trying to make diy lays chips

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Octavio Rios
Octavio Rios - 2 hours ago
Eat them with lime juice and tapatillo hot sauce amazing taste plus lime cuts the fat.
jey del
jey del - 4 hours ago
I think you and Jenna would love this!! Its almost exactly what she asks for all the time!!
Sydney Speller
Sydney Speller - Day ago
Is Julien a cooking channel now?
Simistarfish - Day ago
Classic are the best man!! Respect to the salt
Norman E
Norman E - Day ago
Why not bake?
Katelyn Love
Katelyn Love - Day ago
As a fellow Aries, I always enjoy an Aries Kitchen video!
Maci Briggs
Maci Briggs - Day ago
Lays better spons him right fuckin now
Hank Hougen
Hank Hougen - 2 days ago
Jenna and Julian have a friendship I really want
yeahyeahd - 2 days ago
"jenna likes the chips i guess that's a win" that's honestly the biggest win of them all. a) someone you love likes what you've cooked and b) you've homemade something that might actually taste a little better and costs less than the bagged version? beautiful. now if you can recreate the sound of the bag opening lol
edit: also yes! cook more i love these kinda videos.
Rusky Diamond
Rusky Diamond - 2 days ago
Julian doesn’t capitalize any of his video titles. Is this chaotic Aries energy?
king cobra
king cobra - 2 days ago
Man jst buy a bag of chips u know how long that's gonna take to,make as many at they have in a bag
Madara Bogdānova
Madara Bogdānova - 2 days ago
He is like this generation bob ross
anonymous army
anonymous army - 2 days ago
imagine how weird it must be to have both a girlfriend and a just friend named jenna! such a small world!
palun pane uks kinni tra
im also an aries. I LOVE CHIPS but I hate the original ones
Jenny Lyons
Jenny Lyons - 3 days ago
If you aren't subscribed to Bon Appetite magazine's YouTube channel, you ABSOLUTELY should be. I think you'd really like it
Martha j
Martha j - 3 days ago
did julien solomita really just tell me to be careful with the oil
Mary Jones
Mary Jones - 3 days ago
Looks delicious! I used to make all the time except on high heat in the oven. Turned out similar and WAY better than commerical chips. Awesome job!
Lo Kincaid
Lo Kincaid - 3 days ago
Classic lays are my favorite!
Khord - 3 days ago
Such relaxingvoixe
the graceful doot
the graceful doot - 3 days ago
he looks like a young alternate Alton Brown lmao
Ery Theia
Ery Theia - 3 days ago
Why doesn’t he monetize? Julian is one of the channels for which I would totally watch all the ads
BracesFil - 3 days ago
Fujin has fall great 👍 was
becca h
becca h - 3 days ago
“as some people insultingly like to call it ‘plain’ “
*calls it plain 10 seconds later*
Nica Albertson
Nica Albertson - 3 days ago
Julien pretty much ended up making tadiq (Iranian fried potatoe recipe)
noy676 - 3 days ago
I cant hear what you say because i eat Lays Chips
Katiee - 3 days ago
dayyyuuummm..... when did julie start getting 1 mill views ? lol niiiice
ALG - 3 days ago
he literally just made raw fries
Qistina Mahazir
Qistina Mahazir - 3 days ago
happy birthday julien!!!!!
Siren Studios
Siren Studios - 3 days ago
You should try an Air Fryer and a pressure cooker, they’re so fun to use 💚
Mary McNulty
Mary McNulty - 3 days ago
Now I want chips
Katie Drury
Katie Drury - 3 days ago
Mad that the original walkers (lays) aren’t red in the us
Vegan Hippie Cat Lady
Vegan Hippie Cat Lady - 3 days ago
How did u make them look so beautiful
Angelena R.
Angelena R. - 3 days ago
Being on a trip and not being able to find something you can eat is such a issue as a fellow Celiac. It's also really awkward when I'm out with people and they are suggesting places and it's just like " uh, yah...I can't eat anything there." I live in San Diego and have not found any GF Chinese food, really weird to just eliminate a whole food category.
aquadraco20 - 4 days ago
Personally, i like the low salt potato chips. (scandalous, i know)
jasmine - 4 days ago
i remember the first and ONLY time i tried making potato chips, i sliced my finger and bleed out like crazyy (i thought i was gonna pass out) and it took 2 months to heal (still got a scar tho) anyways moral of the story is be careful childreenn
-- - 4 days ago
He said his girlfriend gave him that birthday gift but I thought it had been Jenna 🤔
sasuke messengerbag
sasuke messengerbag - 4 days ago
i literally could eat a whole bag of lays all day. i LOVEEE potato chips,,, especially the regular lays flavor. ppl say it’s boring but like,,, the flavor is THERE
Viktoria Miller
Viktoria Miller - 4 days ago
I’m loving this series. Can we please make this twice a week!
Viktoria Miller
Viktoria Miller - 4 days ago
Also can we get a collab with Nikki Limo. Make a Tasty Aries kitchen Tuesday. Do it!!!
Bianca Martinez
Bianca Martinez - 4 days ago
Why are his videos of cooking so more soothing compared to Jennas😂😂
haley_castle - 4 days ago
Love these cooking videos
Lilah Vlogz
Lilah Vlogz - 4 days ago
Me when I see julien has a pan instead of the deep fryer : WHAT IS HAPPENING JULIEN ARE YOU OKAY
Tiffi Paco
Tiffi Paco - 4 days ago
I love your cooking videos!!! They are my favorite so far :)))! They have inspired me to try to go vegan:-)! 💕💕💕💕😋😋⚘
Candice Leila
Candice Leila - 4 days ago
Should add sugar to the water soak and msg to the salt
Jessica Tremblay
Jessica Tremblay - 4 days ago
You guys are so cute 🥰
TheAidanator - 4 days ago
In England they're called 'Walkers' Crisps but it's the same brand and same logo.
Cortney Ratliff
Cortney Ratliff - 4 days ago
sometimes Julien is just so chill
Taylor Moser
Taylor Moser - 4 days ago
You should make your own seasoning for them!! Like how they have baked potato or wasabi or whatever, I think that’d be really cool
FEARFACE - 4 days ago
Sponsored by Lays
Liefde MSP
Liefde MSP - 4 days ago
Twins! I’m an Aries and I’m literally OBSESSED with chips, especially Pringles.
Tash Makroliolios
Tash Makroliolios - 4 days ago
Next time you should try them in an air fryer! Might make a difference
Maja - 4 days ago
It's very weird seeing Julien being relatively calm and instructive in a video, after watching all the intense Aries living in all of Jennas videos
Thunder Rhododendron
Thunder Rhododendron - 4 days ago
Watching an Aries use a mandolin had me 😬😬😬😬😬
MPLoura - 4 days ago
Plain chips are the only good chips. People that like flavored chips what are you doing?
Michelle Rijkmans
Michelle Rijkmans - 4 days ago
Still weirded out by the fact lays plain chips are in a yellow bag in the US.
suggarachel - 4 days ago
Brolli - 4 days ago
I like chicken chips
fatima huq
fatima huq - 4 days ago
JnJ need to open a pop up restaurant and serve their iconic recipes (to their closest of friend via exclusive invites)
*BiTChhhhHhhhhh what a concept*
Nahomi T
Nahomi T - 4 days ago
I’m here for all the cooking videos, can this just be a cooking channel now?!
Shyne Dink
Shyne Dink - 5 days ago
Happy birthday classic boy
Cat Cela Ojo
Cat Cela Ojo - 5 days ago
doopdingle dorp
doopdingle dorp - 5 days ago
ur dressed like the male nurse that helped me get the shampoo bottle out of my ass
Hell Raiser22
Hell Raiser22 - 5 days ago
Thanks Julien, I watched this fucking video and ate a WHOLE ASS BAG OF FUCKING LAY'S POTATO CHIPS, THE FAMILY SIZED ONE.

P.s. it was bomb tho lol
Disturba Black
Disturba Black - 5 days ago
Love julien!!! IV WAITED LONG ENOUGH..(15 mins)😂
wolf town
wolf town - 5 days ago
i love chef julien omg
snow G
snow G - 5 days ago
U should open a vegan restaurant called Aires kitchen.
JohnSwagbert - 5 days ago
The pain of watching julians videos in a house with no food 😔
Shoe Flew
Shoe Flew - 5 days ago
Since when was this channel Tasty by BuzzFeed?
Musette Weller
Musette Weller - 5 days ago
lays should sponsor you jsyk
Jessiefox123 - 5 days ago
ASMR of Cermet eating homemade chips pls
Matti Dunn
Matti Dunn - 5 days ago
wow I love lays sponsored content lol
BZ - 5 days ago
His girlfriend looks sorta familiar... anyways thanks for the upload!
JoseBache DlTorre
JoseBache DlTorre - Day ago
BZ haha that’s Jenna Marbles
Shayla Jacquez
Shayla Jacquez - 5 days ago
Is this sponsored?
Andre Salva
Andre Salva - 5 days ago
He seems really close to the girl in the video! I'd love to have a friend like that.
Jessiea Jessiea
Jessiea Jessiea - 5 days ago
Hey does anyone know if there is a video of him cooking Pat Thai with Ethan (crankgamplays) ?
barry weber
barry weber - 5 days ago
Interesting vid..
Aura Fluff
Aura Fluff - 5 days ago
Those look so delicious!!
Skylark - 5 days ago
Sssaaaaame! I'm an aries and I LOVE chips! And particularly the ones with just salt. And not crinkle cut, but the smooth ones!
Sky - 5 days ago
I can't believe I watched you make plain chips for 10 minutes. But it was a really nice video, and I feel pretty happy. I hope you do more, since you seem to enjoy it!
The Unprofessional Me
The Unprofessional Me - 5 days ago
Love both of yalls content.. All of it. Yall are my inspiration.
samantha bean
samantha bean - 5 days ago
This is my first video I’ve watch of Juliens and honestly I didn’t know he could be so calm. Lmao
Hunter Michelle
Hunter Michelle - 5 days ago
I wonder if they would look the same if you used an Air Fryer instead?
Никто 123
Никто 123 - 5 days ago
Хочу сказать, что голос, озвучивший Джулиана из КамедиСтоп ему больше идёт.
Cassandra - 5 days ago
Quality work man, I’m really loving the new camera angles. Keep the cooking videos coming, please.
Gillard Bulst
Gillard Bulst - 5 days ago
I am Jeus
I am Jeus - 5 days ago
Said calling them plain is insulting but proceeds to call the plain chips😂
Mia Talarico
Mia Talarico - 5 days ago
Fs in the chat for lemon lime Gatorade
Julien dress up as the easter bunny and get people to submit things and people that annoy them. Easter therapy
impinkiepi uwu
impinkiepi uwu - 5 days ago
No you didn't
Eleuhve R.
Eleuhve R. - 5 days ago
Juliennn don't soak them! Starch makes them be crunchy and pale like an old grandpa's knees 😉
RavenVixen - 5 days ago
Happy belated birthday!!!
Karelly Munoz
Karelly Munoz - 5 days ago
This reminded me of Claire lol
Ripossa Gucci
Ripossa Gucci - 5 days ago
Lol it would've been better if you put them in the oven
Ripossa Gucci
Ripossa Gucci - 5 days ago
Lol it would've been better if you put them in the oven
Freyjinn - 5 days ago
i want to make chips now LET'S START THE CANCER KITCHEN
Mads 12
Mads 12 - 5 days ago
I feel like Julien’s Aries energy is only visible when he’s on Jenna’s channel
Nanea Lilliana
Nanea Lilliana - 5 days ago
this is the most virgo julien has every been in the kitchen
love raeleighhh
love raeleighhh - 5 days ago
Refreshing how relaxing it was to watch this video. I love you guys❤️
Lunala Games!!!
Lunala Games!!! - 5 days ago
😮 WOW that Jenna girl is good she needs her own channel
urmanismyman - 5 days ago
"It's hot I'm gonna wait."
*0.2 seconds later*
"Okay I've waited long enough."
Grace Classics
Grace Classics - 5 days ago
The classic ones there are too salty for me. I like the wave ones more
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