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Summer Brotman
Summer Brotman - 10 hours ago
Okay, parents don't have kids to have any gain later on in life, but damn, if you put your parents in a home and they didn't abuse you and you just don't want to take care of them, you are a shit human being.
Selsa A
Selsa A - 10 hours ago
“Reciprocal slap”
Dallas&Trooper - 10 hours ago
When I give birth I will tell my mother “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU HAVE 2???”
Billie Lyrics
Billie Lyrics - 10 hours ago
i’ve been watching 0:30 over and over again for like a 3 minutes
Khurram Mazhar Amir
Khurram Mazhar Amir - 11 hours ago
We may not owe all of the things that our parents did for us obviously that would be impossible to payback but in my opinion they do deserve a little attention especially when they are really old.
Juan Pablo Valencia
Juan Pablo Valencia - 11 hours ago
4:11 pleaaaasee😂😂
Kat Marshmallow
Kat Marshmallow - 11 hours ago
The ANCOP walk is a beautiful idea!!
PlayStation Madness
PlayStation Madness - 11 hours ago
But I don't *_have_* parents...
E H - 11 hours ago
my mom kept tabs on everything and keeps reminding me to pay when I'm 18
E H - 11 hours ago
my mom kept taps on everything and keeps reminding me about it
Oda Lervik
Oda Lervik - 11 hours ago
milk first then cereal
David Sohn
David Sohn - 11 hours ago
3:34 Is it weird to say I've been hit with every single item she's holding?
Lexi Levey
Lexi Levey - 12 hours ago
Dom is gonna be a good dad holy shit
Goten HypeFlex.
Goten HypeFlex. - 12 hours ago
Been here since 530K subs....left when u got 2.m.....came back at 4.m
Alex Ward
Alex Ward - 12 hours ago
Your talking about parenting meanwhile I'm here like, can people stop having children?
MisterVoltic - 12 hours ago
Ur animation style seems different
Elijah Pyle
Elijah Pyle - 12 hours ago
The Fancy baby was talking I lost my crap 😂 I couldn't stop laughing 😂
Cement Table
Cement Table - 13 hours ago
br4ns14n - 13 hours ago
this video made me tear up, thank you dom
Vernise Genciana
Vernise Genciana - 13 hours ago
the baby rlly just death-dropped
Master Piggymaster
Master Piggymaster - 13 hours ago
Control Mech
Control Mech - 13 hours ago
Domics is literally the naruto of youtube!
Jason Perez
Jason Perez - 13 hours ago
When your mom caught you awake at midnight
Sugar Treee
Sugar Treee - 14 hours ago
Literally don't ever tell your child how much they costing you trust me it make them feel like shit, serious i love doing softball and everytime i enter the car they just rant about how much it is costing them and i love the sport but it makes me want to just quit and cry . So serious dont it just makes the child feel like shit for doing something they love and that seriously not a message you want to pass on.
norma newson
norma newson - 14 hours ago
You know one time my mom got mad at me because I accidentally called her dad Uncle Derek
Alex V
Alex V - 14 hours ago
Ah yes, a perfect lesson to teach kids. I finally learned something that teachers don’t talk to you about.
Many kids need to watch this.
karen Yang
karen Yang - 14 hours ago
💕 Dom you can be a great parent one day 😂
Smile - 14 hours ago
4:04 me with my puppy who is misbehaving and driving me crazy to the point I wanna jump out a window and runaway to Australia to pet the polar bears and swim with the camels
Cloud天使 - 14 hours ago
That face is gonna be me
Smile - 14 hours ago
omG I jUst goT iT uR nAme Is "Domics" caUsE tHaTs YoUr NamE AnD iT soUnds LikE cOmics :O 
*I am so stupid*
Youtube Critic
Youtube Critic - 14 hours ago
I rate this video 4-5
아이!그림러 - 15 hours ago
" guardians in general" OHMYGOD YONDU I MISSED YOU SO MUCH
pyro main
pyro main - 15 hours ago
Hope you all have both your parents because I dont :(
SpaceCowboyMugen - 15 hours ago
What's the difference between cancer and myself?

My dad didn't beat cancer.....
SpaceCowboyMugen - 15 hours ago
*sniff sniff* wholesome content here.... *sniff* (side note; your animations were always worthy of appreciation (it's how I first came across your videos) but it's cool seeing the talent you have now after some time has passed. Keep it up Domz!
Tanpei Kosugi
Tanpei Kosugi - 16 hours ago
In my opinion dominic is like a dictionary idk
Kaydenz Ruko
Kaydenz Ruko - 16 hours ago
i’m 13. i was at my cousins house and needed to get home so i could go to school. couldn’t get ahold of my dad all day and knew he was sleeping. i eventually got him to pick up and i was now at my grandmas with my aunt and cousins. he said to stay there and he’ll come and get me. my aunt didn’t believe it so she took me home instead (which is a 2 hour drive) i walk into the house to see him passed out on the couch. i went to bed and the next morning he said “well i just thought since your 13 you’re old enough to figure it out” now i decided imma stay with my mom for the school year instead (divorced parents, mom during summers dad during school) and i decided to have my mom tell him so he would be more reasonable. i told my family members and they said it’s for the best because my dad is now either selling or on drugs. goodie. he was told by some family that i’m not coming back and he then ignored me for two weeks and greeted me with passive aggressive texts. people say i’m being dramatic but i was neglected constantly when i was living with him. i couldn’t hang out with my friends because i didn’t know if he would get home in time so he could be with my brother. i was yelled at if i fell asleep instead of keeping an eye on my five year old sibling. i’m happy now. my brother is with his mom (separate moms). i would never wish this on anyone else.
EggosAndMonsters - 16 hours ago
“This doesn’t mean you can do whatever the hellO you want!”
jill - 17 hours ago
nosirrah 42069
nosirrah 42069 - 17 hours ago
*watchs soap operas all day*
Nlght188 - 17 hours ago
( • . • ) ~hoi
/ > < \
Lux - 18 hours ago
Lisa D
Lisa D - 18 hours ago
Will you be at Fanexpo 2019 ??
P3achyb0y - 18 hours ago
why pornhub 6:22 ?
deanky - 16 hours ago
It's Amazon
Hdnfucjcc Zhshfjchd
Hdnfucjcc Zhshfjchd - 18 hours ago
Hey i know you want to read every comment but because you like ddr i think osu is fun for you.
PickleTheDragon48 - 18 hours ago
Bad Parent: You owe me, I brought you into this world and paid for your life
Sassy child: You owe me for bringing me into this world against my will. Guess we’re even.
1203927 - 18 hours ago
Alright son, your life bill is...
Rebekah Larsen
Rebekah Larsen - 18 hours ago
child harnesses can sometimes cause more trouble. My parents had one for me when I was little because I would wander off and with this harness/leash, I would clothesline people and lean all the way forward to have one of my parents hold my full weight on the leash, at least until they let go and let me fall. I deserved it
Homosapien #7098
Homosapien #7098 - 19 hours ago
Trust me. 3 yr olds can be pretty smart. It’s scary...
Gracey Cowles
Gracey Cowles - 19 hours ago
We are visiting family this week in Toronto, so I’m going to convince my mum to drive my brother and I out there:D
It would be so cool to meet you!
IBLEGSNOLEGS 123 - 19 hours ago
Damn i wish my mom saw this
Detoxxify - 20 hours ago
5:17 oh god
Leh Fab Duck
Leh Fab Duck - 20 hours ago
@-@ my dad does that's why my parents are divorce,he can't do his kids a favor
Tiffany B
Tiffany B - 20 hours ago
Agreed, I'm with you dom, you can't just wait till your son/daughter is old enough to get a job then tell them they are in debt.
Tiffany B
Tiffany B - 20 hours ago
You get too much sponsors
whatever57010 - 20 hours ago
me: writing a comment about how clear it is that Dom doesn't have children

*see all the comments are written by children*

also me: F*** this, I have 2 at home, don't need all of them attacking me

*delete comment, write this bs instead*
(if this is not funny it is not my fault, the kids have been sick = no sleep = drain bamage)
Evilhouse - 20 hours ago
how to not raise hitlar should be a real book
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez - 20 hours ago
I don’t want kids. Too much work and money
הילה וקנין
הילה וקנין - 20 hours ago
Its weird for me, parenting is not a job. and haveing a kid is the thing i want the most 😕
Domics looks at it difrently then me
( btw im 15 and tallk a diferent langouch thats why my english isnt perfect
sad adobo
sad adobo - 21 hour ago
Shardas Carapace98
Shardas Carapace98 - 21 hour ago
I like your honesty 😂
Shardas Carapace98
Shardas Carapace98 - 21 hour ago
Whatever the hell-o you want 😂😂😂 I’m totally using this...
Cowboy - 21 hour ago
How about JUST cereal
Isaac Espinal
Isaac Espinal - 22 hours ago
Domics is basically telling people how to be a parent. While not being a parent
Aarav Rahtole
Aarav Rahtole - 22 hours ago
1:11 i was like i know what will happen next
Plasma YT
Plasma YT - 22 hours ago
♥️< \
Pauline Morales
Pauline Morales - 23 hours ago
I don't like the leash thing, it makes kids more desperate, they are not animals for God's sake 😂
Kowala Bare
Kowala Bare - 23 hours ago
Philip Neumeister
Philip Neumeister - 23 hours ago
One big thing I was kinda surprised was only kinda skimmed over was that the reason that parents are responsible for their kids is because they made the decision to have kids, and specifically and importantly: the kids never asked to be born. Whether or not they're grateful is irrelevant, because if you force something as complex as life onto someone, you have a responsibility to guide them through it as best you can.
PixieSpells - 23 hours ago
So many contradictions Dom 🙄
Doah - 23 hours ago
what video is he referencing when he says "growing old but not growing up" 3:46
Laur Oras
Laur Oras - Day ago
4:30 subtitels
Did you find My teddy bear yet
*me as a parent*
Jimmy:DADDY can I go swim with the Sharks!
Me:Yeah sure jimmy go ahead.
Jimmy:dad one of the Sharks is coming to me!
Me:it likes you.
Me:have fun in hell jimmy.
FxxedAesthetics - Day ago
Milk first
Then cereal
Some Person
Some Person - Day ago
Is Dom pregonan?
Toasty Doggo
Toasty Doggo - Day ago
I'm not having kids. I'm not gonna give myself more stress than I already have
Brocker69 - Day ago
Dom sei bravissimo
Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres - Day ago
Airport parents: *watches video. “Don’t tell me how to raise my kids!!”
Anto Cube
Anto Cube - Day ago
Fiyin Oluokun
Fiyin Oluokun - Day ago
*asian or african beating lol*
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