“Whose wins” what an epic reference to who dares wins ;)
Captain DaCorgi
Captain DaCorgi - Day ago
How you get Thor hammer
Captain DaCorgi
Captain DaCorgi - Day ago
How you get Thor thing
Wph101 - Day ago
Kangaroo #commtest
Rafif Jmt
Rafif Jmt - Day ago
The bulletproof it was crack before,the hammer fals it is fake experiment
BlackWolf18C - Day ago
Rough calculations, but your hammer is generating about as much force on impact as 20 grams of TNT detonating. That may not sound like a lot, but a 40mm grenade round packs something like 36 grams of filler... Considering the force is all in a single direction in this case... Stay safe out there, boys.
Van Williams
Van Williams - Day ago
Was there a crack in the glass on the bottom before you dropped the hammer? (It kind of looks cracked) If so, how did you crack double bullet proof glass?
the cool koopa
the cool koopa - Day ago
I hope rexy will survive but I don't think so
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