FaZe Clan Dodgeball Challenge

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FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan - 4 months ago
🚩 Stadium Goods: 47 Howard St, New York, NY 10013
COREY HADEL - 2 months ago
I’m going
Dylan Franco
Dylan Franco - 4 months ago
Let’s go faze clan
GODLY Smurf.
GODLY Smurf. - 4 months ago
FaZe Clan code ICECREAM?
whoduuhhh - Day ago
rugs walk is like a girl in a dress
Gabriel Olson
Gabriel Olson - Day ago
FaZe Rug has more subs than you
Miguelito Duran
Miguelito Duran - 2 days ago
ReconFN - 2 days ago
No one:
Alex: WhO wAnTs ChIcKeN tEnDeRs?
ʚlush ɞ
ʚlush ɞ - 6 days ago
Rug is actually really good !
ATH Rules
ATH Rules - 7 days ago
They had faze kappa way before they said they told us about it...you can see it on the rack
Alex Knott
Alex Knott - 9 days ago
2020 eny1
Efrain Jimenez
Efrain Jimenez - 11 days ago
The face they but for rug
Nike Logic
Nike Logic - 16 days ago
I love this video love faze btw I'm super good at fortnite
Amanda Jacobsen
Amanda Jacobsen - 17 days ago
Apex looks like a spartan
Tyler Bhawan
Tyler Bhawan - 18 days ago
Hi my name is Tyler and could I join the faze clan
Įlluminati [] Ë6tence
Įlluminati [] Ë6tence - 20 days ago
Faze clan is real shit except faze rugg
Cooper Stowe
Cooper Stowe - 20 days ago
Blazikens actually a bot
amir sheikholeslami
amir sheikholeslami - 22 days ago
Part 2
phoenix grant timoti hika
faze rug umm what
honkingsprite 101
honkingsprite 101 - 25 days ago
Do faze vs faze football plssssss
animes glare
animes glare - 25 days ago
okay but rug was my favorite:(
Dragon Flames
Dragon Flames - 25 days ago
Rug that type of kid that makes videos with his parents and don’t curse but with friends he says bad words
Blake Byrd
Blake Byrd - 26 days ago
Bro what race is apex lmao
Eggward Delacruz
Eggward Delacruz - 29 days ago
Why is it the same team from basketball
Cristian Orti
Cristian Orti - Month ago
FaZe Alex u small as shit
Marino nmp
Marino nmp - Month ago
You Gus are so cool
Marissa Villarreal
Marissa Villarreal - Month ago
Is rug still faze
shAde flame
shAde flame - Month ago
Isn't rug the kid from hannah Montana
SLAVER DEATH - Month ago
I like ice cream
Clover - Month ago
im getting a steel series mouse tommorow
faze up
Nathan Takacs
Nathan Takacs - Month ago
Eugene Sarpong
Eugene Sarpong - Month ago
0:00 when that hit marker hit perfectly
Burt Wan
Burt Wan - Month ago
Bro rug should win the sportsmanship award
Juan .M.E
Juan .M.E - Month ago
U guys should a soccer one pls
Abe Behm
Abe Behm - Month ago
What the fuck is this thumbnail
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran - Month ago
faZe apex was the first
Beth Bene
Beth Bene - Month ago
4:30 Tenser:We have big target and small target Apex:We have big dumbass and little dumbass 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Face_2 _palm
Face_2 _palm - Month ago
So it will make me smile agian cause my parents are divorced my grandpa died in front of me at home when he had nothing wrong with him I am going thru a lot right now so it will mean the world
Face_2 _palm
Face_2 _palm - Month ago
Yo faze could I tryout for faze next year pls cause I need to cause you guys are my biggest inspiration and I been watching you guys since I was 5 and I am now 10
George Cardenas
George Cardenas - Month ago
Anyone realize that they played dragon ball music in da background lmaoooo
dean dickenson12
dean dickenson12 - Month ago
At 2:43 rug should get out he got hit on his chest then catched the ball
Echoez - Month ago
I swear apex is the funniest faze member
Quentin_ Teller
Quentin_ Teller - Month ago
I love how Locas said ‘Chick FILET’
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