I'm Something Else (Official Music Video)

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Kake - 7 minutes ago
Other animators be like...We can’t make music, so we need Dave
Adam : *_Im something else_*
Old Flame
Old Flame - 8 minutes ago
Subscribe to pewdiepie..
Oreo Lps
Oreo Lps - 14 minutes ago
Listen to this song for three hours straight not kidding this is amazing
Arjun Khetan
Arjun Khetan - 14 minutes ago
Tbh I think there could have been a better alternative to the 'pulling your ubderwear' part. Doesn't quite fit the previous line too.
*No hate fam but still something else*
dragon gacha
dragon gacha - 15 minutes ago
Im not joking when i say THIS IS AMAZING I WATCHED THIS FOURTY THREE TIMES !!!!!!!!! im a very picky kid i dont like a lot.
Mr.chicken31 Bye
Mr.chicken31 Bye - 17 minutes ago
I will like to say that this looks like it took a while to edit and draw then put it together honestly I’ve watched over 500 videos OVER 500 I can’t even remember and this is by far the most amazing video I’ve ever seen and the only video that I realized that I should like and subscribe I can tell a lot of work was put into this just the movement and his mouth must I’ve taken ages good job you earned what ever good is coming your way and sorry if some of the letters are spelled wrong I hurt my finger sooo I can’t type well
Cadie Hatter
Cadie Hatter - 25 minutes ago
I give it 10000000000000👍
Diamond Ax Jax
Diamond Ax Jax - 25 minutes ago
2 million... 2 million!
Gurleen Chahal
Gurleen Chahal - 26 minutes ago
What a god
Cadie Hatter
Cadie Hatter - 26 minutes ago
I love the song
Survivor 1013
Survivor 1013 - 27 minutes ago
Damn, this good.
juvy diloy
juvy diloy - 34 minutes ago
Lol I see A Robloxian on Something else mouth
JAKCOP Cavrd - 34 minutes ago
The Diamond
The Diamond - 35 minutes ago
This is in my head
JAKCOP Cavrd - 36 minutes ago
At 1:05 when he says succeed he says it in a very very soft and nice way
Undone KE
Undone KE - 40 minutes ago
This beat gives me Gravity Falls vibes.
xx_Ms. MadMusic_xx
xx_Ms. MadMusic_xx - 49 minutes ago
This is such a good song! People can actually relate to this song...even me! And it's sooo inspiring! I love it so much it gives me a weird feeling, but in a good way! It's the best I love it!
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez - Hour ago
you a raper legend adam
TheNinth Capricorn
TheNinth Capricorn - Hour ago
Now some words from TheNinthCapricorn.

No matter what do not give up let people say what they want but you are you. Don't try to fit in. You are perfect the way you are. You are not bendable to peoples needs. People may get you down but you can get back up stronger than them. You face every challenge head on. Not only will you prove them wrong but you will bring yourself higher and higher. Kids now a days ( I say this because I am a teenager and I see the problems with most of them) they care how they look to other people. And I hate that be who you want to be. Be the best you can be not just to somebody but mainly to you. If they don't like it than they are not your friend. They are posers thinling they look good next to you. Find people who except you and all of your "problems" with your personality. I also find "problems" with your personality to be your characteristics. They are what you have. You only have that combination of the personality traits.

Also no matter how beat up you are you never lose value. You can never lose value. You will always mean something to someone.

Good bye and I love your videos SomthingelseYT
You do awesome

And thanks to the team for the awesome animating. This song will never die in my heart.

Thanks for reading all of it thanks means a lot to me.
Super mini Gamer
Super mini Gamer - Hour ago
Best part is 1:53
Mr Muffin
Mr Muffin - Hour ago
Pewds bi*ch lasagna Adam hold my underwair
Nuvena Chrysalist Century
2 million sub : about 12 million views
No reason Just weird
this is great
Celeste Burkeen
Celeste Burkeen - Hour ago
Is that James in the end
Irritated Itachi
Irritated Itachi - Hour ago
Welp. Enjoy while you can. Tik toks about to ruins it we all know it.
Lunar Gacha tuber
Lunar Gacha tuber - Hour ago
I like your oc
Elroy Lee
Elroy Lee - Hour ago
1:15 is that James saying what?
MadDog _21
MadDog _21 - Hour ago
Congrats on 2mil subs!
Y0gurt is YaM
Y0gurt is YaM - Hour ago
I really like this it encouraged me cause i have been bullied all my life... thank you 😊
Cookie Wolf
Cookie Wolf - Hour ago
I love this!!!!!😍😍😍😍😘
Brixonice Productions
Next Eminem
D🐶gnutty🐶 - Hour ago
Prorevenge subreddit in a nutshell
Tayden SMITH
Tayden SMITH - Hour ago
Did he just slam dunk a chicken
K B - Hour ago
Why is this beat so damn good and Mach your channel so much!
DumboWumboGaming512 - Hour ago
Make more songs!!!!
William Miller
William Miller - Hour ago
James - Happiness through anxiety
Jaiden - Eating disorder
Adam - Pushing through hate
gadsd asd
gadsd asd - Hour ago
but he dont have pants
Toast Cat Productions
Can he animate my life please
Captain Gaming
Captain Gaming - Hour ago
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang dood I suck at raping🥵
Nathalie courivault
Nathalie courivault - Hour ago
Its the best song ever
infected/venom liam
infected/venom liam - Hour ago
Sup James one thing to ask you ur oc use to be an angel but now a demon? Btw I like all your videos
Mad Jelly two
Mad Jelly two - Hour ago
Toadette pretty in pink Cutie
The reason why the bullies don't have faces is because they are blind from Adams amazing art skills.
Five Smiles
Five Smiles - 2 hours ago
Sonny Peña quiros
Sonny Peña quiros - 2 hours ago
Felicidades por los 2 millones gran youtuber
evilqueen 9099
evilqueen 9099 - 2 hours ago
How did only see this now
XxMiLkoFtHeChOlkLaTe xX
XxMiLkoFtHeChOlkLaTe xX - 2 hours ago
1:51 am I the only one that gets a weird feeling on the beat drop?
Anime HeroRP
Anime HeroRP - 2 hours ago
People make Adam dream or he will pull down our underwear
Erick The Default
Erick The Default - 2 hours ago
I’m sad that I didn’t get to cop one of those limited “The Something Else” hoodies. I really wanted one and I couldn’t find my debit card, and I find it the next day and they were sold out😭Bring it back please😭
lillie Ćhan
lillie Ćhan - 2 hours ago
Bro I didn’t know you could rap
Savagelife playz
Savagelife playz - 2 hours ago
1:52 there's were the horns came from
Rylan Hunter
Rylan Hunter - 2 hours ago
This video really is something else.....
Fro_ozo - 2 hours ago
Jaiden: Eating disorders and depression.
James: happy and depressed.
Adam: Underdog story.
Tim tom: (Pffft idk)
Laurie Nicholson
Laurie Nicholson - 2 hours ago
WWWWHHHHYYYYYY, do people dislike stuff like this
Fro_ozo - 2 hours ago
Saskia Raas
Saskia Raas - 2 hours ago
1:19 damit he got me 👌⬇️
chickenugget 546
chickenugget 546 - 2 hours ago
I have watched this 5 times
Ryerye Keeley
Ryerye Keeley - 2 hours ago
Half of class: KOBI!
Other half: SWISS
* they say it as you slam dunk a chicken *
Professor P
Professor P - 2 hours ago
1:51 when you realize that you are you and don’t have to listen to that bully’s in life
dennis michael
dennis michael - 2 hours ago
now we need one with the odd1sout.
Jacoib ovi
Jacoib ovi - 2 hours ago
98% good music
2% cringe
very good
Velvet Fox
Velvet Fox - 2 hours ago
I believe I speak for everyone and everything when I say; This song is beautifully written and makes me feel powerful and positive in a way. This is a great song, great job!
neko chan
neko chan - 2 hours ago
RIP child 2019-2019
Bakugo Akatski
Bakugo Akatski - 2 hours ago
Adam is the next biggest rapper
Darryl Mcmillian
Darryl Mcmillian - 2 hours ago
Who hs been in a locker before?
Din Din
Din Din - 2 hours ago
I really like the beat and how it’s about don’t care about those bad people in life and be yourself
HeyItsJolanta12 - 2 hours ago
The new Eminem
Yseon Dragon
Yseon Dragon - 2 hours ago
I LOVED it!!
LPSAngel_Wings - 2 hours ago
dang, dem bullies gotta be there or be square man.
Oreo Lps
Oreo Lps - 2 hours ago
Its the first child friendly rap song I’ve seen in a loooonnnngggg time
DJ5SNPZX500 XD - 2 hours ago
happy 2 million subs bro
JordyMai Verse
JordyMai Verse - 2 hours ago
Can you put this on Pandora pleaseeeee
JAKCOP Cavrd - 2 hours ago
Am kinda mad now chicken debacles and now falls stupid chicken Killing me of uh :P
Rainbow LongCat
Rainbow LongCat - 2 hours ago
dat beat drop doe!!!! 1:55
Maria da bitch
Maria da bitch - 2 hours ago
2,000,000 subscribers, and I'm so f*cking happy for you bro 😁🥰
Ciill Hdill
Ciill Hdill - 2 hours ago
Sebastian Pask
Sebastian Pask - 2 hours ago
1:06 he has 4 arms!
Love music Pewdiepie gonna win
This is the man who never needed boyinband
dny fakelcve
dny fakelcve - 2 hours ago
James: makes a song with Dave
jaiden: makes a song with Dave
adam: makes a song alone

Dave: am I a joke to you?
nina regalado
nina regalado - 2 hours ago
Bad ass
Langston Stevens
Langston Stevens - 2 hours ago
ImSoCreative - 2 hours ago
you had me until pull down your underwear
leo - 2 hours ago
"I'll pull down your underwear"
Levithedestroyer - 3 hours ago
1:48 Gosh Darn You BILLY!!!!
TheAfroAmigo - 3 hours ago
when he censors it with a ROBLOX character.
Mary Matheny
Mary Matheny - 3 hours ago
Is it ok if I use this song for my animation? I'll give you credit for it.
Mode oh Cool
Mode oh Cool - 3 hours ago
Plz make a uncensored version
TheAfroAmigo - 3 hours ago
I suck at drawing
Light Zing
Light Zing - 3 hours ago
Nice hitting 2 mil
MoonlightWolfie XOXO
MoonlightWolfie XOXO - 3 hours ago
Ricardo Barron
Ricardo Barron - 3 hours ago
This kinda sucks
AJgaming - 3 hours ago
Does it tho
Caroline Connor
Caroline Connor - 3 hours ago
The best song of 2019
AJgaming - 3 hours ago
The Galaxy Rises
The Galaxy Rises - 3 hours ago
Do a collaboration with tabbes
marleneyhdz - 3 hours ago
Adam this song goes hard
Rigel Fox
Rigel Fox - 3 hours ago
Ant Competitors
Ant Competitors - 3 hours ago
1:39 that's something else with the halo thing.
Dr OOF - 3 hours ago
YouTube points gun at every animator do you video
#ICantThinkOfAName - 3 hours ago
Marcos Corral
Marcos Corral - 3 hours ago
stormagedon 06
stormagedon 06 - 3 hours ago
Top ten rappers Eminem is afraid to diss
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