IDIOCRACY: Is It Deep or Dumb? - Wisecrack Edition

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Wisecrack - Month ago
Quick correction: we say the Flynn Effect shows IQ increasing 3 points every year, but it's 3 points every DECADE. Apologies for the dumb typo!
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x x - Hour ago
WAIT!!!!!! 10:30 You said America BUT you had a Map of United States of America. America is a continent DUMB ASS.
Dangerz Own
Dangerz Own - 2 hours ago
FactFinder Are you actually fucking retarded “fact finder” it killed 2.6 million people in 1980 and the number has been falling ever since until the new spike brought on by dumb cunts like you who get your facts from schizophrenic bloggers with the scientific literacy of a god damn lemming.
Plutofeld seinfeld
Plutofeld seinfeld - 13 hours ago
I've seen the contrary - the average has been dropping since the 90s by 2 IQ points per decade, and the trend only looks to continue.
oneenigma4u - 16 hours ago
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore - 23 hours ago
you're a retard if you believe that
Mike Williams
Mike Williams - Hour ago
I guess President Camacho had the best economy, and lowest unemployment in decades. Oh, I guess he reformed the prison system too.
JohnLeePedimore - Hour ago
Even in the Idiocracy future they're not dumb enough to wear baggy pants with their ass sticking out.
Joshiwu Thir
Joshiwu Thir - Hour ago
When he says “it takes a long time to disprove flat earthers” what he really means is “there is no proof for the heliocentric model, so please abandon the scientific method and join me in sun worship”
Chris Loomis
Chris Loomis - Hour ago
See the Idiot ANTIFA get Angry and fall into " WHITE PRIVALEDGE " ....HIS PRIVALEDGE Shout down and get very very angry with anyone... Anyone he does not agree with.
Pathetic Idiot.
x x
x x - Hour ago
WAIT!!!!!! 10:30
You said America
BUT you had a Map of United States of America.

America is a continent DUMB ASS.
Deep Or Dumb?
It's Both!!!
green sleep
green sleep - 2 hours ago
It's too late, the "tipping point" has been passed and we're fast breeding ourselves off this planet. Enjoy what time remains, it's going to get bad.
TreeMunky - 2 hours ago
It's genius is what it is 👌
Brandin Shaeffer
Brandin Shaeffer - 2 hours ago
Hmmmm.... where to start.... I realize that this is anecdotal af, but my family lives in rural (deep deep rural) Oklahoma and literally every kid I've met there could be an extra in Idiocracy. They just have absolutely *zero* interest in intellectualism. Some of them hunt literally ALL of the meat they eat - at 11 and 12 years old - so they clearly have some 'skills'. But those are skills cave men possessed. Not exactly big thinkers. My own nephews on my sister's side are *unbelievably* computer illiterate. They're racist, homophobic, immature and completely uninterested in the world around them. They're related to me, so I don't believe its some sort of a genetic issue - it's pure nurture. Nurture, when strong enough, can completely over-ride nature.

My friends' kids here in Los Angeles aren't mini Einsteins or anything, but they care about their grades, have some pretty interesting hobbies, are little computer geniuses (kind of lol), & can hold a decent conversation with an adult. Side by side they practically seem like different species. My nephews have visited a few times and its an embarrassment to take them out in public. The awful things they say, the way they behave - you just think 'my god, if these people ran the world, where the fk would we be?'
Zach Blakeslee
Zach Blakeslee - 2 hours ago
Im a lefty im so open minded. Im just disgusted by like 30% of the population. 🙄
Max M
Max M - 3 hours ago
Mike Judge's works are generally very smart and conservative-leaning in their overall political commentary. He did Idiocracy, Beavis and Butthead (which is surprisingly conservative in its commentary about the effects of degenerate thinking on man and society), also King of the Hill.
New Age Scam Artist
New Age Scam Artist - 2 hours ago
Judge strikes me as being more libertarian than liberal, that's for sure.
IHaveWaffles - 3 hours ago
It is in the fact that people are becoming more dumb. That is failing of the school system father than by smart people not having babies.
hzuiel - 4 hours ago
The explanation for dumb people not having dumb children consistently is the tendency to regress to the mean from outliers, if two very tall people ahve children, often those children are tall, but not as tall. Then their children's children will be shorter, until eventually their descendants on average, match the average population. It works in reverse, two short people, or two dumb people who have children will often have children taller than them, and each generation should progress towards being taller on average until they reach the average for that population. It doesn't mean traits aren't heritable, or that natural selection isn't real or that modern humans are somehow exempt from it. Theoretically intelligence not being selected for by reproductive success, should cause a downward trend if natural selection is correct, so I don't know how scientists could explain an overall upward trend in IQ currently, it seems counter intuitive. We could be riding a wave, a trend that has carried through all of human history to this point, so if the trend were reversed long enough(500 more years), the wave would likely have given way to a regression in intelligence. I don't see any particularly compelling reason to expect the flynn effect to just go on and on indefinitely, it certainly couldn't be consistent, or people 100 years ago would barely have been able to tie their shoes, and going forward there has to be an upper limit to what an electro-chemical brain is capable of.
christopher hennessey
christopher hennessey - 4 hours ago
It’s deep, as it reveals what is truly happening here in America.
piccadilly commandos
piccadilly commandos - 5 hours ago
"Before we get to the comparison of our retarded world and the retarded idiocracy world, let me introduce you to out new retarded games sponsor. Play retardogames on your retardophone and waste your time away! Let's get retarded in heeeereeee!"
Fuck your sponsor, buttcrack.
Funk Enstein
Funk Enstein - 5 hours ago
Of course he bashes Trump. Thumbs down.
Watcher I
Watcher I - 5 hours ago
GoldBeard The Thirteenth
GoldBeard The Thirteenth - 5 hours ago
Eugenics is painless murder. It is ethno-politics and it is stuff that every country has done and there are many that have done this. Judgement is an opinion based on perception. Unless your perception is top notch and the facts are strong, you cannot enact judgement against someone or a specific society. I don't agree with the practice because life always finds a way and one's judgement can be entirely flawed based off of one perspective or misleading information. Or that culture has the cure for a disease or plague that can save humanity and the lives of intelligent people. Jail is a eugenics program because it removes bad people from society for a time that lowers their ability to reproduce. Most of the time bad behavior is learned behavior. Discipline is more important than eugenics. The key to evolving humanity is to promote successful people and families that have established great abilities to delay their gratification or have intense focus and drive. Rewarding the ability to distinguish facts and have keen observation skills is key to harnessing evolution of the human genome. You can be the best employee in the world but if your boss doesn't perceive you that way or his judgement is flawed, he will not promote you. Being observant is more important and reproducing with those that can harness that talent is key as well as passing on that information and talent to your children. My kids will be taught this way. My wife is tough and loving. Seeing reproduction like a game or an accounting thing is key to understanding what happens. Debit is like the side that gets to heavily reproduce because there is high demand for that individual. Credit is the side that reproduction is slow because there is low demand for that individual. The higher the demand for a disciplined individual (Smart is basically how fast you can recognize patterns really. Discipline is how much can you delay your gratification to achieve a better outcome. Perception is also key because being able to categorize something in multiple ways makes you smarter and more able to recognize patterns ). I think discipline is more important than smarts and perception. But perception is still important since it governs how decisions are made.
The other problem is that women are penalized in reproduction for being successful and smart. Men get rewarded while women are penalized. Though, you do get these super women though that basically turn any guy into a successful master by sheer skill and marrying her is like winning the genetic lottery. The reality is that these women are successful and are equal in talent and skill but long term they will become more and more rare since they will either reproduce significantly less since the man ends up with 2 families in a lifetime because of success. This means that if his genes are genetically predisposed to success that he will have twice as many as the successful woman who may have little to no children. Those children when competing for that social resource though will be on an equal playing field but then the successful son of that dad could have two families like his father (One in his 20s and then another in his 40s) while the successful woman has only one to two children. Eventually there are a lot more successful men who can do the job while there are about the same or less of the successful women who can do the job. The solution is artificial wombs and like we currently do, divorce settlements that hit hard. Artificial wombs create a way for driven women to not be penalized for having sex while still being able to have children and raise them like any parent would. Say she gets pregnant. She could go to a clinic and instead of having an abortion, she has the option to raise the child to have an artificial womb at this stage and the child can grow in this manner. The other issue that causes women to have inequality is menopause which limits how long in a lifespan a woman can have children. Most men can have kids up to 100ish. Women it is late 16 to late 40s and that is not enough time to really find success outside of parenting. It is complicated and I could write for hours on this because inequality is there and the perception is wrong on a lot of fronts when it comes to this.
555 444
555 444 - 6 hours ago
So, Gulliver's Travels?
Michael Weston
Michael Weston - 6 hours ago
The Check just means this is State Sponsored, Trust at your own risk, and for God sake, do your own research...Watch INFOWARS...
Auxiliary Infantry
Auxiliary Infantry - 7 hours ago
It is a dumb movie people use to project against the people they perceive as dumb often for knowing different narratives, for disagreeing with them on certain subjects, for embracing different personal perspectives, and for out-of-context matters.
I will say there is a correlation between intelligence and genetics but there are different types of intelligence. IQ is often determined by tests which often can only determine your ability to take a test insread of your ability to function.
Default User
Default User - 7 hours ago
Mountain Dew 😂😂😂
The official soda of morons
Branko Roric
Branko Roric - 7 hours ago
Okay, and here is some more complete analysis of the real age of stupidity:
Scotty D
Scotty D - 7 hours ago
I love that show. I live it.
Ol' Arbogeezy
Ol' Arbogeezy - 7 hours ago
Idiocracy is the type of film where if you think it's too deep then you're dumb, and if you think its dumb then you're not deep enough.
David Carter
David Carter - 7 hours ago
Downvote for Shameless Advertising
Kershmey - 8 hours ago
It's a dumb movie confronting a deep and very real issue.
Enoch Furyan
Enoch Furyan - 8 hours ago
Clickbait, FoS.
dubbleplus - 9 hours ago
Idiocracy? Yes, it's here...grown man still playing video games and dressed like Dumber from 'Dumb and Dumber.
HIK VISION - 10 hours ago
Well it's all coming true!!!
PushandillPushback - 12 hours ago
There is a reason. Rejection of morals in favor of feelings. We're just reaping what we've sown.
jill brown
jill brown - 13 hours ago
american had eugenic programs in place
a few years later america #1
eugenics is bullshit?
aifoS Films
aifoS Films - 13 hours ago
This guy is a soy boy pretending to be an intellectual. Probably a socialist.
bidmcms3 - 14 hours ago
The measles outbreak is not proof that the anti-vaccine argument about autism is wrong. It’s possible that vaccine contaminants cause neurological disease in children, and we still need an effective vaccine for infectious diseases. Both can be true.
RedEyeification - 14 hours ago
Pseudo-intelectualism or anti - intelectualism is the same thing.
PuppyLuvU2 - 16 hours ago
I loved that movie. It was amazing.
I say give it another 200 years or so and we can see if they were right or not then. I mean a LOT can happen in 500 years.
sylar69691 - 16 hours ago
Most females are FEEBLE MINDED!
Fenix - 17 hours ago
So Eugenics when it comes to IQ... well, look at california's average IQ and how it's in decline and who is repopulating there. Their averages don't really seem to change from their previous country. Regardless, there is a link in nature to having smarter kids. Look at genius rates within populations and within families for example and IQs within families and how those averages show up in their kin, even when adopted.
You're right about one thing though. A lot of people assume a lot of stuff when there is objective science and stats on things. Pseudo intellectual is what people are who claim things are without fact or research and I've got 4 years of research into IQ and psychology. So... Please don't take nature out of any intellectual argument when it comes to human behavior, it does everyone a disservice.
cusoon myfriend
cusoon myfriend - 17 hours ago
2,6 M subbers, no shit sherlock, mainstream stuff is jewish stuff, no way
daisyroots - 17 hours ago
you can just smell the liberal comin out this here channel
Kat Shaffer
Kat Shaffer - 18 hours ago
There's no need to "protect" yourself from the measles. Everyone alive today in their 50s and older got the measles as a kid. There was no vaccine, but it was fine. It isn't a disease. You get a fever, a rash and a runny nose for a week.
Christian Byrd
Christian Byrd - 19 hours ago
Idiocracy seems more like a Regressive leftist blueprint for the future.
New Age Scam Artist
New Age Scam Artist - 2 hours ago
AOC and Elizabeth Warren are practically characters from that movie.
Jay Cardin
Jay Cardin - 22 hours ago
I do not think that people getting 3 IQs point smarter every decade but less dumb people are taking IQ tests so the avg scores are artificially skewing upward.
Demef - 22 hours ago
Can anyone tell me what Obama's most significant accomplishment was PRIOR to his being elected in 2008? Remember his infamous "you didn't build that" statement? Okay, point to ANYTHING prior to 2009 that he could say "I did that" or "I built that." Just one thing ... Maybe he holds the patents for Brawndo.
wthNOname - 23 hours ago
fake news rules social media no bias here guys wink wink iq increasing wtf? in usa average use to be well over 100 now its gone down to 98 which is south american levels of stupid how is that an increase did you just read article headlines for this crap and not bother looking any of it up
Demef - 23 hours ago
I'm convinced that Nancy Pelosi is President Camacho's blood sister. The stupidity that broad utters daily is staggering.
Jerry Pizzle
Jerry Pizzle - Day ago
Go away, baitin'
Dave Marx
Dave Marx - Day ago
I'm still waiting on the sequel where Brawndo's AI seeks out "Upgrade" to have him usurp Bauer as president and bring Brawndo stock back up.
Frank Justis
Frank Justis - Day ago
Splice They Live and 1984 with Idiocracy and you may have something really interesting.
BAR-1 Studios
BAR-1 Studios - Day ago
Halfway through and a core factor of the creation of the Idiocracy hasn't been addressed: copulation without repurcission. IE: Many Libertarians & Right Wingers will point out the contributions of a Welfare State along with Moral Decay/Free Love/Sexual Liberation laying the groundwork in Joe's era. The opening illustrates the Darwinistic nightmare as natire's pitfalls were removed by the state.
BAR-1 Studios
BAR-1 Studios - Day ago
HA! Post this 3 seconds before "Too Many Babies". Wait. Are we suddenly going woth the tack that there isn't an overpopulation problem?
syndicator - Day ago
why cant i watch one godamn youtube video without some asshole shoving advertisements down my throat...?
Mike Kaila
Mike Kaila - Day ago
Its not ttump. Its social media and the people teching the kids
Eratix - Day ago
It was a documentary sent back in time as a warning... and we are not heeding it.
Its not a movie. Its a look into our future.
Lobito Husky
Lobito Husky - Day ago
talking about Idiocracy and advertising a videogame! you are the movie
Drek Picken
Drek Picken - Day ago
I disagree, what about AOC! (She, like many Democrats, is stupid as they come! Love from Scotland!
olserknam - Day ago
I feel like this movie is not nearly as smart at its fans think it is. I have seen a lot of people praise the "ass in the cinema" scene for being "deep". To which I can say, well, this scene definitely... is a metaphor? I mean, that's not false. People clapping at a piece of ass being shown in the cinemas is definitely a metaphor meant to evoke the message "welp, these people going to stupid movies sure are silly!". But it's not "deep". If anything, it's an incredibly simple and surface-level metaphor, almost a caricature. A kid could come up with something like this. I feel like the creators desperately want to separate themselves and their work from the mass of "stupid movies", but they cannot really offer anything other than surface-level contrarianism like that. And this is the definition of pseudo-intellectualism.
Also, the fact that this comment section is filled with political fanatics that don't really discuss the movie but instead discuss how it reinforces/goes against whatever beliefs they have pretty much sums it up.
Billy Barnett
Billy Barnett - Day ago
This video has been debunked.
cid facetious
cid facetious - Day ago
It's funny that they compare the president in Idiocracy to Trump but in reality Idiocracy basically represents the ideal liberal world
annoythefish - Day ago
Raid(s marketing campaign) is blowing up so get in now...
dick castle
dick castle - Day ago
Idiocracy is spot.on
Max Payne
Max Payne - Day ago
Making idiots is fine as long THEY don,t take high position,s,a SHIT.Well game over kid,s:(
Palty B. Shields II
Obama = Comacho
Big Bones Billy
Big Bones Billy - Day ago
Obviously it wasn't trying to predict the future, it was a sharp critique of what exactly was going on after the Iraq War started which, media wise, was The O.C., Laguna Beach, Cribs, Lost, anything that was thousands of miles away from reality we didn't want to face.
Doctor, I am Pagliacci
13:25 Cut Lure!
Jessey Hunt
Jessey Hunt - Day ago
Just bring back King Of The Hill already!
lorddarthstar - Day ago
jazz VS HipHop OK LOL
GameSpy DarkAge
GameSpy DarkAge - Day ago
It IS happening!
Joe Carnes
Joe Carnes - Day ago
More like deeply dumb.
naze thcee
naze thcee - Day ago
Mike Judge is the Nostradamus of our time.
Geno  Injian
Geno Injian - Day ago
This movie is the worlds future pretty much. Sad truth humans are stupid enough to let corporations rule the world
franklin pickle
franklin pickle - Day ago
Fact: Intelligence in the normal range is a polygenic trait, meaning that it is influenced by more than one gene, more specifically, over 500, and is thought to be 50% to 80%genetic in origin. The heritability of IQ for adults is between 57% and 73% with some more-recent estimates as high as 80% and 86%.
The Flynn effect will not save us forever! Oh and IQ goes up 3 points every 10 years not every year and there's new studies showing that it is starting to go the other direction in resent years.
So have fun with your pseudo while the world falls apart!
robin & bernhard
robin & bernhard - Day ago
Same with move demolition man. More and more we go to look like that
Endymion766 - Day ago
Trump is Camacho, ha ha ha. It is a perfect likeness. Ha ha ha. Because one is a black young muscular wrestler and the other is an old white real estate mogul. Those are two things that are exactly the same, ha ha ha. Vote for AOC for Rebel Commander 2020, ha ha ha.
JeremyB - Day ago
This movie is got so much scary truth I'm terrified knowing it could happen
Gary Agin
Gary Agin - Day ago
6:52 the ole 666 doulbe hand gesture and the guys sporting a blown dry comb over doo, who and what is this money grub shilling for
Gary Agin
Gary Agin - Day ago
i got it, Danny Bonaduce
JB sparks
JB sparks - Day ago
Trump's whatcha get when the opposition fields an even worse opponent. So, the biggest idiots are Democrats.
מיכאל Lamont
מיכאל Lamont - Day ago
I like Trump.
Cruz would have been good.
Leftist utopia.
Idiocracy -
It's lack of meritocracy.
schain 6
schain 6 - Day ago
Plot twist...

The liberals are leading us to this world!
New Age Scam Artist
New Age Scam Artist - 2 hours ago
That's for damn sure.
TheIkawatay - Day ago
More like that's how "deep the dumbness" of america fro present towards future.
Pain_Is_Good - Day ago
How about just, "Is America getting dumber?"
Yes, true, people of low I.Q. reproduce far more than people of high I.Q. And with welfare ever increasing this is become more severe.
Yes, millions of illegal immigrants from countries with I.Q,s only in the low 80s are pouring over our borders, many already with babies in their arms.
BUT ...
Through the Internet and social media, people of high I.Q.s are finding each other more efficiently than ever before.
bobby kotata
bobby kotata - Day ago
its breaking out in disease because of 30-40 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS YOU FUCKING LEFTIST MORON!
VeryUs Mumblings
VeryUs Mumblings - Day ago
At 7:32 you show an article stating that Tea Party Supporters are wealthier and more educated than average, but in that same article, it states that they also think Obama is a socialist and a Muslim. They also want smaller government (and less socialism) without cutting taxes and want to keep their medicare and social security.
KaYoTiiC 504 Louisi-Arrma
“Can we do her family style”. “Welcome to Costco I love you”. “Heyyy I like sex too we should be friends”.
Any other great lines from this movie, plz add them it’s been a while since I’ve seen this classic.
Star Shaman
Star Shaman - Day ago
Gingers have no soul - this campbells soup fool proves it
pl capeli
pl capeli - Day ago
so wisecrack fails to fully grasp the sociological implications of idiocracy .... ?? hows that for a prophesy
Manuel DeAbreu
Manuel DeAbreu - Day ago
It is a documentary of the DNC.
Julius Striecher
Julius Striecher - Day ago
If you dont believe in the relevance of Idiocracy as a social critique,how do you explain white people who run around bitching about the fabricated concept of "white privilege "?
How do you explain black welfare queens who cant feed their 10 illegitimate offspring while they sport 500 dollar hairhats and drive escalades?
How do you explain millions of 3rd world p.o.c 's flocking and BEGGING to enter White nations ,and then scream and yell racist at the very people that have allowed them to come on in?
This world is filled with stupid ,shortsighted, easily manipulated people.We dont need to wait 500 years to see it come to full fruit.Idiocracy is ALREADY a reality.
Vincent Bullock
Vincent Bullock - Day ago
Bring back latin!
Left right whatever, if you think another man or group of men have a '''' right ''' to tell you what to do ,
News flash
you believe IN SLAVERY...
Pha Q
Pha Q - Day ago
Hard times make strong men. Strong men make easy times. Easy times make weak men. Weak men make hard times.
dcthegreatest24 - Day ago
Hey! It's the H dealer from Pulp Fiction 🤣
Comatoast - Day ago
Mfw wisecracks calls the left psuedo intellectual why simultaneously being so
tony t
tony t - Day ago
Look around you, practically everyone including their grandmother is a scannable (tatted up).
Mata Nui
Mata Nui - Day ago
mangaka08 - Day ago
One problem with the idea of "dumb people are going to reproduce more and make too many dumb people" is that, once a male gets below a certain IQ level, women stop selecting them entirely and they never end up having kids to begin with. The female "choosiness" of partners is one of the many ways humans differ from chimps; female chimps will mate with anyone when they're in heat, but female humans are very selective with their partners and pick and choose who they'll mate with, obviously. Men who are successful have much, much more access to women than men who are don't successful in life. Humans are also a k-selection species rather than an r-selection species. If humans were r-selection, then we might see such a problem. Additionally, many of the men on the lowest IQ level also end up in jail for criminal activity, as well. There's lots of other factors involved in it.
Laharl Krichevskoy
Laharl Krichevskoy - Day ago
Imagine SJWs trying to grow crops.....
BENJAMIN Enriquez - Day ago
I'm terrified.
Td gardner
Td gardner - Day ago
Wow you're all part of the Idiocracy. Hey ginger dude, you're a shill....
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