Chicago Bulls vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game Highlights | November 29 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Truong Donovan
Truong Donovan - 2 days ago
Whoever subs to my channel will get a sub back just comment I subbed
Sean L
Sean L - 4 days ago
22% for melo and 20% for Lenard. 😂
Rashawn Hollaway
Rashawn Hollaway - 4 days ago
Referee breakdancing on the job @ 2:23
Gale Hess
Gale Hess - 4 days ago
That was a ball game. Both teams played hard nosed ball. Dame is so locked in. They have a good chance to get to the conference finals, and the rest will take care of itself.
J B - 5 days ago
2:24 ref wit the bboy moves
capakuma81 - 5 days ago
I ain’t even mad the Bulls lost. They played very well against a more experienced team. I was impressed more by Melo’s performance. Man’s was puttin in work. 👌🏾
wuti90 bingo
wuti90 bingo - 5 days ago
mvp Carmelo Anthony
Anderzon Contreras
Anderzon Contreras - 5 days ago
So sexy
mac Stanford
mac Stanford - 6 days ago
Paul Anders Bullecer
Paul Anders Bullecer - 6 days ago
If this team got the chemistry and Nurkic. It's over
Virk Singh
Virk Singh - 6 days ago
Why is it actually fun watching melo play at this age.
klevdavful - 6 days ago
Melo duz look like he has worked on something.... He still can score and is playing a tad bit more Defense , is it going to be enuff , well we will have to see how it all unfolds.
Explosive Juice
Explosive Juice - 6 days ago
Trailblazers offense is insane, they just need to get their defense together.
Sarate Edens
Sarate Edens - 6 days ago
8:06 GODDAMN he got his shit punched
Ronald Gilmore
Ronald Gilmore - 6 days ago
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Everette Sentino
Everette Sentino - 6 days ago
That boy Whiteside had a party.
Frank Muro
Frank Muro - 6 days ago
Anthony has no type of defense he doesn’t even try
Kevin Pimentel
Kevin Pimentel - 6 days ago
bulls has many white guys that can shoot
David Dorofeyev
David Dorofeyev - 6 days ago
These jerseys are f’ing me up 😂
My Bulls are a fucking embarrassment.
Alex B.
Alex B. - 7 days ago
I always wonder how they manage to record the shoe squeaks better than players' voices
Nick Nick
Nick Nick - 7 days ago
I am so happy for melo that I want to cry, hope he keeps it up for 2 more seasons at least
Domo2Kold 773
Domo2Kold 773 - 7 days ago
This whiteside is so damn lazy lmaooo. just look at his movements around the court.. if he played with a little bit of intensity and energy he’d be a force
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker - 7 days ago
Bulls: We're not goin to let Melo embarrass us like last time
Melo: Hold my hoodie
A Z - 7 days ago
Zach legit the only one whose trying to go hard. Lauri regressed hard af. Coby looking decent and Wendell will get better.
TheLegendaryLinx - 7 days ago
Remember when Chicago was a dynasty? Yeah that was a long time ago, so if you ever get to experience a great team enjoy it while it last... dub life!!
Mitchell Muskovin
Mitchell Muskovin - 7 days ago
melo 🐐
big dre
big dre - 7 days ago
did melo wrong # 00 sub to me
Monstar - 7 days ago
Melo looks so happy just to play.
Ridge Moore
Ridge Moore - 7 days ago
Portland becoming a major threat in the regular season as usual.
Brian - 7 days ago
Dame #1 PG
Destdrom - 7 days ago
Jason Sellers
Jason Sellers - 7 days ago
What if they knock out the Lakers in the playoffs wouldn’t that be a plot twist 🤯
Capital804G - 7 days ago
My Bulls Be Fighting Hard Every Night!!! I Luv that!!! We Can’t Finish Well 4 Shit tho!!! SMDH!!!
Darrell Millner
Darrell Millner - 7 days ago
🤣🤣🤣Wtf happened to the ref @2.26
uncle Dollar
uncle Dollar - 7 days ago
Damn Bulls !! We need some wins gheez
Robert Mann
Robert Mann - 7 days ago
As a NY fan I've always had a love hate when it comes to melo Loved him in Denver ,Knicks not so much but real talk this guy can still ball as a 6th man he could and should've been getting calls and I'll definitely watch ptb when they play now
Wesburbs Tally
Wesburbs Tally - 7 days ago
How tf did coby white think he was gonna put it over Whiteside lmfao... that’s why they lose, terrible shot selections by a couple players and Boylen not putting Gafford in enough. They would definitely have a better record just gotta have some players not put up stupid shots. The only one who should put up a shot when double or triple teamed is Lavine and I would say not even triple teamed.
Coleman Jeter
Coleman Jeter - 7 days ago
Good to see Melo smiling and having fun again you could tell he wasn't happy in his last two locations
Snax Bee
Snax Bee - 7 days ago
I see u Melo. Keep pushing fam. REDHOOK BKLYN. WE PROUD. SALUTE.
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