IDIOCRACY: Is It Deep or Dumb? - Wisecrack Edition

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Wisecrack - 3 months ago
Quick correction: we say the Flynn Effect shows IQ increasing 3 points every year, but it's 3 points every DECADE. Apologies for the dumb typo!
Willem le Duc
Willem le Duc - Day ago
@shinobody Exactly. If you statistically correct for the fact that IQ scores are re-normed every year, you can compare scores across generations.
Willem le Duc
Willem le Duc - Day ago
It also appears to be reversing.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - 6 days ago
@RagnarTheRed Intelligence literally by definition is the ability to "learn stuff" (application is part of that but you cant apply something you haven't learnt.). You are confusing your assumption that your ability to recognise it may be flawed.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - 6 days ago
@Tom Rhodes IQ is strongly directly correlated with "wisdom". Which is why our top performers tend to have high IQs. The ability to accrue wisdom isn't inhibited by various intelligences The only people that seem to be upset with how IQs work are people who test and realise they aren't as bright as they had evaluated.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - 6 days ago
​@shinobody Because it's adjusted so that 100 is always the median. You know you can figure things out if you think. Failing that you can just find out by using the internet. The IQ score is based off giving large set of people the test and adjusting the scores based on the average performance. 100 points just means it's what most people get. Regardless of what the percentage of the test they got right. Thats why whilst different countries have better resting averages, when looking at their local IQ scores 100 is still the average. Globally you can clearly see the offset though because the set includes everyone, including people with lower absolute scores.
eljamay2 - 9 hours ago
Ah, i see you now...
righter0o07 - Day ago
in defense of the vaccinations opponents , there are cases where the vaccine caused disabilities so who should take the responsibilities ? pharmaindustry aka the biggest drug lord on the planet , they dgaf
SP 12
SP 12 - 2 days ago
One of the 5 best movies ever....
Postghost - 4 days ago
IDIOCRACY: Is it a movie or a doccumentary?
Lyyca - 5 days ago
Burrito covers. Hahahahahaha!
MathematicalCoffee - 6 days ago
I've found that people who sit around complaining about how dumb everyone else is are usually not too bright themselves. I'm sure this comment section is the exception though
Zef Blueberry
Zef Blueberry - 6 days ago
The implications of the Flynn Effect of higher IQs are debatable. If, for example, more people play a video game every day, then the average person would likely be better at playing that game without that meaning that people had become smarter. Similarly, more people are trained for the sort of questions found on IQ tests, so they do better on them without that meaning the average person has become smarter....
Tyler Padgett
Tyler Padgett - 7 days ago
Studies show that IQ's, testosterone, and semen counts are all dropping at alarming rates in the west. Ignorant video
TobyTheBlackDog - 7 days ago
The real truth: Idiot yokels ARE democracy.
Juan Carlos Alvarez-Paiva
Well, it may be too early to extrapolate on constantly increasing IQ:
The Shrimp
The Shrimp - 7 days ago
Anti-intelligence is Peter Griffin
Pseudo-intelligence is Brian Griffin
Guillerm Suarez
Guillerm Suarez - 9 days ago
Actually it predicts AOC supporters.The young, the idealistic ,and historically ignorant .
Log Splitta
Log Splitta - 9 days ago
It's Right now is the maiden voyage into complete idiocracy.
Your hair is right in there.
Men who play video games, my god. You need man tutoring.
Matt B
Matt B - 9 days ago
It's neither... It's pure prophecy.
Soup Samich
Soup Samich - 10 days ago
It is just a comedy movie. I think you spent three or four days watching it on repeat while on meth .
Ra's Eternal Wisdom
Ra's Eternal Wisdom - 10 days ago
The fact that that fool Terry Crews thinks masculinity is toxic 🙄
Mikael Murstam
Mikael Murstam - 10 days ago
Yes dumb people getting more kids would make the world dumber. To deny that is to deny evolution by natural selection. That has nothing to do with eugenics. Fact is, a Norwegian study has shown that IQ has actually started to decline in later years. It was rising for a while but is now going down.
Dylan thomas
Dylan thomas - 11 days ago
How did they see it all coming so clearly
tumppuman - 12 days ago
Idiocracy is still as unfunny as it ever was and it's parallels to current times are way overstated.
The Eiru Saga
The Eiru Saga - 12 days ago
We ARE living in an anti-intellectual global society as is proven by everything that has happened so far in 2019. There's a great stigma with learning in many countries, there's an overabundance of fake news and people with social media & hatred taking over real human contact. We are already overpopulated & are quickly running out of all-natural recourses. a person is an intelligent creature people are dumb as can be; this can be due to mob mentality but in many cases, people are just STUPID. IQ has begun to drop to a lower level each year that passes. I have offered a theory that all things loop. life started with a single cell organism and it appears we are going back to that.
language is now redundant. Fear is unnecessarily spreading. News is designed to be fake. Communication is mainly done with abbreviations or emoji's. But to name a few. These aspects and more cause me to fear for humanity and its clear decline in morality and intelligence.
Nona Yobiz
Nona Yobiz - 12 days ago
People have become, and continue to become, more stupid. They do NOT read, least of all news. They are increasingly unable to read in depth. They can't form cogent arguments. They can barely articulate their thoughts. I.Q. is rising? lol! No, the system is dumbing down. What passes for an "A" student these days, was an average student fifty years ago. We know less math and science in this country. We are among the most illiterate people on the planet. Good luck with that.
Idiocracy is a liberal Utopia, celebrating the most ignorant & outcasting the intelligent is exactly what's happening now. People shame sombody like Candace Owens or Ben Carson & put an idiot no talent whore like any kardashian on a pedestal
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me
Dont take advise about which games to play from a guy who falls for cheap shitty flicks.
Paul Harry
Paul Harry - 15 days ago
Nice in vid ads. You sound faggy. That's it.
Ashiah Indigo
Ashiah Indigo - 18 days ago
You promote a game completely built on fantasy that you can waste years of your life on, but vaccine and flat earth conspiracy theorists are the (pseudo) dumb ones??
Feble mindedness was the core of a eugenics movement that was specifically aimed at blacks. Margaret Sanger the inspiration and founder to now what we call planned parenthood.
So it's much more at the base of political and social decisions than the basis of intelligence. Agendas must be pushed..any bully can do that no brains necessary.
Samuel davalos
Samuel davalos - 18 days ago
Trump wins mofo
MAGA 817
MAGA 817 - 18 days ago
This "idiot" thinks antivaccers are pseudo intellectuals because he doesn't have measels but Down Syndrome and Autism are a all time high and have been attributed to vaccines. He also failed to mention that vaccines (have electrolytes) have dead human fetus and other animal DNA in them.
campbellscollision - 18 days ago
IQ may be higher for some, but as a whole, IQ and common sense are declining. Liberals have lost it. Free college? Its not economically possible, and the level of education would drop. We already have lowering of test score requirement so "Minorities" can get into college. Color should have nothing to do with education. Besides, that's racist as shit to think someone is stupid because of their color. We also have a problem with liberals thinking Mechanics, carpenter's, farmers and labor people are stupid. How smart you are, depends on where you are standing at that moment.
This movie is about a Socialist society, and that's liberals. Joe would be a conservative. Liberals are for free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Working Americans can't afford healthcare but they should pay for illegals? We are already gambling for healthcare, we just don't have the slot machines, yet. Might not be a bad idea.
The way of talking reminds me more of California than Hillbilly. Nothing here is hillbilly, but dumb country folk yes. Reminds me of many I know. Their stupid, don't work, free healthcare because of the kids. They vote for the "It's Free" Democrats. They love Obuslim and Hitlery. Orange man bad, he take owwre fee stuff.
This movie is what our country will be when liberal socialism succeeds.
campbellscollision - 18 days ago
Common sense is just as important than IQ. Today, common sense is dying.
Cheetah Thunders.
Cheetah Thunders. - 19 days ago
Bongwater Jones
Bongwater Jones - 19 days ago
Bongwater Jones
Bongwater Jones - 19 days ago
Haaaaaaa of course this is some hidden right wing talk masked as a “it’s common sense bro” conversation... shoulda known as soon as he said idiocracy is a hit on bush. It’s a hit on America, America IS THAT DUMB ALREADY. We are living in the movie already.
nonconformist - 20 days ago
The smart people are manipulating stupid consumers through their insecurities. Controling them through what they have been indoctrinated into believing is a smart phone but in actuality is really a tool they use to extract all of your money while you pretend to be part of a society that doesn't even exist.
luciano del bufalo
luciano del bufalo - 20 days ago
u a dumbass u redhead dumbass... dumbass. i am no dumbass i know words and shit. XD
decodynamo - 21 day ago
Thimerasol causes autism. Big pharma is virtually immune to prosecution as it permanently injures thousands. You are a douche.
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - 22 days ago
I am very disappointed in you for comparing me to the greatest president of all time Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho I look up to a man like him but he is so great we could never be compared
TheLadiesMantis - 23 days ago
Have you researched the shit they put in vaccinations. Vaccinations would be good if they didnt put the stuff that is not supposed to be in your body. And definitely not a new born baby. Do some research!
Oscar Sessions
Oscar Sessions - 24 days ago
Great commentary on Idiocracy. So many great points other than the Flynn effect which has been commented on already. Idiocracy to me is hated by the people it portrays. They get angry when a movie like this shows what their future generations will be like. For now they are smart enough to know it’s pointed at them. Anti-intellectualism is alive and well. Look at how much money and time is spent on the football programs of any educational institution that has a program vs the amount of money for their debate team or computer science program or anything. It’s proof yo.
Hammerschatten Industries
"And now: The President, brought to you Coca Cola, so you too can enjoy the sweet system of Democracy, much like the extra sweet new Coke zero. taste the Freedom..."
Nikhchan's Gaming
Nikhchan's Gaming - 26 days ago
I thought you was Ronald weasley
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon - 26 days ago
You just describes 95% of the Democrats and the Republican bases.
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon - 26 days ago
Fallatio cafe??? Why do we not have this yet???
Zolar Czakl
Zolar Czakl - 26 days ago
Bleeping out the word "fags"... like a bunch of fags
0raivec - 26 days ago
Can't it be both?
Olaf Elsbeurry
Olaf Elsbeurry - 27 days ago
Idiocracy is deeply dumb but it's always hilarious to watch stupid fucks
TheAlaric89 - 28 days ago
Most eugenicists are all for forced vaccinations.
Mr Croob
Mr Croob - 29 days ago
Dont say console graphics likes that's something to boast
Sean Smith
Sean Smith - Month ago
Umm super deep, duh
Faragequit - Month ago
Idiocracy is a masterpiece. So many truths in it.
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